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THE HUMAN BODY | “Brain power . The bain operates on the same amount of power asa 10-watt ight bulb and generates asmuch energy asa small ight bulb even when you're sleeping «| 70w WE GOT THE BEAT Before each beat, your hear fils with blood. The muscle then contracts to squirt the blod along, ‘an adultheart beats 60-80 times per minute, 60 - 80 BEATS PER MINUTE The surface area of a human lung sequal toa tennis court. ‘Thelarge amount of surface area makes it easier forthe exchange of oxygen and carbon Aioxde to take place RIGHT VS. LEFT Right-handed people lve, on average, nine years Jonger than left-handed people do. The majority of ‘the machines and tools we use ona daly basis are designed for those who are right handed, esultingin ‘thousands of accidents and deaths each year and makes sure you stay propery oxygenated at alltimes, MILES OF VESSELS ‘The human body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels, The distance around the earth is about 25.000 miles, making the distance your blood vessels could travel if laid end to “SMALL” INTESTINE ‘The largest intemal organi the small Intestine. In fact. it's slong that it is actually four times os long asthe average ulti tal RADA anaronran | “0A@R1 fend more than 2« round the earth, i 2x | € WET FEET Feet have 00,000 sweat glands and can produce more than pnt of seat aday. <7 bbbeeeeeeeeeee : eebeeeeeeeeeee THE HEART ELECTRICALLY CHARGED HOSE VS. HAIR Because the heat has its own electical impulse itcan The aorta, the largest artery inthe body, is almast the ciameter ofa continue to beat even when separated from the body, as garden hose. Capillaries, onthe ather hand, are so small that it takes long ast has an adequate supply of oxygen, ten of them to equal the thickness af a human hat ENTRANCE HALL & PASS THE TISSUE LITTLE BELLY Aloodis actually tissue entrance hal “venticl” is Latin for tle bey HEART POWER The volume of blood pumped by the heart can ary vera wide range rom five to 30, liters per minute, « HEART SPRINTS, Even atest, the muscles of the hear workhard-twice ashard a the es muscles of aperson sprinting onmels snide net nd TRAVEL PRO \When the boy i testi takes only six seconds for the uc WH 6 Blood tg frm the heart the uns anaback. only eight ‘seconds for itto goto the brain and back, anonly 16 ee TD seconds fori to reach the toes and travel ll the way back rer a. anarouv ao [ space!