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Value addition

A veterinarians are poor value

additional in his profession?
Dr. Jibachha Sah, M.V.Sc
Jibachha veterinary hospital(P)Ltd
Veterinarians are poor value additional

Let’s an example

Manufacturer cost is same

Eye drop Stent

Value of eye drop Value of stent is open heart block
is check eye infection

Selling price Rs.20-100 Selling price Rs.30,000-70,000

Can eye drop will be add value in their life ?
Yes! But it must be use for cataract cure?

Same situation is in veterinarian life, they work as

simple eye drop, not cure cataract, that’s why no
value additional in his practical life.
Let’s an another example

Same equipment cost, same professional degree

That’s why veterinarian are as simple eye drop in value additional

How a medical professional adding professional value in
their life through hard work & gaining specialties
Let’s a an example of value

Medical doctor/ students

Veterinary doctor/ students

Compare the professional value additional
Let’s example of a students clinical activity?
practice life

Medical students

veterinary students
at VeterinaryMedical

Veterinary Teaching hospital

Milking cow with mastitis A sick calf

As seller
As Counselor

Your professional value is depends on

value addition to the other lifestyle as
How become a veterinarian will be value

● Be master in your subject

● Identifying his signature strength

● Gaining practical experience

● Adding value other people life