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(386) - 365 - 4280 | taylorrayesikes@gmail.

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Taylor Sikes
3050 Tamaya Blvd. Apt. 307 Jacksonville,
FL 32246

Ms. Sharon Hickman, MPH, RDN, LD/N

Bay Pines VA Dietetic Internship
10000 Bay Pines Blvd
Bay Pines, FL 33744

Dear Ms. Sharon Hickman,

My name is Taylor Sikes and I am an undergraduate student at The University of North

Florida in the Nutrition and Dietetics Program. I am currently a Senior and will graduate
on April 26th, 2019. I am seeking a position in your Dietetic Internship with the combined
master’s degree. I am applying through DICAS and would be grateful to land a spot in
your highly anticipated internship. While looking into many internships the internship at
Bay Pines peaked my interest the most.

I currently hold a position as a diet aide for Morrison Community Living, located at
Brook’s Bartram Assisted Living Facility in Jacksonville, FL. I have gained helpful insight on
the aging population which is a population I would be closely working with at your
facility. As a diet aide I developed the understanding of appropriate interactions to
make with those who are in a different physical and mental state than what I am
normally surrounded by. This position has also allowed me to work personally with
different dysphagia diets along with other medical diets such as renal, low
carbohydrate, diabetic, and mechanical soft. I believe that my year of knowledge with
the company may also be useful in your facility. Aside from working, I am volunteer with
an outpatient Bariatric Center of Jacksonville and have had extensive practice with
writing ADIME notes and being able to interact with patients in a professional setting
whilst educating them in a non- judgmental way. This volunteer experience has taught
me the importance of professionalism and how much of a role that psychology will
partake in the education that we give as dietitians. I am particularly interested in your
program because it serves a population that I feel comfortable with and have
experience working with. Your specializations during the clinical rotation are of those
that peak my interests such as oncology and GI disorders. In the enclosed resume, I
have reported my experience which will support my previous statements and give
insight to my background.

I would be honored if I were to be chosen for an interview for your internship. I may be
reached by either cell phone or email. You may call me at (386)365-4280 or contact
me by email at I look forward to meeting you to discuss this
opportunity further.

Taylor Sikes