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Reflection 2

In the second week of my teaching practice. My MST used to
deliver the concept of the math this week about multiplication lesson.
My MST used one activity in the class sometimes group work and
individual of the students. When she starts the lesson, her just explain
lesson and then said them the open book.
She didn’t separate levels. However, in my opinion, I will separate
three levels different.

Also, I used a Math Talk with my students. I gave them a

question, and they were solving it.
For example, I write on the board a number, and they were solving if
they understand or not.

The classroom environment is very imported. In the class was

very comfort and organize in the class.
Moreover, I used a timer on my laptop to remind me. The transitions,
I used clap hand and count of numbers when they stop work which
effective and they attention for me when I explained my lesson they
were the clam. However, I gave activity for each group they were
noisy it is good because they were encouraged and motivated.

Furthermore, in my introduction I asking a question of the

lesson and warming up.
My students working on activities, I was monitoring they were
working a good, but some student didn’t understand how counting.
When I was observing, one of student write a number

In this week, I taught the students who are “count out loud” and
“touch and count” strategies.