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ChargeU-TransferU – PrepaidU –
StateU Token

• Debit/Credit Card payment processor

• Online, instant money transfers
• Prepaid debit card, without Borders
• E-Wallet for electronic money and Dao actions
• Real Estate sale, Blockchain StateU

Payment Gateway
Real State Blockchain
ChargeU-TransferU – PrepaidU –
StateU Token

We are not a bank, and we

do not pretend to be


Table of Contents
1 Introduction
. Legal Content
. Third party references
. Risk statement
. The electronic money and the Federal Reserve System of the United States
. Mission & Vision

. Payment processor for debit/credit cards, fraud analysis at Blockchain

. Blockchain ¨ CIVIC ¨ for KYC (Know Your Customer)
. Franchises accepted

. Instant money transfers, without Borders.

. How it works
. TransferU App
. Countries accepted

. Main Features
. Costs and Times
. Transactions
. Limits: Verified and unverified users
. PrepaidU Brand (Whitelabel)
. PrepaidU costs Whitelabel
. White Label limits: verified and unverified
. Other Solutions
. Real Estate platform-StateU Token
. Example of operation
. Operating costs- How does it work?
. Real estate sales and purchase registration at Blockchain ESU

6 StateU TOKEN
. Fintech Development

. General Specifications ESU Tokens

. Token distribution

. Humanitarian aid programme

. Rewards Program

. Social Media Rewards Program

. Roadmap

Paybit S.A. S, is constituted in Colombia as a FinTech service,

regulated in Spain; Under royal Decree 778/2012, of 4 May,
juridical system of electronic monetary entities.

Paybit SAS is the FINTECH company that manages the

permissions and authorizations for Latin America, and the creator
of the products and services "processor of payments for debit
card and credit ChargeU", services of instant transfers money
"TransferU", prepaid debit cards "PrepaidU", and real state
blocks, "StateU"

Licenses and approvals are not insured in all jurisdictions. The

company and its subsidiaries intend to operate in full compliance
with applicable laws and regulations to obtain them, so this
document should not be taken or transmitted to any jurisdiction
where the distribution is prohibited. In addition, this instrument
is not a guarantee of contract or promise that projections will be
met by 100%. Paybit SAS, will do its best work, to complete all
the tasks
Third-party references, trademarks
and graphics
In this document, technical references shall be used; Names of
companies, brands and graphics, for the purpose of lucrative use and not
necessarily real use. All references to "EUR", "EUR" or "€" are references
to euro from the European Union.

Risk statements
Electronic money and rechargeable debit cards are subject to
expropriation or theft; Hackers and other malicious groups may try to
interfere with the system in various ways, resulting in the inability to
manage or lose money, without solution or repair of damages.

Forward-looking statements may include estimates and assumptions

subject to risk and uncertainty. Consequently, these factors could cause
actual results or results that differ materially from those expressed in the
statements. Any prospective statement speaks only from the date of
which it is performed.
The electronic money and the FEDERAL Reserve System of the
United States

PAYBIT SAS, ofrece operaciones dentro de lo estipulado por el

"Real Decreto 778/2012 de 4 de mayo, régimen jurídico de las
entidades monetarias electrónicas", por lo que debe informar de
su recaudación de fondos y la operación financiera sólo de
manera obligatoria a la "República de Moldova, el Unión Europea
y el gobierno de España "

En caso de recibir clientes de los Estados Unidos de América, si el

servicio de rentas internas (IRS) solicita la intervención de las
operaciones monetarias llevadas a cabo por un ciudadano,
PAYBIT SAS puede optar por detener sus actividades, con el fin
de salvaguardar el continuo transacciones y evitar una sanción
por el Departamento de Hacienda de los Estados Unidos;
Además, reportará las operaciones al IRS una vez solicitados en
forma escrita. De lo contrario, los clientes reciben protección de
la República de Moldova y el Reglamento GENERAL para la
protección de los datos financieros

