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Rio architectural step lights provide beauty, performance and durability. Catalog #
Transitional styling, low profile design and no visible fasteners provide
seamless integration with architectural styles of all kinds. Logical, modular Project
design elements facilitate fast and foolproof installation in all types of wall
surfaces including drywall, concrete pour or brick/masonry. All models Date
include IP68 rated outdoor protection, but are also suitable for indoor Comments
wall-mounted applications. All models are ADA compliant.
Prepared by


Material Mounting Warranty

Back box and painted fascia are Back box is available to ship in Lumière warrants its fixtures against
die-cast from corrosion-resistant advance for rough-in purposes. defects in materials & workmanship
Type 383 aluminum alloy. Back Back box includes four (4) 3/4” for three (3) years. Auxiliary equipment
box is painted white. Natural conduit entry ports, concrete pour such as transformers, ballasts and
metal fascia is precision- cover, UP arrow and two level vials lamps carry the original manufacturer’s
machined from solid brass or to facilitate proper alignment. warranty.
stainless steel. Fixture also includes the patent
pending FASCIAlign(TM) fascia Recessed Housing
alignment system which provides Recessed housing is available to
Back box and fascia are double
protected by a chromate rotation of the fascia +/- 10 degrees ship in advance of complete fixture
conversion undercoating and (total of 20 degrees), insuring for rough-in purposes. Specify
polyester powdercoat paint finish. proper alignment. option -LBB and order separately
Machined, natural finish brass or accompanying recessed housing
stainless steel fascia is unpainted Classification / Code Compliance from below:
4.5" .85" (max.) 1235-RD
to reveal the natural beauty of the UL and cUL listed, standard wet (114mm) (22mm) ø 5.75"
material. Brass will patina label. IP68 rated. Also suitable for 1235-BB-C 3.50"
(90mm) 1235C-RD (146mm)
ø 4.00
naturally over time in outdoor indoor recessed wall-mount 5” back box and pour cover for
environments. applications, 4W LED source is concrete pour wall
IC-rated for direct insulation
Electrical contact. Manufactured to ISO 1235-BB-D
Fixture includes integral, 9001-2000 Quality Systems 5” back box and pour cover for RIO
electronic ballast, transformer or Standard. IBEW union made. drywall/frame construction wall
LED driver mounted to Lumiere’s 2.75" LED
factory assembled POWER- Lamp 1235-BB-M (70mm)
TRAY(TM) optical/electrical Lamp for LED source included as 5” back box and pour cover for
module. The POWER-TRAY(TM) standard. Lamps for other sources masonry wall
module plugs directly into the not included. APPLICATIONS:
back box providing fast, easy 4 x ¾-14 NPT THREADED HOLE
Plug should be flush to 1.33mm max
installation. Apply thread sealant on plug before inserting

4.5" .85" (max.)

(114mm) (22mm) ø 5.75" ø 5.75" ø 5.75"
3.50" (146mm) (146mm) (146mm)
ø 4.00" ø 4.00" ø 4.00
(102mm) Wall Rough-In Opening (102mm) (102mm

2.75" UL and cUL Wet Location Listed
LM79 / LM80 Compliant
ROHS Compliant
(140mm) IP68 Ingressed Protection Rated
ADA Compliant


1235-RD 1235C-RD 1235E-RD
Plug should be flush to 1.33mm max
Apply thread sealant on plug before inserting See reverse for alternate trim styles. 20W T3/G4 Halogen
Line Voltage
ø 5.75" ø 5.75"
(146mm) (146mm)
ø 4.00" ø 4.00"
Wall Rough-In Opening
Sample Number: 1235-RD-D-4LED-120/12-NSS-LBB

Series Wall Type Source 1 Voltage Finish Options

1235-RD=5’’ round, open fascia w/clear, C=Concrete Pour 20T3=20W /T3/G4 12V Halogen Painted LBB=Housing Shipped
diffused lens D=Drywall 4LED=4W LED (LED 120/12=120/12V electronic transformer BK=Black in Advance (select LBB
1235C-RD=5’’ round, cross/guard fascia w/ M=Masonry lamps included) 2 277/12=277/12V electronic transformer BZ=Bronze option and select appro-
clear, diffused lens LED CS=City Silver priate recessed housing
1235E-RD=5’’ round,5.50" eyelid fascia w/clear, 120/12=120V electronic LED driver VE=Verde separately)
diffused lens WT=White
1235L-RD=5’’ round, louvered fascia w/clear, Premium Material
diffused lens
1235E-RD 1235L-RD NBR=Natural Brass
NSS=Natural Stainless Steel

NOTES: 1 Unless noted otherwise, lamps not included. 2 4W LED source is IC-rated for direct insulation contact.

