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1.1 Explain the core ethical values of your department by critically
analysing the Department’s vision and mission and values. (LO1)
Our Department’s vision states that there should be attainment of a radically
transformed, inclusive and sustainable economic growth for KwaZulu Natal.
It is important for a government official working under the Pollution and Waste
Management section to be faithful to the Republic and honours the Constitution of
South Africa. This innocently shows that the official has the ability to advise the
Public in an appropriate manner without being biased to the Republic and the
Department. A PWM official must have regards for the conditions and concerns of
the public in performing his or her official duties and in the making of decisions
affecting them.
This is significantly seen when reviewing different applications in order to issue a
Waste Management License (WML). The concerns and judgments by the community
are taken into consideration through the public participation process. Comments
from the public influence the decision made by the Department. As an official under
PWM section, I need to commit myself through and timely to service development
and uplift of all South Africans.
The Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs
(DEDTEA) is committed in providing a favourable environment for its employees.
DEDTEA provides its officials with enormous number of benefits, which include the
housing allowances, travel allowance as well as medical assistance. The
Department does not only value work but it also values the well-being of an
individual. Furthermore, the Department strongly values and promotes the culture of
Ubuntu that also focuses on caring and supporting, ethics and integrity,
accountability and transparency as well as commitment and innovation.
The vision of EDTEA is to “attain a radically transformed, inclusive and sustainable
economic growth for KwaZulu-Natal”. The PWM section assist in development that
contributes to sustainable development and economic growth, by reviewing
documentation, provide assistance and comment on waste-related applications
within the district, issuing WML to local municipality and promoting recycling in
communities. The process of issuing a WML also involves public participation, where
only rich people commenting about the construction of the landfill. The advantageous
people during the apartheid era are the only people who are able to develop and
follow the regulation.
In my opinion the section is still focusing on improving the lives of the white South
Africans. The section does not have any measures that deal with assisting the poor
Black South African. Measures of assisting do not focus on financing or giving
incentives to the poor Black South African but I believe that the section should also
have measures to ensure that also Black businesses are considered. Therefore it is
not easy to understand the transformation that the Department wants to attain.


The mission of EDTEA is to:
• Provide leadership and facilitate integrated economic planning
• Be a catalyst for economic transformation and sustainable development
• Implement strategies that drive economic growth and promote sound environmental
• Create a conducive environment for trade, investment and tourism
• Monitor and enforce sound business and consumer regulations
The environmental section is still new to the Department. In most instances it is
noted that there is not much focus on the environmental issues such as waste
recycling projects, rhino poaching, and degradation of the environment, protection of
animal and plant species. In this case the mission of the Department is to be a
catalyst for economic development. This is done through trade, investment and
tourism and sustainable development of which one could try to link with the PWM
1.2 Evaluate how your own values fit in with the department’s values.
The Department has values just like an individual. Values are things that are
important to one. They provide rules and guidelines for our choices.
The Department commits to providing a favourable environment for its employees.
We believe and promote the culture of Ubuntu and subscribe to the following values:
• Caring and Supportive
• Ethics and Integrity
• Accountability and Transparency
• Commitment and Innovation


Own values Department values
Caring is defined as Feeling and Caring is defined as Feeling and
exhibiting concern and empathy for exhibiting concern and empathy for
others others

I am someone who shows kindness and The Department is keen at ensuring that
concern for others. I am person who is its public servants own homes by not
concerned about others and who does just renting but by having homes
kind things for them. registered in their names.

This shows that the Department is
concerned about their employees and
shows empathy.

Supportive EDTEA gives help or assistance to its
Give help or assistance, or to hold employees and the public at large.
someone up.
Assistance to its employees
As a husband I am supportive of my
wife’s career choice to become a child 1. Managers motivate their staff to be
psychologist specialist. She has effective by ensuring that we have the
enrolled in University of Johannesburg. right tools to do our work and provide
on-going support especially when we
are under pressure and stress.
2.Support to the public
Capacity Building and Support section
consults with the clients and ensures
that helps and supports them with the
information they need.
noun: accountability It is important that when working under
1. The fact or condition of being the PWM section the employee must
accountable; responsibility. accepts responsibility for own areas of
work, those of subordinates and other
I am responsible for taking good care of employees in their absence.
my family and paying for my two son’s
school fees.


It includes discounts on purchases. nor should he or she use his or her official 4|Page . (LO3) Gift-giving traditions A gift giving tradition is the act or conduct of accepting gifts and hospitality by a public employee from the public or client that influences their unbiased decision of his or her duties. theatre tickets. a person’s values must be compatible with the organisation’s values. requires public administration to be governed by democratic values and principles as contained in the Constitution. Describe the areas of ethical conflict for public sector employees. equitably and without bias.  Efficient. and the public must be encouraged to participate in policy-making. vacation trips.  People's needs must be responded to. 1996. fairly. 1. but they must be close enough to coexist. They do not need to be the same. gender. but are intended to create a generally positive tendency towards the receiver. as would be the case with bribery. economic and effective use of resources must be promoted.4 Organisations. Most of the time gifts of this nature have no specific favours requested.  Public administration must be accountable. The code of conduct for public servants state that an employee should not engage in any transaction or action that is in conflict with or infringes on the performance of his or her official duties.1. Otherwise ethical conflict within individuals will develop. Age.this implicate that services must be rendered in an equitable manner and not in manner which will favour your family members and those around you.3 Section 195 of the Constitution. What is the implication of each principle to your Department? In terms of the Constitution of the South Africa Chapter 10 the public administration must be governed by the following democratic values and principles:  A high standard of professional ethics must be promoted and maintained.  Public administration must be development-oriented-this principle implicates that as the public servants we need to focus on issues such as public resources and also look at the issues of climate change and underlying causes and try to come up with ways on how to combat or how to adapt with this issue because the climate continues changing every day.  Services must be provided impartially. This can be related to bribery. To be effective in an organisation. For example the distribution of job opportunities such as projects not to be rendered to your family members and friends or to your ethnic group only but to all members of the public regardless of race. like people have values. lavish meals. recreational equipment and liquor. Religion and culture.

