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Geometry (Shapes)

Grade: Second grade


Length of Lesson
1 to 3 hours

Lesson Overview/ Rationale

Students will learn shapes such as triangles, cubes, and hexagons by identifying the numbers of
their attributes and angles. Students will work in groups of four.

Michigan 2nd Grade Standard For Geometry

“Recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a
given number of equal faces.5 Identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and

Page 20

Learning objectives
● Students will identify the difference between shapes by drawing them
● Students will learn to distinguish between triangles, cubes, or hexagons by counting their
● Students will be able to recognize each shape and its attributes by counting the number
of equal faces and angles

Technology Uses
● Electronic Whiteboard
● Computer
● Television
● Projectors

● Pencils
● Crayons
● Books
● Scissors
● Glue
● Cards


● Teacher will introduce the lesson about the shapes and their attributes via pictures
● Students will work in groups of four
● Student one will draw a triangle
● Student two will draw a cube
● Student three will draw a hexagon
● Every student from each group will be able to draw and identify the shapes and their
● Student will take turns drawing each shape

● I monitored each group during the activity to make sure that they were able to draw the
correct shape and identify the difference between the angles and faces for each one
● I will evaluate each student and include his or her grade on the monthly gradebook.

Beginning(2 pts) Developing(5pts) Excellent(10pts) Score

Shapes Students show Students in the Students show
no groups show well
understanding of good understanding of
shapes and understanding of shapes and
attributes without shapes and attributes with
a major support attributes with little support
from teacher some support from teacher
from teacher

Procedure Students did not Students identify Students identify

identify shapes geometric shapes shapes and
and their and their attributes well
attributes . they attributes with little support
need much together with from teacher
support from some support
teacher from teacher

Accuracy Students didn’t Students were Students were

know how to able to draw able to draw
draw geometric some geometric shapes
shapes without shapes with some accurately with
much support support from little support
from teacher teacher from teacher

Total points:30