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University of Melbourne

IDT Company (International Dynamic

Ecotech and EnviroEquip Company

Address : 2/15 Keppel Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria 3053,

• Tel. : 61.4.32195602 Fax : 61.3.83444616

Monitoring station

Môc lôc

University of Melbourne

IDT Company (International Dynamic Technologies)

Monitoring station

I. M¸y tÝnh + m¸y in mµu + §iÒu hoµ + §iÖn cung cÊp cho c¸c thiÕt
bÞ 3
II. C¸c thiÕt bÞ thu nhËn tÝn hiÖu truyÒn d÷ liÖu vÒ tõ c¸c tr¹m
quan tr¾c lu ®éng vµ cè ®Þnh ( RS232 (PSTN, Radio etc), TCP/IP,
ISDN vµ GSM, ).............................................................................. 3
Go wireless and save money with the new ETS Telemetry System 3
III. PhÇn mÒm chuyªn dông (WINAQMS, WINCOLLECT...) :.............7
vÒ qui tr×nh thu thËp, lu gi÷, xö lý vµ lËp b¸o c¸o. Thêng xuyªn cËp
nhËt c¸c phiªn b¶n míi nhÊt..........................................................7
Win Collect.................................................................................... 8
IV. ThiÕt bÞ ®o.............................................................................. 9
1. Quan tr¾c níc...........................................................................9
a. Níc ngÇm:...............................................................................9
QED MicroPurge basics TM MP15 Sample Pack..............................9
QED MicroPurge® basicsTM MP40 Compressor...........................12
QED MicroPurge® basicsTM MP20 Flow Cell................................14
QED MicroPurge® basicsTM MP30 Drawdown Water Level Meter17
Portable Bladder Pump................................................................18
b. Níc th¶i:................................................................................. 22
ThiÕt bÞ quan tr¾c hiÖn trêng:...................................................22
IDT- Horibal Field D - 53...............................................................22
ThiÕt bÞ thÝ nghiÖm:..................................................................24
IDT-Horibal Laboratory F - 55.......................................................24
HÖ thèng quan tr¾c chÊt lîng níc:...............................................26

IDT- Horibal W-23XD....................................................................26
C¸c ®Çu ®o vµ thiÕt bÞ lÊy mÉu................................................29
C¸c ®Çu ®o................................................................................ 29
Aquacell P2 Portable Automatic Wastewater Samplers................31
2. Quan tr¾c khÝ........................................................................34
a. KhÝ th¶i:...............................................................................34
ThiÕt bÞ quan tr¾c hiÖn trêng:...................................................34
MultiRAE Plus..............................................................................34
thiÕt bÞ thÝ nghiÖm.................................................................... 38
IDT-Ecotech GasCal 1100 Dilution Calibrator...............................38
Features................................................................................... 38
Description............................................................................... 39
8301 Portable Zero Air Generator...............................................40
PM8302 Probe Control Module..................................................43
PM8302 Probe Pump Module....................................................43
Sample Manifold.......................................................................... 44
Specifications:.......................................................................... 45
Gas Analysers EC 9800 Special Application.................................45
FEATURES INCLUDE:.................................................................46
UV Absorption Ozone Analyzer - Ecotech EC9810B Ozone Analyzer
................................................................................................... 47
Carbon Dioxide Analyser EC 9820...............................................50
Carbon Monoxide Analyser EC 9832............................................52
Nitrogen Oxides Analyser EC 9841AS..........................................54
Ammonia Analysers EC 9842/ EC 9842S.....................................56
Sulphur Dioxide Analyser EC 9850H............................................58
TEOM® Series 1400a Ambient Particulate Monitor.....................60
b. KhÝ hËu:...............................................................................63
BPS1000 - Barometric Pressure Sensor.......................................63
Specifications:.......................................................................... 63
Csd Middleton EQ08-E & EQ08 Pyranometer...............................64

Model 200 Automatic Rainwater Sampler....................................66
Rainwater Samplers................................................................66
Model 200 WET-ONLY Rainwater Sampler.................................66
Ecotech's Automatic Precipitation Gauges...............................68

I. I. M¸y tÝnh + m¸y in mµu + §iÒu hoµ + §iÖn cung cÊp
cho c¸c thiÕt bÞ
II. C¸c thiÕt bÞ thu nhËn tÝn hiÖu truyÒn d÷ liÖu vÒ tõ
c¸c tr¹m quan tr¾c lu ®éng vµ cè ®Þnh ( RS232 (PSTN,
Radio etc), TCP/IP, ISDN vµ GSM, )

Go wireless and save money with the new ETS

Telemetry System

In-Situ ETS Telemetry Go wireless and save money with the new ETS
System Telemetry System!

In-Situ, Inc. has announced the release of a new

Enhanced Telemetry System (ETS). The new
telemetry system incorporates new technology
available in signal data communication, as well as
power supply features. This has been packaged into
a base unit that is easy to install, easy to maintain
and is less expensive to own and operate. The
implications of this are far reaching, in that the
system is now a true building block for all forms of
wireless communications. By "going wireless" a client
truly has direct control over the data, as well as a
lower total cost of ownership in many cases. The new
and enhanced telemetry system is available and
ready to ship.
TPS WP89 Features:
New design maximizes performance  New design maximizes performance without
without the cost
Fiberglass or heavy-duty stainless steel
the cost
enclosures  Fiberglass or heavy-duty stainless steel
Cellular Modem, license-free Spread
Spectrum Modem, VHF/UHF Radio
modem, telephone Line Modem  Cellular Modem, license-free Spread
Optional handset for convenient phone
call from the site (cellphone option only) Spectrum Modem, VHF/UHF Radio modem,
Internet Connectivity telephone Line Modem
Solar or Line Power  Optional handset for convenient phone call
NEMA 4X from the site (cellphone option only)
 Internet Connectivity
 Solar or Line Power


Enhanced Telemetry System -- A New LOW-COST Choice

The new Enhanced low-cost Telemetry System (ETS) incorporates new technology
available in signal data communication, as well as power supply features. It has
been packaged into a base unit that is easy to install, easy to maintain and is less
expensive to own and operate. Choose from a wide variety of telemetry options
including VHF/UHF radio, cellphone modem, license-free spread spectrum radio, or
telephone line modem. Power options include either 100-240VAC line power or solar
charged battery power.

Productivity Now, Building Block for the Future

The ability to have real-time access to environmental data is fast becoming an

essential component of many monitoring programs. The Enhanced Low-Cost
Telemetry System (ETS) by In-Situ incorporates the latest field-proven technologies
available in signal data communication, as well as new power supply features. This
has been packaged into a base unit that is easy to install, easy to maintain and is
less expensive to own and operate. The implications of this are far reaching, in that
the system is now a true building block for all forms of wireless communications. By
“going wireless” you truly have direct control over the data, as well as a lower total
cost of ownership by limiting site visits.

Instrument to Internet and Beyond!

In-Situ Clients have effectively used the ETS to enable direct transmission of the
environmental data from distributed monitoring networks to the Internet for real-time
viewing by their customers. As wireless communications becomes a ubiquitous part
of our lives, this technology will not only be common, it will be expected.

Telemetry options for every application

The In-Situ ETS is the building block for customers who wish to step up to the next level of
service and/or cut their total cost of operation by eliminating cables or land-lines, as well
freeing up valuable field monitoring technicians. Communication and power options include:

- Cellular Modem
- License-Free Spread Spectrum Modem
- VHF/UHF Radio Modem
- Telephone Line Modem
- Internet Connectivity

Power options

- Solar Power
- Line Power

Communication options

- RS485
- RS232


III. PhÇn mÒm chuyªn dông (WINAQMS, WINCOLLECT...) :

vÒ qui tr×nh thu thËp, lu gi÷, xö lý vµ lËp b¸o c¸o. Thêng

xuyªn cËp nhËt c¸c phiªn b¶n míi nhÊt.


Win Collect

IV. ThiÕt bÞ ®o
1. Quan tr¾c níc

a. Níc ngÇm:

QED MicroPurge basics TM MP15 Sample Pack

The ultimate in control and power for dedicated low-flow

The MP15 MicroPurge® basicsTM Sample Pack combines advanced low-flow control with
the quiet power of a built-in compressed gas source, for the ultimate in portability and ease
of use.
The simplified flow and drawdown control features of basics control are housed in a
moulded case along with a lightweight CO2 cylinder, putting everything you need to
operate a bladder pump into one easily portable unit. A standard padded nylon case
protects the MP15 in transport, provides over-the-shoulder on-site carrying convenience,
and even has a hook on the back to let you hang it from the well casing during sampling.

The MP15 also includes a bypass fitting, so you can now use one handy unit to sample
from both hard to reach wells and from wells accessible with larger gas cylinders and/or
compressors. The MP15 has the power you want in an easy to carry package.

Portable power to sample any well

Backpack portability makes the MP15 a powerful tool for faster, more efficient sampling at
remote sites. With alternate air supply fitting, it also works great at closer wells.

Remote wells and inaccessible sites are no problem with the unique, new MP15 Control &
Power Pack. The convenient carrying case combines a compact compressed gas cylinder
with the advanced control of MicroPurge basics Controllers.

With this combination, a complete sampling setup can be carried by a single person, to
reach wells where trucks or even compressor carts can’t go.

The 2.3 kg CO2 cylinder provides hours of sampling power, and is easily refilled. But the
MP15 isn’t just for remote wells. Its built-in bypass fitting allows it to be used with larger
cylinders or other gas sources, extending your range even more.

Simple, stable, repeatable flow rate setting

The MicroPurge basics Controller’s six-button keypad is your gateway to the control and
power of the most advanced low-flow sampling system ever made. With remarkable ease,
you will achieve precise, stable control of low pumping rates, quickly and repeatably, from
one sampling event to the next.

QED’s third-generation engineering takes advantage of the opportunity for downsized

equipment, which is lighter and more portable, reduces equipment cost and increases
sampling crew productivity. Simplified, sealed electronics are put together in a design that
delivers famous QED durability and value.

MicroPurge basics controllers can be connected to the MP30 Drawdown Meter for optional
Automatic Drawdown Control, an industry first.

Multi-mode digital control...

 The MicroPurge basics Controller gives you three easy-to-use operating modes, to
cover every sampling protocol and situation.
 MicroPurge Mode easily adjusts low flow rates with “faster/slower” arrow keys to
reach desired rates. You don’t have to worry about calculating pump cycles or refill
and discharge times.
 ID Mode instantly recalls optimized settings previously established for each well,
providing precise, consistent performance from event to event.

User Set (MN) Mode provides manual control of pump operation for
extreme depths and other special cases.

MP15 Controller face

MicroPurge® basics MP15 Control & Power Pack Advantages...