most application has information on the company’s finances as well as sensitive information for production. In this case it is important to be become professional about this and not profit from it. Personal conduct This is the notion that a public employee’s personal life is government’s business. Outside employment Outside employment refers to the work or activity in which a person engages outside normal working hours for additional remuneration. The official is more likely to improve their reports during office hours as they have been corrected by the reviewing officer. Most clients do feel the need of thanking the person that went an extra mile in helping them but when their thoughts are rejected it feels as if the person whom they are giving the gift to is looking down at them as feel they are poor. In this case the official will be closely linked to the person who is reviewing their work and ensure that their applications are approved. it usually involves part-time work and includes a wide variety of activities such as working for a non-governmental organisation. The companies also have information that show that they are not fully compliant with all the legislations and this can be used by companies that there are competing with. This questions if I am entitled to the same privacy as other South African citizens. When reviewing documents. as they may be interpreted as bribes. The second circumstance is when one brings significant discredit to a particular the Department by requesting application bribes. While such activity may be conducted on a full-time basis. It is reasonable to say that there are circumstances where my personal conduct. Such knowledge has significant financial and production implications for the developer. Conflict of interest problems arise when outside employment by public employees clashes with the performance of their official duties.position to accept any gifts or benefits when offered. In many situations a public employee can make access to inside knowledge a source of potential profit. As I person I warmly accepts and give gifts to others whom I feel that they are deserving of that particular gift. running a business. I do not feel like the gift should change their decision or feelings that they have about me as a person. Using inside knowledge and influence The code of conduct for public servants does not allow an employee to use or disclose any official information for personal gain or the gain of others. As an employee of the public sector I have been taught not accept gifts from the public and accept that but at the same time feel that this motion should be challenged and also see if it practises the motion of Ubuntu. For our Department this could be demonstrated when an official opens consultant business for environmental impact assessments. or consulting. may constitute conflict of interest. The first circumstance is when using my office space for personal conducts or improperly. outside work. The code of conduct for public 5|Page . It is important that one avoids conflicts of interest by prohibiting themselves from situations in which personal interests are involved.

• What do you think is the role of Mr Kotane’s wife in this case? Mr Kotane’s wife could have assisted Mr Kotane during the tendering process. Such development is enhanced if the individual is guided by an informed. thinking. Ethics in public administration are important for good business conduct based on the needs of the country. social and emotional development. time cannot be accepted as an excuse for not adhering to the code of conduct. maybe she could have disclose the confidentially company information that could influence her husband in obtaining the tender. It is a vehicle for physical. Adhering to ethics can be challenging. 6|Page . 69 million.5. HOWEVER. 1. mental. THE FOLLOWING REPORT WAS. • Can time be accepted as an excuse for not adhering to the Code of Conduct? No. since she works in the same company that was awarding the tender to Mr Kotane. It also gives the administration guidelines for integrity in their operations. PUBLISHED IN THE EASTERN PROVINCE HERALD OF FEBRUARY 2. aspiring and enlightened exercise professional operating within an accepted ethical framework and timeframe as a professional • Explain why ethical values and standards are important to the public sector. Mr Kotane stated that he did not have time to follow the state’s tender board requirements.servants does not allow public employees to use public equipment for their personal work. Ethics provide accountability between the public and the administration. (LO3) QUESTIONS • What are the key issues in the case? Why? The head of the South African Communication signed a contract with a printing company without following the official procedures for tendering that lead in a loss of R1. because the physical activity and exercise can contribute positively to the development of individuals. personal. Ethics are the rules that define moral conduct. 1999. Adhering to a code of ethics ensures that the public receives what it needs in a fair manner.

 is committed through timely service to the development and upliftment of all South Africans  respects and protects every person's dignity and his or her rights as contained in the constitution Ethical values and standards include rules of how to interact with the clients. The Environmental Authorisation has a section labelled Reasons for Decisions. Decisions that are taken in terms of the Environmental Authorization have to focus on the concerns of the affected public. Drafting environmental authorization is a team responsibility. In terms of the EIA section there are Regulations that we follower. GIVE EXAMPLES. Projects that will negatively affect the public are less likely to be authorized. Importance of ethical values between the employee and the State An employee  is faithful to the Republic and honours the Constitution and abides thereby in the execution of his or her daily tasks. As an official that is working under the EIA section within the Department I must ensure that when drafting and Environmental Authorization there are measures that are in place that protect the Constitution Right of the environment. When authorizing we ensure that public dignity is also respected. Relationship with the Public An employee. It is important to be ethical when undertaking our daily tasks.  has regard for the circumstances and concerns of the public in performing his or her official duties and in the making of decisions affecting them. Reviewing an application for Environmental Authorization requires one to communicate with any official that has authorized a same project. A number of officials that are responsible of the application must be able to interact 7|Page . The public participation process allows the community to voice their opinion on the proposed project. Relationship among Employees An employee -  co-operates fully with other employees to advance the public interest These values and standards include rules of how employees interact with other colleagues in the same department. Ethical values guide us as employees to take decision-making that are ethical. This gives one the insight of the possible issues that the application is most likely indicate.1. The constitutional right to the Environment is also protected by the Department. WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF ETHICAL VALUES AND STANDARDS WITHIN YOUR OWN DEPARTMENT AND WHAT ROLE DO YOU PLAY TO ENSURE IT IS UPHELD. The public have a say in the development that affect them. The Reasons of Decision look at the public and the need for the proposed development.6. When authorizing an EIA application an employee must ensure that the project that is applied for uplifts the community that it is located close to. Legislation that is publicized by Government in terms of protection of the environment must be adhered to.

