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Are you going to do anything special this weekend?

No, Actually /ˈæktʃʊəlɪ/, this weekend will be quite /ˈkwaɪət/

normal /ˈnɔːməl/. I’m just going to have a meal /miːl/ with my
family, as usual /ˈjuːʒʊəl/.

And, what are you going to eat?

Tonight, there’s roast turkey for dinner

We need some potatoes, olvie oil, onions. Some eggs, salt,

a bowl to mix the eggs. A pan to fry the potatoes
First, we have to peel de potatoes. With the peeler it’s
much easier.
The next stage is peel the onions, be careful because they
will probably make you cry. Now we are going to chop the
onions and cut the potatoes. Cut them small and thin
because this way it’s easier. Otherwise sometimes they cook
on the outside and they are still a bit raw on the inside.

Do you like cooking? I’m traing to improve because I don’t

know so mjuch recipies. Spanish ommelete
Now we are gonna break the eggs. Beat the eggs with a folk.
Half a docen of eggs.
Check if it is salty enough and if it still a bit raw.
Use a teatowel, don’t burn your fingers
Don’t let the edges stick on the pan because otherwise it
will be difficult to flip it over. And delcius.
¿what did you have to eat this morning?