- All the advanced MicroPurge control capabilities of basics controllers, plus a lightweight,
built-in CO2 source for ultimate portable control and power.

- Exclusive MicroPurge control mode uses simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates easily
and repeatably, using a microprocessor to re-create flow adjustment strategies used by
experienced samplers.

- The MP15 weighs just 12.5kg. with a full cylinder in its padded nylon field case. Backpack
carrying leaves hands free for other sampling equipment.

- Also includes capability for optional drawdown control with link to the MP30 Drawdown

- Lightweight, silent drive power: 3.5 hours of purging capacity at 22 m pump depth! A high
quality CO2 regulator is included, along with a cylinder change wrench: field ready!

- The MP15 includes a quick-connect bypass fitting so other compressed gas sources can
also be used, for maximum versatility.

System Specifications:
Model No. MP15
Dimensions 25-1/2"x12-1/2"x10" (65x32x25 cm)
Weight 27 lbs (12 kg)
Case Material Polyethylene
Carry Bag Standard
Back Pack Straps Optional
Keypad 6 Keys
Display 2 Line, 16 Character / LCD Display
Power 3 "AA" batteries
Battery Life 50,000 Cycles @ 70°F (21°C)
Max. Pressure 120 PSI (8,275 kPa)
Max. Pump Depth 250 Feet (76 m)
Operating Temperature -20 - 150°F (-29 - 66°C)
Cylinder: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)CO2
Cylinder Life: Over 3 hours at 75 foot pump depth
Connection to MP30
heavy-duty cable (supplied with MP30)
Drawdown Meter

MP15 Purge Capacity*

Pump Depth (ft) Purge Time (min)

50 400
100 120
150 90
200 50
*Purge times based on 200 ml/min flow rate, full 5 lb. CO 2


QED MicroPurge® basicsTM MP40 Compressor

"" \*

Lightweight Portable Compressor

The Micropurge basics System provides new options to power your sampling equipment
and extend your reach. Whether you can drive right to the wells, need an air hose
extension or require portable equipment for remote locations, this sytem has all the right
choices for your sampling program.

The rugged MicroPurge® basics MP40 Compressor cuts the weight and the part count of
oil-less field compressors. The high quality compressor is directly coupled to a smooth-
running Honda engine, eliminating the weight and complexity of pulleys, belts, and belt

The MP40 compressor is mounted in a light weight aluminium cage for easy carrying - only
22 kg total weight!

A new hose reel option attaches to the compressor cage so that wells up to 60 m away can
be reached without having to move the compressor unit. An optional cart with high flotation
wheelbarrow tires is also available for mounting the MP40 to reach more distant wells.

Compact, rugged, full-powered air source.

With its tough, welded aluminium cage, it can bounce around in the back of a vehicle
without damage, yet it is the most portable self-powered compressor on the market.

The high output, durable oil-less compressor is powered by a full 4.0 HP Honda petrol
engine. The whole package has been fine-tuned for less vibration, to deliver a longer
service life.

A complete selection of accessories makes the MP40 even more versatile. You can leave it
in the vehicle and use the 60m air hose reel to extend your reach. For more remote wells, a
simple cart kit makes it easy to pull the power where you need it. 400 mm high flotation
tires roll over obstacles.

MicroPurge Compressor Specifications:

Model No. MP40
Dimensions 14" W x 18-1/4" L x 18.5"
H (36x46x47 cm)
Weight 45 lbs (20.5 kg) dry;
48 lbs (22 kg) filled w/
gasoline & oil
Engine 4.0 HP Honda
Max. Pressure 125 PSI (8,620 kPa)
Max. Lift 250 Feet (76 m)
Output Through: (20 ft. [6 m] air
(200 ft. [61 m] air hose)
0 psi (0 kPa) hose)
25 psi (1,725 kPa) 7.0 CFM (11.9 m3/h)
4.8 CFM (8.2 m3/h)
50 psi (3,450 kPa) 6.1 CFM (10.4 m3/h)
4.4 CFM (7.8 m3/h)
75 psi (5,170 kPa) 5.0 CFM (8.5 m3/h)
3.8 CFM (6.5 m3/h)
100 psi (6,895 kPa) 4.2 CFM (7.1 m3/h)
2.4 CFM (4.1 m3/h)
125 psi (8,620 kPa) 3.5 CFM (6.0 m3/h)
1.7 CFM (2.9 m3/h)
2.2 CFM (3.7 m3/h)
Compatible Controllers MP10/MP15 or Model 400 5 Keys
Cart Kit MP40-1
Hose Attachment (200 ft.) MP40-2
Propane Conversion Kit MP40-3

QED MicroPurge® basicsTM MP20 Flow Cell

Simple, economical purge monitoring with automatic stabilization alert.

Water Quality Measuring with Integral Flow Cell and Automated Purge ScanTM
Technology -- Purge Scan tells you when the water quality parameters have stabilised.

Monitor up to 5 parameters (pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity/Salinity, Temperature) while

purging or sampling a well with the MP20 Flow cell system. New Purge Scan technology
allows you to sample with confidence thanks to visible & audible stabilisation alerts.

The MP20 meter is designed expressly to simplify calibration and operation in the field, by
eliminating non-essential features. It displays all readings automatically and is lightweight
and water-proof.

The sonde is a compact, low-profile design with rugged, easy-to-service probes. The flow
cell is designed to collect and vent gas bubbles effectively, and to distribute purge flow
evenly for quick measurement response and more accurate readings. The enclosure is of
the Sealed Type, meaning that the sample does not come into contact with air. The whole
package is protected by a 3-year warranty, backed by service and support from QED, the
leader in low-flow sampling.

Until now, deciding when stabilization had been achieved was complex, requiring you to
monitor multiple parameters and make repeated calculations. The new MP20 Flow Cell
simplifies this part of the process. Microprocessor-based PurgeScanTM technology
performs the monitoring and calculation, clearly signaling when stabilization has occurred.
This allows sampling to begin only when the pump discharges samples representative of
the formation water.

Quick, precise measurements make low-flow sampling easy. The MP20 assures the user
of collecting the most accurate samples, and save time and money on a groundwater
sampling program. It also stores key data automatically, along with elapsed time of purging.

System Specifications:
Model No. MP20
Dimensions 18.5"x15"x6.5" (47x38x17 cm)
Weight 14 lbs (6.4 kg)
Storage 100 Data Points
Stabilization Purge ScanTM Technology (patent pending)
Case Material Structural Resin
Keypad 5 Keys

Meter Specifications:
Display 3.5" (9 cm)
Weight 2.1 lbs (1 kg)
Memory 100 Data Frames
Rating Waterproof NEMA 6 [IP67]
Power 3 "C" batteries
Battery Life 12 Hours
Temperature 23 - 122°F (-5 - 50°C)
Cable 6 foot (1.83 m)

Flow Cell Specifications:

Volume 175 ml
Material Rigid urethane
Fitting Type Soft-tube "clamp-free"
Fitting Size(s) Inlet: 1/4" I.D. x 3/8" O.D. Outlet: 3/8" I.D. x
1/2" O.D.
Venting Modes Horizontal and Vertical
Sonde Connection Bayonet-style Twist Mount

Sonde Specifications:
Size 3"x9" (8x23 cm)
Weight 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg)

Typical Sensor Performance Specifications:

Range Accuracy Resolution
Temperature -5 - 50°C (23 -122°F) ± 0.20°C (0.36°F) 0.01°C (0.018°F)
DO 0 to 20 mg/l ± 0.2 mg/l 0.01 mg/l
Specific Cond. 0-100 mS/cm ±1% of reading ± 1 count 4 Digits
pH 0 to 14 units ± 0.2 units 0.01 units
ORP -999 to 999 mV ± 20 mV 1 mV
Salinity* 0 to 70 PSS ± 1 count 0.01 PSS

PurgeScanTM Specifications:
Parameter Stabilization range pH - +/- .2 units
criteria DO - +/- 0.2 mg/l
Conductivity- +/- 0.020 m S/cm
ORP- +/- 20 millivolts

Stabilization basis 3 consecutive readings of selected

parameters (one or more of above 4) within
above limits, at time interval selected, from 1
to 9 minutes. For example, if 2 minutes is
selected, then stabilization would be signaled
when 3 consecutive 2-minute intervals
showed in-range readings at the end of each
interval, requiring 6 minutes.
Elapsed time since Purge Scan initiated shows at the bottom of the screen.
Full data sets are stored at time 0, every 5 minutes, and the 3 consecutive
readings which satisfy the stabilization criteria.

QED MicroPurge® basicsTM MP30 Drawdown

Water Level Meter

Drawdown control is now automatic with new low-flow water level meter.

Limiting drawdown is one of the basics of MicroPurge® low-flow sampling. The MP30
Drawdown/Water Level Meter provides a new, simpler way to assure drawdown control.

The MP30 performs as a drawdown sensor and control when connected to the MicroPurge
basics controllers, and as a high quality water level meter. The MP30 switches between
both modes.

For drawdown control the meter is turned to MicroPurge mode and the probe is lowered to
the point of maximum drawdown. If purging lowers the water level to the selected point, a
light and buzzer on the MP30 meter are activated and the controller is signaled to enter a
standby mode until the water level rises again. A separate light indicates probe
submergence in both modes.

Automatic protection against excessive purging

The MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter is unique. With its link to the basics Controller for
automatic drawdown control, you’ll never have to worry about over-purging a monitoring
well again.

By constantly keeping track of well level for you, the MP30 removes one of the variables
that can make low-flow sampling a challenge. Even if distractions occur, you’ll have the
confidence of knowing that the well will not be pumped down to excessive drawdown levels
that could compromise your sample integrity.

To use Automatic Drawdown Control, the MP30 is switched to MicroPurge Mode and
connected to the MP10 or MP15 Controller with the supplied link cable. When the probe is
placed at the selected depth in the well, the submergence light stays on and there is no

If drawdown reaches the probe, the level shutoff light and buzzer are activated. The linked
controller halts pump cycling until the well recovers and reaches the probe; then pumping
resumes automatically.

Drawdown Meter Advantages

 Provides unique MicroPurge Automatic Drawdown Control. Cable link to basics
controller puts pumping on standby mode until the well recovers — automatically!
 MicroPurge drawdown mode includes light and buzzer indicators to alert sampling
personnel when the selected maximum drawdown point has been reached.
 Standard water level mode includes conventional probe submergence light and
buzzer indicators.
 Available with 45 or 90 m chemical resistant polyethylene-coated tape.

Compact 5/8" (16 mm) diameter probe fits narrow or crowded well casings.