you also have more time to consider important decisions that will allow you to make the best choice possible.and discuss the application to ensure that it meets the regulated timeframes to provide decision on the application. Effective time management will mean that you prioritise your tasks efficiently so that you focus on most important and time pressed tasks first. Managers need to be to assess their workers’ productivity and make sure they are getting the most out of their employees. As we all know time is money and it is so true. then you need to ensure that you deliver on that promise. it means you are getting less work done. If you waste time at work. Everyone is given the same amount of time in a day and it is up to you to make the best use of your time. That does not mean you rush your work and sacrifice quality. Having the right time management skills will make you a more efficient and productive employee. so it is crucial developing these skills as early as possible. As you are not getting distracted by other things. EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT IN PERSONAL AND WORK ENVIRONMENTS. Since you are prioritising your tasks effectively and not wasting valuable time. which in turn costs the company money. Not only it will make you a more efficient employee. but it will help you to meet your deadlines. produce better quality work and develop yourself. This is because you are able to put all your focus into the task and give it all the time and attention it requires. The employers will want to get their money’s worth out of their workers. it just means that you are making the best use of the time that you have been given. you can produce the best standard quality possible. Not only is it good for the company. This is hugely important if you want to be noticed at work and take the next step in your career. so be sure to earn your wage by making the most out of your working hours. By focusing on priority tasks first you will also ensure that you meet deadlines and deliver your work on time. The last you want is to waste time on things that don’t matter and rush on things that don’t matter.7. When people are in a rush or pressured to complete work. If you have agreed to complete a job by certain time. you then potentially lose out on important clients or even lose your job. When you manage your time effectively. and for good reasons. That is because you are not wasting time on menial tasks and you are completing your work in the quickest time possible. 8|Page . The time management can have a huge effect on your performance and productivity in the workplace and in your personal life. There are so many reasons why time management is important. If you don’t. Effective time management skills will make you a much better employee. but it is also a skill that can be of benefit to the employees themselves. they are more likely to make the reckless decisions that haven’t been well thought out. you will be sure to produce higher standard quality of work. 1. or stressing about other things that need to be done. it is one of the most qualities that are required for the employees to have.

If you make sure that you are managing your time as best as you can. but it can also have positive effect on life outside the office. To avoid this have a system in place that will allow your work to be completed on time. Health problems such as heart disease. A 1 & half an Two Submit a Positive None 10H00 hour hours final document 10H30 . the better the more productive you are. Eliminate procrastination. which means you do not have to stay late to get everything completed on time. Employees tend to harbour resentment towards those they feel they are not putting the same amount of effort into their work as they are. you can set yourself achievable targets that will allow you to stay on track. The better you manage your time and work. Inspection A 20 30 Inspection Furniture Training 11H00 minutes minutes report was replaced 11H00 . It means that you are more likely to pin point the bad habits. This can be avoided by ensuring that all your workers are working to the same volume or time based targets in order to be able to measure how well is everyone progressing. it is easy to get distracted by other things and put off work when it is something that you do not really enjoy doing. By being more conscious of the time you have and how long certain tasks should take to complete. People often get stressed out when they feel they have too much work to do and not enough time to do it. 1.8H15 Prepare B 20 30 Draft Report Final Designed Performance minutes minutes document template Review 8H45 . or avoiding the work you do not want to do. Checking Emails 7H30 -7H45 Component A 15Mins 30Mins Emails Delegated None meeting checked tasks 7H45 . Not only will it waste a lot of time.8 IDENTIFY YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT PROFILE 1 Date Time Activities Priority Time Actual KPI Outcome Improvement Allocatio Time Area n 20/08/20 7H20 Reach work & A 10Mins 20Mins Computer Positive None switch computer 18 system on. When you have a set schedule you know you have to stick to. such as wasting your time checking face book. Having a good time management skills is not only important at work. Compile training & B 20 30 Skills Compile 11H30 Development minutes minutes Developmen training & report t Developmen t report 9|Page . but it can be disadvantageous to your health. or when you are not sure how to confront a certain task. Taking control of your routine and schedule will help you avoid stepping into the same traps that can have a negative effect on your work. then you can help create a fair workplace where everyone is producing the same standard of work and nobody is holding the team back. you can help to eliminate procrastination and face the task head on. depression and obesity can be caused or worsened by the effect of stress.

Compiling a A 30Mins 09H00 Checklist 8H15 checklist for compiled the daily tasks 8H45 . LUNCH LUNC LUNCH LUNC LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 14H00 H H 14H00 . Signing for A 15mins 09h15 The key was 10H00 the state for the state vehicle to go vehicle was to the site obtained 10H30 . Driving to A 1H30Mins 2Hours30mins Reached the 13H00 Utrecht school Municipality whereby the where the presentation presentation will take will take place place 13H00 . Attend Staff A 2hour 2hour Attendance Resolution 16H00 Meeting register were taken 2 21/08/2018 7H20 Reach work A 08H00 08H00 Computer Positive None &switch switched on computer on 7H30 . 11H30 . Went to A 45Mins 10H00 Reached to 11H00 Madadeni the site for a site visit 11H00 . LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 14H00 14H00 . Attend information A 1hour 1 and Attendance 13H00 session on half hour register HIV/Aids 13H00 . Returning A 1H30mins 14H00 The keys 16H00 back the have been keys for the returned and state the book has vehicles and been logged logged in the kilometres travel in the log book 10 | P a g e . The site A 1HR 11HOO Site 11H30 inspection inspection was was conducted conducted 11H30 . Checking A 30Mins 08H30 Emails 7H45 Emails checked 7H45 .

Switch off lights 11 | P a g e .tidy up desk -Switch off computer . . All items must be on top of the work station 7H30 -7H45 -review A Must proposed ensure that application I development understand of culverts in the report Madadeni and 7H45 .amend Draft Draft EA Bridge Must re- Upgrade EA send and send to amended Supervisor draft EA to supervisor 13H00 . draft report comments on a separate document Plan for -fill in status the next sheet day -Prepare for the for the following day.8H15 -review A highlight all proposed 4 hours 4 hours the application concerns development that I have of culverts in noted in Madadeni the report 8H45 . Check emails A Must proof 13H00 from 1 hour 1 hour read the supervisor amended . 3 22/08/2018 7H20 Switch A Must computer ensure that check emails 1 hour 1 hour all and respond instrument on urgent s that will emails be needed Breakfast & for the day Tea are located close. -review A 10H00 proposed application development of culverts in Madadeni 10H30 . -review A 11H00 proposed application development of culverts in Madadeni 11H30 . LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 14H00 14H00 . Check 16H00 comments on A 1hour 1hour Draft the report 30 min 30 min comments that was that are being highlighted reviewed in the .

