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et H.R.1 MAKE IT EASIER, NOT HARDER, TO VOTE Improve Access - National automatic voter registration, democracy restoration, and promoting early and online voting, along with other voting modernization measures. Promote Integrity — End partisan gerrymandering, stop voter purging, and reaffirm Congress’ commitment to restore the Voting Rights Act. Ensure Security — Create national strategy to protect our democratic institutions, improve election vendor oversight, and increase federal support for state security upgrades, including paper ballot voting systems. END THE DOMINANCE OF BIG MONEY IN OUR POLITICS Guarantee Disclosure — Require all political organizations to disclose their donors, expand ‘Stand By Your Ad’ provisions, and harmonize internet disclosure rules with existing broadcast rules. Empower Citizens — Build a 2ist century campaign finance system 10 increase and multiply the power of small donors, and reaffirm Congress’ authority to regulate money in politics, pushing back on Citizens United. iy, | DEMOCRACY REFORM TASK FORCE It EP JOHN SARSANES, CHAIR Strengthen Oversight - Repair the Federal Election Commission, tighten rules on super PACs, and repeal policy riders that block sensible disclosure measures. ENSURE PUBLIC OFFICIALS WORK FOR THE PUBLIC INTEREST Fortify Ethics Law - Expand conflict of interest law, require Presidential disclosure of tax returns, slow the revolving door, prohibit Members of Congress from serving on for-profit boards, limit first class travel, and end taxpayer-financed settlements for officeholders. Impose Greater Ethics Enforcement — Overhaul the Office of Government Ethics, create new ethical code for the Supreme Court, and strengthen oversight of lobbyists and foreign agents. iy, | DEMOCRACY REFORM TASK FORCE EP JOHN SARSANES, CHAIR