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Testing for Language Teachers Testing for Language Teachers SECOND EDITION ARTHUR HUGHES e Cambridge Language Teaching Library CAMBRIDGE CAMBRIDGE Drange Testing for Language ‘Teachers Second Ealion CAMBRIDGE LANGUAGE EEACHING TUSK ARY A sete anergy ngage te anal arm By sts whe have eapert Konrad tv kl In this tee Affect im Language Learning edited by Jame Arnold Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching Second Edition by Jack Richards and Theodore S. Rodgers ‘Beyond Training by Jack C. Richards ‘Classroom Decision Making edited by Michael Breen and Andrew Litlejob Collaborative Action Research for Eplish Language Teachers by Ame Burns Collaborative Language Learning and Teaching edited by David Neonat Communicative Language Teaching by Wiliam Littlewood Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom ly David Ninn Developing Reading Skills y Frongoise Grellet Developments in English for Specie Purpose by Tomy Dudley-Evane and ‘Maggio Jo St John Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers by Michael McCarthy Discourse and Language Education by Fvelys Hatch “The Dynamics ofthe Language Classroom by lan Tudor English for Academie Purposes by R.R. Jordan English for Specie Perpones by Tom Hlatchinson and Alan Waters Establishing Self-Actess by David Garder and Lindsay Miller Foreign and Second Language Learning by Willa Litlweood Language Leatng in Intercaleural Perspective edited by Michael Byram and Michael Fleming ‘The Language Teaching Matrix by Jack C. Richards ‘Language Test Construction and Esaluation by J Charles Alderson, ‘Caroline Clapham, and Dianne Wall ‘Learner-entrednes a Language Edcation by Lam Tudor ‘Managing Curricular Innovation by Naa Markee “Materials Development in Language Teaching edited by Brian Tomlinson “Motivational Strategies in the Language Clastoom by Zoltan Dorms: Psychology for Language Teachers Ly Mavion Wills and Robert I. Burden Research Methods ia Language Learning by David Nuean Second Language Teacher Education edited by Jack C. Richards and David Nase Society and the Language Classroom edited by Hywel Coleman ‘Teaching Languages to Young Learners by Lyrae Cameron Teacher Learning in Language Teaching dived by Donald Freeman and “Jack C Richards Understanding Rescarch in Second Language Learning by James Deam Broun Vocabolary: Description, Acquistion and Pedagogy edited hy Norbert Scott and "Michael McCarthy Vocabulary, Semantics, nd Language Education by Evelyn Hatch and (Chery Browne Voices From the Language Clasroom edie by Kathleen M. Bailey and avid Nico Testing for Language Teachers Second Edition Arthur Hughes UNIVERSITY PRESS 8 CAMBRIDGE Pao Yue-Kong Library PolyU + Hong Kong

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