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FINTER SSRSERIES SOLID STATE RELAY WNC € High Reliability by S.M.T. & TOC. ( Surface Mounting Technology ) High Isolation over than SOMQ/500VDC High Dielectric over than 2.5KV * Low Enable Current less than 7.5mA / 12VDC CMOS IC or TTL Compatible % Lov EMl / EFI & Surge by Zero Cross Trigger Method. % High Surge Current Duration Over 10 Times of Rated Current / One Cycle % High Surge Voltage Duration by Snubber Circuit. k RENEE AEE » HERTS SSR WEEE 5OMQ /500VDC ‘x RIBERA 2.5KV K HEAEELEE TL NHS 7 SmA / 12V0G" BIBL CMOS ICR TTL TERE a RIG FORMER REL e TGFRSASE > BHA OFA RELE EDR IE RARE TBH BGuiding of Model Terminal Type PCB Type Ex.SSR- 40D A-H Ex.SSR-P 03D A D @8@8 ® @0@8 © Product a 3 DProduct i 5) SSR:SINGLE PHASE SOLID STATE RELAY ‘SSR : SINGLE PHASE SOLID STATE ‘LAE AA STR:THREE PHASE SOLID STATE RELAY na Pa Q Output Current sits yi 10:10A 25: 25A 40:40A 50: 50A 78: 758, @ Input Voltage y A 736 D:DC3W~32V ‘A:AC80~250V L:4~20mA\(inear) V.VARIABLE RESISTER @ Output Voltage yim AAC VOLTAGE D:DC VOLTAGE © Output Voltage Range gyi ve me aE H.: High Voltage Type < 90 ~ 480VAC > Non: Standard Type < 24 ~ 380VAC > @ Mounting Method jai 57% PCB:PCB TYPE @ output Current SHER 03 = 3A 05 = 5A @ Input Method gy A 7558 D: DC VOLTAGE © Output Voltage pyaar e D:DC5~60v A: AC 24 ~280V SSR SERIES AM CE FOTER H Control Method Zero Cross Trigger Method (Output TURN ON or TURN OFF LIE APP only on Zero Cross Point of sine wave , may avoid surge : (eur, A _}____ or EMI / RFI occurring, 1 t Specially suited to control resistive , capacitive and = QUTPUT egy S——_— Non - saturated inductive loads. REISE BB FSG» HIER WER EM / RFI FSET + BATRA AIRE AR « tance Control Method < Trimmer Control Method > LINE —A AA Power Output is Controlled by the Trigger Angle of Trine my OW with Variable Resister 250K /110VAC, 500K 1 /220VAC _ 50% A yA yy —§ LDPE DLAT BEE 250K 0/1 10VAC.SOOKQ/220VAC. 2 rin AUR AVRERRTLITAR + OT a ae a, B Application Hints Input | NEN [Outpt] No [input [ene [output [No [input Ts. _Joutput [No rs : 7] + 1 eal ‘8 i 2 ps2 —2 2 ve Input | NPN | Output] No | Input | PNP [Output] No Latch Circuit (AC to AC) . a7KOnW hm i ne 1 [a a= ve Es FIVER SSRSERIES cto Ac sounstarerELaY AM C € WSpecification Type Terminal Type PCB Type Model |SSR-10DA|SSR-25DA|SSR-40DA|SSR-25DA-H| SSR-40DA-H] SSR-PO3DA Rated Load Current 10a 25a 40K 254 400 3A Input Data Operating Voltage 3-32VDC. Min. ON / OFF Voltage ON > 2.4V, OFF <1.0V Trigger Current 7.5mA/12V Control Method Zero Cross Trigger Output Data Operating Voltage 24~380VAC. 90~480VAC 24-380VAC Min. Black Voltage 600 VAC « Repetive > Valage Drop 76V/256 Mex Dureted Gurrent| 135A] 276A | «10a | 75a | a10a | 105A Leakage Current 3.0mA, 3.0mA, 3.0mA, 5.0mA, 5.0mA, 3.0mA, Response Tie ON Tome, OFF < Tome General Data Dielectric Strength Over 2.5KVAG / min. Isolation Strength ‘Over 50MM /500VDC er ee “206 -*806 Hog Waa Triensive ABS ‘Weight Appr. 105g Appr. 159 Connection Diagram TinoHo nai +d,

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