A 1 & half an Two Submit a Positive None 10H00 hour hours final document 10H30 . Signing for the A 15Mins 09h40 The keys 10H00 car to go to obtained site inspection 10H30 . LUNCH LUNC LUNCH LUNC LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 14H00 H H 14H00 . 4 23/08/2018 7H20 Reach work & A 10Mins 20Mins Computer Positive None switch computer system on. Inspection A 20 30 Inspection Furniture Training 11H00 minutes minutes report was replaced 11H00 .8H15 Attending the A 1H25 09H25 The meeting with progress my supervisor report to discuss the compiled progress of work till it is the end of the week 8H45 . Prepare B 20 30 Draft Report Final Designed template 8H15 Performance minutes minutes document Review 8H45 . The Site A 1HR 11H15 The site 11H30 inspection was inspection conducted completed 13H30 . LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 14H00 14H00 . Driving to A 1H30 10H15 Reach the 11H00 Utrecht to the site Site inspection 11H00 . Checking Emails 7H30 . Proceeding to A 1HR 2H15 The 16H00 Vukani monitoring Sisebenze was done Cooperative to -Clocking out do monitoring of Recycling programme .Switch off the computer 12 | P a g e . Component A 15Mins 30Mins Emails Delegated None 7H45 meeting checked tasks 7H45 . Attend Staff A 2hour 2hour Attendance Resolution 16H00 Meeting register were taken 5 24/08/2018 7H20 Reach work A 10Mins 08h10 and computer switched on 7H30 -7H45 Checking A 15 Mins 08h25 Emails 7H45 . Compile training & B 20 30 Skills Compile 11H30 Development minutes minutes Developmen training & report t Developmen t report 11H30 . Attend information A 1hour 1 and Attendance 13H00 session on half hour register HIV/Aids 13H30 .

WHAT DOES SCORE SAY ABOUT YOUR OWN TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS? (LO5) I got a 48 score. This means that I have to improve my time management skills. meaning that there is a set deadline attached to the goal. IMPORTANCE AND VALUE TO THE INDIVIDUAL.9 TRANSFER THE SCORE YOU GOT ON YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS IN MODULE 1 AND ASSESS YOUR OWN EFFECTIVENESS. measurable. employees will always have a task that can be done to work toward accomplishing the goals. Avoid Wasted Time When goals have been set within the organization. It also provides the information needed to develop an action plan so that the goal can be met within the stated timeframe. Annually. at a minimum. When employees and managers are aware of the goals. and manage their time better while they are at work. With a set number of specific goals. It also provides the information needed to develop an action plan so that the goal can be met within the stated timeframe. The Importance of Goal Setting As a Time Management Tool In any small business. By setting goals. 1. small business owners and managers should meet to determine the business goals for the upcoming period.1. Meet Deadlines All goals that are set should be timely. (LO6) All goals that are set should be timely. employees know where the bulk of their time each day should be focused. it puts everyone on the same page and working toward. setting goals and practicing time management techniques are two necessary elements for success. This gives employees motivation to meet the goal within a certain time period. the same outcome. realistic and timely. it is less likely that employees will be wasting time while at work. Provide Direction Setting goals in a small business provides direction for everyone who is a part of the business. attainable. meaning that there is a set deadline attached to the goal. This gives employees motivation to meet the goal within a certain time period. Employees will then be able to manage their time better during the day as they have an action plan for each goal that will guide their tasks throughout the work day. The business goals that are set should be SMART–specific. They are better able to prioritize their workload based on the goals of the business. Time management comes into play with the measurable and timely aspects of goal setting.10 EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE OF GOAL SETTING AS A TIME MANAGEMENT TOOL ACCORDING TO URGENCY. This can avoid times at work when employees are left wondering what should be done 13 | P a g e .

some examples may stimulate your thought process. If you're a public accountant. If it will not. Time Goals Work and business goals can include a time element. When a distraction arises. it is easier to effectively manage all work including accumulating wealth or becoming the first to reach specific accomplishments. the process of setting goals can serve as a blueprint and a method of motivation for success. but be careful to not set unrealistic timetables for yourself. such as becoming the largest car dealer or dry cleaner within a five-year period. One major detractor from effective time management is dealing with time wasters during the day. it helps to effectively manage their time. Online courses have greatly expanded the opportunities and flexibility for advancing your professional education. By having set goals in place. When the employee has a set plan with business goals to follow. For example. action plans and time management techniques for employees is likely to be more effective in the industry. Your time goals could also relate to the growth of your business. your goal may be to pass the CPA exam. when your business is still in the planning stage. Manage Distractions Employees are often faced with distractions during the work day from phone calls to other co-workers’ personal issues that have been brought into the workplace. Ambitious goals will help create the drive to get there. By managing all working hours of the business. There may also be smaller projects that are introduced or new projects that could possibly improve the business. If you're a paralegal at a small law firm. the business can improve productivity as well as the bottom line of the small business. they can simply move on to a more effective task. and eventually. you may involve pursuing a law degree at night so you can become a practicing attorney at the firm. by Leigh Anthony Examples of Personal Goals for Work For the current or aspiring entrepreneur. they can easily review the goals of the business to see if working on that task will help to meet the goals. your goal may be to have your business idea operating within six months. Education Goals Your personal goals may include reaching certain educational or professional development plateaus that can aid you in your business venture. 14 | P a g e . Time will not be wasted on tasks that do not contribute toward the overall goals of the business while employees will be focused on what needs to be done to ensure success. Owning a business can provide the vehicle to achieving personal goals. To help you clarify your particular work or business goals. a partner. Improve Overall Business A business that is focused on goal setting.