August 19, 2016
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The Night Falcon™ LED floodlight luminaire combines high-efficiency Type
Catalog #
optics, superior thermal management and energy efficiency in a cost-
effective solution. The compact, robust design incorporates a separate
driver compartment for maximum heat dissipation to insure longevity Project
of both the fixture and the LEDs. The Night Falcon luminaire uses
precision engineered optics delivering superior uniformity and excellent Date
illumination to the targeted application. Typical applications include
area lighting for security, building facade lighting, accent and signage
lighting in both commercial and industrial applications. The Night Falcon Prepared by
luminaire is UL/cUL listed for wet locations and is IP66 rated.

C on s t r u c t i o n El e c tri c a l Mo u n ting
Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum LED driver is mounted to the Mounting options include an
housing, driver compartment and removable die-cast aluminum integral die-cast aluminum slipfitter
driver housing door. A separate door for optimal heat sinking and that is preset to a tilt of 45°. The
driver compartment and external ease of maintenance. 120-277V knuckle base is supplied with a
fins provide optimal thermal 50/60Hz, 347V 60Hz or 480V 60Hz tooth lock adjustment that can
management that result in longer operation. Integral 6kV surge is be adjusted in 5° increments to
LED and driver life.The housing, standard.10kV/10kA common- and provide flexibility in aiming the
driver compartment and optical differential- mode surge protection fixture from a variety of surfaces.
chamber are IP66 rated. Access available as an option. 0-10V Visual 15° adjustment indicators
to the driver for maintenance is dimming driver is available to on the knuckle allow for 180° field
achieved with a removable driver accommodate controls capability rotation of the floodlight assembly.
door using pan head screws. A such as dimming and occupancy. The slipfitter fits standard 2-3/8”-3”
one-piece silicone gasket seals the Standard NEMA 3-PIN twistlock O.D. tenon. The trunnion mounting
door to the fixture housing. The photocontrol receptacle and NEMA includes a 3/16” polyester powder
fixture is 3G vibration rated (ANSI 7-PIN twistlock photocontrol coated galvanized steel trunnion
C136.31) to ensure durability in receptacles are available as with a 16/3 SOW cord. The trunnion
area and site lighting applications. options. Suitable for ambient mount uses an interlocking slide
Suitable for mounting within 4’ temperatures from -40°C to 40°C. adjustment that is locked into place
(1.2m) of the ground. Optional 50°C HA (high ambient) with a set screw.
available. 92% lumen maintenance
Optics greater than 60,000 hours per Fin ish
The LED chamber incorporates IESNA TM-21 at 25°C. Housing and cast parts finished
a vacuum metalized reflector in five-stage super TGIC polyester
that provides high-efficiency A c c e s s ori e s powder coat paint, 2.5 mil nominal
illumination. Optics are precisely Heavy-duty steel top and side thickness for superior protection
designed to shape the the NEMA visors control glare and spill light. against fade and wear. Standard
6H x 6V wide distribution and 1/8” thick UV stabilized vandal color is carbon bronze. Additional
the 3H x 3V spot distribution,
maximizing efficiency and
guard shields glass lens from
impact when mounted at low
colors available in summit white,
white, grey, bronze, black, dark
application spacing. Clear levels. Easy to install wire guard platinum and graphite metallic. NIGHT FALCON
glass tempered lens with full features a heavy-gauge welded Consult your lighting representitive
circumference form-in-place construction with corrosion at Eaton for a complete selection of
silicone gasket protects the optics resistant polyester powder coat standard colors. Solid State LED
from damage. Offered standard in finish to protect glass from
4000K (+/- 275K) CCT and minimum projected objects. Warran ty
70 CRI. Optional 5700K, 5000K and Five-year warranty. FLOODLIGHT
3000K CCT and minimum 70 CRI
are available.

