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Truck model Engine Model

Truck No.(fill rear eight digit

Engine No.
numbers of VIN)
Name of Agent Contact phone
S Check record
Check Item
N OK Adjust Repair
1 Check the engine No. and Chassis No.
Complete vehicle

2 Check the lost, damage and nick of the paint

3 Check the leakage of oil, fuel, water and air of relative parts
4 Check the working condition of tightening bolts of every parts
5 Check the air pressure of the tires
6 Check the documents, tools and accessories along with the truck
7 Check door lock, lock of fuel tank and ignition switch

8 Check the forbiddance system of the cabin

9 Check seat adjuster and seat belt
10 Check the outside of the battery, the connection between fixing clips
and guide line
11 Check the power of battery, if necessary it should be recharged
Electrical system

12 Check wiper and window washer

13 Check all the lights, combination switch and instruments
14 Check window lifter and reverse buzzer
15 Check AC and heating system
16 Check recorder, electrical/air horn and CD player
17 Check ABS
18 Check the level of lubricant oil and coolant for engine
Power System

19 Check the failure codes of engine

20 Check if there is abnormal sound from engine
21 Check the condition of gear shift

22 Check the air pressure of air container


23 Check the oil level of oil container for brake fluid

24 Check the driving brake and parking brake
25 Check the operation parts of dumper cargo box

26 Check the oil level of oil tank for operating the cargo box

Check Conclusion:

Signature of Inspector from Manufacture: Signature of user: Signature of Agent:

Date: Date: Date:

Remarks: (1) Some items of being inspected trucks may not be included in the list. Please check and remove
these items by “────”
(2) Please make marks“√”on the “check record”
PDI Check List Table

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