If you're a commissioned sales person. and market it on your own by starting your own manufacturing business. such as a gourmet coffee shop. by Chris Joseph. Seek out stories of other pioneers who have successfully broken barriers. You could also look to increase sales by a certain percentage for each year you're in business. you may have your own ideas how to make the product or process better or for a new product that is currently not on the market. ALSO INDICATE PRIORITIES. You may have a specific income level you want to reach after each of your first five years in business.12 ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN ACTIVITY 1. luxury car dealership or upscale restaurant. Being First Your goal may be to become a business pioneer. For example. you may wish to become the first female doctor in your town or the first to open her own construction company. Time Activity Priorit Time Time KPI Outcome Intervention y Allocated Completed 1 7:30 Delegation of A 15 7:45 1 minutes tasks 2 7:45 Amend and A 2 hours 9:45 Finalised Successful Finalise the report procurement of IT equipment (before end of day) 3 9:45 Complete order B 15 10:00 Completed Successful for office printer minutes form 4 10:00 TEA A 15 10:15 minutes 5 10:15 Prepare for B 30 10:45 performance minutes review 6 10:45 Address A 15 11:00 enquiry still not minutes delivered by company X 15 | P a g e . DELEGATIONS AND TO-DO LISTS. Updated June 30.Personal Income Goals can relate to personal income. you might want to reach a specific level of commission or a number of units sold by the end of the year. Developing Product If you work for a product manufacturer. Your goal may be to invent and patent the product. as they can be an inspiration to your own efforts. You could also strive to be the first to operate a specific type of business in your area. 2018 1. (LO7) NO.5 ON PAGE 36 OF MODULE 1 AND ATTACH A WORK PLAN BASED ON THE CASE STUDY.

12:30 Agenda session (P1& P2) 4 12:30 LUNCH 30 minutes 5 13:00 Meet with company Z C Minutes Successful 16 | P a g e .7 11:00 Compile A 30 11:30 Completed Successful training and minutes report development report 8 11:30 Performance B 1 hour 12:30 Minutes. review meeting attendance register 9 12:30 LUNCH (PICK A 30 13:00 UP CHEQUE minutes BOOK) 10 13:00 Visit IT B 30 13:30 Directors office minutes for office desk damages. Time Activity Priority Time Time KPI Outcome Interven Allocated Complete tion d 1 7:45 C 30 8:15 Quotation Successful Obtain quote for minutes obtained purchasing of office chairs (P1) Order stationary (P2) Order Successful completed 2 10:00 15 10:15 minutes 3 11:30 HIV/AIDS information D 1 hr. Follow the matter up with transport company 11 13:30 Follower up A 15 13:45 meeting on the minutes delegated tasks 12 13:45 Prepare for A 15 14:00 staff meeting minutes 13 14:00 Staff meeting A 2 hours 16:00 Minutes Successful and attendance register NO.

14. My work to be well By developing weekly itinerary Time log for the week developed planned 2.DEVELOP PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT GOALS AND SAY HOW YOU ARE GOING TO SOLVE. TAKE YOUR TIMEMANAGEMENTQUESTIONAIRE AND YOUR DAILY TIME LOG TO DETERMINE YOUR IMPROVEMNET AREAS.  Involve my team in the development of the plan  Assign my team clear goals that tap into their strengths. Plan for the week ahead.13 INDICATE HOW YOU WILL ENSURE THE WORK PLAN IS IMPLEMENTED EFFECTIVELY. (LO8)  Communicate the work plan to everyone in my section. 5. Spending more time than To improve my performance By avoiding the time wasters Meeting my deadlines on time and necessary on the telephone reduce stress 17 | P a g e . 1. Do tasks in order of importance Prioritisation of tasks By having a to do list and To do list compiled prioritise my tasks 3.  The team must create the action items to support their assigned goals. 1. (LO8) LIST YOUR IMPROVEMENT AREAS Problem Area SMART Objective How are you going to do What will be the end result? it? 1. By being able to multi task Meeting deadlines on time same time. Being organized By writing all my daily tasks Meeting deadlines 4. Try to do more than one job at the To meet my targets. Keep a daily diary and use it.

In order to discipline or terminate employees effectively. because if you know your customers.MODULE 2 2. Take every chance you get to consult with your clients and ask them questions about your services and listen to them. employees morale is likely to suffer. hire those that you know they have more expertise in the field. Supervising The managers must provide the right amount of supervision. (LO9) Hiring Hiring is the first managerial activity that leads to a successful organization which is a well thought out hiring process. Fostering friendly relationship with employees often goes a long way in improving their work quality.1 DESCRIBE THE MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES INVOLVED IN RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL ORGANISATION. As a manager be careful to keep your relationship professional. and just adjust supervision accordingly. In an underperforming organisation. Too much supervision may lead to workers feel harassed and may possibly seek other employment. as a manager you can eliminate a great deal of negative outcomes right off the bat. you can adapt your services accordingly and lead your organisation towards success. firing and disciplining underperforming employees is a task only necessary and free up the funds for new experienced employee. Too little supervision may fail important employee objectives to be completed. By hiring the right type of employees at the right times. Motivating Motivating your employees should be the crucial objective in any thriving organization. Know your customers Successful organisations are always oriented towards their customers and you as the manager should be also. 18 | P a g e . Firing Firing is another activity that managers in a successful organization must be prepared to perform. as they are likely to see managers as more of associates whom they can approach for assistance. keep careful documentation and witness’s account of any issues that led to firing. Management provides either too little or too much supervision to have employees be effective in their jobs. however getting too personal with an employees can cause its set of problems. If you know that your organisation cannot afford to hire inexperienced workers. Often feared functions. A savvy manager understands which employees need more supervision than others. good managers should know how to raise it maybe through some incentives and certificates of appreciation because everyone would have love to be appreciated in whatever that is good that is doing.