System Specifications:
Model No. MP30
Dimensions 37 x 27 x 20 cm
Weight 3.2 kg w/150' tape or 9 lbs (4 kg) w/300' tape
Probe Diameter .625"

Probe Length 5/8" O.D. x 7.5" L (1.6 x 19 cm)
Carry Bag Optional
Connecting Cable Included
Well Hanger Included
Reel Brake Included
Power 9 Volt battery
Battery Life 30-40 hours
Tape Length 46 or 91 m
Operating Temperature -40 - 85°C

Portable Bladder Pump

QED Sample Pro Portable Micropurge Pump

The only pump with these 3 innovations for portable low-flow sampling.

Easy, rapid disassembly -1/4 turn, no tools

Pull off bladder for fast replacement.
No-fitting push-in tubing option

The first portable bladder pump for MicroPurge Low-Flow sampling.

The all-new Sample Pro Portable MicroPurge Pump is the first pump developed specifically
to bring the advantages of low flow sampling to sites requiring portable pumps. The
Sample Pro Pump is not only able to deliver consistent low flow rates, it’s easy to
disassemble without tools, simple to clean, and truly field rugged.

The SamplePro Portable MicroPurge Pump uses a quick-change, one-piece bladder

design. Compressed gas squeezes the outside of the bladder to force liquid out of the
pump; there is no gas contact with the pumped water inside the bladder.

Water enters the pump through the inlet in the upper, head section, then flows down into
the bladder. The high inlet helps keep the pump from clogging if it is accidentally lowered
into a sediment-filled sump.

A replaceable inlet screen is provided for wells with high solids levels to help ensure proper
sealing of the check valves. The Sample Pro Pump is shipped in a heavy-duty tube with
rubber end caps to help keep the pump clean and protected between uses.

The pump is disassembled by a 1/4 turn of the cap and body; no tools are needed. The
bladder pulls off for replacement. Both check valves are press-in, pull-out design, and use
the same size Teflon check ball.

Compression-type and push-in tube fitting kits are available and can be used
interchangeably. Both options provide high pull-out strength, but a cable eye is also
included for applications where a support cable is desired.

Unlike other portable pumps, the Sample Pro is cool-running and can be operated by a
lightweight backpack controller. There are no high speed rotating parts, no sample or motor
heating, no costly maintenance or special generators.

Sample Pro reliability and low maintenance make it more economical. Its bayonet-type
twist open design makes it easy to change the pull-off, disposable bladder in seconds. The
compact 375 mm unit fits in a pail for pumping and cleaning.

Sample Pro innovations don’t stop there. The pump is available with conventional
compression fittings for tubing connections, or with a “no fitting” push-in head that’s perfect
for applications where the tubing is discarded frequently.

Sample Pro value and rugged, all-stainless construction will stand up to tough portable
use. The simple yet effective design avoids the high maintenance expenses and
destructive failure modes of other pumps.

Compact, rugged, and reliable, this is the first pump designed for low-flow operation in
portable sampling applications.

Portable Controller Backpack w/ compressed gas supply gives you full


MP15 Backpack/Controller:
Low flow sampling is why the Sample Pro Pump was developed, and it matches perfectly
with the new backpack-mounted MicroPurge basics MP15 Control and Power Pack.

Flow adjustment with bladder pumps takes a completely

new, simpler approach with the MP15 and the Sample Pro
Pump. Up/down flow rate keys let you fine tune even low-
flow rates easily and repeatability.

At 12 kg with its high capacity gas cylinder, the MP15

backpack is a versatile companion to the Sample Pro Pump.
A bypass fitting allows the MP15 to be used with larger
compressed gas cylinders or a compressor for sampling
sites which are vehicle-accessible.

Sampling Consultants Kit

The Sample Pro pump is also offered in this exclusive kit, which holds accessories and
supplies in a rugged case that carries and protects the pump.

The kit includes all supplies, accessories and replacement parts necessary to sample 10
wells. The kit is packed in a 225x225x500 mm heavy duty case for easy portability on-site.

System Specifications
Model. Sample Pro Portable Sampling pump with inlet screen
Body 316 Stainless Steel
Inlet & Discharge 303 StainlessSteel
Bladder Polyethylene or Teflon®
O-rings Viton
Diameter 1.75"(44.5mm)
Length: 37.5 cm w/ Push-in Fittings;
41.9 cm w/ Compression Fittings;
30.8 cm Bottom of pump to centerline of inlet
Weight 1.93 kg
Fittings Stainless Steel Compression or Push-In Type
Air 1/4" (6.4 mm) O.D.,3/16" (4.7 mm) I.D.
Discharge 3/8" (10 mm) O.D., 1/4" (6.4 mm) I.D.
Maximum Lift 250 Feet (76 m)
Pump Volume 100mL

Ordering Information
Each pump includes pump, tube fitting kit, inlet screen and roving air fitting
QMP-SP-4P Portable SS pump 1/4”x1/4” push in fittings
QMP-SP-6P Portable SS pump 1/4”x3/8” push in fittings
QMP-SP-4C Portable SS pump 1/4”x1/4” compression fittings
QMP-SP-6C Portable SS pump 1/4”x3/8” compression fittings
Consultants Kit
Includes pump, tube fitting, roving air fitting, tube cutter, cleaning brushes
plus 10 each - poly bladders, SS inlet screens, O-ring sets
plus 5 each - teflon check balls, and compression nut/ferrule sets for C type pumps

QMP-SPK-4P Portable SS pump 1/4”x1/4” push in fittings

QMP-SPK-6P Portable SS pump 1/4”x3/8” push in fittings
QMP-SPK-4C Portable SS pump 1/4”x1/4” compression fittings
QMP-SPK-6C Portable SS pump 1/4”x3/8” compression fittings
Kit prices represent a saving of over 40% of the expendables

Pump Expendable Supplies

Q38360 Polyethylene bladder (10 pack)
Q38362 ORing kit (10 pack)
Q38361 Stainless steel inlet screns (10 pack)
Q38408 Teflon check balls (5 pack)

b. Níc th¶i:
ThiÕt bÞ quan tr¾c hiÖn trêng:

IDT- Horibal Field D - 53

Multi-parameter for pH/temperature/ORP/ISE

with PC/printer output capability Multi-parameter for
pH/temperature/ORP/ISE with PC/printer output capability


Measurement pH Glass electrode method
- Revolutionary waterproof method
meter and electrodes enhance ION Ion Electrode method
care-free operation in the lab Conductvity
or field. HORIBA portable
meter conforms to
waterproof standard of

- Quick connection to PC Saturation

allows easy and fast data Oxygen
evaluation. Oxygen
Measurement pH pH0.00 ~ 14.00
range Resolution 0.01pH
- Portable multi-parameter Temperture 0.0 ~ 100.0: Resolution
meter allows measurement of 0.1oC
up to 4 parameters.
mV(ORP) -1999 ~ 1999
Resolution 1mV
- Automatic data-logging ION 0.0μ ~ 999g/L (mol/L)
function. Store up to 300 sets Conductvity
of data automatically. Dissolved
- Self diagnostic function Resistance
assures reliable measurement. SALT
User-friendly self-diagnostic Saturation
modes for battery voltage, Oxygen
temperature, calibration and Oxygen
LCD checks. Repeatability pH ±0.01pH ±1digit
Temperture ±0.1: ±1digit
mV(ORP) ±1mV ±1digit
- User-friendly features and ION ±0.5%F.S. ±1digit
portability with large LCD Conductvity
display. Dissolved
Power supply DC3V (LR6 dry cell
Option: AC adapter
Mass approx. 330g

ThiÕt bÞ thÝ nghiÖm:

IDT-Horibal Laboratory F - 55

World's first meter with FDA 21CFR Part11 support

Measures pH, ORP, conductivity and ISE

• RS232C printer output

• Compact flash
• Ethernet


- World's first meter with Measurement pH Glass electrode method
FDA 21CFR Part11 method
support measures pH, ION Ion electrode method
ORP, Conductvity AC bipolar method
conductivity and ISE SALT Conductivity conversion
- Electronic record, audit
trail and Resistance Conductivity conversion
electronic signatures are
security Measurement pH pH0.000 ~ 14.000
function features. (FDA range Resolution 0.01/0.001pH
21CFR Part11 mV(ORP) -1999.9 ~ 1999.9
compliance) Resolution 0.1mV
- Two channels meter: Temperture 0.0 ~ 100.0: Resolution 0.1oC
+ CH.1: Ph; ORP; ION
+ CH.2: COND; SALT; RESI ION 0.0μ ~ 999g/L (mol/L)
- Color display and Conductvity Cell constant 100m-1:
navigation function for 0.000mS/m ~ 19.99S/m
enhanced user- Cell constant 10m-1: 0.0μS/m
friendliness. ~ 1.999S/m
- Enhanced data reliability Cell constant 1000m-1:
with validation feature. 0.00mS/m ~ 199.9S/m
- Benchtop multi- Resolution 0.05% F.S.
parameter meter allows SALT 0.00 ~ 4.00% Resolution
measurement of up to 4 0.01%

Repeatability pH ±0.001pH ±1digit
mV(ORP) ±0.1mV ±1digit
Temperture ±0.1: ±1digit
ION ±0.5%F.S. ±1digit
Conductvity ±0.5% F.S. ±1digit
Resistance ±0.5% F.S. ±1digit
Power supply AC adapter
100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Mass approx. 1.1O

HÖ thèng quan tr¾c chÊt lîng níc:

IDT- Horibal W-23XD

The W-23XD has innovative features

with Xtra Durable design.

Up to one month data logging.

Simultaneous measurement of 13 parameters.

Measurement at depths to 100 meters.

Three ports for 3 simultaneous ion measurements.

