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Fahmais Fadilla, 2018. The implementation of the values of Pancasila in family

welfare Empowerment work Program (PKK) in Jabalsari
Thesis, citizenship education, a high school teacher training and educational
sciences (STKIP), PGRI Tulungagung.
Supervisor Of Mohammed Abdul Roziq Asrori, S. Pd. I, M.Si.
Keywords: Implementation, values of Pancasila, empowerment of family welfare

This study aims to describe the implementation of the values of Pancasila

in the activities empowerment of family welfare (PKK), factor endowments in the
implementation of the values of Pancasila, and restricting factors in
implementation the values of Pancasila in Jabalsari village of PKK's work
This type of research i.e. qualitative descriptive study. The subject of
research using a purposive, namely the determination of the subject with certain
considerations.Consideration has used the subject to understand the problem and
understand the problem against ditelili. The subject in this study is the leader of
the PKK, PKK members and the community.Anggta PKK taken from the
Chairman of the 1st and 2nd Pokja. data collection is done with the interview,
observation, and documentation.The data were analyzed by means of the
reduction of data, display data, and the withdrawal of the conclusion.Techniques
of examination of the validity of the data using triangulation and triangulation
techniques. The results showed that the implementation of the values of Pancasila
in the activities of the PKK are flexible.PKK is implementing the values of
Pancasila with the activities related to pokja 1 penghayatan and implementing
pancasila which reflect the values of Pancasila.supporters of the implementation
of the values of Pancasila is the existence of a village chief and a member of the
support group PKK Resistance i.e. the influence of communication between
members of the PKK and the lack of budget funds to organize the activities of the
PKK.The PKK members overcome obstacles by holding communication so arisan
and sense of family members of the PKK remains awake.