Know your services If you want to manage your company successfully. Controlling. you can act accordingly and if you don’t you are most likely to make the wrong decisions. monitoring the progress is essential to ensure that the goal has been achieved. the more you need to decide and avoid to stall your decisions for too long and stay undecided. Decide and act The key assignment that you took with your management position are decisions. you have to know the ins and outs of your company. Monitor and control One of key aspect of being a manager is the fact that you need to know. 19 | P a g e . Controlling is measuring. motivation. comparing and finding deviation and correcting the organizational are performed in achieving the goals of an organisation. Define what kind of reports you want to receive and how often you want to receive them. first to the head of other sections and if necessary afterwards to individual employees from specific sections or department. This can help to get the bigger picture and concentrate on those activities that bring you both and your company the best results. Prepare a business plan Your starting point you need to know where you want your company or organisation to be and how is your company going to get there. for example. communication and coordination are considered as part of leading process. Remember the higher you are. It is required as it helps to serve the objective of effective and efficiency by changing the behaviour of employees. you have to know what company does. Leading is considered as the most important and challenging activity in managerial activities. Leading and managing the people The skill of influencing people for a particular purpose is called leading. The functions of direction. your colleagues and company are at any point in time and if you know your position. Know your company and its processes Review everything you can find written about your organizational structure and its processes. Use the term business plan loosely because you don’t need to write lengthy documents. where you. Monitoring and Evaluating As a good manager you need to monitor the organizational goal fulfilment. this is also the main decisions between top management and others. things like what kind of services your company offers to whom. then talk to your employees. Keep it in mind that you can always take the decision to keep the status qou for certain period of time and review your decision again after that time.

it requires decision making. which are: • Planning and decision making • Organizing • Leading • Controlling Planning and decision making This activity is looking ahead into the future and predicts possible trends which are likely to influence the working situation and is the most vital quality as well as the job of a manager. Planning involves selecting missions and objectives and the actions to achieve them. It is intentional in a sense of making sure that all the tasks necessary to accomplish goals are assigned to people who can do then best. visualize and look ahead purposefully. Planning means setting goals and deciding how best to achieve them. (LO10) There are four basic activities involved in the management process. For a manager. the position in an organization structure. The purpose of organization structure is to create an environment for best human performance. identifying the requirement of manpower. This can be done by determining the positions to be filled. 20 | P a g e . who will work for whom. Staffing is related to organizing and involves the filling and keeping filled. Organizing is determining how resources and activities are to be assembled and coordinated. the next managerial activity is organizing human and other resources are identified as necessary by the plan to reach the goals. The structure must define the tasks to be done. who will do what jobs and tasks. The rules must be designed in the light of abilities and motivations of the people available. filling the vacancies and training employees so that the assigned tasks are accomplished effectively and efficiently. planning and decision making require an ability to foresee. Organizing: Coordinating activities and Resources Organizing can be defined as the process by which the established plans are moved closer to realization.2 EXPLAIN THE BASIC ACTIVITIES INVOLVED IN THE MANAGEMENT PROCECC. Organizing is that part of management that involves.2. Once a manager set goals and develops plans. establishing an intentional structure of roles for people to fill in the organization. Basically organizing is deciding where decisions will be made. The plan helps in maintaining the managerial effectiveness as it works as a guide to the personnel for future activities. and how resources will assemble.

Managers must optimize motivational processes and maximize employees’ working performances. correcting the deviations and comparing the existing standard and finding the deviations. Planning is one of the management functions and one of the most important everyday tasks of the 2. Motivating employees Employees must be motivated to acquire best results from them. Motivating is an essential quality for leading. Motivation is the function of management process of influencing people’s behaviour based on the knowledge of what cause and channel sustain human behaviour in a particularly committed direction. Controlling consists of activities such as measuring the performance. A Manager must be a person that shows their subordinate or team members the right direction where the organization will need to go. communication. Coaching One of the most important management tasks is coaching. Managers must motive their subordinates when they are conducting their daily tasks. All the management functions are inter. like the budget for expenses. Some means of controlling.3 IDENTIFYING AND EXPLAINING THE MAIN TASKS REQUIRED OF MANAGERS 1. Planning Managers are persons who plan the future of the company so. 3. Controlling is the last but not the least important activity or function of management function process.Leading: Managing and motivating people Leading is influencing or prompting the member of an organization to work together with the interest of the organization or to achieve the same goal. Controlling: Monitoring and evaluation of activities Monitoring the progress is essential to ensure the achievement of organizational goals. 2. 21 | P a g e . Leading involves a number of functions such as direction. https://iedunote. inspection records.related and cannot be skipped. are generally familiar. planning becomes one of the most important management tasks. The management process designs and maintains an environment in which personnel‘s working together in groups accomplish efficiently selected aims. The coordination is regarded as the essence of manager ship for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards accomplishing group targets. coordination and motivation. the records of labour hours lost.

compare.4. Managers must measure. Delegating tasks to team members is something that differentiates successful managers from the average and below average executives. 2. Controlling Managers must be able to monitor the organizational progress towards the developed goal.4 DESCRIBE A SITUATION IN WHICH YOU HAD TO MAKE A DECISION AT WORK. We had to submit it to the District Manager for review and approval. Delegation Successful managers know how to delegate the right tasks to the right people.1 WHAT TYPE OF DECISION WAS IT? Programmed decision 2.2 WHAT PROCESS DID YOU FOLLOW TO COME TO THE DECISION? The draft Authorization had to be reviewed by my direct supervisor. find deviation and correct their subordinates work to be in line with the organizational goals or objectives. after he had made changes.4.4 WHAT LESSONS DID YOU LEARN FROM THIS PROCESS? Work decisions are a process and they take time. Organizing is a management task that makes all organizational differentiations to work as one whole – the company. The delegation process is a combination of different knowledge and experience that will bring better accomplishment of the tasks. I had to draft an Environmental Authorization for a Bridge Upgrading. Organizing Organizing is a managerial function moves established plans to realization. HOW SUCCESSFUL WAS THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE DECISIONS? It was successful 2. 2. 6. 5.4. One must be prepared to negotiate to ensure that a positive decision is taken. 22 | P a g e .

P. Mapisa CD: Tourism Development Intergrated Economic Sector Development & CD: Economic Planning CD: Environmental Branch: Administartion Development Acting Development Acting DDG Business Governance DDG Cheif Director Management Vacant Director District Manager: Mr Nkosi Control Control Control Control Control Environmental Environmental Environmental Environmental Environmental Officer: CME: Mr Officer: Planning: Officer: EIA: Mr. MEC: Mr Zikalala HOD: Ms Ncapayi office of the HOD Chief Director: Ms B. Officer: Advisory: Officer: PWM: SE Nkosi Mr TTI Gambu Moodley Ms N Sibiya Mgaga Production Production Production Environmental Environmental Environmental Officer: PWM: X Officer: PWM: KN Officer: EIA Ngobese Makhanya Intern Intern 23 | P a g e .

