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RSPO FGV Holdings Berhad Level 45, Menara Felda Platinum Park, No, 11, Persiaran KLCC 50088 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (Attn: Raja Dato’ ZamiliaR. Dato’ Seri Mansur, Vice President, Head, Group Sustainability & Environment) 28 November2018 GV Holdings Berhad (FGV) - The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Article by Syed Zain Al- Mahmood Dated 26 July 2016 Reference is made to the WSJ artce tiled “Palm-Oil Migrant Workers Tell of Abuses on Malaysian Plantations” by Syed Zain Al Mahmood dated 26 July 2075, Pursuant to (@) investigations directed by the Complaints Panel, which included an independent vetfication vist cared out from 28 - 28 Apri 2018 involving several FGV sites (cilestates) based on Terms of Reference as agreed with FGV. and (©) Gelierations by the Complaints Panel, taking Into consideration the report of the independent veifers as wall as FGV's comments on the same, the Complaints Panel finds the folowing (FOV had by writen agreements outsourced its foreign workers to FGV's contractors in Violation of Malaysian laws and this may be considered as acts done in funnerance of Itaffcking in persons. Ths is a violation of RSPO P & C 2.1 and 6.12 (details of which are further elaborated in the table below) that must be addressed by FGV as a matter of preity, (),_ FGV's recruitment and employment processes need further improvements as Indlcatos of forced labour are present and cumulatvaly. points to a breach of RSPO F & C 6.12 including issues relating to contract substitution freedom to contract and resign, passport retention and workers’ freedom of movement and workers’ working and living condtons (Getais of which are further elaborated inthe tab below) ‘As such, FGV shall undertake an urgent legal and operational aust and review of ts curent recrutment and employment processes to identity and accordingly, eliminate all features of {forced labour infil compliance with natonal and international laws, and the RSPO P & . In

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