Ion Sensor Options:

Nitrate, Chloride, Calcium, Fluoride, Potassium, Ammonia

Description Part Number
W-23XD 2/10M carrying case 201031-3
W-23XD 30+M carrying case G0317234
Packing List: Control unit, sensor probe w/o cable, pH and DO
sensors, pH 4 model 100-4 buffer solution, pH sensor
internal solution, ion calibration solution (NO3, Cl, Ca),
syringe, spanner wrench, grip holder, carrying case,
DO sensor rebuild kit, instruction manual. ION

Probe and Cables; Sensors Not Included Part Number

W-23XD sensor probe 362482
2 meter cable, W002CS G0047241
10 meter cable, W010CS G0047251
30 meter cable, W030CS G0047261
60 meter cable, W060CS G0157320
100 meter cable, W100C G0047271

Ion Sensors and Replacement Cartridges Part Number

Nitrate ion sensor 9037005900
Chloride ion sensor 9037006000
Calcium ion sensor 9037006100
Fluoride ion sensor 9037006300
Potassium ion sensor 9037006400
Ammonia ion sensor 9037006200
Nitrate cartridge 9003015200
Chloride cartridge 9003001500
Calcium cartridge 9003015400
Potassium cartridge 9003015300
Fluoride cartridge 9003015100
Ammonia membranes 6/pkg 9037007000

Ion Solutions Part Number

ION (NO3/CL2/Ca) calibration sol. 9037006500

Nitrate sensor internal solution 9037006600
Chloride sensor internal solution 9037006700
Calcium/fluoride internal solution 360647
Potassium sensor internal solution 9037006900
Ammonia sensor internal solution 9012000900

Solutions offered by HORIBA for manual calibrations:

Conductivity Calibration Solutions Part Number

500 ml, range 3, 71.8 mS/m 201045-5
1 liter, range 3, 71.8 mS/m 201046-5
500 ml, range 2, 0.667 S/m 201045-6
1 liter, range 2, 0.667 S/m 201046-6
500 ml, range 1, 5.87 S/m 201045-7
1 liter, range 1, 5.87 S/m 201046-7

Turbidity Calibration Solutions Part Number

500 ml, 800 NTU span solution 201045-4
1 liter, 800 NTU span solution 201046-4
500 ml, 100 NTU span solution 201045-3
1 liter, 100 NTU span solution 201046-3

Dissolved Oxygen Zero Calibration Part Number

500 ml, DO zero solution 201045-2
1 liter, DO zero solution 201046-2

Type 1 Pure Water for ORP Buffer Preparation Part Number

250 ml pure water for the addition of HORIBA ORP buffer 201045-1
powders to check ORP measurement accuracy. ORP powder
attached to bottle. 89mV @ 25°C.
250 ml pure water for the addition of HORIBA ORP buffer 201046-1
powders to check ORP measurement accuracy. ORP powder
attached to bottle. 258mV @25°C.

C¸c ®Çu ®o vµ thiÕt bÞ lÊy mÉu

C¸c ®Çu ®o

ThiÕt bÞ lÊy mÉu
Aquacell P2 Portable Automatic Wastewater

Water samplers designed for reliability, advanced programming

& flexibility.

Introducing the Aquacell wastewater sampler range from

BENEFITS Aquamatic. Each sampler extracts individual sample shots
 Flexibility - the from a wastewater channel or vessel according to a
ability to change predetermined program and deposits them into one or more
from one model to sample collection vessels. In this way the user is provided
another with a representative sample of the wastewater discharge.
 Easy to use and
maintain ? The P2 Samplers can be connected to external devices such
Everything about as a flow meter or pump signal. This allows event-based
the Aquacell is sampling regimes to be programmed. Aquacell?s built in
designed to event logger and optional temperature logger data can be
minimize operator downloaded to PC.
 Reliability assured ? The Aquacell P2 Portable Sampler range includes three
With minimal sampler models, each centred around a common sampler
moving parts and module. There is the ability to change from one model to
vulnerable another, even between Portable and Stationary Sampler
electrical / electronic models.
parts protected
within a sealed  Aquacell P2-COMPACT
humidity controlled This variant, as its name suggests, is the super-
enclosure compact version and includes a 5 litre polyethylene
sample container.
 Compliance -  Aquacell P2-COOLBOX
Aquacell meets the This variant collects samples in a 5 litre polypropylene
requirements of the sample container and stores them for up to 7 days* at
international between 0 and 5 deg C.
standard for
 Aquacell P2-MULTIFORM
wastewater This is the most versatile sampler, as it can accept a
samplers ? ISO variety of containers: 1x 25L; 12 x 0.7L; 12 x 1L; or 24
5667-10. x 1L.

Aquacell - The System

Embodied in every Aquacell wastewater sampler is the tried and tested Aquamatic Air Pump
Sample Extraction System. The sampler is operated / programmed using the 17 button
membrane keypad in conjunction with a 16 x 2 character liquid crystal display.

 High Performance - Whether portable or stationary the performance is the same. All
Aquacell samplers are designed to sample heavily contaminated wastewater such as
crude sewage reliably. Aquacell is even used to sample raw sewage sludge.
 Easy to use and maintain ? Everything about the Aquacell is designed to minimize
operator burden. Even users with no previous experience of wastewater sampling will
soon become fully proficient in operating the Aquacell.
 Reliability assured ? With minimal moving parts and vulnerable electrical / electronic
parts protected within a sealed humidity controlled enclosure, the Aquacell is
designed to operate reliably for many years even in the most arduous conditions.
 Compliance - Aquacell meets the requirements of the international standard for
wastewater samplers ? ISO 5667-10.

Also available is the Aquacell S2 -Stationary Sampler range.

The Aquacell P2 Portable Sampler range includes three sampler models...

Aquacell P2-COMPACT
When super-compactness combined with uncompromised
sampling performance is required, the Aquacell P2-
COMPACT is the ideal solution ? useful for regulators and
others where samplers have to be distributed to a number of

The Aquacell P2-COMPACT provides the user with a 5 litre

composite sample contained in its low profile, easy-clean
sample container.

Front access means that sample retrieval can be done without

disturbing either the sampler or it's intake hose.

With a total volume of under 0.05 cubic meters, the Aquacell

P2 COMPACT is less than half the size of most comparable

The Aquacell P2-COMPACT fits into spaces where other
samplers just won't go.

Aquacell P2-COOLBOX
The portable sampler with the practical cooling facility.
Samples are kept cool in a highly insulated cool box
containing pre-frozen cooling elements.

The Aquacell P2-COOLBOX is designed to operate at remote

sites where the sample must be kept cool but there is no
power availability. It makes a very practical alternative to
installing a stationary sampler with sample refrigeration, along
with the potentially expensive mains power supply.

The Aquacell P2-COOLBOX provides the user with a 5 litre

composite sample, contained in an open topped
polypropylene container fitted with a carry handle.

This is the versatile member of the Aquacell P2 family.

The Aquacell P2-MULTIFORM will accommodate a choice of

4 sample collection vessel options, where changing from one
option to the other is a very simple operation.

Optional Ancillary Signal Connections

 Remote control input
The sampler can be controlled using a signal from a pump (which pumps the
wastewater) or other device, which produces an event related signal.
 Flow Input
Any flowmeter with either an integrated or instantaneous flow output can be
connected to the sampler to produce flow proportional samples.
 Sample Acquired Output
A contact closes each time a sample enters the sampler.
 Sampler Malfunction Output
A contact opens each time any one of 11 fault conditions occur.

Optional computer interface

Aquacell’s built in event logger and temperature logger (if sample temperature
monitoring is specified) can be downloaded to your PC or suitable hand held
computer if you specify the RS232 interface with the sampler. 16 events relating to
the samplers operation are logged including:
- when the program is started / stopped
- when individual samples are taken
- when the bottler (if fitted) is incremented
- when fault conditions occur

2. Quan tr¾c khÝ

a. KhÝ th¶i:
ThiÕt bÞ quan tr¾c hiÖn trêng:

MultiRAE Plus
One-to-Five Gas Monitor with VOC Detection

The MultiRAE Plus combines a PID

(Photoionization Detector) with the standard four
gases of a confined space monitor (O², LEL, and
two toxic gas sensors) in one compact monitor
with sampling pump.

MultiRAE Plus gets the job done in more circumstances than any other gas detector. This
gas monitor is quickly and easily changed from a sophisticated technician instrument to a
simple text-only monitor. The same monitor can be used as a personal monitor, hand-held
sniffer or as a continuous operation area monitor.

Confined space entry
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Shipyard and maritime confined spaces
Land-fill operations
Trenches, silos, railcars
Sewers and manholes
Refineries and petrochemical plants
Power plants-
Pulp and paper industry
Steel mills

Key Features:

 O², LEL, PID and any two plug-in "smart" toxic sensors: CO, H²S, SO², NO, NO²,
CI², HCN, NH³, PH³
 0-2,000 ppm measurement of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with 0.1 ppm
 Measure more chemicals than with any other PID. With over 60 correction
factors built into the MultiRAE Plus memory and the largest printed list of
correction factors in the world (300+).
 Drop-in Battery. When work schedules require putting in more then the 14 hours
supplied by the advanced Lithium-ion battery, the drop-in alkaline pack supplied
with every MultiRAE Plus allows you to finish the job.
 User friendly screens make it easy to use for simple applications and flexible
enough for sophisticated options.
 Rugged Rubber Boot assures that the MultiRAE Plus survives the bumps and
knocks of tough field use.
 Strong, built-in sample pump draws up to 100 feet (30m) horizontally or
vertically. Large external filter and automatic low flowage
 Large keys are operable with 3 layer of gloves
 Easy-to-read display with backlight
 Store up to 80 hours of data at one minute interval for all 5 sensors for download
to PC (with optional data logging)
 Loud audible alarm that varies for different alarm conditions and an optional
external vibration alarm for noisy areas.
 Access sensors and battery in seconds with the new, improved case.


HazMat/Homeland Security
 Initial PPE (personal protective equipment) assessment
 Leak detection
 Perimeter establishment and maintenance
 Spill delineation
 Decontamination
 Remediation

Confined Space Entry

 Aviation/wing tank entry with jet fuel

 Shipyard and maritime confined spaces with diesel fuel
 Pulp and paper industry for confined space entry in turpentine environments


 Soil and water headspace analysis

 Leaking underground storage tanks (LUST)
 Landfill monitoring

Industrial Hygiene, Plant Health & Safety

 Confined Space Entry

 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Sensor Range Resolution
Oxygen 0-30% 0.1%
Combustible Gas 0-100% LEL 1% LEL
VOCs 0-200 ppm 0.1 ppm
200-2000 ppm 1ppm
Carbon Monoxide 0-500 ppm 1 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 0-100 ppm 1 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide 0-20 ppm 0.1 ppm
Nitric Oxide 0-250 ppm 1 ppm
Chlorine 0-10 ppm 0.1 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide 0-20 ppm 0.1 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide 0-100 ppm 1 ppm
Ammonia 0-50 ppm 1 ppm
Phosphine 0-5 ppm 0.1 ppm
Size: 11.8 x 7.6 x 4.8cm
Weight: 454g with battery
Sensors: Up to 5 sensors including:
- Photoionization detector for VOCs, 10.6 eV lamp standard
- Protected catalytic bead for combustible gases
- Interchangeable electrochemical sensors for oxygen and
toxic gases
Battery: - Interchangeable Li-ion and alkaline battery packs
- Rechargeable units include lithium-ion battery pack with
internal smart charging,
120V AC/DC wall adapter, and spare alkaline
Operating hours: - 14 hours continuous with Li-ion (typical)
- Unit will run and charge simultaneously
Display: 2 line, 16 digit LCD with LED backlighting automatically in
dim light or alarm condition
Keypads: 1 operation and 2 programming keys

