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Globalization is being promoted in 4 major fields;

1) Political globalization
2) Economic globalization
3) Cultural globalization
4) Social globalization

1) Political globalization
In the beginning, the Americans snatched away land from the true inhabitants of continental North and
South America (Red Indians), and then in the mid-nineteenth century started a never-ending policy of
aggressiveness outside their borders. Japan, the Philippines, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti, Lebanon
and Libya were targets. In 1945, the act of dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was
performed. Seeing America’s colonial intentions and resources, the Jews used it to their full advantage
for the purpose of political globalization. Capitalist Jews laid down the foundations of the League of
Nations and the United Nations to achieve political globalization. On the 24th of October, 1945, the
United Nations announced its charter, and the same organization is, right now, the center of political

New World Order:

After the defeat of the Soviet Union and the failure of Communism in Afghanistan, the New World Order
in 1991 was the initial step towards political globalization taken by America. In a session organized in
America in 1995, the start of globalization was formally announced.

2) Economic Globalization
The second field of globalization is economic. The main aim here is to gain control of the world’s
economy and to centralize it so that it remains in the hands of only a few capitalists.

For this purpose, four important steps were taken:

1) Capturing gold reserves

2) Establishing international trade organizations
3) Making international treaties related to trade
4) Promotion of multi-national companies

(The First Step) Capturing gold reserves

Taking over gold reserves was an old dream of the Jews. This dream could only be realized when gold
and silver coins were replaced with bank notes. Up until 1971, the currencies of all countries used to
depend on the dollar, whereas the dollar itself depended upon gold. In 1971, the world was only left
with currency. Jews took over complete control over most of the gold reserves.

(The Second Step) International Financial Establishments

As a second big step towards economic globalization, the American and Jewish lobby formed
international financial establishments. They are introduced as follows;
A) International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.): This organization is the central bank of the whole world
that gives deserving countries loans that mature in a duration of 3 to 5 years.
B) World Bank: This organization gives its member countries loans for longer durations of time. The
loans mature in a period that can last between 15 to 30 years.
C) World Trade Organization (W.T.O.): The real purpose of this establishment is to formulate, in
association with the I.M.F. and World Bank, the fundamental and legal principles that govern
the system of international trade.

(The Third Step) Making International Trade Agreements

With the help of the United Nations and international financial establishments, the American and Jewish
capitalists have promoted multinational agreements through which the foundation of international free
trade has been laid. International free trade means that the doors to the markets of all countries should
remain open and no government has the authority to impose restrictions on any international company.
The GATT agreement of 1947 was very important in this respect, a big purpose of which was to make
sure that the competition over selling products took place between different companies and not

(The Fourth Step) Promotion of Multi-National Companies

Several small companies can merge with each other to form one big multi-national company, and their
owners become shared stake-holders in trade. Due to these companies, local products gradually come
to an end and international goods spread all over the world. At this point in time, multi-national
companies from only a few countries prevail over the whole world.

The Effects and Dangers of Economic Globalization:

Because of economic globalization;

1) Small companies, local industries and minor traders are being suffocated
2) Unemployment is increasing by a dangerous proportion
3) All doors to success for new industrialists have been closed
4) In the future, a single company will produce a single product and provide it to the world,
thereby charging whatever price they desire for it
5) All the wealth in the world accumulated in the hands of a few people
6) The Jewish capitalists of America are solely benefiting from and consuming the whole world’s
wealth through the interest-based system

3) Cultural and Traditional Globalization

The third big field of globalization is cultural and traditional globalization. Using propaganda against the
dangers of cultural clashes, talks between different cultures are being promoted. But the purpose of this
is to impose only western culture while eradicating all other cultures of the world, including Islam. This
cultural attack has made the American identity a benchmark for success and a high standard of living.
On the same footing, American dishes and drinks have become common throughout the world. Women
have become used to western fashion and make-up. The internet, which is supposed to be the biggest
tool for cultural globalization, is largely promoting sexual anarchy and obscenity.
Schemes are in effect to promote American English at an international level, and to render obsolete
Arabic in particular as well as other local languages in general, so that cultural globalization can be
achieved. At this particular moment in time, half of the world’s local languages are in decline while 234
contemporary languages are entirely extinct.

4) Social Globalization
To transform a society, the ‘family unit’ must be transformed and the easiest targets in any family are
the ‘women’ who are being used to try to change first the family unit’s and then the whole society’s
moral values.

Social Globalization and the United Nations:

For the promotion of social globalization, the United Nations and its ancillary departments, and thus
international conferences have played a major role. It is clearly mentioned in clause number 8 of the
United Nations’ charter that; “The UN shall not impose any restrictions that affect any aspect of equality
between men and women.”

In 1979, the United Nations General Assembly organized a conference on the topic of “The
extermination of all kinds of differential treatment against women” and managed to garner the whole
world’s support.

