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Re: Stick: Amps Vs Rod size Vs metal thickness

The following relations can be used to decide the proper amps and stick size:
rod dia = workpiece thickness (mm)/2 + 1
amps = rod dia * 30-40
Example : to weld metal sheet with 6 mm thickness
rod = 6/2 +1 = 4 mm
amps = 4* 30 =120 amps
so use a 4 mm dia rod and set your machine to 120 amps

An Amp for thousands of an Inch Thumb Rule

A good rule of thumb to set your amperage is take the decimal for the diameter of your rod, take
out your decimal and set the welder to that number. It's a good place to start, too much spatter =
too much amperage.

Example: 1/8" rod = 125 amps

1/4 rod = 250 amps

Re: Stick: Amps Vs Rod size Vs metal thickness


1/16''--20-40a-up to 3/16
3/32''--40-125a- up to 1/4
1/8''--75-185a- over 1/8
5/32''--105-250a-over 1/4
3/16''--140-305a-over 3/8
1/4''--210-430a-over 3/8
5/16''--275-450a-over 1/2
can t remember where i found this
but it does help me for starting out, then fine tune

I understand that for mild steel 1 amp is needed for every .001" (thousandth of an inch). I read on
here stainless steel needs 2/3rd's of an amp every .001". For aluminum I generally just add 25 amps
to steel requirements, so for .125 aluminum I'd set at 150. Stainless I just set at steel levels. When
I'm lazy ill just set the machine on max and use the pedal.