Direct Readout: Instantaneous values (up to 5):
- Oxygen as percentage by volume
- Combustible gas as percentage of lower explosive level
- Toxic gases and VOCs as parts per million by volume (VIC
scaleable using
correction factors)
- High and low values for all gases
- STEL and TWA values of toxic gases and VOCs
- Battery and shut down voltage
- Date, time, elapsed time, temperature
Alarms: 90 dB buzzer and flashing red LED to indicate exceeded
preset limits:
- High: 3 beeps and flashes per second
- Low: 2 beeps and flashes per second
- STEL and TWA: 1 beep and flash per second
- Automatic reset or latching with manual override
- Additional diagnostic alarms and display messages for low
battery and pump stall
EMI/RFI Highly resistant to EMI/RFI. Compliant with EMC Directive
IP Rating: IP-55: protected against dust, protected against low pressure
jets of water from all directions.
Data logging and Optional 80 hours, 5 channels at one minute intervals
Communication: download to PC with serial number of unit, user ID, site
number, and calibration date
Calibration: Two-point field calibration for zero span gas
Sampling Pump: Internal two-speed pump. Flow rates:
- Low: ~150 cc/min
- High: ~ 250 cc/min
Low Flow Alarm: Auto shut-off pump at low flow condition
Hazardous Area - US and Canada: UL, cUL, Classified as Intrinsically Safe
Approval: for use in Class I, Division I
Groups A, B, C, D, T3C
- Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T3 & T4
Temperature: -20°C to 45°C
Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Attachment: Durable yellow boot with belt clip and wrist strap
Warranty: 12 months

thiÕt bÞ thÝ nghiÖm

IDT-Ecotech GasCal 1100 Dilution Calibrator

The Ecotech GASCAL 1100 Gas Dilution Calibrator is ideal for stand alone
use or incorporation into ambient air or emissions monitoring systems. It
is designed to provide a simple means to perform precise gas dilution
calibrations, ozone analyser precision checks and gas phase titrations
using the optional internal ozone generator.

- Single and multipoint calibrations performed using precision mass flow
controllers - Gas phase titrations (USEPA Method) and ozone precision
checks using an internal ozone generator
- Setup via front panel display and keypad or a computer
- Remote control provided using a data acquisition system or suitable gas
- Mass flow controller zero stability drift less than 0.6 % full scale per year
- Purge option for flushing of calibration gas lines

The GasCal 1100 uses the latest technology in a simple and effective way
to precisely control the dilution of gas standards for calibration of
ambient air and emission monitoring analysers. The calibrator may be
connected with up to 4 external gas cylinders for precise dilution of these
gas standards with dilution gas in order to generate a wide range of user
configurable gas concentrations cylinder sequences.

Gas phase titrations and ozone analyser precision checks may also be
performed using the GasCal 1100’s extremely stable internal ozone
generator. The ozone generator produces a continuous flow of ozone
using the photochemical reaction of oxygen with ultraviolet light with a
wavelength of 185nm. The ultraviolet lamp used to stimulate this
reaction is maintained at 50.0 deg/C +/- 0.1deg C by a proportional

temperature controller and the ozone flow of 100 sccm is kept stable
using a precision mass flow controller.

The GasCal 1100 may be programmed either directly through its front
panel keypad and display or through the use of a computer. This enables
up to twenty calibration sequences to be configured that may then be
automatically initiated through the use of status inputs from either a data
acquisition system or analyser.

Dilution & Span Flows
Input dilution gases: 1 standard
Input source gases: 4 standard (1 available for purge)
Dilution Mass Flow Controller: 0-10 slpm (std), 0-2, 0-5 or 0-20 slpm (optional)
Source Mass Flow Controller: 0-50 sccm (std), 0-20, 0-100 or 0- 500sccm
Flow accuracy (constant temp): (optional)
Flow repeatability: +/- 1.0% of full scale
Linearity: +/- 0.15% of full scale
Operating Gas Pressure: +/- 0.15% of full scale
Zero drift: 170-200 kPa (dilution), 140-170 kPa (source)
Response time: < 0.58% per annum
Output Manifold: < 5 seconds
Dilution ratio: 4 output ports standard
Variable, subject to MFC choice
Ozone Generator (optional)
Output: 50 ppb to 1000 ppb @ 3 slpm
Output flow rate: 0.1 to 10 slpm
Repeatability: < 1% short term (24 hours)
5% long term at constant temperature
Programming: Via front panel keyboard or computer
Programmable calibrations: 20 defined sequences, each cycling through up
to 5 points may be programmed for automatic
initiation by digital inputs from a data logger or
suitable analyser
Digital Inputs: 8 digital input bits used for start/stop of
calibration sequences
Digital Input types: Relay contact closures or TTL logic inputs
Digital Outputs: 8 digital outputs used for sequence indication
and/or alarm indication
Display: Four line illuminated LCD display for status and
Memory: Non volatile protected, automatic startup after
power failure
Operating temperature: 0-50 deg C (20-35 deg C for optimum
Input voltage: 90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz, selectable 115 VAC or
230 VAC
Dimensions: 19” Rack mounting (180mm H x 450mm W x
440mm D)
Weight: 11 kg

tion please contact our nearest office

8301 Portable Zero Air Generator

The Ecotech Portable Zero Air Generator has been designed to supply zero air to
the Ecotech Dilution Calibration System. The system comprises a portable
Compressed Air Source and a series of scrubber options, producing clean and dry
dilution quality “zero air.”

The Model 8301P provides inexcess of 9 lpm of zero air at a pressure of 200 KPa
making it ideal for use with dilution gas calibrators.

Zero Air Flow: 0-9 l/min @ 200KPA
Protection: Pump is thermally protected.
Zero Air Pressure: 200 KPA nominal
H2O: Dew-Point -15°C
Power: 220V AC 50Hz (115 VAC 60 Hz optional)
Air Clean-Up Canister for removal of: NOx, NO,
NO2, O3, SO2, H2S, Less < 0.1PPB

Accessories and Options

CO, Heated Scrubber HCS1000 – removes carbon monoxide < 0.1 ppm
Methane Catalytic Oxidizer

Dilution Probe controller & Pump module – EC 8302

PM8302 Probe Control Module

Probe Temperature Display Displays the probe temperature setpoint and

actual temperature - should be at least 50 deg C above stack

Probe Vacuum Display vacuum of the dilution probe should be better than
-0.52 bar Moisture Reset Switch

If moisture alarm activated this must be manually pressed to de-activate

the alarm Alarm Indicators Displays any active alarm

PM8302 Probe Pump Module

Consists of:
Sample Filter: Protects sample pump & system from particulates
Pump: High quality teflon lined dual headed pump
Moisture Sensor: Detects moisture in the incoming sample &
activates larm condition
Change Over Valve: Protects sample lines from contamination, in
an alarm situation, valve de-energises and draws
ambient air only

Sample Manifold

The Ecotech Air Sampling System is designed to meet
international standards and U.S. EPA Quality Assurance
Standards for the continuous sampling of ambient air.

The Air Sampling System will extend 1300 mm above the roof of the air
conditioned shelter. All surfaces in contact with the sample air are
constructed of glass and teflon. The sample manifold is available in a
heated or unheated configuration depending on the application. The
heated version operates at 50 deg C to prevent condensation. Both inlet
types are equipped with a blower to ensure minimal residence time.
These features combine to ensure that there is no loss of sample gases or
interferences thus enabling truly representative ambient air to be
collected and analysed by the system’s analysers.

The Air Sampling System is easily removed for transportation and re-
caped with a rain cap to prevent rain entering during the shelter during

Outlets: 6 x 6mm fittings
Sample surface: teflon and glass
Features: Heated sample tube (optional)
Sample blower
Rain Cap for transport
PVC sample inlet protector

Gas Analysers EC 9800 Special Application

Designed originally by Monitor Labs (USA) but now redesigned
and manufactured under license by Ecotech in Australia, the
EC9800 series of gas analysers offer state-of-the-art features,
outstanding gas measurement sensitivity and reliability, coupled
with low cost of ownership and operation.

The special applications gas analysers in this family provide accurate gas
measurements of Carbon Dioxide (EC9820), Carbon Monoxide (EC9832),
Nitrogen Oxide (EC9841AS), Ammonia (EC9842) and Sulphur Dioxide
(EC9850H). As well, Hydrogen Sulphide, Total Reduced Sulphur, NOy and
high level Oxides of Nitrogen can be measured using special versions of
these analysers combined with the appropriate converter. Other sampling
accessories available include dilution probes, sample conditioning
modules and sample multiplexers.

• Menu driven large alphanumeric and graphic display – provides
complete display of gas measurements, instrument status and setup
parameters. Graphical trending of the various parameters is available for
display and for diagnostic evaluation.

• Gas concentration measurements are automatically corrected for gas

temperature/pressure changes and displayed in ppb, ppm, ug/m3 or

• Event log - provides records of last 100 significant calibration, alarm,

fault, or maintenance events complete with time and date stamp.
Simplifies faultfinding thus maximising uptime.

• Remote control and monitoring of any number of analysers over a

single telephone line using the EC9800 series Multidrop RS232 or USB
data link.

• Flash ROM back-up of configuration parameters ensures that normal

operation is restored even after a power interruption.

• Modular construction maximizes commonality between analysers,

minimizes pare parts inventory and increases operator familiarity
between different analysers.

• Internal Flash ROM provides for internal data logging of gas

measurements (up to 175 days of 5 minute averages)

• Fold down front panel - provides easy access to expendable items such
as particulate filters, charcoal scrubbers, RS232 servie port and power
control switches.

• Kalman digital filter continuously provides the best compromise

between response time and noise reduction.

• Approvals: CE Mark and ISO 9001 Certified

UV Absorption Ozone Analyzer - Ecotech EC9810B

Ozone Analyzer
The EC9810B Ozone Analyzer combines the benefits of microprocessor control with
the ultraviolet (UV) photometry technique for accurate measurements in the ranges
of 0-50 ppb to 0-20 ppm with a detection limit of 0.4 ppb.