PAYBIT SAS, tiene la intención de registrar oficinas y licencias

electrónicas de dinero en todos los países, donde se permiten las
operaciones de "negocio de servicios monetarios" (MSBS). No
estamos obligados a operar para los países que están
restringidos por el Departamento de Hacienda de los Estados
Paybit S.A. S, was created by experts in operations issues with DAO
actions, analysis of criptomonedas and development experts, in the year
2017, already having 6 years of experience in over-the-counter
operations. Digital currencies, payment processing and money transfer
problems. They were known and resolved working together with the
company BITPAGOS LATAM, which is now known as the oldest company
in Argentina dedicated to providing payment solutions and instant money
transfers. To solve a problem of borders and bank limits. Guided to the
sale of rural or urban properties, we have created the products

• PrepaidU
• TransferU
• StateU
• ChargeU

• Our mission is not just a way of speaking. Our teams are dedicated to
make every part of it happen

Money without Borders, instantaneous, convenient, transparent and
finally free. We are providing money to individuals and companies: to pay,
to receive, to spend, in any currency, wherever you are, whatever you do
Platform for processing debit and credit cards, anti-fraud
service, Blockchain as a service

Our goal is to provide payment processing solutions, in multiple

countries, with no limits except for debit/credit card taxes, such
as "online shopping limits and international purchases".

The cost of each transaction will be: 3.7% + 1Euro

Payment time on International account: 72 hours

The verification of identity, is our priority, for customer knowledge

(KYC) and to avoid situations of return of purchase by hacking,
ignorance or to control attempts to launder capital.

Purchases are processed safely for the businesses and our

proposal is to make use as a client of the Blockchain of "CIVIC",
which provides identity services 100% encrypted (KYC without
higher cost of infrastructure and technology), allowing to be used
For multiple validations, identifying each online client instantly.
ChargeU, can provide transactions in these franchises, the main
operations will be based on the Government of Spain and the Republic
of Moldova. In addition, it can provide international collection services to
companies to have activities with the European Union; While in the
United States for having some restrictions, they are not focus targets for
this project, but we will continue to study viability.

Franchises accepted

TX Cost: 3.6% + 1 Eur TX Cost: 3.6% + 1 Eur TX Cost: 4% +10CNY

TX Cost: 4.6% + 1 Eur TX Cost: 4.6% + 1 Eur

Money transfers 100% online, without Borders

How does it work?

Step1 Jhon wants to send money from Spain to London to
Hector, economically and immediately jhon send 100Euros
Jhon to the account TransferU, this will cost 3.5% using
conventional payment methods, or 0.5% + 1Euro using
ESU Ethereum Token

Other users

Hector, he'll get the money sent by Jhon the

same day. Using 2 shipping Alternatives:

TransferU, will use National bank accounts, and

send Jhon, the money in his National bank

ESU Token, will enable a secure transaction, to

send the money to Jhon, using a trade peer to
peer, with another user, that other client will
pay TransferU the amount sent by Jhon, to
Hector's accounts. To receive our tokens and a

The peer to peer, allows other users to send

money from London to Spain, always paying in
local accounts of TransferU as escrow. Saving
cost and time for all
Money transfers 100% online, without Borders
Money transfers 100% online, without Borders
Low-cost currency exchanges
Low-cost currency exchanges
Low-cost currency exchanges
Countries available
Rechargeable debit cards, Blockchain friendly

Your debit card interaction will change forever with our popular features

We have institutional support and alliances, in

order to provide E-banking or Fintech
services worldwide.
An application for all your needs, E-
banking for people and business

You will be able to send, receive and pay

from anywhere in the world. Counting on the
protection of 3d secure technology for
payments Visa and MasterCard Securecode.
A wallet to manage your payments and
control your personal movements or

Based on Oncloud technology, Peoplecard is

friendly with any disruptive technology and
DAO action.
We think of you and your business, our
card solution will have lines of attention
in 7 languages, to solve immediately any
Rechargeable debit cards, Blockchain friendly

Charge cost
Conventional payment methods: 4.4% +

ESUoken ERC-20 Contract: 2, 5% + 1Eur

Charging time
Conventional payment methods: 72
ESUoken ERC-20 Contract: 30 Mins or
Ethereum block time

Card costs EUR COST

Rechargeable debit card Cost 30
Sent non-priority to countries not included 5
Priority sent (not yet available) 12
registration 0
activation Gratis
Monthly Maintenance 1,2
PIN sent 2.5
Replacement 20
Rechargeable debit cards, Blockchain friendly

Description EUR
Domestic Purchases free
Online or physical purchases free
International purchases free
Cash withdrawals, at local ATM free

