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Blow a trumpet in Zion, and sound an afarm on My holy mountain! joel 21 Blow the Trumpet 116 in Zion Words and Music by Craig Terndrup vans duiag ere Pas SoS They muah on. the ef = ty,— they fun on’ the “wall BS FSS * MY that car-ries out His word. They i=in == 5 =anae qebiyign the cl + ty. they mm’ on the wall. _ PRE Ea aes SSS =| Brent GH, the a ee ea "iaagparrles out = His wot the eae. ft 6 es > 0 anos SSS se Bi » 1983 Sounds of Vision Megrity’s Hosanna Muse 10. BOX 861622, Mobile, AL. 36685-1622 nal copyright secured, Used by permission. ate 0 Integrity Mu AL rights reserved (a Sa Lord ut-ters His voice be - fore His ar | ny. The Lord utters His voice be- E ; ae } Zi- on, Zi - on. Sound the alarm on My—— ho~ ly_moun-tain —, Feet Pee ie E — 4 Zi- on, Zi-on. Sound the a= larm fa + 2 ee ee Medley options: The Lord Is Building Jenialem, The God of Istac Is Mighty, The Sound of joyful Shouting