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sneoate Sica esprit bute BAF BBAIMANTRA HOME NOTES PROJECTS ENOTES VIDEOLECTURES STORE @LOG_—INTERNSHIP__COMPETITIVE EXAMS Conia fv se REQUEST ATOPIC MORE~ Social Responsibility of a business ‘Subserbe now and be be reo reveal ne Tats uate! & name Social Responsibility of a business can simply be defined as activities that a business conducts over and above the statutory requirements of a business for the benefit and welfare of the society. According to Howard R. Bowen “Social Responsibility of business refers to the obligation of business to pursue those policies, to make those decisions or to follow those lines of action which are desirable in terms of objectives and values of the society” ‘The obligation that every business is subjected to can be divided into four responsibilities — Discretionary Obligation — These refer to voluntary contributions made by a business for the bene it of the society without any government intervention, Ethical Obligation — These obligations make a business responsible to follow and respect the so and cultural norms laid down by the si ty. Legal Obligation - It is the responsibility of ery busines: and regulations laid down by the abide with the laws of the county and follow the legal rule government. Economic Obligation — Since every business aims to earn profit, tis the responsibilty of every business to generate surplus cash and use further development or welfare of the society. Factors affecting Social Responsibility of Business ~ + Promoters and Top management + Board of directors + Shareholders + Societal Factors + Industry and Trade Associations + Government and Legal System + Political Influences compet Resources Social Responsibility towards different groups/sections in the society EN DU SLC) + Advertsing Management (20 + Ailes (2 Borking and Insuronce (10) + Blog (22 + Business & Enrepronoursip (6) + Business Communication (15) + Business Ethics (2) + Business Law (1 Business States (49) + Company Law (14) + Computer Applications (8) + Consumer Behaviour (2 Coat Accounting (3) + E-commerce ( smenate Stoel Respro batne-BAc Towards Shareholders — + Eneprencurshi (1) + Financial Accounting (2) + To ensure safety of their investment + Financial Management (23) + Regular payment of dividend and Timely payment of loans + Financial Servioos (18) + To provide adequate information before investment + Human Resource Management (18) + To ensure a good public image * Income Tax 2) + To make good and profitable decisions to give a good retum on investment + rtematiora Business (13) + Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Towards Employees (0) + IT & Tern Sis (6) + Payment of Fair wages + Macr-Seonomies() + Providing a good working environment + Management Accounting () + Providing proper training and education + Managemen Infomation Sytem () + Providing fair performance appraisal and career growth opportunities + Manageta! Economies (2) + Providing opportunity to participate in management decision making + Marketing & Aavertsing 7) + Providing adequate grievance handling, recreational and retirement facilities. > Wstkstng Managemen (18) + Marketing of Services (6) Towards Consumers - + Mico-Economic 2) + Operations Management 2) + To provide goods and services at a reasonable price + Organizational Behaviour (7) + To ensure good quality in products + Persona Finance (2) + To introduce new and innovative products by proper research and + Principles of Management (9) development + Project Management 1) + To not mislead the customer + Projects ana Presentations (92) + To provide adequate information about the product + Pubic Finance (1) + To provide good after sale services + Research Methodology (8) + Rural Marketing (1) Towards Society — + Strategic Management (14) maha sapraily rea