Cash withdrawals, in international ATM free+Fx fee

Electronic money conversion (BTC) 3,6%

Electronic money conversion (ESU) 2,6%

Charge cost per SEPA or bank transfer 3,6%


Only for ESU Stakers

ESU smart contract holders will pay only the cost of bank account charge 2.6% +
Fx fee, the following transactions such as physical purchases or online, are always
Rechargeable debit cards, Blockchain friendly

Limits for unverified users

Parameters for non-verified users, for life EUR

ATM withdrawals (for life) 500 Euros

Amount of cash withdrawals for life 2

Online or physical purchases 500 Euros

Maximum daily load amount per lifetime 2000 Euros

Maximum amount available, lifetime 2000 Euros

Fx Exchange (stock cost) 3%

Rechargeable debit cards, Blockchain friendly

Limits for verified users

ATM withdrawals per day 3000 Euros

Maximum number of withdrawals per 18 Cashier Withdrawls, 1 withdrawls
day per Hour
Maximum amount of recharge 20,000 Euros, for Holder ESU
accumulated per day Unlimited
20,000 euros, for Holder ESU
Online or physical purchases
No maximum amount limit on virtual
Maximum Available Amount:
Fx Exchange (Stock Exchange) 3%
Debit card Whitelabel-Blockchain friendly

Logo de Empresa

Logo de Empresa

Costs for Whitelabel

Card costs Costos EUR

Rechargeable debit card Cost 20
Sent non-priority to countries 5
not included
Priority sent (not yet available) 12
Registration 0
activation Free
Monthly Maintenance Free
PIN sent Free
Replacement Free
Debit card Whitelabel-Blockchain friendly

Company Logo

Company Logo

Costs for Whitelabel

description EUR
Domestic Purchases Free
Online or physical purchases Free
International purchases Free

Local ATM withdrawals Free

International ATM withdrawals Free+Fx fee

Electronic money conversion (BTC) 3,6%

Electronic money conversion (ESU) 1,6%

Charge cost per SEPA or bank transfer

(optional) 3,6%
Debit card Whitelabel-Blockchain friendly

Company Logo

Company Logo

Limits for unverified users

Parameters for non-verified users, for life EUR

ATM withdrawals (for life) 500 Euros

Number of cash withdrawals in ATMs, for
Online or physical purchases 500 Euros

Maximum amount per daily charge, for life 2000 Euros

Maximum amount available, lifetime 2000 Euros

Fx Exchange (Stock Exchange) 3%

Tarjeta Débito Whitelabel- Blockchain Amigable

Logo de Empresa

Logo de Empresa

Limits for verified users

ATM withdrawals per day 3000 Euros

Maximum number of withdrawals per 18 retiros, 1 retiro por hora
Maximum recharge amount, 20.000 Euros, para Holder ESU
accumulated per day ilimitado
Online or physical purchases 20,000 euros, para Holder ESU
Maximum Available Amount: Sin límite de monto máximo en cuenta
Fx Exchange (Stock Exchange) 3%
Other Solutions
Contactless Payment services

Creation of native app, for payment in shops , Contactless

• Unlimited amounts

• Up to 24 tokens ERC-20-Erc223 & ERC 721

• Up to + 100 digital coins

E-Money Platform
E-Wallet PrepaidU Platform


• Transfer money from account to account

• Add rechargeable debit Card (only bin PrepaidU)
• Add funds using 50 methods of payment
E-Money Platform

Add Credit/debit card Funds 2,6% + 1Euro

Add funds with PrepaidU 0,5%+1Euro
E-Money Platform

Load balance in E-wallet with debit cards 2,6% + 1Euro

Load balance in E-wallet with ESU Token 0,5%+1Euro
Maximum amount of recharge 20.000 Euros, for Staker
,accumulated per day
Electronic balance Transfers Unlimited and instantly
Real State ESUoken Platform
Our business center is to reduce the cost and time, as low as possible, for online
money transfers
and sale of real estate However, we have helped multiple companies in the real
estate sector to make sales of properties such as houses and buildings

Our online money transfer service is a tool to help increase foreign investment in
underdeveloped countries.