Improved sensitivity, noise, and zero drift specifications are obtained through the
use of superior optical technology and the introduction of new electronics package,
that provides improved control, diagnostics, internal data logging and USB

• Large Graphic LCD provides advanced continuous system faults messages,
status outputs, real time zero/span calibration curves, sample flow and sample
pressure graphs.
• The new SMT processor package combines total remote control and provides up
to 100 channels of instrument operating parameters for troubleshooting and
diagnostic capabilities via USB or RS232 interface.
• Inbuilt data logger using Flash ROM stores up to 175 days of 5 minute data
• Data stored can be retrieved via RS232, USB interface or the optional Ethernet
connection to a TCP/IP network via an RJ45 connector.
• Ethernet option enables the user to download data from an analyser connected to
the internet via a standard web interface, also supports remote access to
instruments parameters and the front screen remotely using a web
• Selectable rolling averages periods of 4 or 8 hours.
• Optional internal ozone generator (IZS) for performing zero/span checks
in up to five operator selected timed steps between 20 – 800ppb.

• USEPA Automated Equivalent Method EQOA-0193-091

Ranges: Auto-ranging for 0-50 ppb to 0-20 ppm
Data Display: Large Graphic LCD display, with unit selection
mg/m3, ug/m3, ppm, ppb, ppt.
Display Resolution: User selectable (0-5 decimal points displayed).
Analog Out: 0 - full scale from 0 - 50 ppb to 0 - 20 ppm with menu
selectable offset of 0%, 5% or 10% offset. Auto-
ranging between two user specified full-scale values
Noise (At zero): <0.2 ppb RMS with Kalman filter active
Lower Detectable Limit: 0.4 ppb or 0.2% of reading with Kalman filter active
Linearity: < 1% of full scale (from best straight-line fit)
Precision: 1 ppb or 0.5 % of reading above 50 ppb,
whichever is greater
Zero Drift: 24 hours: < 1ppb
30 days: < 1 ppb
Span Drift: 24 hours < 0.5% of reading
30 days < 0.5% of reading
Compensation: Pressure compensation with selectable reference
temperature of 0ºC, 20ºC, 25ºC @ 101.3 kPa.
Sample Flow Rate: 500 cc/min
Temperature Range: 5°- 40 °C (U.S. EPA approval 15°C – 35°C)
Analog Outputs: Menu selectable current output 0-20 mA, 2-20 mA,

Optional 50 pin I/O PCA: Allows for jumper selectable voltage outputs of 100
mV, 1 V, 5 V, 10 V with menu selectable zero offset
of 0,5% or 10% .
Digital I/O DB50: Local user DB50 I/O interface with 32 digital open
collector outputs and 3 digital inputs user controls.
The digital outputs are 24 status output commands,
8 status alarm conditions and 2 analog inputs 0-5V.
Communication Port: Rear panel multi-drop RS232 port shared between
analysers for data, status and control and front panel
service RS232 port. Output Baud rates 1200 –
38400 baud.
Plus USB interface and optional ethernet connection
to a TCP/IP network via an RJ45 connector.
Data Logging: Supports internal data logging capability with storage
up to 175 days of 5 minute data stored in flash ROM.
Data Storage selection: Instantaneous data selectable period from:
1,3,5,10,30, or 60 minute intervals
Average data selectable period from: 1,3,5,10,15,30
minutes, 1,4,8,12, or 24 hours
Power: 99-132 vAC, 198-264 vAC 47-63 HZ, 110 Watts
Dimensions/weight: 43.2 x 17.8 x 64.8 cm (w x h x d), weight 21 kg
Options: Rack mount kit assembly (19”) 9800036-2
External zero/span valve assembly (EZS) 98300087
Sample particulate filter assembly 98000210-1
External sample pump 115V 60 Hz 002-033603
External sample pump 220V 50/60 Hz 002-033601
PCA 50 pin I/O 98000066-2
Ethernet connection to a TCP/IP network via an
RJ45 connector
Internal IZS Module for zero and span point
calibration checks

Carbon Dioxide Analyser EC 9820

The EC 9820 Carbon Dioxide Analyser combines the benefits of
microprocessor control with the NDIR gas filter correlation photometry
technique for accurate and reliable measurement of carbon dioxide with
minimal interference from CO and H2O. The CO2 concentration is
automatically corrected for gas temperature/pressure changes and is

displayed in units of ppm or mg/m3. The EC9820 allows for a manual,
timed or remote initiated zero/span calibration.

• Accurate and specific measurements of CO2 with minimal interference
from CO or H2O using proven gas filter wheel correlation technology

• The EC 9820 uses a long life infrared (IR) source and advance material
in the gas filter wheel for trouble free long life operation and minimum

• Sample flow rate is variable and allows for faster purge during zero and
span cycles and faster returns to measurements mode. The variable flow
rate enables the analyser to obtain more data points at steady state zero
and span conditions.

• Software algorithms handle all internal adjustments, perform

diagnostics, indicate errors, display status, linearize and make
calculations of CO2 concentration. The only operator functions are routine
maintenance of pneumatics and periodic calibration of the unit.

• Internal Flash ROM for logging ofgas measurement data. The stored
data can be remotely downloaded for analysis, reports or archives.

• Battery or solar power operation is possible using the optional 12 VDC

power supply.

Ranges Display Autoranging 0 - 3000 ppm, Units & decimal
places selectable(2)
Analog Out: 0-full scale from 0 - 100 ppm to 0-3000 ppm
with 0%, 5%, and 10% offset
Autoranging between 2 user-specified full
scale values
Noise (at zero) 0.1% of concentration reading with adaptive
filter active
Lower Detectable Limit 2 ppm or 0.2% of concentration reading
Zero Drift Time dependent, at fixed temperature
24 Hours: Less than 10 ppm
30 Days: Less than 10 ppm
Temperature dependence, 0.2% per °C change

Span Drift Temperature dependence, 0.2% per °C change
24 hours: 0.5% of reading
30 days: 0.5% of reading
Lag Time Less than 20 sec
Rise/Fall Time Less than 60 sec 95% of final reading (1 slpm)
with Kalman filter active
Precision 10 ppm or 1% of reading, at 3000 ppm range
Sample Flow Rate 1 slpm - zero air supply to zero port must
exceed 2 slpm
Support Gas Zero air (CO2 free air) must be delivered to
the analyser at 10 - 15 psi 0.5 slpm
Sample Pressure
Dependence A 5% change in pressure produces less than
1% change in reading
Temperature Range 5°C to 40°C
Relative humidity 10% to 80% non-condensing
Rejection Ratio Negligible interference from H20 vapor and
Analog Outputs Jumper selectable voltage output of 100 mV,
1 V, 5 V, 10 V, with menu selectable zero
offset of 0.5% or 10% or menu selectable
current output 0-20 mA, 2-20 mA, 4-20mA
Digital Outputs Multidrop RS232 port shared between
analysers for data, status and control. Service
RS232 port gives front panel access USB port
provided as standard
DB50 Interface (STD) DB50 with discrete status, user controls and
analog output provides status outputs, control
inputs and20 mA current loop output .
Power 99-132 VAC, 198-264 VAC 47-63 Hz, 110
Watts consumed at 115 VAC, Optional 12 VDC
power supply
Dimensions 43.2 x 17.8 x 64.8 cm (w x h x d)
Weight 20.9 kg (46 lbs)
(1) Whichever is greater with Kalman filter active
(2) Other analyser ranges are available including 0-750ppm and 0-1500
ppm (specify at time of ordering)

Carbon Monoxide Analyser EC 9832

U.S.EPA 40CFR60. Appendix B Performance Specifications 4 and 4A

Appendix F QA/QC and 40CFR226 (BIF) Appendix IX section 2.0 The EC
9832 Carbon Monoxide analyser combines the benefits of microprocessor
control with the NDIR gas filter correlation photometry technique for
accurate and reliable measurement of CO with minimal interference from
CO2 and H2O. The CO concentration is automatically corrected for gas
temperature/pressure changes and is displayed in units of parts per
million (ppm) or milligrams per cubic metre (mg/m3). The ML9832 has
been designed for CEMS applications such as the monitoring of CO
emissions from steel mills, thermal power plants, gas turbines, municipal
waste incinerators and industrial boilers.

• The EC 9832 uses a long life infrared source and advanced material in
the gas filter wheel for trouble free long life operation and minimum

• The EC 9832 is very insensitive to interfering H2O and CO2 gases,

fluctuations in the infrared source and, vibration and accumulation of
dust on the IR optics.

• Software algorithms handle all internal adjustments, perform

diagnostics, indicate errors, display status, linearize and make
calculations of CO concentration. The only operator functions are routine
maintenance of pneumatics and periodic calibration of the unit.

Ranges Display Autoranging 0 - 3000 ppm, resolution equals 0.1
Analog Out 0 - full scale from 0 - 200 ppm to 0 - 3000 ppm
with 0%, 5%, 10%, offset
Autoranging between 2 user-specified full scale
Noise (at zero) 0.5 ppm or 0.1% of concentration reading (1)
Lower Detectable Limit 1 ppm or 0.2% of concentration reading (1)
Zero Drift 1% of span, typical 24 hours max value for 7-
day drift
Temperature dependence, 0.2 ppm per OC
Span Drift 2% of span, typical 24 hour’s max value for 7
day drift
Temperature dependence, 0.2% of span per OC
Lag Time Less than 20 sec
Rise/Fall Time 95% of final value, less than 45 sec (1.5 slpm
flow) with Kalman filter active
Repeatability 0.5 ppm or 1.0% of reading (1)
Sample Flow Rate 1.5 slpm or as specified. Adjustable from 0.5
slpm to 2.0 slpm. The 2.0 slpm is activated
during internal calibration
Sample Pressure
Dependence Less than 1% of reading for 5% change in
sample inlet or outlet pressure
Temperature Range 5OC to 40OC
Relative humidity 10% to 80% non-condensing
Rejection Ratio Negligible interference from H20 and CO2
Analog Outputs Jumper selectable voltage output of 100 mV, 1
V, 5 V, 10 V, with menu selectable zero offset of
0.5% or 10% or menu selectable current output
0-20 mA, 2-20 mA, 4-20mA
Digital Outputs Multidrop RS232 port shared between analysers
for data, status and control. Service RS232 port
gives front panel access & USB port
DB50 Interface (STD) DB50 with discrete status, user controls and
analog output
Provides status outputs, control inputs and 20
mA current loop output.
Power 99-132 VAC, 198-264 VAC 47-63 HZ, 110 Watts
consumed at 115 VAC
Dimensions 43.2 x 17.8 x 64.8 cm (w x h x d)
Weight 20.9 kg (46 lbs)
(1)Whichever is greater with Kalman Adaptive Filter active

Nitrogen Oxides Analyser EC 9841AS
High Concentration Source Analyser

The EC 9841AS Nitrogen Oxides Analyser combines the benefits of

microprocessor control with the chemiluminescence technique for
accurate and reliable measurement of high concentration nitric oxide
(NO), total oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The EC 9841AS analyser design represents advances in oxides of nitrogen

analysis technology achieved primarily by using adaptive microprocessor
control of a single measurement channel and a gas sample accumulator
to provide exactly the correct volume of storage so that the NO and NOx
measurements involve a common sample volume. This ensures that there
are no misleading artifacts due to stream switching.

