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Escribir preguntas y respuestas breves

1. your dad / work / today /?


Yes, _________________________

2. you / have a good time / on holiday / ?


Yes, _________________________

3. your mum / cook dinner / now / ?


Yes, _________________________

4. your friends / play football / ?


Yes, _________________________

Presente continuo

1. I ___________ (watch) a reality show on TV.

2. My favourite team ___________ (win)!

3. Someone ___________ (swim) in the sea.

4. Two people ___________ (cook) dinner on the beach.

5. We ___________ (not watch) a soap opera.

6. I ___________ (not do) my homework.

7. Mum ___________ (read) a magazine.

8. My brother ___________ (not listen) to the radio.

9. Dad ___________ (not cook) dinner.

10. Tara ___________ (talk) by phone.

11. Joe ___________ (play) on the computer.

12. Who ___________(watch) TV?

13. Tina ___________ (do) grammar exercises.

14. I ___________ (eat) a pizza.

15. We ___________ (sit) in the classroom.

16. I ___________ (not write) an email.

17. Amy ___________ (not go) to school today.

18. We ___________ (not have) fun today.

19. My team ___________ (not win) the match.

20. My parents ___________ (drive) to work now.

1. I ______________(see) my friends yesterday.

2. He ______________(have) a short break in the morning.

3. They ______________(speak) about holidays.

4. We ______________ (make) a nice present.

5. They ______________ (sleep) well.

6. She ______________(go) home.

7. I ______________(swim) in the river.

8. You ______________ (run) very fast.

9. They______________ (pay) for the hotel.

10. She______________ (say) very much.

11. My grandparents ______________ (not travel) to Paris last summer.

12. I ______________ (not swim) yesterday.

13. You ______________ (not have) a shower this morning.

14. Sabrina ______________ (not win) the tennis match.

15. Robbie ______________ (not go) to the cinema last night.

16. I ______________(not meet) my friends last week.

- Change the sentences from present to past.

• Carol does gymnastics after school.

• I go cycling at the weekend.

• He eats a lot of ice cream.

• She buys a lot of clothes.

• The film doesn't start at 10 o'clock.

• Do you go to the cinema?


Fill in all the gaps.

1 I __________________________________ letters all day yesterday. (write)

2 You__________________________________ very slow about it. (be)

3 You __________________________________ on the phone for hours and hours. (talk)

4 They __________________________________ much business before lunch. (do NEGATIVE)

5 She __________________________________ to me all week. Silly cow. (speak NEGATIVE)

6 It __________________________________ for long. (rain NEGATIVE)

7 What __________________________________you __________________________________

when I phoned yesterday? (do)

8 __________________________________you __________________________________ TV
when it happened? (watch)

9 What__________________________________ you at the party? (wear)

10 He __________________________________horrible to everyone, the nasty pig! (be)


1 Complete the sentences with the correct past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in
1 She ______________________(surf) when the shark______________________(attack) her.
2 He______________________(dance) at a party when he______________________(meet) his
3 I ______________________(have) a picnic when I ______________________(see) my sister.
4 When they______________________(see) the shark they______________________( (swim) in
the sea.
5 Susan______________________(arrive) while I ______________________(have) dinner.
6 He ______________________(play) football, when he ______________________(break) his leg.
7 I______________________(wait) for my friend when the bus______________________(arrive).
8 When I ______________________(get back) my mum ______________________(cook) dinner.

3 Each sentence has one mistake. Write the correct sentences.

1 She was seeing the shark while she was surfing.

2 What was you doing last night at 8.00pm?

3 I was reading a book when my brother was getting back.

4 He didn’t liked the film very much.

5 What did he see while he swam?

6 You can turn off the TV, I not was watching it.

7 I was talking to Stephen while the phone rang.

8 I went to the cinema last night but I wasn’t liking the film.

A. Put the adverb of frequency on the right place.
1. He listens to the radio. (often)
2. They read a book. (sometimes)
3. Pete gets angry. (never)
4. Tom is very friendly. (usually)
5. I take sugar in my coffee. (sometimes)
6. Ramon is hungry. (often)
7. My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (always)
8. Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (usually)
9. They watch TV in the afternoon. (never)
10. Christine smokes after dinner. (seldom)
11. He plays golf on Sundays. (sometimes)
12. The weather is bad in November. (always)


• What is the superlative of "small"?
• What is the comparative of "hot"?
• What is the superlative of "deep"?
more deep
• What is the comparative of "sad"?
• What is the superlative of "ugly"?
• What is the comparative of "destructive"?
more destructive
more destructiver
• What is the superlative of "soft"?
most soft
• What is the superlative of "unpleasant"?
most unpleasant
more unpleasant

Completa con la forma comparativa o superlativa del adjetivo escrito entre paréntesis.