Cairo Conference

In December 1994, a conference on the topics of population and development was organized at Cairo,
the capital of Egypt at which it was agreed that the act of sex should not be limited to the bond of
marriage, that rather than viewing sexuality as a bad thing we wish to promote it, early marriages are
not right because they cause an increase in the proportion of live births.

Beijing Conference

In 1995, the United Nations organized the fourth conference on women in Beijing, in which the
intercession that under-age boys and girls should be given sexual freedom was made. The meaning of a
family should be propagated as the union of two people, whether they are two males or two females.
Females should be encouraged to quit household chores. All protests by Muslim countries should be


 Constant efforts should be made to protect women and children from western and irreligious
 Public pressure on the media should be increased so that the freedom to publicize immoral
content can be cut down.
 Arabic should be promoted in place of western languages.
 The sphere of use of foreign languages especially English should be reduced. It should not be
used except when needed. Protect our languages from foreign influence.
 International products should be boycotted as much as possible.
 Muslims should shun national, regional and lingual differences and should be united.
 Revival of caliphate should be made the real objective towards which work should be done.
 Parties should be constituted that can remove the prevailing corruption from politics while
taking the public into confidence.

The final goal of the bearers of falsehood is ‘Aradda’ i.e. they want Muslims to become apostates
and stray away from Islam. In this regard, the preaching of Christianity is being carried out at the
biggest scale that is called the ‘Al-tanseer ya Al-tabsheer’ (Christianity Mission) which we will
analyze here.

Meaning of Al-Tanseer:

“Al-Tanseer means the movement that aims to methodically incline non-Christian nations towards

People associated with this movement are called missionaries. They call their movement ‘Al-
Tabsheer’ instead of ‘Al-Tanseer’ and claim that they help humanity out of depression and darkness
and bring with them the good news of forgiveness.

The movement of Tanseer was initiated approximately five centuries ago. Its work can be divided
into two parts;

1) Forceful conversion to Christianity

2) Spread of Christianity through preaching and persuasion

A) Forceful conversion to Christianity

The movement to forcefully convert people to Christianity started in Spain before anywhere else. As
soon as Islamic Andalusia came to an end, the Spanish king started forcefully converting the Muslims
over there to Christianity. Shah Manuel did the same in Portugal. Many African countries were also
made to pass through a similar experience.

B) Spread of Christianity through preaching and persuasion

The work to spread religion by preaching it was started by Saint Mary church’s four Christian
students who took an oath of preaching Christianity on 15th August 1537 and laid the foundation of
the Jesuit sect. The following were this sect’s goals;

 Preaching Christianity according to the belief system of the Roman Catholic Church
 Maintaining the church’s sanctity through the promotion of poverty and piety
 Opening educational institutes and then making them centers for Catholic education

In this way, the preaching of Christianity was started. It was initiated in Portugal and Spain. Then with
European colonization their followers started entering Islamic countries.

A Historical Analysis of Missionary Activities in India;

Missionaries came to India for the first time during the time of the Mughal emperor Akbar. He was so
impressed by their teachings that he allowed them to construct chapels. Afterwards, Jehangir also
provided land at Agra and Lahore for chapels and gave orders for concessions to be given. These
missionaries tried their best for the Mughal princes to accept their religion. Shah Jehan who was
influenced by the holy man Hazrat Shiekh Ahmed Sarhandi Mujaddid Alf Sani’s movement imposed a
ban on missionaries. During the reign of Aurangzeb Alamgir (R.A.) the work of missionaries remained
halted but after it ended, it started up again. With the fall of the Mughal empire, the sphere of the
missionaries continued to expand. In 1834, with the permission of the Sikh Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab,
the ‘Western Foreign Mission’ started working in the Punjab. In 1835, the Church of Scotland and in
1851, the Church Missionary Society became active. After 1857, huge properties snatched from Muslim
Nawabs began to be distributed among missionary organizations. Some famous churches constructed
during this time include;

 Saint Mary Church, Lahore

 Saint John Church, Jhelum
 Holy Trinity Church, Sialkot
 Christ Church, Rawalpindi
 Saint Luca Church, Abbottabad
 Saint John Church, Bannu

Some Active Christian Missions:

There were dozens of active missions in the subcontinent of which a few are as follows;

 Presbyterian sect
 The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (A.R.P.)
 Salvation Army
 The Afghan Border Crusade (A.B.C.)
 The Church of Christ

The active missions within Pakistan belong from Britain, America, Switzerland, Germany,
Holland, Belgium, Italy and Scotland. ‘Bible Correspondence Schools’ of different missions are
functioning in different cities of all four provinces. Christian literature is being distributed
around on a large scale. Seventeen big mission hospitals are working around the country. More
often than not, the Government of Pakistan exempts missionary organizations from tax.