That's why we support 100% of the real estate business. Making possible the use
of a ESU Escrow Multisig Transfer, and writing every sale of real estate, in our

The buyer will allow a secure transaction by using a Multi-signature transactions

(buyer-seller-ESU judge), with our smart contract "ESU" valued at 100, 000 ESU or
150.000 USD, seller and buyer agree the terms to transfer Owner's property.
Seller may ask buyer to pay partially or totally, once the transaction is completed.
The seller can withdraw money in National bank account, using StateU services,
we can send money to bank accounts National or bank accounts located in allied

ESUoken Trust
House value 100, 000ESU
= 150, 000USD Seller
Second signature

First signatory
Operational costs

ESUoken Trust
House value 100, 000ESU
= 150, 000USD Seller
Second signature

Operational costs

First signatory

International Bank Transfer 4,6% + 1Euro

Maximum transfer time to seller, after

selling the house 72 hours

Balance TransferU 0,5+1,5Euro

Maximum transfer time to seller, after

selling the house 24 Hours

Balance PrepaidU 0,5+1,5Euro

Maximum transfer time to seller, after

selling the house Instant

Cities, countries or neighborhoods

Rooms Budget To find

How it works

Meters Rooms Price Meters Rooms Price

110m2 3 $400,000 110m2 3 $400,000
266,6ESU 266,6ESU

Find more
Sales and purchase Registration
Real Estate in Blockchain own

Each existing data from the purchase and sale of a property.

It can be stored in a private blockchain (during your negotiation, and published at

the end of the payment), the identities of the owners or the property can also be
fully saved in blockchain.

In order to be able to provide this information to buyers worldwide effectively,

we have decided to create our own blockchain and a simple block explorer. For
information consultation, and the status of sales processes
Blockchain Use Cases

Storing the Data (Property Records)

To begin with, Blockchain can likely make the current system of

keeping property records vastly more efficient and secure. Official
records such as deeds, land rights, and mortgage documents are
often kept in a paper format, and the conversion to digital storage is
a labor intensive process. This makes it cumbersome to have to go in
and look for records regarding properties. With the Blockchain, all of
that information could be stored in the network and accessible at any
given time, saving municipalities as well as Real Estate professionals
both time and money.

Not only is it inconvenient, but the keeping physical records also

makes the industry more vulnerable to fraud. There’s a reason why
the U.S title insurance industry sees about $17 billion in revenue each
year. Uploading property records to the blockchain can alleviate some
of the problems associated with keeping physical records
The security with keeping record on the Blockchain

The basic technology behind the Blockchain is the fact that in

reality, a chain of blocks represents a chain of buildings. Each new
block is a new one. Building and at the same time a confirmation
that past transactions were authentic and valid. This makes it very
difficult for hackers to try to hack the blockchain because the
system has been designed auto regular. Using the "Proof of Stake"
algorithm, the transactions are fast and secure, as a hacker would
be a "staker", a hacker, would be the owner of many tokens, and the
owner of many buildings
Blockchain Use Cases

Use Cases

Keeping a block record will make it easier to locate and keep track of
properties. Examples of this include properties that have been seized
on tax liens, abandoned, and properties without good titles. All of
them are fraud targets.
Keeping records in blockchain also has enormous potential to
democratize real estate, particularly in the least developed countries.
It will allow people to test their property, and thus obtain solvency
and loans for new businesses.

By using public and private keys, verifying the transaction on the

nodes and storing the data in the ledger can increase transparency
and eliminate fraud. The conversation about the use case of keeping
property records in blockchain bleeds in the second important
component, which is the transfer of property.
The Transfer of Ownership

This technology allows each transaction to be verified through the
nodes in the network and added to the blocks. Proof of stake
algorithm uses a "stakers" consensus that proves that each
transaction is valid, because it is decentralized, uses an open-source
book so that anyone can see the transaction in the blocks. This checks
every transaction between all users, making it extremely difficult to
commit fraud, while allowing transactions to occur without a central
authority to approve.
Blockchain Use Cases

Smart Contracts to decrease transaction costs

Another big change to emerge from the blockchain technology are

the Smart Contracts. There’s another technology called Ethereum
that utilizes is very similar to Bitcoin, but builds on it with the
development of Smart contracts.

