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Siente AND TODAY, WHAT DO YOU FEEL LIKE? & GHEENTEA Origin: JAPAN Kukicha ORGANIC: Tea with leaf and branch. Low in caffeine. (2'-75C°) ‘Sencha Okumidori ORGANIC: The most used tea. Fresh and very aromatic. (2'-80C°) Houjicha ORGANIC: Slightly toasted tea with leaf and branch. Low in caffeine. (2'- B0C*) Genmaicha ORGANIC: Lightly toasted tea, with roasted rice. (2-80 °C) JAPANESE MATCHA Matcha Minami Sayaka* ORGANIC: Bag 100grs. Grounded, made with the summer harvest of the Sencha Minami Sayaka variety. Suitable for pastries, smoothies... (60 C°), Matcha beginners*: Matcha ideal to start, Intense taste. (60°C). Can 40gr. Matcha Morimoto* ORGANIC: Bag 50 grs. Itis made with the best Sencha of the harvest and is milled in a ceramic mill. Bright color, balanced taste and abundant foam. (60 °C). Matcha Gyokujou Premium* ORGANIC: Can 20 grs. The tenderest leaves of the first crop of the Okumidor variety are milled, Fine texture, intense green and sweet. (60°C). Matcha Uji Premium* ORGANIC: Can 20 grs, After 3 weeks in the shade, the leaves of the first crop are harvested and the veins removed and milled in a stone mill. (60C *) “*Teas with an asterisk come in closed packaging, so we do not serve them in the tea room. [GIN TEA Origin: INDIA Darjeeling (Himalaya) FTGFOP 1: Delicate tea with flowery aroma. (2'-B0C°) Origin: CHINA Gunpowder Temple of Heaven: Small balls, of tea with a strong taste. (2'-80C°) Bancha ORGANIC: Three-year-old tea. Long. pressed tea-leaf. Delicate taste, alittle more toasted than Sencha. (2'-80C°) Genmeicha ORGANIC: Bancha tea with toasted rice. Low in caffeine. (2-80C°) Jasmine Mao Jian ORGANIC: Mao Jian tea with jasmine. Thick, uniform tea-leaf. Fruity, delicate taste and aroma (2'-80C*) Sencha ORGANIC: Strong tea-leaf Dry taste (2-80C°) China white hair: Smooth and very aromatic. Itis grown at 1500m, under very humid clima (2 80C°) © WHITETEA Ju Tan ORGANIC: : Green-brown tea- leaf with white sprouts. Delicate, flowery taste. (5° 75C*) Mao Feng (Vietnam) ORGANIC: Leaf tea gently rolled, with white buds. Fine and smooth aroma, floral flavor and yellow-green cup (1,5-2'- 700°) © QOLONG /WULONG TEA Pouchong ORGANIC: From Taiwan. Long, slightly rusted tea-leaf Delicate, slightly nutty taste. (5'- 850") Fu Liang Farm ORGANIC: Chinese oolong, from Fujian. Long leaf, very rusted Oolong. (8° 850°) & PUERN (CHINA) Pu Eth: Fermented tea. Earthy taste. (4-5-90C°) Pu Erh Premium: Long fermented tea Picked from ancient plants. (6'- 90C°) & DECAMEINATED TEAS Black Ceylon OP (Sri Lanka): (4 900°) Green Sencha (China): (2'- 80C*) , (esse UseUews Pedetedete Sebetetetete? Ss85ls%s ses eels eseseels & BLACK TEA Origin: INDIA ‘Assam Rembeng BOP ORGANIC: Broken tea-leaf. Strong taste. (3'- 90C°) South India OP Korakundah ORGANIC: Tea from southindian Nilgiri mountains, Whole tea-leaf, Spicy, aromatic taste, (4'- 90c*) Darjeeling SFTGFOP 1: Himalaian tea. Tea from first crop. Flowery, delicate taste. (3'- 90c*) Sikkim Temi: Himalayan tea, with golden tips. Smooth but full-taste. (4'-90 °C) Origin: OTHER Ceylon OP Kenilworth (Sri Lanka): One of the most used teas in the world. Full-bodied. (a'-90C) Lapsang Souchong (China): Black Fujian tea. Smoked with special wood and pine cones. (4 906°) Jinjing OP (China) ORGANIC: Soft and ‘aromatic black tea, little astrigence @90°C) BLENDS English Breakfast (Assam & Ceylon): Ideal for breakfast and to add milk. (4’- 906) Irish Breakfast (Assam & Chinese black tea): Strong taste blend, ideal with milk and sugar.(4'- 900°) & SOUTH AFRICAN ROOIBOS Red Rooibos ORGANI Rooibos. Without caffe : Fermented ine. (5-/'- 950°) $59e%e% seSezezere SGsevwsTs