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ENTREGAR EN SEPTIEMBRE EL DiA DEL EXAMEN A TU PROFESOR INGLES CUADERNO DE VERANO 1° ESO 'L_ Use the code below to write the names of the countries. Then write the nationalities next to [Romanian Ib. 1B+21+19+19-9-1 Ga lB ee 146365 d 3+8-961462 le. 192166169414 ES +3e21e1e4 +1518 fg 13+15+18615+3-3+15 h. Se 14761261 1d CETTE 2 Complete the chart with the personal pronouns below. Yewe ehe + they +it yous she Nam B_ complete the sentences according to the 9 picture. Use the correct form of have got 1. Lee has got abook she hasnt got a computer. 2. Joey and Jack pencils. They pens 3. Mike a hat. He a schoolbag, 4, Donna and Hilary a postcard. They a notebook. AL Write the words in the correct order to make ‘questions. Then answer the questions. Make the answers true for you. 1, got / a brother / you / have Have you got a brother? Yes. | have, / No, | haven't. 2. your friend / a pencil collection | has / got 3. your teacher | got / has { three children 4. a pet / have / got / you Build Up 1 Photocopiable 60 Burlingion Books vow ooo oeRe wate ooeeeadessonoeeoesseewe eee se 1 Read the sentences. Then write the names to complete the family tree. Lam Barbara, Patty is my sister. We have got a brother. His name is Sm Our father is Dave and our mother is Freda, Joe is my grandfather and Sally is my grandmother. 5. My grandparents have got a son ~ Dave. & Y — aA e f g. Barbara 2 Look at the pictures. Then write sentences with the correct form of have got. [a Gp Phe rng Bos Name: ‘3 Complete the questions with Have... got or Has... got. 1 Has your mother get an autograph collection? 2 you a friend from China? 3 you and your friends good food today? 4 you a dog? ‘Answer the questions in Exercise 3. Make the answers true for you. 1. Yes. she has / No. she hasn't. 2 3. 4 Complete the chart. its we your their Complete the sentences with the correct possessive pronoun. 1, Lam 12 years old My name is Tony. 2. Tom has got a Star Wars collection collection is big. 3. Maria and Tom have got new books. books are blue. 4 My mother has got a friend in England name is Jodi 5. Spain is a big country. Bag is red and yellow. 6. We have yot a new classroom. classtoom is big