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SOCAVACION BAJO TUBERIAS JOSE ANTONIO MAZA Ax *PROFESOR INVESTIGADOR, FACULTAD DE INGENIERIA UNAM RESUMEN, INTRODUCCION PLANTEAMIENTO DEL PROBLEMA INSTALACIONES PARA LAS PRUEBAS PRUEBAS Y OBSERVACIONES REALIZADAS Estudios de socavacién Observaciones PROCEDIMIENTO DE CALCULO PROTECCION CONTRA LA EROSION LOCAL Pre con pedraplén Proteccién con tablestacado CONCLUSIONES RECONOCIMIENTO. TABLAS Y FIGURAS ABSTRACT The knowledge of general scour of the bottom of river during a flood is still incomplete, Due to this fact, many pipe lines, as those for oil and gas placed below river beds, could be totally or partially exposed to flows, when streams pass by. A pipe line lying on a river bed originates a local scour, and, consequently, an increase in the flow's depth, near the structure. Such a fact may leave the pipe line without any bearing. In the paper, experience achieved about local scour below pipes, as well as a method to determine its magnitude, are shown. Finally two methods to ovoid and reduce the scour are presented.