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UNIV 3925/EDGE 3010

EDGE Project Proposal Revision

Community Engagement Track

A. Required Information: Fill in the eight fields below.

1. Full Name: Jordan A Caldwell

2. SUU T#:00793142
3. Email:
4. Phone:435-590-0969
5. Major & Minor: Accounting with a double minor in Finance and German
6. Expected Project Start Date (Semester/Year): Spring 2018
7. Expected Project End Date (Semester/Year): Spring 2018
8. Anticipated Year and Semester of Graduation: Spring 2019
9. Title of Project: A Venture into VITA

The Project Advisor will be Pro. Boneck

B. Abstract:

For my Community Experiential Education Project, I will be volunteering my time as a

student assistant for the VITA program. VITA stands for Volunteer Income Tax
Assistance. By completing this project, I will be achieving my goals as an accounting
student. My project will assist me in choosing between a focus in tax or audit work. This
is often a difficult decision for most accounting students, so I hope that this project will
aid me in my decision. It will also assist those in our community who will benefit from
free tax assistance. The entire project will take place on campus, presumably in the
business building. I plan to attend each of the VITA sessions which take place during
the entire Spring semester. I want to complete this project because it will allow me to
serve those in my community. It has always been a goal of mine to serve those around
me. I hope that there will be several individuals who will receive genuine assistance
through my service. I would love to see the smiles on their faces as one of their many
challenges is alleviated. I also want to complete this project because it will provide me
with valuable experience in the field of accounting.

C. Project Details

1. This project connects very well with my career aspirations. Since I’m an
accounting major, I will be expected to make a decision to focus on either tax or
audit work. Since I will be filing taxes during this project, I will be able to more
clearly make that decision. The larger purpose of my project is to serve others
and allow me to learn more about accounting.
2. My project captures the essence of community engagement. VITA’s focus is to
serve low-income families, the disabled, the elderly, and ESL individuals. I hope
to serve people from many backgrounds through this project.
3. Examples of high-quality and realistic deliverables that I will provide are a time
log, a signature from my supervising professor, and photographs of me and my
fellow students serving during VITA.
4. Timeline for Completion:
• January 8, 2018: ACCT 3200, Tax 1, begins.
• Shortly thereafter, members of the community and accounting students
will be notified of the begin of VITA 2018. The times are currently TBD.
• Week of January 22 through April 9: I will spend an average of 3 hours per
week in the business building providing tax return assistance. Since there
are approximately 13 weeks of VITA, this will be a sufficient amount of
time to complete at least 40 hours of service.
• April 12, 2018: VITA ends
5. Budget: My budget will be approximately $65 since my expenses will only be for
fuel. This fuel will be spent by traveling to and from campus to assist during VITA. There
will be no revenues since this is a free service. I am currently employed at SUU as an
Internal Audit Intern, so I should have no problem covering these expenses. There are
no other current costs to be considered.
6. I have a personal interest in finance and business. This alone will allow me to
find joy during the completion of my project. I am diligent and dedicated when I have
goals before me. I am also able to quickly learn new concepts, which will assist me in
learning how to file taxes. After the completion of this project, I will be able to tell
potential employers that I already have tax experience. This added experience will
certainly set me apart from other students.
7. One weakness that I will have to overcome is patience. Sometimes I am not as
patient with others as I would like to be. I will overcome this weakness by taking a step
back when needed and asking for the help of those around me when questions arise.
Outside threats might include other obligations or events that I would like to attend. I will
have to be committed and diligent to make this project and my service a priority.