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100 CLASSICAL PIECES FOR CLARINET GRADED INCLUDES CLASSICAL FAVOURITES SUCH AS. AIR ON THE G STRING CLAIR DE LUNE LIEBESTRAUME YY tt. MARCHE MILITAIRE co ODE TO Joy WALTZ OF THE FLOWERS AND MANY MORE CLASSICAL PIECES FOR CLARINET Wise PUBLICATIONS 9 ip — Pubished by Wise Publications 14.15 Berets Steet, London WIT 3LJ, UK Exclusive Distributors: Music Ses Limited Distribution Cente, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 1°33 3Y8, UK. Masi Sales Pty Limited 20 Resolution Drive, Caraghah, NSW 2229, Australia Onder No. AMS95577, ISBN 978:1-84772-7534 ‘This book © Copyright 2008 Wise Publications, ‘division of Muse Sales Limited. ‘Unauthorised reproduction of any part ofthis publication by any means including photocopying ingement of copyright. aited by fennt Wheeler. ‘Music processed by Camden Musi. Printed in the FU. ‘Your Guarantee of Quality [As publishes, we strive to produce every book to the highest commercial standards “This book has been carefully designed to minimise avkwatd age turns and to make paying from i a real pleasure Particular cate has been given 9 spectying acid-tee,neutralszed paper made from pulps which have not been clemental chlorine leached This pulp is from farmed sustainable forests and was produced with specie regard forthe environment ‘Throughout, the printing and binding have been planned to ensure «sturdy, attractive publication which should give years of enjoyment. your copy ast meet our high standards, please inform us and we will ladly replace i

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