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AYEISHA SHELDON GIS/ Geospatial Analyst

 Since graduating, from one of the top

 universities in Australia, I have been expanding my knowledge and skills in the fields of
ayeishasheldon geospatial data and space applications. I have
📞📞+61 4 4719 0396 been working at top international institutions in
Please note, this is a summary please refer to my
Thailand for the past one and a half years,
online portfolio for my full list of skills,
achievements and work samples. growing my personal and professional career.

2014 - 2017 Bachelor of Science May 2018 – Dec 2018 Consultant (Space Applications)
University of Major in Geographical Science. United Nations Space application planning and
Queensland, Other fields of study include: Economic Social policy, project management,
Brisbane - Australia GIS, Remote Sensing, Urban Commission for the diplomatic meetings and events,
Planning, Environmental Asia Pacific (ESCAP) space technologies for the
Management, Maths and Science. Bangkok, Thailand sustainable development goals.

2009 - 2013 High School

August 2017 – Oct 2018 Research Associate
Urangan State High Major subjects include: High GeoInformatics UAV/ drone mapping and
School – Hervey Bay, level maths (math b & c), Center – Asian surveying, ArcGIS online web
Australia Geography, English, Chemistry, Institute of maps, ArcGIS Server, GIS analysis.
Visual Art Technology
March 2017 – Aug 2017 Intern
GeoInformatics GIS and remote sensing analysis,
Center (same as design, video and infographic
PERSONAL above) creation.

2010 - 2017 Crew/ Manager

Confidence McDonalds Australia Team work skills, customer service
Hervey Bay, skills, management skills, food
safety skills, time management.
Responsibility Indooroopilly II & FC


Analytical PYTHON
Organised ENVI POWER
Teamwork Geospatial/ Remote Sensing MAPPING
- Illustrator
- InDesign QGIS
- PremierPro
- Photoshop

Data Collection
Creative Thinker Problem Solver
World Youth Forum, Egypt (Nov 2018)
Attendee at the conference held in Sharm El Sheik, focused
on peace, development and creativity.
NIES Conference, KL Malaysia (Jan 2017)
3rd International Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia –
Organised by NIES (National Institute of Environmental Studies,

United Nations ESCAP Events, Bangkok (2017-18)

Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment (5-8 Sep),
REFERENCES Regional Expert Workshop on Land Accounting for SDG
Monitoring (25-27 Sep), Sustainable Development Week (27
Nov -1 Dec).
On request
AYEISHA GIS/ Geospatial Analyst

📞📞+61 4 4719 0396
Please note, this is only a summary please refer to my
online portfolio for my full portfolio and links to my online
web interfaces.
Why me?

I have a strong passion and knowledge in GIS mapping applications and visual art/ design, by combing these together I have been
able to build strong capacity on GIS, online web applications. Through these web applications it allows me to create visually
appealing interactive, online data applications – which utilizes both my skills in technical GIS applications and design.

ArcGIS Online – Story Web Applications

ArcGIS online story map illustrating the affects, causes, Interactive, online, web application presenting information
issues, locations and case studies of urban poverty. This stop on Wildlife Trafficking in Africa. This story map was made
map includes interactive GIS maps, images, graphics and using data from WEMS/ RIMES, and aims to present the
information presented in a non-technical, attractive way – to statistics and facts on wildlife trafficking in an easy to
spread awareness on this global issue. Please view here. interpret, attractive manner. Please view here.

Online Portal – Disaster Risk UAV Mapping

ArcGIS online web map portal made for the Sri Lankan
Urban Water Center to display their flood simulation data. I undertook a small project using a UAV/ drone on an
Throughout this project I undertook GIS analysis on big data automated flight plan to capture imagery. After acquiring the
sets, creating vector and raster layers. These were then imagery it was processed using photogrammetry software
uploaded to ArcGIS Online to create advanced web to create georeferenced ortho-mosaics, digital surface
applications to show case the flood simulation data for models and 3D models. These products can then be
comparison and summary. Please view the online map here. combined with GIS data to create a data set. Please view the
online map here.
AYEISHA GIS/ Geospatial Analyst

📞📞+61 4 4719 0396 November 2018

My name is Ayeisha Sheldon and I am an Australian, graduated from a Bachelor of Geographical Science at the
University of Queensland. I very knowledgeable in the fields of GIS and geo-spatial technical applications and
have recently been expanding my knowledge on space application/ geospatial policy, while working at the United
Nations and other international academic institutions.

During the last two years I was a research associate at the GeoInformatics Center, at The Asian Institute of
Technology, where I grew my practical knowledge, on real world GIS applications. I worked on projects using GIS
and remote sensing for improving disaster resilience in developing countries, namely Sri Lanka. I also worked on
large projects that were funded in partnership with NGOs, including the World Bank, United Nations and JAXA
(The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). I was also was a trainer in multiple training programmes held at the
University, which included fields on Drone/ UAV technologies and GIS/ Online Web GIS, where I training
government experts and officials in these fields.

One of my biggest achievements was being asked to speak at the Girls in ICT day on 27th April 2018, which was
a world event hosted by the International Telecommunications Unit (ITU). I attended the Bangkok, Thailand
session which was hosted by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society Thailand, in partnership with UNESCO,
FAO and CISCO - titled "Agritech Using ICTs". I was able to share my knowledge and experience being a women
in the industry and I shared my research and studies on using UAV/ drone technology in the fields of agriculture

During the past seven months I have been working as a consultant in the Space Applications Section of the ICT
for Disaster Risk Reduction Division at the United Nations Economic Social Commission for the Asia Pacific
(ESCAP) in Bangkok, Thailand and am seeking job opportunities back in Australia. During my time overseas
believe I have learnt many life skills, both personal and professional, which give me a unique perspective on the
working environment. Being apart of the international sector taught me how to adapt to new situations,
overcome barriers, how to work in teams with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds, but
most importantly how to build resilience as a person.

I am a very outgoing and social person, who isn’t afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. I am a reliable, team
player, who has strong communication skills and thrives in team environments. I would be honoured to
contribute my skills and knowledge to your workplace.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best Regards,
Ayeisha Sheldon