Advanced signal processing provides a continuous zero and the

concentration of NOx, NO, and NO2 are corrected for gas
temperature/pressure, flow changes and NO2 converter efficiency. Data is
displayed in units of parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per cubic meter

• High concentration NO/NOx measurement capabilities using proven
chemiluminescence technology. The EC 9841AS has been specifically
designed for systems applications with a range of 0 - 1000 ppm or
optionally 0 - 300 ppm

• An optional external Stainless Steel Converter is available for

applications that experience NO2 concentration greater than 10 ppm
which is the recommended maximum for the internal Molycom converter.

• Built in data display presents real time data, trends averages,

molybdenum converter efficiency, status and historical information in a
digital or graphical format. User selectable menu screens provide access
to all available options and the instrument setup.

• The EC9841AS has been designed for CEMS applications such as the
monitoring of NO/NOx and NO2 emissions from steel mills, thermal
power plants, gas turbines, fertilizers and cement plants.

• Auto zero pre-reactor control provides for a dynamic continuous zero

controlled by the analysers microprocessor.

Ranges Display Autoranging 0-1000ppm, optional 0 - 300 ppm
resolution equals 0.01 ppm
Analog Out 0 - full scale from 0 - 5 ppm to 0 - 1000 ppm
with 0%, 5%, 10%, offset
Autoranging between two users specified full-
scale values
Noise (RMS) 0.1% of concentration reading (1)
Lower Detectable Limit 0.2% of concentration reading (1)
Zero Drift Temperature dependent, 1ppb per OC
Time dependent at fixed temperature
24 hours less than 10 ppb
30 days less than 10 ppb
Span Drift Temperature dependent 0.2% per OC
Time dependent at fixed temperature
24 hours 0.35% of reading
7 days 2.5% of reading
Linearity Error ±1% of full scale
Lag Time Less than 25 sec
Rise/Fall Time 95% of final value. Less than 90 sec (with
Kalman filter active)
Precision Better than 0.5 ppb or 0.5% of reading (1)
Pressure Depend Less than 1% change in span for 5% change in
sample pressure
Temperature Range 15OC to 35OC
Relative humidity 10% to 80% non-condensing
Sample Flowrate 0.64 LPM (nominal)
Analog Outputs Jumper selectable voltage output of 100 mV, 1
V, 5 V, 10 V, with menu selectable zero offset of
0.5% or 10% or menu selectable current output
0-20 mA, 2-20 mA, 4-20mA
Digital Outputs Multidrop RS232 port shared between analysers
for data, status and control. Service RS232 port
on front panel and USB port
DB50 with discrette status, user controls and
analog output.
Power 99-132 VAC, 198-264 VAC 47-63 Hz, 219 Watts
consumed at 115 VAC

Dimensions 43.2 x 17.8 x 64.8 cm (w x h x d)
Weight 27.7 kg (61 lbs)
(1) Whichever is greater with Kalman filter active

Ammonia Analysers EC 9842/ EC 9842S

The EC9842 & EC9842S Ammonia Analysers combine the benefits of
microprocessor control, a high performance ammonia converter and the
chemiluminescence technique for accurate and reliable measurement of
ammonia (NH3), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and total nitrogen compounds

The notation NX denotes the sum of NH3 and NOx concentrations. The
instrument uses the same measurement method as the EC9841A
analyser but uses an ammonia converter to convert NH3 in the sample to
NO followed by detection using the chemiluminescence reaction principle.

The ammonia converter consists of an NH3 conversion oven and an NH3

scrubber. Sample gas entering the converter is separated into two
streams, one going to the oven and the other to the scrubber. The high
temperature (approx 900OC) thermal oven converts NH3 to NO by
oxidation and NO2 to NO. Sample exiting the oven represents NOx +
NH3 and sample exiting the scrubber represents the NOx in the sample.
The signal difference obtained when measuring NO in the output of the
two sample streams (NO oven – NO scrubber) is equal to the NH3

• The analyser accommodates two converter efficiency correction
algorithms one for each gas channel. The screen display are Nx , NOx,
and NH3

• The model EC9842S accommodates dual Molycon converters one for

each channel for higher efficiency NH3 conversion. Note an external high
temperature converter is required for this application.

• The analyser uses an external NH3 scrubber in the Nx channel to

reduce the amount of ammonium nitrate deposited in the Reaction cell.

• The EC9842/EC9842S analysers have independent Nx and NH3 analog

output ranges.

• The high temperature NH3 converter provides a conversion efficiency of

Range Display Autoranging 0-50 ppm (9842) or 0-300ppm
Resolution 0.001 ppm. (9842) 0.1ppm (9842S)
Analog output 0 - full scale from 0 - 0.050 ppm to 0 - 50 ppm
or 0 - 300 ppm with 0, 5, and 10% Offset.
Autoranging between two user specified full-
scale values
Zero offset on NOX and Nx channels:
±100 ppb (9842 ) ±1.00ppm (9842S)
Noise (RMS) 0.2% of concentration reading with Kalman
filter active
Lower Detectable Limit Less than 0.1% of concentration reading (1)
Zero Drift Temperature dependent, 0.2 ppb per OC
Time dependent, at fixed temperature:
24 hours: Less than 0.005 ppm (9842)
30 days: Less than 0.005 ppm. (9842)
Span Drift Temperature dependent, 0.2% per OC
Time dependent, at fixed temperature:
24 hours: 1% of reading
30 days: 1% of reading
Lag Time: Less than 120 seconds
Rise/Fall Time 95% of final value less than 300 seconds after
detection of change
Precision Better than 1 ppb or 1% of reading (1)
Sample Flow Rate 355 ml/min (9842) and 120 ml/min (9842S)
Sample Pressure
Dependence All readings compensated. A 5% change in
pressure produces less than 1% change in
Temperature Range 5O - 40OC
Power 99-132 VAC; 196-264 VAC; 47-63 Hz
Converter 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 360 VA; 240 VAC, 50/60
Hz, 180 VA
Weight Analyser: 27.7 kg (61 lbs)
Converter: 11 kg (25 lbs)
Analog Outputs Jumper selectable voltage outputs of 100 mV,
1 V, 5 V, 10 V with menu selectable zero
offset of 0.5% or 10% or menu selectable
current output 0-20 mA, 2-20 mA, 4-20mA,

Digital Outputs Multidrop RS232 port shared between
analysers for data, status and control. Service
RS232 port gives front panel access to a local
user and USB port
DB50 with discrete status, user controls
and analog output
Ammonia Converter Range
Converter Efficiency 98%
Operating Temperature 450-600OC
Sample gas capacity 0-50 ppm (9842), 0 -300 ppm
Flow rate 0.120 to 0.355 liters/minute

(1) Whichever is greater with Kalman filter active

Sulphur Dioxide Analyser EC 9850H

The EC9850H Sulphur Dioxide analyser combines the benefits of
microprocessor control with the fluorescence measurement principle for
accurate and reliable measurement of sulphur dioxide.

The SO2 concentration is automatically corrected for gas

temperature/pressure changes, and is displayed in units of ppm or

The EC9850H measurement principle depends on the fluorescent

radiation produced by SO2 molecules when excited by UV radiation. The
excitation UV radiation is measured by a reference detector and the
fluorescence radiation (SO2) is measured by a Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
in a reduced atmosphere reaction cell. The reduced atmosphere reaction
cell and the optional factory installed 10:1 sample dilution system
enables the analyser to measure high concentrations of SO2 with a
greatly reduced interference from water vapor, and quenching effects.

• The analyser uses a custom designed zinc lamp as its UV source. The
single spectral line produced at 214 nm allows the analyser to be free
from water vapor interference. A 360 nm optical filter also reduces NO

• Autoranging from 50ppm ( 100mg/ m3 ) to 400ppm ( 800mg/ m3 ) with

LDL of 1 ppm ( 2.0 mg/m3 )

• Optional 10:1 dilution range from 50ppm (100mg/ m3) to 4000 ppm
(8000mg/ m3 )

• Software algorithms handle all internal adjustments, perform

diagnostics, indicate errors, display status, linearize and make
calculations of SO2 concentration. The only operator functions are routine
maintenance of pneumatics and periodic calibration of the unit.

• Built-in Zero Air Scrubber enables the analyser to monitor the

fluorescence background signal combined with periodically sampling of
zero air, this results in virtual elimination of zero drifts.

Ranges Display Autoranging 0 - 400-ppm full scale
Autoranging 0 - 4000 ppm (with 10:1 dilution)
Units & Resolution Selectable
Analog Out 0 - full-scale from 0 - 50 ppm to 0 - 400 ppm
with menu
Selectable offset of 0%, 5% or10% offset.
Autoranging between two users specified full-
scale values
Noise (At zero) 0.1 % of reading (1)
Lower Detectable Limit 0.2% of reading (1)
Linearity 1% of full scale
Precision 0.5 % of reading
Zero Drift 24 hours less than 1 ppm
Span Drift 24 hours less than 0.5 % of reading
Rise/Fall Time Less than 100 seconds (0.650 lpm flow for
95% of final reading (1)
Sample Flow Rate 1.0 lpm ( nominal flow)
Temperature Range 5O to 40 O C
Analog Outputs Jumper selectable voltage outputs of 100 mV,
1 V, 5 V, 10 V with menu selectable zero
offset of 0, 5% or 10% or menu selectable
current output 0-20 mA, 2-20 mA, 4-20mA
Digital Outputs Multidrop RS232 port shared between
analysers for data, status and control. Service
RS232 port gives front panel access to a local
DB50 with discrete status, user controls and
analog output and USB port

Power 99-132 vAC, 198-264 vAC 47-63 Hz, 100
Dimensions/Weight 43.2 x 17.8 x 64.8 cm (w x h x d), 25 kg (55.1
(2)With Kalman Adaptive Filter active

TEOM® Series 1400a Ambient Particulate Monitor

Real-Time, True Mass Measurement

of Suspended Particulate Matter as PM-10, PM-2.5, PM-1 and TSP

Most Advanced Technology

The TEOM Series 1400a Ambient Particulate Monitor is the choice of air pollution
monitoring networks worldwide to measure particulate mass concentrations continuously.
The system has become the de facto standard for particulate mass concentration
measurements in areas such as Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and France due to
its high data quality, reliability and unparalleled support.

The instrument incorporates the patented tapered element oscillating microbalance, a

microweighing technology that provides true mass measurements. Using a choice of
ample inlets, the hardware can easily be configured to measure PM-10, PM-2.5, PM-1 or TSP
concentrations. This microprocessor-based unit easily accommodates all siting
requirements and provides internal data storage, and advanced analog and serial data
input/output capabilities.