Slipfitter Mount Trunnion Mount UL/cUL Wet Location Listed
IP66 Fixture and Optical Chamber
LM79/LM80 Compliant
8-7/16" 15-5/16" 8-7/16" 12-11/16" 3G Vibration Rated
[215mm] [388mm] [215mm] [322mm]
RoHS Compliant
DesignLights Consortium® Qualified*

Electronic LED Driver
> 0.9 Power Factor
15-15/16" 8-11/16" 15-15/16" 8-11/16" < 20% Total Harmonic Distortion
[405mm] [221mm] [405mm] [221mm] 120V 50/60Hz, 347V/60Hz and 480V/60Hz
-40°C Minimum Ambient Temperature
Yoke Mount Rating
+40°C Maximum Ambient Temperature
8-7/16" 14"
[215mm] [355mm]
Effective Projected Area (Sq. Ft.): 1.25

Approximate Net Weight:
20 lbs. (9.09 kgs.)
[443mm] 8-11/16" YS


TIFIE June 19, 2018 2:40 PM

page 2 N F F LD N I G H T F A L C O N


6x6 3x3

C25 LED NFFLD-C25 NFFLD-C25-7030 NFFLD-C25-7050 NFFLD-C25-7060 NFFLD-C25 NFFLD-C25-7030 NFFLD-C25-7050 NFFLD-C25-7060

Delivered Lumens 10,530 10,122 10,383 10,217 10,272 9,874 10,128 9,967

CCT (Kelvin) 4000K 3000K 5000K 5700K 4000K 3000K 5000K 5700K

CRI (Color Rendering Index) 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70

Power Consumption (Watts) 85W 85W 85W 85W 93W 93W 93W 93W

C40 LED NFFLD-C40 NFFLD-C40-7030 NFFLD-C40-7050 NFFLD-C40-7060 NFFLD-C40 NFFLD-C40-7030 NFFLD-C40-7050 NFFLD-C40-7060

Delivered Lumens 16,932 16,268 16,686 16,421 14,113 13,567 13,916 13,694

CCT (Kelvin) 4000K 3000K 5000K 5700K 4000K 3000K 5000K 5700K

CRI (Color Rendering Index) 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70

Power Consumption (Watts) 128W 128W 128W 128W 143W 143W 143W 143W

C55 LED NFFLD-C55 NFFLD-C55-7030 NFFLD-C55-7050 NFFLD-C55-7060

Delivered Lumens 19,943 19,407 20,144 20,285

CCT (Kelvin) 4000K 3000K 5000K 5700K

CRI (Color Rendering Index) 70 70 70 70

Power Consumption (Watts) 145W 145W 145W 145W

C70 LED NFFLD-C70 NFFLD-C70-7030 NFFLD-C70-7050 NFFLD-C70-7060

Delivered Lumens 23,797 23,157 24,037 24,205

CCT (Kelvin) 4000K 3000K 5000K 5700K

CRI (Color Rendering Index) 70 70 70 70

Power Consumption (Watts) 184W 184W 184W 184W


Model Series TM-21 Lumen

Maintenance Theoretical L70 (Hours)
6x6 3x3 Temperature
(60,000 Hours)
Voltage (V)
Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) 25°C > 94.55% > 388,000
120V 0.708 1.070 1.2299 1.5695 0.778 1.190 40°C > 93.58% > 327,000
277V 0.340 0.465 0.535 0.6726 0.340 0.531 50°C -- --
347V 0.251 0.377 0.4213 0.5334 0.271 0.419 3H x 3V (Spot)
480V 0.195 0.273 0.3044 0.3831 0.207 0.320 25°C >92.18% >262,000

