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HOW To WEAVE on the. INK ae Mery & Atweiler ow . ye » Oleasy Pyro WEB, “(Ep 4yeip ‘sanBy uevixay 9 NLM WwesBelQ (Ojjeip ‘sued VEianecl, '¢ ped SOL OH WEST EIG, (HD 4yesp “mayed veorry 's pues argy ony wesbeicy ' (yes 'waayed Weadouny jes) |} HOW TO WEAVE on the ‘The Stuttle-Crart Guild Basin, Montane Mery M, Atwater (Copyright 1941, Mary M, Atwater) According to the dictionary,an "inkle" 1s 2 narrow band or tape, and At follows logically enough that an "inkle loom" is @ loom designed for the of narrow fabrics. In the old day father's "galluses” and the fant: (rings and garters were woven on such a loom, shown below on the sket Recently @ modified "table" version of the ancient inkle loom -- shown delow at (b) -- has been designed and ie being built by Mr. E.E.0llmore, 1200 West Harding Way, Stockton, California, Both loome are operated in the sane tons given herewith apply to etther. ‘of today bave for narrow Pape, finishing of upholstery, ete., ete., For the wea ing”ér such things the L€tle inkle loom ts a useful ant interesting dit of textile equipment, and the art of weaving on such a loom 18 a delight- ful bit of textile lore. One may "inkle” haps: during conversational terludes, or while 1is ing to the redio;—on the porch, in camp, even dur- ing long trips by train or boat. Old Egglish Thkle Loom, measuring pees H heddle peg, Ankle loom appeara tobe At first glance the 9, SNeteher Tiension ‘a warp ing frame with @ sinple aheading.attachnont thst Pereite weaving off the Herp directly from the Frame. Te pege munbored ier8s4y at Son the sketches are the pegs of She warping frame over Benth Naty ie secur ea. Marpe of various \ lengths may be made by Aew American Take Loom Tengtne may be made by fired. The peg marked