For special applications, alternate configurations are available as the Sample Equilibration
System (SES) and Series 8500 Filter Dynamics Measurement System (FDMSTM Unit).

Regulatory Aprovals
The TEOM Series 1400a monitor has received the following major regulatory recognitions:
• USEPA PM-10 equivalency approval EQPM-1090-079.
• PM-2.5 measurements within the context of a USEPA correlated acceptable continuous
(40 CFR 58).
• European Union guidelines for the continuous monitoring of PM-10.
• German EPA approval as an equivalent TSP and PM-10 monitor.
• Australian Standard 3580.9.8-2001, and approvals in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Filter-Based Mass Measurement

Filter-based, direct mass measurements are considered the standard technique for
determining particulate mass concentration. TEOM instruments from Thermo Electron
Corporation are the only filter-based systems with real-time data output and real-time mass
measurement capability. The exchangeable filter in the Series 1400a monitor can also be
used to determine heavy metal concentrations using atomic absorption (AA) and
inductively coupled plasma (ICP).

Unique Principle of Operation

The Series 1400a monitor incorporates an inertial balance that directly measures the mass
collected on an exchangeable filter cartridge by monitoring the corresponding frequency
changes of a tapered element. The sample flow passes through the filter, where particulate
matter collects, and then continues through the hollow tapered element on its way to an
active volumetric flow control system and vacuum pump.

The TEOM mass transducer does not require recalibration because it is specially designed
and constructed from non-fatiguing materials. Its mass calibration may be verified,
however, using an optional Mass Calibration Verification Kit that contains a filter of known
mass. Active volumetric flow control is maintained by mass flow controllers whose set
points are constantly adjusted in accordance with the measured ambient temperature and

Both the mass and flow rate measurements are verifiable using NIST-traceable standards.

Application Range
The TEOM Series 1400a monitor is used to monitor ambient air quality in the following
major applications:
• Air quality monitoring networks, including background sites.
• Special studies and super sites for PM-10, PM-2.5 and PM-1 characterization.
• Routine input for air quality index or pollutant standards index.
• In and around industrial and material handling facilities.

• Remediation projects (Superfund, hazardous waste).
• Indoor air, exposure chamber, and industrial hygiene measurements.

Unsurpassed Short-Term Precision

One-hour average mass concentration data from two co-located TEOM monitors
emonstrate the instrument’s unsurpassed precision. The Series 1400a monitor meets the
stringent one- our performance acceptance criteria established by the California Air
Resources Board.

The instrument’s data quality also permits different particle size fractions such as PM-10
and PM-2.5 to be compared with each other at short averaging times. With this resolution,
one can see the relationship between different PM measures changes with meteorology,
regional or local conditions. This can provide vital information in the study of human health
effects. ther applications of time-sensitive data include source identification and control,
short-term compliance monitoring, emergency response, forensic investigations, and
numerical modeling.

With the optional Automatic Cartridge Collection Unit added to the Series 1400a system,
users can add manual PM sampling to the automated mass concentration results
generated by the continuous monitor. The ACCU System attaches to the bypass flow line of
the TEOM monitor, and permits users to sample ambient PM and gases with a choice of
collection methods for subsequent analysis.

The system’s eight internal flow channels can be fitted with a variety of filter holders, filter
packs, or PUF (polyurethane foam) samplers. A new filter holder for X-ray fluorescence
(XRF) analysis makes use of the molded FRMstyle 47 mm filter cassettes available from
Thermo. The user specifies the conditions under which each of the ACCU System’s flow
channels is operated, including time of day, particulate concentration, meteorological data
and/or other inputs from external sources.

Complete Outdoor Enclosure

The optional Complete Outdoor Enclosure allows the TEOM monitor to be installed at
locations at which a permanent shelter is not available. The housing provides the proper
weather-proof environment to ensure long-term performance. It provides not only heating
for cold climates, but also active air conditioning for instrument operation in summer heat.

Quality Assurance
A mumber of tools provide users with the ability to perform in-field audits of the TEOM
monitor’s mass measurement and active volumetric flow control system. Under software
support, users can use the single pre-weighed filter contained in the Mass Calibration
Verification Kit to confirm the mass calibration of the instrument. The Streamline TM Flow
Transfer Standard is an orifice-based device that provides high-quality flow rate
measurements even under challenging environmental conditions.

b. KhÝ hËu:

BPS1000 - Barometric Pressure Sensor

The BPS1000 is a high accuracy barometric pressure sensor designed
specifically for use in meteorological monitoring applications. It is sealed in a
weatherproof, UV resistant plastic enclosure and has an operating range of
800 – 1100 mB.

The BPS1000 Barometric Pressure Sensor provides a true 0-5 V output over the
barometric pressure range of 800 to 1100 mB. Internal voltage regulation allows the
device to operate from a single power supply between 7 and 24 V. A potentiometer
is provided to adjust for changes in altitude.

Operating range: 800 to 1100 mBar
Proof pressure: 2 Bar
Voltage Output: 0-5 VDC
Operating temp.: -40 deg C to 85 deg C
Compensated Temp. Range: -10 deg C to 60 deg C
Non linearity and hysteresis: 0.1% FS
Repeatability: 0.2% FS
Temperature shift: 0.3% FS/10 deg C
Response time: 1 msec
Long term stability: 0.1% FS

Csd Middleton EQ08-E & EQ08 Pyranometer

Model 200 Automatic Rainwater Sampler
Rainwater Samplers

Leading suppliers of rainwater sampling equipment

Model 200 WET-ONLY Rainwater Sampler

The Model 200 WET-ONLY Rainwater Sampler was designed specifically
for investigations of rainwater composition and acidity. The sampler is
chemically clean with all wetted surfaces composed of plastic materials
tested by the Australian CSIRO to ensure there is no effect upon
rainwater concentrations of chemically liable species of interest.

Features Include:
 Microprocessor controlled with data
 Wet-only sampler controlled by tipping
bucket pluviograph.
 Composite or Multi-bottle collection.
 Tipping bucket precipitation gauge
 Simple and effective Operation

The sampler is wet-only, employing a motor driven lid with special seals
to exclude dry deposition of dust and gases during dry periods. A tipping
bucket precipitation gauge is used to signal the lid to open and initiate
rainwater sampling. The lid operation is programmable to open after a

specified number of 0.2mm bucket tips within a 60 minute period and
close after a period of no bucket tips ranging from 1 minute to 1 1/2
hours. In addition to collecting rainwater, the sampler acts as a rainfall
pluviograph, returning rainfall data in a format directly importable to
most spread sheet programs.

The self-contained CMOS microprocessor commands all of the sampler

operations, e.g. lid opening, sample bottle selection and totaliser
precipitation tips. Additionally, the processor acts as a data logger with
real-time clock, storing a rainfall start and stop date/time, and totalised
rainfall during that period. The data may be collected either by a
notebook computer or may be displayed on the LCD display by scrolling
through the stored data in memory.

Store data consists of the following:

 Totalised rainfall for 24 hour period.
 Totalised tips per collected sample bottle.
 Start/stop date-time of rainfall occurrence,
and total rainfall during that period.

Data storage consists of lithium battery-backed RAM 2 Kbytes

capable of storing 150 events as discussed above.

 Acid Deposition Studies
 Nutrient Input Studies
 Rainwater Quality Studies

Tipping bucket precipitation gauge requires 0.2mm of rainfall in order to
sample; optionally available 0.1mm.A collection funnel is directed to the
tipping bucket assembly.
The gauge is located in close proximity to the collector.

Accuracy: +/- 1% for rates of 2cm to 7cm/hour.

+/- 3% for rates of 15cm/hour.

Materials used: Bucket is made from stainless steel. All parts

used are corrosion resistant.

The funnel is anodised aluminium and has two screens to prevent leaves
and other debris from entering the gauge. A level is provided on the base

for correcting the position of the unit. Water samples may also be
collected from the tipping bucket.

The sampler may be ordered as a discrete 8 bottle sampler with user-
bottle size, or may be ordered as a composite sampler single bottle.

Discrete Sampler : 8 POLYPROPYLENE BOTTLES OF 500CC or

Composite Sampler : Single polypropylene container 10 litres or 20
Dry deposit Protection : Automatic open/close cover on top of
polypropylene funnel.
Ambient Temperatures: 0-50Deg.C 0-100% RH
Power Requirements : 12v 7 Amp-hr lead gel battery.
Solar panel optional.
Power Consumption : 0.65 watts (up to 60 days operation from a
single charge)
Dimensions : 370w x 152h x37Od mm.
Weight: 20Kg.

 Optional sizes of collection funnels
 Solar panel battery charger
 7 amp-hr gel electrolyte battery
 240/110v battery eliminator
 240/110v battery charger

Ecotech's Automatic Precipitation Gauges

Ecotech are proud to announce the release of their Automatic Precipitation Gauges
Featuring the following:

 Tipping bucket operation (self emptying)

 Teflon coated bucket
 No maintenance Teflon bearings
 Quality reed-switch contact-closure output
 Corrosion resistant materials

Collection capability for sampling or verification

Rain water enters the collection funnel and is directed into one side of a
double sided tipping bucket. The rain gauge is calibrated so that once a
pre-determined mass of water has collected in the tipping bucket, gravity
tips the water out and brings the next bucket into line with the collection
funnel. The process repeats as long as precipitation falls into the
collection funnel. For each increment of rainfall, a magnet triggers a
simple reed switch to provide a "contact closure" output. A barb fitting is
fitted to the base so that, if required, the precipitation can easily be
collected in a bottle located beneath the rain gauge. This may be used
either for sample collection or for verification purposes. Corrosion
resistant materials are used throughout. The housing and rigid internal
chassis are marine-grade anodised aluminium, and the bucket assembly
is teflon coated to ensure maximum run-off. The bearings are self-
lubricating Teflon and an encapsulated switch means extra reliability. A
bubble level is built in and the three mounting feet allow for simple
adjustments to ensure the rain gauge sits flat.

An optional tripod (pictured) allows the gauge to sit above ground level.

Maintenance is limited to the occasional cleaning of leaves and other

debris from the collection funnel to ensure accurate recording of rain-fall.
A stainless steel mesh screen is fitted to stop large debris from entering
the rain gauge.


 Funnel diameters: 8" or 12" (funnels are

 Calibration: 0.25mm (8") 0.2mm 0.1mm (12")
 Output: Contact-closure switch rated 10mA at
 Accuracy: +/- 3% (7-250mm/hour range)

Mounting methods: Three adjustable feet Tripod base -

elevates rain gauge above ground by 475mm