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a f WELDING INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY WORKBOOK : E a 2] Module 1 The Welding Inspector Copyright 1986 6 by American Welding Society, Inc 550 N.W. Ladeune Roac Miami, FL 33126 All rights reserved No part of this module may be produced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher Qt-1 at-2 Qi-3 Qi-4 Qi-5 WIT-Questions-Moduie i, Page i All of the following are considered important attributes of a welding inspector, except? welding experience inspection experience professional attitude engineering experience o ability to be trained caogce Which of the following are considered to be potential safety hazards to the welding inspector? a. radiation from the arc b. falling during inspections ¢. falling objects C3 allot the above none of the above, because the inspector may only be exposed momentarily What document descrites the important requirements of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector program? a AWS D1.4 b AWS A5.1 (cs AWS QCT 6 v. AWS D14.1 none of the above What is the most acceptable way to correct an error on an inspection ort? Gf draw a line through the incorrect portion of the report erase the incorrect word or words to correct the error c. throw away the report d. cross out the error,-make the, initial and date _the corrections ° “none of the above All of the following are approved codes/standards for the open book portion of the CWI examination, except a AWS Dt.1 b API 1104 (c\ ASME Section land (&) d ANSI B31.1 and ASME Section IX « © None of the above