1. This computer is (new)_______________________than your computer.

2. Lisa is (old)_______________________than George.

3. George is (young)_______________________than Lisa.

4. Lucy is (young)_______________________in the class.

5. That car is (expensive)_______________________than this car.

6. That car is (expensive)_______________________in the market.

7. Your car is (fast)_______________________than this car.

8. Your car is (fast)_______________________in the race.

9. This house is (big)_______________________than my house!

10. This house is (big) _______________________ in the neighbourhood.


1. Choose the correct words.

1. There is / There are some books in my bag.
2. Are there / Is there an apple in the cupboard?
3. There aren’t / There isn’t any milk on the table.
4.There is / There are some cheese near the bread.
5. Are there / Is there any sweets.
6. There is / there are a monkey on the tree.
7. There isn't / there aren't a lot of cars in the street.
8. There are / there is two pens and a ruler in the desk.
9. There isn't / there aren't many problems to solve.
10. Is there / are there a park in the city?

2. Completa las frases con la forma correcta.

1. _________________ a public hospital in your town?
2. Check the timetable because I don't think ________________any trains after eleven o'clock.
3. How much sugar ________________ in the box?
4. At this time of night ________________(negative) many people in the street.
5. ________________ a lot of money in this account.
6. Nowadays ________________a lot of ways to study English.
7. ________________very little interest in this project.
8. ________________ many women in your class?
9. ________________ five books missing from the shelf.
10. ________________ (negative) any milk in the fridge.

7. Choose the correct words.
• My / I name is Louise.
• Her / She sister is my English teacher.
• We /Our parents are from London.
• Your / You are my best friend.
• Their / They live in Australia.
• He / His is interested in computers.

9. Use the correct possessive adjectives

• Pedro and Isabel are Spanish. ______ family is from Spain.
• Juan is not at school. ______ father took him to the doctor.
• Beatriz is married. She showed us ______ ring today.
• Jorge has a car. ______ car is new.
• There are many student’s at school. ______ school as 500 children.
• Jose and Maria are dancers. ______ older brother is a singer.
• Pepe and I have an English class together. ______ teacher is Ms. Smith.
• Juanma has a van. ______ van is very old.
• Silvia is wearing a dress. ______ dress is yellow.
• My family has a dog. ______ dog’s name is Lady.
• The teacher told me not to bring ______ cell phone to school.
• When I was in France last year I stayed at ______ father’s house.
• Elizabeth has a skateboard. ______ skateboard is blue.
• Peter is Dutch. ______ family is from Amsterdam.
• I have one sister. ______ name is Debbie.
• I have a pen. ______ pen is red.
• Nacho forgot ______ book.
• Luis and Miguel talk like ______ father.
• Alex and I were late for ______ class.
• Princess Leticia is wearing ______ new Chanel glasses.
• Where are ______ keys? I can’t find them.
• Where do you keep ______ money, in the bank?
• Ana sees ______ mother every day.
• The cat eats ______ food quickly.
• We bring ______ books to class.


Complete these sentences with the possessive `s´ and the right word

1a. My brother has got a hamster. It´s called Puki.

b. My brother _______________ is called Puki.

2 a. Angel has got an uncle. He´s in England.

b. Angel _______________ uncle is in England.

3 a. My dad has got a car. It´s red.

b. My dad _______________ is red.

4 a. My mum has got some friends from Holland.

b. My mum _______________ are from Holland.

5 a. My uncle has got a blue bike.

b. My uncle _______________ is blue.

6 a. My sister has got an exam on Friday.

b. My sister _______________ is on Friday.

7 a. My sister goes to school in England.

b. My sister _______________ is in England.

8 a. The name of my aunt is María.

b. My aunt _______________ is María.

9 a. Tara is the sister of Matt.

b. Tara is Matt _______________ .

10 a. Tamara has got brown hair.

b. Tamara _______________ is brown.

Rewrite these sentences using the possessive `s´

1. Billys favourite footballer is David Beckham.


2. Hazels favourite band is Atomic Kittens.


3. Toms Computer is old.


4. My parents car is very old.


5. My best friends names are Milkie and Sarah.

6. My brothers dog is called Lucky.


3. Complete with an OBJECT PRONOUN:

a) Where's Sam? David is with______________________
b) Have you seen Alice? Yes, I saw______________________in the park yesterday afternoon.
c) Can you ask Costin if he wants to come to the supermarket with______________________? I
don't want to go alone.
d) Would you like to play with______________________? We need another player.
e) I think this activity is very difficult. I don't understand______________________!
f) Robert and Theodore are speaking in class. Can you tell______________________to be quiet?
g) Our teacher is so nice! We'll give______________________a birthday present.
h) I love Peter and he loves______________________. We're so happy together!
i) Lucas works in a bank. I see______________________every morning when he goes to work.
j) Pat and Tom live in Oxford. We never see______________________.
k) Anna studies in Rome. We telephone______________________every week.

4. Answer the questions using a SUBJECT and an OBJECT pronoun:

a) Does Peter like Italian food? Yes,______________________loves______________________.
b) Do you listen to American pop songs? No,______________________don't
c) Are those flowers for you? No,______________________aren't for______________________.
d) Did I give you the keys? Yes,______________________gave______________________to me.
e) Does Anne love Peter? Yes,______________________loves______________________.