Management and dissemination of information and technical / procedural advice relating to impact management Control Environmental Officer: CME: Plan. Control Environmental Officers manage the task of Production officers that they are supervising. The main tasks and functions are listed on the left column and their levels are on the right column of the table below.5. There are different levels in the District. including development of Record of Decision. Their tasks are to manage. In Amajuba District we have District Manager and five Control Environmental Officers. Conditions of authorisation and/ exemption. and ensure the task of the Production staff that they supervising.1 ANALYSE THIS ORGANOGRAM WITH SPECIFIC REFERENCE TO THE MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS AND TASKS OF EACH LEVEL. Management Tasks and Functions Control Environmental Officer: PWM: Manage the development and implementation of a provincial integrated waste management plan Ensure the processing of applications for Authorisation/ permit/ licences related to pollution and waste management Control Environmental Officer: Planning: Ensure integration of environmental management considerations in Provincial Planning frame work Promote and facilitate the development of a cooperative environmental governance framework Control Environmental Officer: Advisory: Ensure the promotion and facilitation of integrated environmental management Co-ordinate and facilitate the promotion of environmental rights and awareness Control Environmental Officer: EIA: Management of EIA process.2. plan. coordinate and render compliance monitoring Participate in compliance enforcement operations 24 | P a g e .

Compile written Proficient 2 Demonstrates a sound level of understanding related or pollution response to EIA of the particular Enquiries competency to complaints and adequately perform incidents related tasks. practically without guidance. response to enquiry (own allocation) Review documents Provide (includes EMPrs. within the district Written comments on Review applications an application for for environmental authorisation authorisations and waste management Conduct Site applications once Inspection Report finalised and monitor Draft Environmental Authorisation Respond to waste.2.5. EIA technical/procedural documents managed advise by National DEA and other mandates) Strategic objective: To mitigate environmental impacts and promote a 25 | P a g e . Work Conduct site activities are visits/meeting/GIS performed effectively within quality Verification in standards. Conduct registration. 2012) at activities are considerations in SAWIS waste performed effectively planning initiatives within quality management facilities standards.3 RATE YOURSELF ON EACH THESE FUNCTIONS AND TASKS USING THE FOLLOWING PROFICIENCY SCALE: Function Task Level Proficiency Rating Description Manage waste. Proficient 2 Demonstrates a sound level of understanding related information compliance monitoring of the particular or data verification (in competency to and ensure the adequately perform terms of the National integration of waste related tasks. Waste Information practically without management guidance. Work Regulations.

Experience) etc. reports 2. High Willingness M3 Participating Application Meetings Compile written High Willingness M3 Participating response to EIA Enquiries Conduct Site High Willingness M3 Participating Inspection Report 26 | P a g e . Work activities are performed effectively within quality Submission of NEAS standards. safe and healthy environment Indicator Provide support and liaise with other sections/components within the Department write advise on the 2014 EIA Regulations Perform all Develop a weekly Plan Proficient 2 Demonstrates a sound level of understanding administrative and of the particular Compile monthly competency to administrative adequately perform reports by the 5th of the functions related tasks.) Conduct Pre. Psychological Maturity Task Maturity (Attitude. willingness (Knowledge and skill DUTIES to engage in the task. task.4 COMPILE A DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THOSE AREAS YOU NEED TO IMPROVE. Maturity-level Leadership style regarding the openness to guidance. month practically without guidance.5.

The leader does give some direction. all employees are require to input is requested have an opinion prior to the decision to be implemented. Sometimes. the leader is still very involved in the day-to-day activities. The decisions making is still the responsibility of the leader. With this style of situational leadership. With this style of leadership. The leader motivates and praises the employee when credit is due and gives feedback for the tasks completed. In some instances the leader must be the one who makes decisions and inform others in the organization. 27 | P a g e . This style of leadership is also referred to as micro- management. the employees know their role and perform it with little supervision required. it is on a much lower level than with other situational leadership styles. Situational leadership refers to the act whereby the leader or manager organization have to change their style of leading to fit in with the level of their subordinates with the purpose to influence them.2. Delegating is the situational leadership style where the leader is involved with the employees. Although the leader may still be involved for direction or feedback purposes. In the participating and supporting style of the situational leadership more responsibility is on subordinates. but. The function of the leader is to give feedback and to optimise the employee’s confidence. Situational leadership is a style of leading that was developed and studied by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey. Those who work well under this style of situational leadership have the necessary skills but lack the confidence or motivation to achieve them. The leader is involved with subordinates and he closely supervises ground staff.6 EXPLAIN THE PRINCIPLES OF SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP. but ultimately the decision is taken by the employees not the leaders. This is a top-down approach and the employees simply do exactly what they are told. In this case. employees are still supervised but it is in more of a coaching manner rather than a management manner. The employees are responsible for choosing the tasks and the directions they will take. not his subordinates. a leader in a situational leadership must change their style. The leader’s style changes continually to meet the needs of his subordinates based on the task given.

and comfortable with their own ability to do it well.they are unable to take responsibility for the task being done.  INDICATES THE SUBORDINATE'S COMBINED LEVEL OF MATURITY (M1. M2. AND MUST CORRELATE WITH THE WORKER'S LEVEL OF MATURITY.  THE SUBORDINATE'S JOB MATURITY AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MATURITY (WILLINGNESS) FOR EACH TASK IS INDICATED (IN TERMS OF 'HIGH'.  M4.8 A LEADERSHIP STYLE SHOULD BE CHOSEN.  M3. but to take responsibility for the task.7 Explain the levels of development used in situational leadership. They are able and willing to not only do the task. 'AVERAGE' OR 'LOW') IN THE SECOND AND THIRD COLUMNS.they lack specific skills required for the job in hand and unable and unwilling to take responsibility for this job or task. The Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership theory identified four levels of maturity M1 through M4 Maturity Levels High Moderate Low M4 M3 M2 M1 Very capable and Capable Unable Unable and insecure confident but but unwilling confident  M1. LO15.they are experienced and able to do tasks but lacking the confidence or the willingness to take on responsibility. however. The right leadership style will depend on a person or a group being led. LO16)  WRITE DOWN THIS PERSON'S MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE FIRST COLUMN. 2.2. They are novice but enthusiastic.  M2. they are willing to work at the task. CHOOSE ONE OF YOUR OWN SUBORDINATES TO WORK WITH AND DO THE FOLLOWING EXERCISE: (LO14.they are experienced at the task. 28 | P a g e . M3 OR M4) REGARDING EACH TASK IN COLUMN 3.

