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ACM C A08 Construction Equipment Management

Assignment 2018

Date of issue: - 23rd July 2018 Date of Submission: - 31st August 2018

A 12 m diameter concrete lined, circular shaped diversion tunnel, 2.5 km long is to be

constructed in a soft rock area. Thickness of lining is 200 mm. The rib support is
provided through 150 mm X 150 mm steel girders. Initial concreting of top arch is to
be done concurrently with excavation by using precast concrete slab 65 mm thick
supplied between flanges of the rib girders? Time of completion of tunnel is 9
months. Lead for disposal of muck 1.5 km from portal.

Scope of Work: -
1) Do total project planning including construction equipments and decide time
for each activity?
2) Prepare detailed equipment planning for Concreting (Shotcrete)
3) Assume purchasing of Concrete Pumps of suitable size and prepare detailed
purchasing recommendations? You are required to do –
a. Identify technical parameters for above equipment (Minimum 5 Nos)
and suggest how these can be quantified.
b. Find out Output per hour, per day, per month. You have to include at
least 2 methods. One Analytical from a Text/ Handbook and One
c. Obtain Quotations with term and conditions and literature from 2 to 3
dealers/ manufactures. (One is minimum). At least 1 should be Indian
Manufacturer/dealer. Using model parameters developed by you at (a)
above, recommend for purchase from one supplier with reasons.
d. Estimate cost of above given activity.

Outline for Submission: -

1) Overall planning including construction equipment for the project.
2) Detailed equipment planning for given activity.
3) Detail analysis of owning and operating cost of equipment.
4) Technical description of the equipment and method of working.
5) Method of quantifying effect of technical parameters on selection/purchase.
6) Output as per 3 (b) and your analysis and reasoned recommendations as to
which is better.
7) Comparative statement and recommendation for purchase.
8) Original Literature/Catalogue and quotations of equipment.

Note: -
1) The source used for estimating output shall be clearly mentioned.
2) As most of the major equipments manufacturers have branches/dealers in
Mumbai/Pune, and have web sites, the Literature/Quotations from 1 Indian
Manufacturer is essential. If any group is not able to collect the
literature/quotations, they can contact Prof. B. L. Rajput. For use of
readymade literature suitable reduction of marks will be done.
3) You have to submit a typed copy.


AP17414 Mr. Bhayani Kaivan Jayesh

AP17415 Mr. Naji Majeed V P

AP17416 Mr. Nagubandi Sai Venkatesh

AP17417 Mr. Rao Jay Shirish

AP17418 Mr. Khandre Shrikant Arvind

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