40°C >91.81% >249,000


Ambient Lumen
Temperature Multiplier

10°C 1.03

15°C 1.02

25°C 1.00

40°C 0.97

50°C 0.96

1121 Highway 74 South
Peachtree City, GA 30269 Specifications and
P: 770-486-4800 dimensions subject to TD506007EN change without notice. June 19, 2018 2:40 PM
Catalog #
Eon 303-B1-LEDB1 is a compact, low profile, dimmable, LED bollard that
provides downlight only via a fixed head. 303-B1-LEDB1 has a single head
on one side of the luminaire. The bollard comes standard with universal Project
input LED driver (120-277V, 50/60 Hz). Dimming is achieved with a standard
ELV, reverse phase dimming driver or an optional 0-10V dimming driver. Date
Eon fixtures may be used indoors or outdoors and carry an IP66 rating. The Comments
patented LumaLevelTM leveling systemprovides quick installation, easy
adjustment, secure mounting and protection from vibration.
Prepared by


Construction 4000K and TSAM (Amber). Both Finish

The head of the 303-B1-LEDB1 is color temperature and distribution Luminaire and mounting base are
precision machined from corrosion- must be specified when ordering double protected by a RoHS compliant
resistant 6061-T6 aluminum. Body is – see catalog logic for details. An chemical film undercoating and
extruded aluminum and adjustable edge-lit option is available. polyester powdercoat paint finish.
mounting base is cast from Electrical The mounting base is painted black.
corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. The bollard is standard with an The luminaire housing and head are
Stainless steel hardware is included. ELV trailing edge phase dimmable available in a variety of standard
Four (4) 3/8” x 12” galvanized driver that accepts a universal input colors. RAL and custom color matches
anchor bolts and a galvanized steel (120-277, 50/60Hz). An optional are available upon request. As an
anchor bolt template are standard. 0-10V universal dimming driver is
Specify option -LAB and order the option, the Eon bollards are also
also available. Both driver options available in colors to match other
anchor bolt/template kit seperately incorporate surge protection. The
(Catalog: 7581-01PK). outdoor Eaton product lines, such as
receptacle option incorporates Invue. See the Finish section in the
LightBARTM and optical assembly
a specification grade, 120V, 15A
tamper proof and weather resistant
ordering detail for more detail. 303-B1-LEDB1
are sealed by a clear, impact duplex GFCI. The photocell option Warranty EON LED
resistant tempered glass lens. comes in either a 120V or 277V. Lumiere warrants the EON series of
The optical assembly is available Please see Option section for more fixtures against defects in material
in three distributions: T2 (lateral detail. and workmanship for five (5)
throw), T4 (forward throw) and T5X years. Auxiliary equipment such
(Flood). Available in several color as LED drivers carries the original APPLICATIONS:
temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, manufacturer’s warranty. BOLLARD


1.4” 42”
34mm 1087mm

UL and cUL Wet Location Listed
LM79 / LM80 Compliant
24” ROHS Compliant
610mm IP66 Ingressed Protection Rated

Under side profile view

12” 50°C Maximum Temperature Rating
305mm External Supply Wiring 90°C Minimum

3” 5”
76mm 129mm

Sample Number: 303-B1-LEDB1-2700-120-T2-DIM10-BK-42-EDGE-PC1-RFL-LAB

Series 9 Color Temperature Input Voltage Optics Dimming Finish 3 Height 4 Options 6

303-B1-LEDB1 2700=2700K UNV=120-277V 1 T2 = Type II, DIMELV= Trailing Edge Painted 12=12” 5 EDGE=Edge lit glass lens
3000=3000K 120=120V Lateral Throw Phase Dim- BK=Black 24=24” PC1=Photocontrol 120V 7
Head contains 3500=3500K 277=277V 2 T4 = Type IV, ming Driver BZ=Bronze 36=36” PC2=Photocontrol 208-277V 7
one (1) 4000= 4000K Forward Throw DIM10=0-10V Dimming CS=City Silver 42=42” RIU=Receptacle - In Use
Mini LightBARTM TSAM= Turtle Safe Amber T5X = Type V, Driver WT=White (120V Only) 7
(585-595nm) Extra Wide Flood Premium Paint RFL=Receptacle - Flip-Lid
AP=Grey (120V Only) 7
DP=Dark Platinum LAB=Less Anchor Bolts &Template 8
GM=Graphite Metallic