The Steps of Al-Tanseer:

There are 3 major steps of the missionaries’ campaign;

1) Weakening the beliefs and actions of the Muslims

2) Leading Muslims to stray from Islam
3) Converting Muslims to Christians
The important ways using which Muslims are converted to Christians are the following:

1) Schools, colleges and universities: Mission schools have opened in every big and small city of
Muslim countries. A large number of Muslim children are being educated by these Christian
2) Print media: Hundreds of newspapers and magazines by missionary Christians are being
published under Islamic names such as the ‘Islamic Magazine’ and ‘Muslim World’.
3) Electronic media: There are hundreds of radio and T.V. stations owned by missionaries. Several
hundred websites are working under the banner of Islam. These broadcasts are advertised in a
very appealing manner.
4) Educational delegations: Intelligent students from Muslim countries are invited to educational
seminars in Europe and America where they listen to and get inspired by lectures by Christian
5) Mission hospitals, medical and welfare services: Missionary organizations establish hospitals and
pharmacies in different cities. In the waiting rooms of these hospitals, on the tables, small
booklets that promote Christianity are placed.
6) Bible correspondence course: Using the incentives of improving religious knowledge and getting
good diplomas while sitting at home, Bible correspondence courses are carried out.
7) Prayer gatherings for cures: At different places (usually at churches) prayer gatherings are
conducted; Muslims in attendance are astounded to see blind and deaf people being cured
during these aggregations, whereas in actuality it is all a hoax.


The Muslim world has three major weaknesses taking advantage of which missionaries are being
successful in achieving their aims:

1) Poverty
2) Ignorance
3) Disease


The following topics were emphasized upon in the missionaries communication efforts:

1) Eradication of Islamic beliefs and trying to prove the authenticity of Christian beliefs
2) Removal of faith in the religion of Islam
3) Tampering with the text of the Quran, changing its meaning, distancing Muslims from the Quran
4) Raising doubts over the prophet hood of Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
5) Taking the help of orientalism and colonialism to obtain the upper hand over Islam

Instructions and Training of the Missionaries

Missionary institutes pay full attention to the training of their preachers and workers. In the syllabus for
their first year training, they are taught the details of Muslim sects and their conflicts with each other,
along with the teaching of detailed Islamic history. A few basics that are emphasized upon and set firmly
in mind during the missionary training program are:

1) Passionate books that appeal to the human heart and that emphasize on the importance of ‘sin’
and ‘forgiveness’ should be written
2) The from Islam should be taken and it should be explained how they were truly carried out and
exercised in the Bible
3) Good references from the Quran should be taken and steps should be taken to prove how the
Bible actually completes and fulfills them
4) It should be emphasized that humans are ‘social beings’ so can their Creator not be social?
Which is why a social God manifested Himself as 3 Gods
5) It should be propagated that a ‘live savior’ is better than ‘dead prophet’
6) Start the dialogue with Muslims based on Islamic truths, expressing the idea of God’s son and
the Trinity from the very beginning creates opposition so to make them listen, begin with
Christ’s miracle birth, prophet hood and healing power. These truths are accepted by Islam as
well. After this turn their thoughts and heads slowly towards the son of God without them
feeling it
7) Use the word ‘Hazrat’ (respectable) with Christ like Muslims and refer to the Quran as the ‘Holy
Quran’, respect it in front of people and do not keep it at a place that is impure and where
Muslims might not like
8) Every missionary should memorize by heart at least 30 to 50 verses from the Holy Quran with
the correct pronunciation and detailed explanation and depending on the situation, should
recite it in front of Muslim attendees

How Do We Combat The Missionaries?

A few important pointers about this are as follows:

 Scholars and intellectuals should include an introduction of intellectual thought process and
invasion, Christianity and Zionism as well as modern movements in the curriculums of their
educational institutes.
 Responses to Christianity in the form of literature and menfolk should be prepared
 Scholars who work for the rejection of Christianity should be invited to religious centers to give
training courses to students. The same should be carried out in schools, colleges and
universities. Religious comparison as a subject should be a part of curricula.
 Students at religious universities should go out in the near and neighboring areas to carry out
the duty of inviting people to and preaching Islam at least one day a month. Non-Muslim
societies and especially Christian colonies should be visited to preach Islam in a very
knowledgeable way.
 It is compulsory for doctors and physicians that they prove themselves to be better than the
healers and doctors at mission hospitals, they should make concessions in their fees for poor
people. Along with healing, they should make the preaching of Islam their goal too and lead
welfare work for the needy and destitute of the nation.
 The rich and charitable should make such houses and abodes where new Muslims can take
refuge and free from the vices of their relatives and N.G.O.s, can earn legitimately and lawfully
so that they can have a chance to live their lives in peace.