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Webster's definition of ALIEN:

1] belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing : strange

2] relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government : foreign : exotic

3] differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility


I created a series of questions before the interview with Richard Dolan on

Oct. 7th 2010. As the list got longer, I realized that these were less
directed at Rich, and instead a way for me to deal with the confusing
issues that have arisen as I dig deeper into this subject. I used these
questions to help me wrap my mind around the elusive and ephemeral
concepts that I find deeply challenging.

There is a exo-political community that is pleading for Disclosure, and I

feel they have not adequately addressed some of the issues that are
implied in these questions.

This document was created in a sort of flurry, as a tool to deal with my

personal exploration. Some stuff gets repeated itself and it’s not all that
well thought out.

I’ve shared these 17 questions (in no particular order) because I feel that
that trying to articulate these elusive ideas is really important - at least to

Mike Clelland
Oct. 2010

Q U E S T I O N S :

1. The dictionary definition of alien doesn’t mention about creatures from

another planet, but it sure implies that it’s strange. I want to poke around
at the periphery of this very strange subject. All we can really do is
speculate some if's and maybe's, but I think the strangeness will be
extremely challenging to humanity, quite literally at a soul level. How will
we cope?

2. The recent announcements from the Vatican and the Royal Society
seems telling to me. It feels like they are trying to come out now with a
statement so they don't look stupid After-Disclosure. What gives? Do they
know something we don't?

3. I suspect that disclosure will unfold entirely on "their" terms. What will
our response be?

4. The term anthropomorphizing implies that we ascribe human traits on

things that simply are NOT human. There is a story book image of Peter
Rabbit is shown with a little suit coat drinking tea at a little table, it’s an
easy to understand image. But, I really worry that UFO researchers are
doing the same thing on a lot of levels. We are overlaying very human
motives and characteristics on a phenomenon that is decidedly NON-

I think the parable told in the original THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD
STILL is way too simplistic. Michael Renee was handsome english actor
with the beautiful deep voice, and if he showed up (like he did in the
movie) the ramifications of disclose might be easy. But, I just don't think it
is going to play out like that. How do we confront what I feel is a very
naive mindset among the exo-political crowd?

5. There are two parts to the disclosure thing. One, the government
acknowledges that there is a non-human presence interacting with us.
Basically, UFO are real.

But, what if these aliens to simply arrive and declare that they will, from
this point on, be living among us?

6. I have also interacted with a lot of abductees who say they have
acquired the ability to channel from the great beyond. And the implication
is that it is the alien presence that is speaking thru them. I'll also add that
a lot of folks will say that their channeling started recently, around 2005
or after. 

I've brought up this question about channeling to serious minded

researchers, and they'll reply (basically) like this: "Oh that's stupid." And
they'll dismiss the notion with outright contempt. End of conversation.

I feel like this field is so fringy and bizarre, that you can't dismiss
anything outright, because so much is happening behind the curtain of our

You're a researcher, and you must confront this kind of thing. How do you
deal with the extremely bizarre outlying information?
7. If the government spends so much on security, what might they be
doing to mess with Richard Dolan? Is some guy in the basement of the
pentagon tasked with sending your research off into blind alleys?

8. Abductees will say, with overwhelming consistency: "I feel like I was
tasked (volunteered? assigned?) to be here in this life to perform an
important duty, but I don't know what it is?"

Abductees will also declare that they have psychic abilities such as
telepathy, premonitions and insights into other realities. This is an
anecdotal pattern, but from my one-on-one interactions, these things come
up over and over. 

These people say they have an important role to play, they tell of an

oppressive sense of mission, they claim psychic powers. The implication is
they they have a direct line of communication to them.

What happens to these abductees After-Disclosure?

9. Who do you feel should represent the earth as spokes people for this
subject after disclosure? The investigators? Government bureaucrats?
What about the people who claim to have direct contacts? How do you see
their roll?

What guidelines are there for people to determine who really has a
balanced approach to this subject?

10. The abduction phenominon is a slippery mess to try and research. I’ve
sat in on a handful of abductee support groups, and the experiences and
stories that unfold are significantly stranger than what you would be lead
to believe if you only read books by Budd Hopkins - and his conclusions are
pretty darn strange!

Interwoven into the contact experience is an otherworldly set of

phenomena that seem to transcend normal reality and cross over into the
mystical. From my experience, interacting with The Others is a challenge
to consciousness itself.

How do we factor in an outright distortion of our perceived reality? How

are we supposed to deal with the utter strangeness that might confront us?

11. Budd Hopkins and Dave Jacobs have reached conclusions that paint a
picture of alien human hybrids (or trans-genic beings) that have been
carefully bred over the years so they look like us but with enhanced
abilities. The implication is that they are right here - right now, ready to
play some important role. 

What are the implications of these conclusions by two of the elder

statesman in UFO abduction research?

12. Whitley Streiber says (and I've heard others say it too) that it is not
easy being in the presence of these mysterious visitors. The literature is
full of accounts where simply being near these entities is crippling
existential torture. The implication is that they are so alien to us, that
they shock us to our very core in a way that is debilitating.

The abductees will often report a sort of dream-like alteration of reality

when they are in close proximity to these visitors. It almost seems like
"they" are altering our perceptions as a way to save us from the soul-
shattering intensity of their presence. What might it mean if they show up,
and simply seeing them induces a sort of insanity?

13. The ETH is easy to comprehend, but what if it is disclosure reveals a

truth that is vastly more complex. We might be dealing with a form of non-
human intelligence that is from realm far beyond our understanding. 

What if it is so bizarre that we simply can't understand where they are


14. In your research, you probably have heard plenty about black budget
aircraft, and even clandestine space missions. But have you heard much
about studies that are attempting to pierce the veil of our reality? I have
spoken to Alexandra Bruce about he Montauk Project and all it's
implications. The story seems to tell of a disruption in our dimension, but
is it true? The entire phenominon implies that something is bleeding over
from another realm, and this creates something very confusing. How does
one look into these bizarre issues?

15. I run thru a scenario in my head, where representatives from earth

and "them" sit down at a conference table to hash things out, but this
scenario just crumbles. I have spoken to so many people that tell of being
controlled when in the presence of aliens, total and complete control to the
point where they gladly do their bidding. I am at a loss to understand what
would come out of a "relationship" with them.

16. As I immerse myself deeper into this very strange field of study, I am
continually confronted with things that I did not expect to find.
Challenging things like mind control, occult influences, Milabs, profoundly
strange experiences that bleed over from another reality - and - a
convergence of intensely profound synchronicities that drag me deeper into
these very murky waters. How does one proceed forward?

17. I would be extremely cautious of any government declaration of

Disclosure. I feel like this event would be used to manipulate and force
some top down agenda.

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