a manager may take on a more directing role. If tasks are more repetitive and production oriented.9 DESCRIBE THE PROCESS THAT YOU WILL USE TO IMPLEMENT SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP IN YOUR DEPARTMENT/ DIRECTORATE/ SECTION? (LO17) NB: LOOK AT THE GUIDELINES THAT ARE GIVEN WITH THE LEARNING OUTCOME (LO17). Assess Employee Readiness The level of readiness and maturity of your employees has a greater impact on your style selection. the less hands- on your leadership involvement need to be.Low competence M2: unable to do the advise but willing to do so and high commitment task but willing to do so Perform all administrative and competent to do the D3 . If tasks involve selling. outlining the most important task is a key consideration in the selection of right style.RESPONSIBILITIES JOB MATURITY PSYCHOLOGICAL LEVEL OF MATURITY MATURITY Evaluate Environmental unable to do the task D2 .Low competence M2: unable to do the Authorization Application but willing to do so and high commitment task but willing to do so Provide technical/procedural unable to do the task D2 . skilful and have qualities to perform the necessary tasks. The principle is that as the manager you must use the different styles depending on the situation. 29 | P a g e . Assess tasks and priorities Firstly. assess tasks and a priority. and then use the most appropriate style that fits your situation.High competence M3: competent to do administrative functions task but does not think and low/variable the task but does not they can commitment think they can 2. Readiness includes being confident. The more ready your employees are. you as a manager you may take on more of a coaching role. But with inexperienced employees you need to be actively involved. The model allows you to analyse the needs of the situation you are in.

you have to select the best matching leadership style. This analysis allows you to gauge whether you effectively prioritized the tasks and accurately assessed the preparedness of your workers to perform them. 30 | P a g e . selling or coaching. Selling and coaching is commonly used in the employee development and delegation is used in knowledgeable employees and desire to maintain high morale. You can select Telling or directing. during the project and following the task.Style Selection Based on combination of tasks and readiness. Directing is more hands on. participating or supporting and delegating depending in the situation that you are in. Review Performance A leader should always take the time to assess her performance over a course of time.

The right to an environment that is not harmful to human health or well-being (Section 24 (a)) 2.MODULE 3 3. HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO THE VISION OF YOUR DEPARTMENT? Functions of my section 1.2 WHAT IS YOUR DEPARTMENT’S VISION? VISION Attainment of a radically transformed. The right to have the environment protected (section 24 (b)) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. ANALYSE THE FUNCTIONS OF YOUR DEPARTMENT.E. Ensure internal co-operation liaison and support 4. 31 | P a g e . I. Ensuring that development is sustainable will result in sustainable economic growth as all development have positive economic impact. Implementation and coordination of the EIA process 2. inclusive and sustainable economic growth for KwaZulu-Natal 3. IDENTIFY AND ANALYSE THE MAIN BUSINESS FUNCTIONS OF YOUR DIRECTORATE/SECTION. Manage the facilitation. Manage and provide technical and procedural advice 3. The Directorate is guided by its constitutional mandate. Environmental Services is mandated in ensuring the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources. ITS MANDATE IN TERMS OF THE CONSTITUTION.1.3. balanced with sustainable development and the equitable distribution of the benefits derived from natural resources. as contained in section 24 (1. 3. Perform Administrative functions How functions relate to the vision of the Department Reviewing applications for environmental authorizations and associated documents and draft environmental authorizations once final information has been received leads to authorizing the proposed development.

5. Working under the EIA section one has to show commitment in their work.  Department Of Economic Development  Tourism department  EKZN Wildlife  WWF  WESSA Because we all working toward the same goal which is the conservation of the environment and also economic development through job opportunities creation. helpful and reasonably accessible in dealings with the public. at all times treating members of the public as customers who are entitled to receive high standards of service. 3.3. An application for an environmental authorization and reports takes around 3 months to complete and often it is a development that you are not familiar with.4. WHAT OTHER DEPARTMENTS OR ENTITIES HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY IN THE ACHIEVEMENT OF YOUR DEPARTMENT’S VISION? EXPLAIN. WHAT RESPONSIBILITIES DO YOU AND YOUR COLLEAGUES HAVE AS EMPLOYEES TO ENSURE THAT RESOURCES ARE USED TO BEST ADVANTAGE OF THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA? GIVE EXAMPLES. In my section I deal with enquiries from the public pertaining development and the EIA Regulations. The people that come to my office most of the time are not happy to hear about the EIA Regulations as the feel as if it’s a way that government uses to stop them from developing. Even though I am highly likely to receive a client that will not be happy to see or listen to me but I still have to be polite and helpful to them as this is my responsibility as a government official. As a reviewer I have to do research about the potential impacts of the development as its nature to ensure that all the information that is 32 | P a g e .  As a government official I must be committed through timely service to the development and upliftment of all South Africans. the more the economy will grow.  As a government official I must be is polite. The more the environment is conserved the more the tourists come to our beautiful country or to our Province ( KwaZulu Natal).

in the report is there. The EIA process also uplifts our communities as the gain an opportunity to put forward their views about a proposed development. In this way they are most likely to know all the impacts that the development is likely to have on them. 33 | P a g e . Without commitment in the EIA section most applications will be authorized without the understanding of the project and in time will have negative impacts that were not anticipated but were mostly likely to be seen if research was done on the file. Moreover should the development continue that community is likely to gain jobs from it.

34 | P a g e .