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1. I was born in Huancayo

2. I was born in 1996

3. When I was a kid I liked eat fruits.

4. When I was a kid I ran every day.

5. I loved play soccer.

6. I enjoyed the kindergarden.

7. I played every day with my brother.

8. I learned to read at 4 years old

9. My mom took me to the kindergarden every day.


1. I studied in Virmen Maria Admirable school.

2. I participated in a math contest at 6 years old.

3. I belonged to the soccer team.

4. I won the municipal elections of my school.

5. I participated in interscholastic athletics tournaments.

6. I was a class brigadier..

7. I loved read stories of science fiction.

8. I danced for the teacher's day.

9. I finished school at 11 years old.


1. I entered the hihg school at 12 years old.

2. I studied in Convenio Andres Bello high school.

3. My high school was in the Industrial Park.

4. I participed in math contest.

5. I belonged to the soccer team of my high school.

6. I played soccer in school time.

7. I belonged to a study circle.

8. I studied from 8 am at 6 pm every day.

9. I took a bus every day from my high school.

10. I terminated the high school in 2012.


1. I entered the university at 17 years old.

2. I loved the math.

3. I studied many extra courses.

4. I traveled a lot for study trips.

5. I loved reading scientific articles.

6. I worked and studied.

7. In the fourth cycle I traveled to La Merced with the Geology course.

8. In ninth cycle I did my pre-professional practices in the municipality of the tambo

9. I studied at dawn..

10. I learned many things in college.