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DOE-HTGR-88106 Revision 0 METALS DESIGN HANDBOOK DISCLAIMER “This report was prepared as am account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government, Neier the United States Government nor any agency threo, nor any of their Cebloyecs makes any warranty, exptess or implied, or assumes any legal ibility o responsi= Sany for tbe accuracy, completeness, or weal of any information, apart, produ ot Drovise dicloued, of represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights, Refes- ence herein to any specific commercial product, proces, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, of otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recom- ‘Bendation, of favoring by the United States Goverment or any agency therea, The views ind opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily slat or reflect those of t United States Government or any agency thereof AUTHORS/ICONTRACTORS GENERAL ATOMICS MASTER ISSUED BY GENERAL ATOMICS FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY CONTRACT DE-AC03-88SF17367 aeanree an \ JULY 1988 gyermy@uTION OF THIS DOCUMENT 18 wal GA/DOE-130-89 Project 6300 wes 1603 February 21, 1989 Mr. A.C. Millunzi U.S. Department of Energy 19901 Germantown Road Germantown, MD 20874 Subject: Metals Design Handbook Dear Andy: Enclosed for your use/information is DOE-HTGR-88106, Rev. 0, "Metals Design Handbook". Copies have already been sent to C-E and ORNL. very truly yours, Ef Bramblett, Manager MHTGR Project Operations Enclosure cc: E. Arbtin, EG&G L. D. Mears, GCRA B. &. Mills, PDCO S. L. Wookey, PDCO 10955 JOHN JAY HOPKIN DRIVE, SAN DIEGO, CA S2127-1194 RO, BOX BSEDE, SAN DIEGO, CA SPI9E-608 (1 DISCLAIMER Portions of this document may be illegible in electronic image products. Images are produced from the best available original document.