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AGE: 8
ADDRESS: Green Blvd NAME: Laura
FAMILY: a cousin AGE: 18
PETS: a dog, Rake ADDRESS: Shine Street
LIKES: going in the FAMILY: one brother, Ian and a
park sister Kelly
DISLIKES: rain PETS: a Guinea Pig
CAN: read and LIKES: fruit and vegetables
write DISLIKES: reality shows
CAN’T: paint CAN: ski and skate
CAN’T: dance

NAME: Alice NAME: Wanda

AGE: 10 AGE: 15
ADDRESS: Spring Road ADDRESS: Fall Blvd
FAMILY: a sister, Anna FAMILY: a cousin
PETS: cat PETS: turtle
LIKES: pizza LIKES: soup and
DISLIKES: vegetables peanut butter
CAN: speak Italian DISLIKES: quiz shows
CAN’T: roller skate CAN: surf and swim
CAN’T: play basketball

NAME: Kate
NAME: Jim AGE: 7
AGE: 12 ADDRESS: Ginger Street
ADDRESS: Park Road FAMILY: one brother, Alex
FAMILY: one brother, Sam PETS: a hamster
PETS: fish LIKES: going to school
LIKES: apples and grapes DISLIKES: loud music
DISLIKES: horror films CAN: draw
CAN: play tennis CAN’T: ride a bike
CAN’T: swim