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I, Sri Raju Kumar Singh , Son of Panchananda Singh resident of kudarabagha , anchal garkha
District-Saran , Bihar-841202, correspondence address-B.F. Road, near -11 Hath KaliBari
Po+Ps- Alipurduar,Dist-Alipurduar-736121 West Bengal. Who is authorized representative of
VASTU VIHAR (T.B.C.P.L.) Alipurduar Branch , vide Ref no-T.B.C.P.L./HR/16-17/215 dated-
02/01/2017, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:-

1. That I am the representative T.B.C.P.L. who is owner of the plot measuring 9 decimal
related to RS Plot No-1393 LR Plot No-2550, LR khatian No-406, vide deed No-323/16,
which is situated at Mouza - Bairiguri, P.s & Dist-Alipurduar, in the state of West

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2. That I am entitled to get the service connection to mine land for construction as per the
provision of Indian Electricity Act, 2003 on observing all formalities of law and on
Payment of all charges for obtaining such service conection.
3. That I am ready to comply with all the directions of the WBSEDCL, as per terms and
conditions of the agreement and provision of the general conditions of the supply.
4. That there is no outstanding due against the portion of the premises were new connection
is prayed.
5. That no service connection was/is existing in the portion of the premises were new
connection being applied.
6. That my premises slowly occupied by me/ or a unit of multi ownership complex
7. The electric connection to be given by WBSEDCL in my premises does not establish any
right or claim over the land in question as stated.
8. That the WBSEDCL will not incur any liability in case of my premises is demolished by
any competent authority for a grater interest of public or for there department interest and
I shall inform WBSEDCL about such demolition before hand show than Board can
remove their equipment and I shall be bound to pay payment or duties as to be claimed
by the Board.
9. That I am swearing this affidavit in relation to the agreement as agreed in WBSEDCL
prescribed from in all respect to the provision of Indian Electricity Act-2003, and the
rules for the time being in force may also be applicable.
10. All the statement made above are true and the best of my knowledge and belief and I sign
this affidavit on this the -22nd day of May at Siliguri.
11. That if any of the above stipulations is violated by me , WBSEDCL may not bound to
effect service connection in spite of deposition charges and compliances of all



Identified by me,


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