NOTES: 1 Universal Voltage (UNV) is standard unless specifying Photocontrol or Receptacle (RIU or RFL - 120V) options. 2 Specify for PC2 option only. 3 Custom and RAL color matching available upon request. Consult factory for
further information. 4 Bollard heights are nominal (shown in inches). 5 12” length not available with RIU or RFL options. 6 Add suffix in the order shown. 7 Must specify voltage when ordering. 8 When specifying LAB option the
anchor bolts and template need to be ordered seperately 7581-01PK. 9 DesignLights Consortium™ Qualified and classified for DLC Standard. Refer to for details on exact qualified EON 303-B1-LEDB1 product as not all configurations are
DLC classified.

March 14, 2016

TM-21 Lumen TM-21 Reported Delivered CRI nom./ B-U-G

Ambient Theoretical L70 Optic Type Distribution Watts LPW CCT (K) / Color
Maintenance L70(10k) Lumens Wavelength Rating
Temperature (Hours)
(72,000 Hours) (Hours) 361 44 2700 95
25°C 600 74 3000 75
T2 8.5
40°C > 94% > 60,000 365,000 419 51 3500 85 B0-U0-G0
50°C (Lateral Throw)
661 81 4000 75
6.5 184 28 TSAM (Amber) 585-595nm
353 43 2700 95
Model Line Voltage Current Draw 587 72 3000 75
T4 8.5
303-B1-LEDB1 120-277V, 50/60Hz 0.068A 410 50 3500 85 B0-U0-G0
(Forward Throw)
647 79 4000 75
MAX LOAD RATING 6.5 180 28 TSAM (Amber) 585-595nm
316 39 2700 95
Options Line Voltage Max Load Rating 525 65 3000 75
T5X 8.5
PC1 120V, 50/60Hz 367 45 3500 85 B0-U0-G0
1000VA, 8.3A (Extra Wide Flood)
PC2 208-277V, 50/60Hz 579 71 4000 75
RIU or RFL 120V, 50/60Hz 1800VA, 15A 6.5 161 25 TSAM (Amber) 585-595nm


Receptacle Options (120V Only)

RIU - Receptacle In-Use RFL - Receptacle Flip Lid

3” 1”
76mm 25mm

Rugged UV-resistant polycarbonate clear Cover is contructed of a durable, die-cast zinc-

cover and gray body protects GFCI without alloy and is painted to match fixture. Cover is
16” cracking or breaking and is non- corrosive. 16” only weatherproof without the cord plugged
406mm Note: Cover is weatherproof with the cord 406mm in and the cover closed. The receptacle
plugged in and the receptacle is not required will need to be attended while in use. The
to be attended while in use. The receptacle receptacle incorporates a specification grade,
incorporates a specification grade, 120V, 15A 120V, 15A tamper proof and weather resistant
tamper proof and weather resistant duplex duplex GFCI. Available on 24”, 36” and 42”
GFCI. Available on 24”, 36” and 42” hieghts. hieghts.

Photocontrol Edge
PC1 (120V) or PC2 (277V)

Photocontrol cover is precision machined

2.6” from corrosion-resistant 6061-T6 aluminum
66mm and is secured to bollard head with tamper Edge Glow
resistant stainless steel hardware. The pho-
0.4” tocontrol option is available in dedicated
10mm 120V or 208-277V. When specifying a photo- When specifying with the EDGE option, the diffused
control option make sure to designate the glass becomes thicker adding a visible line of light
appropriate voltage within the catalog logic. around the edge accentuating the luminaries’ aes-
thetics and styling.


1. Adjustable mounting base - Cast aluminum mounting base is equipped with the patented LumaLevel” leveling system that includes mounting base,
70 shore neoprene base, stainless steel hardware and a slot to accommodate two inbound and outbound 3/4” conduits. It provides quick installation,
easy adjustment, secure mounting and protection from vibration.

18001 East Colfax Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011 Specifications and
P: 303-393-1522 dimensions subject to
TD501001EN change without notice. March 14, 2016