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MCT/MST Lesson Observation #1

Student teacher’s name: Jamila Saeed Grade Level: 3

Unit/Lesson: Date: 22/10/1

Competency Area E G S M U
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Overview of the lesson: Lesson started with the teacher reviewing the class rules and
consequences. The lesson’s objective was discussed which was for students to be able to
determine various combinations using multiplication. The lesson was explained using the
projector. The teacher facilitated the lesson by walking around and assist the students. The
students were placed into groups to determine various combinations. The activity went smoothly
and all the students were engaged during the lesson. There was a good balance between teacher
talk and students’ discussion.
Areas for development: The lesson was explained through abstract representation. Improve the
use of concrete and pictorial representation. Combinations and permutations can best be
explained and modeled using concrete objects in the classroom. Increase the use of
manipulatives in the classroom. The GRRM (gradual release) was not evident during this lesson.
More modeling is needed. Lesson’s objective states that the students were to use multiplications
to determine the number of combinations. However, the activity looks more toward them using
the combinations to determine the factors and product of multiplication.
It wasn’t clear as to how the lesson was assessed.
Focus for next lesson:
Increase the use manipulative
Lesson Plan