ESU Token

Type of contract ERC-20

Development platform Ethereum
Token type De Utilidad
Symbol ESU
Maximum Supply in tokens 85,000,000 ESU
ICO presale Objective Amount ESU 20,000,000 ESU
Pre-Sale in USD 30,000,000 USD
ICO Date of Sale 15/11/2018
Minimum necessary capital 20,000,000 ESU

Maximum Capital needed 26,000,000 ESU

Blocked tokens 10,000,000 ESU

Final Sale Date 30/12/2018

Minimum purchase 1 ETH

Metamask Compatible YES

ESU token

Token functions: Utility

Our token is developed in order to provide a service and help to the Fintech
market, each operation made with tokens is being regulated and written in a
blockchain without any manipulation possible. The purpose of issuing ESU tokens
is to reduce the costs of international money transfers. And the cost in time and
money, to sell a property.

We help to provide a service of excellence and without limits. To be able to sell a

property to customers in other countries

Our debit card, with this we seek to break barriers. Not all places we can offer
peer to peer transfers, for this reason our card will be an additional solution to
send money to family, employees or suppliers

ESU Token
Token distribution

Funds for Another DEVS=

10,000,000 ESU = 11,7647% Bounty Program
1,500,000 ESU =
Crowdsale= 45,000,000 ESU
= 52,9411%

3,000,000ESU =3,5294%
E-Money & Licenses
Money services Business =
6,000,000 ESU = 7,058823%
E-wallet Funds
8,100,000 ESU = 9,529411%

Humanitarian aid
programme =
Paid advertising 1,900,000ESU
1,000,000ESU 2,235294%
Development costs =

Cost of Listing currency


Esta es la distribución a detalle de nuestros Tokens

ESU Token

We support
Humanitarian aid Program-Available tokens: 1,900, 000ESU


Music and culture

Food, in areas of extreme poverty

ESU Token
Formula Stake=stake*Usuario
Formula Tokens=Total Tokens/

Bounty Program 1,500,000 ESU

Telegram Channel Post -Guest Blog –

Social Marketing , Facebbok,Twittter-
Bitcointalk signature 300,000ESU
Bitcointalk POST 300,000ESU
Traductor 300,000ESU
ESU Token
Formula Stake=∑ "#$%&' × ∑ )'*$+,-'
Formula Tokens= ∑ #-%&.' ÷ ∑ "#%&' ∗ ∑ *'*$+,-'

Bounty Program
Post BitcoinTalk 30 Stakes
Coment Post 10Statkes
1Shared Post 10Stakes
Twitter Min 1,000 Followers 30 Stakes
Facebook 1,000 Followers 30Stakes
Reddit Post with 100 Upvotes 50 Stakes
Medium Post with 100Claps 40 Stakes

Guest Post Pr9 site 60Stakes

Bitcointalk Signature JR Member 20 Stakes

Bitcoin Signature Full Member &Legenday 30 Stakes & 100 Stakes Legendary

Telegram Group Post 30Stakes

Telegram Channel Post 5,000 Followers 40 Stakes

Traductor Español ingles 50 Stakes

Traductor Español- Portugues 50 Stakes

Traductor Español – Frances 50 Stakes

ESU Token

December 2018 ChargeU
In our first quarter we will be ready to launch our payment processing platform
with debit and credit cards, as well as with more than 50 ways of payment and 250
digital coins and actions Dao ERC-20

Q1 2019 TransferU
Once ready our payment processing system with debit card and credit, we will
make the first money transfers 100% online instantly, in our second quarter we
seek to operate an amount of 1Billon Euros per month
Q2 2019 PrepaidU
We seek, to have solutions in an effective and immediate way, therefore our third
product, is an alternative. To reach the limited markets, we will launch our E-wallet
and debit card PrepaidU

Q2 2019 StateU
The real estate are our partners and the real estate sector our best friend, we
want to provide safe and fast solutions for property sales, these can be in the final
stage or on planes. For this we will have ready our platform to register each
process, the final sale of the property and the fiat money sent finally to the entity
Q3 2019 Listing Exchange
We have 7 years of experience in OTC trading and exchange market, this is our last
concern, however, we will publish on platforms with greater volume, as we want
to develop an extra-stock exchange platform
Q3 2019 Help & Health : Programa de Ayudas
Once ready! This is our last step. ESU Ttoken. Commits to fight hunger, fight
against corruption, using decentralized technology, help the environment and
help to expend the art and music of Colombia