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Exercises for task 2

I. Write The contraction form of the verb to be.

1. I am John
2. I am Amelia.
3. I am from Dominican Republic.
4. We are 18 years old.
5. They are not from The United States.

II. Rewrite the sentences with It’s.

1. The phone number is 555-3754. It’s 555-3754

2. The address is 12 main Street. ____________________________

3. It is 555-3636 ____________________________

4. It is 1415 West Avenue. ____________________________

5. The phone number is 555-9147 ____________________________

III. Complete each conversation with the correct form of be. Use contractions
when possible. Use capital letters when necessary.

Example: A: Is Mark a doctor or an engineer?

B: He’s an engineer.

1. A: Excuse me, _____________ you an architect?

2. B: Yes, I _____________.

3. A: _____________she Cecilia?
4. B: No, she _____________. I’m Cecilia.

5. A: _____________ they managers?

6. B: He _____________ a manager, but she’s not.
VI. Answer the questions about yourself.
1. What’s your address?
2. What’s your phone number?
3. What’s a friend’s address?
4. What’s his/her cell phone number?

V. Look at the pictures. Use the information given below.

Listen carefully, read, stand up, sit down, raise your hand, write your name, be in silent,
pay attention to the teacher.

1. ____________________________________

2. ____________________________________

3. ____________________________________

4. ____________________________________

5. ____________________________________

6. ____________________________________
7. ____________________________________

8. ____________________________________

VI. Look at the pictures. Complete each sentence with the correct form of be. Make
each sentence affirmative or negative. Use contractions.


We’re_ flight attendants.

We’re not chefs.

1. She a photographer. 3. They scientists.

2. She a banker. 4. They actors.

VII. Read about the Perez family. Then check (✓) True or False for each sentence.

Meet the Perez family. Mr. Perez is a chef. He

works in a very good restaurant. Mrs. Perez is a
teacher. She has twenty students in her class. Mr.
and Mrs. Perez have three children: Isabel,
Gregorio, and Claudia. Their children are adults
now, and they have different occupations, too.
Isabel works in a hospital, but she isn’t a doctor.
She’s a scientist. Gregorio uses a computer for
his job, but he doesn’t work in an office. He works
at his home. He’s a writer. Claudia works in
different places. She uses a camera for her job.
She’s a photographer.

True False
Example: Mrs. Perez is a student. ( ) ( ✓)

1. Isabel is a scientist. ( ) ( )

2. Gregorio is a manager. ( ) ( )

3. Claudia is a photographer. ( ) ( )

VIII. Fill in the blank in each sentence with the affirmative or negative form of be.
You may read the paragraph again if you need to.

Example: Gregorio isn’t a doctor.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Perez ______________ engineers.

2. Mr. Perez ______________ a chef.

IX. Complete with the verb to be (am, is, are)

1. How old ____ your sister?

2. _____ I in the cafeteria now?
3. Where _____ the new Museum?
4. Their names _____ Natty and Bunny.
5. His cousin _____ from Santiago, in Dominican Republic.
X. Look at John’s driver’s license and complete the sentences.

1. John’s height is ___________________.

2. His weight is ______________ pounds.
3. His hair is ______________________.
4. His eyes are_____________________.
5. He is ___________________ years old.
6. His address is ____________________.