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Periodic plan of Kritipur Municipality has been prepared by Sustainable and Research

Centre ( SDRC) Naya Bazaar. The report is prepared with due attention to the
expectations expressed in the invitation notice provided by DUDBC.

The overall objective of the study was to draft a periodic plan (PP) for Kritipur
Municipality by the Local Self-Governance Act 1999 & Regulations1999 in accordance
with the Periodic Plan Preparation Guidelines 2002 (MOLD), and as guided by the
concerned authority of DUDBC. PP of Kritipur Municipality envisages overall
development of the municipality related to social, economical, environmental, cultural,
institutional and physical aspects through formulation of: (i) sectoral goals, objectives,
strategic and operational policies; and (ii) a long-term physical development Plan; in
accordance with long-term vision set for the city.

The current developmental issues of the Kritipur Municipality are: the growing
dimensions of urban poverty; unplanned urban growth, serious deficiencies of
infrastructure and services; deteriorating environmental and sanitation problems,
financial resource constraints and organizational weaknesses. Apart from meeting the
current deficits, the future infrastructure and services requirement for the Kritipur
Municipality's growing urban population provides the major policy; challenges for the

Periodic plan of the municipalities comprised of sectoral goals and programs that are
guided by or consistent with long term vision and physical development plan of the
municipality". The PP of the Kritipur Municipality is also envisaged to consist of short-
term action plans and programs - "action schedule spanning for five years'-, to resolve
both city level and ward level problems.

Kritipur Municipality Periodic Plan' (PP) preparation as provided by Local Self-

Governance Act (LSGA) is divided into five sections.

First section contains description, objective scope of work of periodic plan.

Second section contains town profile,

Third section contains detail output came from ward gathering.

Fourth section contains long term vision and physical & environmental development

Fifth and Last section contains Formulation of Multi Sector Investment Plan (MSIP)
which would consist of a package of prioritised and mutually supportive sectoral
programs/projects. It also contains preliminary designs and cost estimates (short term &
long term, city level planning & ward level planning) for a period of 5 years consistent
with the set vision for the city, sectoral goals & objectives along with physical
development plan and multi sectorial investment plan.

The identified sectors in Kirtipur Municipality are physical & infrastructure development
part, environmental management part, social development part, economic development
part, financial development part, heritage conservation part and institution development
Following Periodic Plan Formulation Process: Flow Chart were adopted
 Commitme
nt to carry
Workshop Data collection and out
Conceptualisation of the long  Formation
(Planning Team term strategic vision analysis
and the Steering  Socio-economic of Steering
Committee)  Environmental Committee,
 Institutional . Study
 Physical team
 Financial  Organising
Ward Identification of Lead Workshop
 Heritage
level Sector

Identification and analysis

Town Level of problem, potentials, Town Profile
meetings challenges and Preparation
Design of preliminary plans & program s based
on log frame
 Physical infrastructure development Plan
 Environmental Management Plan
 Social Development Plan
 Economic Development Plan Budget Formulation
 Institutional development Plan -Allocation of
 Financial Development Plan development budget
 Heritage conservation Plan Budget distribution (ward
s and municipal levels,
disaster relief &
Brief Town Profile

Kritipur Munjicipality is situated at South west part of Kathmandu Municipality. Kritipur

Nagarpalika was formed on Chaitra 14, 2053 by combining eight numbers of then VDC
of that region. There are 19 numbers of wards altogether in Kritipur Munjicipality.

Traditional compact settlement of Kritipur hill also know as Kepu is the main part of the
municipality. Beside this central part of municipality Panga, Naa Gaun and Bhagangal
are other three major settlements of the Municipality. Other remaining most of the
settlements on southern part of the Municipality have rural character. Most of the new
settlements are coming up on northern part of the Municipality.
There is Lalitpur Municipality on Eastern part of the municipality, Matsenarayan VDC
lies on western part, of municipality while Chalnakhel VDC lies on Southern part of
municipality. There are Thinthana VDC and Kalanki area of Kathmandu metropolitan city
on Northern part of Kritipur Municipality. The Kritipur Municipality occupies 19.91 sq km
area. This municipality comes under number election constitution sector of Kathmandu
district. Most of the middle part of the municipality has very fertile agriculture flat land.
The municipality area is considered as safe regarding earth quake. There are some
landslide zone and geologically sensitive area on Char Ghare of ward 15 and high flood
prompt zone along Bagmati river and Balkhu River.
The main water sources of water are Bagmati river , Balkhu River , various streams
from champadevi hill and Tau daha.
The total population of Kritipur Municipality according to census 2001 (LBS) is 40835.
53% of the total population occupied by male and 47% population occupied by female.
Population growth rate is around 2.68 per annum. The density of population is around
23 person per hector. Ward no. 9,2,3,4,5 and 6 have high density pops.
(43 person/hectors) Ward no. 4 has highest pop density of 308 person per hector. Ward
no 8 and 15 have list pop density of as around 8 person per hector. Area wise ward no 8
7 & 15 are the largest ward.
Kritipur Municipality has 67% active population. 65.5% of pop are from Newar
community. 58% are Hindu and 40 % population are Buddhists.
First and largest university, Tribhuvan University is situated in this municipality. Students
from all over the country come here to study and most of them stay in the municipality.
Besides having of the largest University in the municipality, only 42 % of population of
the municipality is literate.
48 % of the population go to government hospital while around 37 % go to private clinic
and nursing home . There are still some people who take traditional treatment.
Lots of studies of Kirtipur Municipality have been done. The major studies regarding
Kirtipur are Land Use Map, UDLE Municipal Level Poverty Profile of Kirtipur 2064, GIS
for Municipal Planning, and A case study from Kirtipur municipality ECIMOD.

Present Physical Development scenario

As per geographical and settlement pattern Kritipur Municipality can be classified into
following parts.

a) Historical City Core :-

Dense historical settlement situated on two hills of main Kritipur area can be considered
as Historical City Core. Most of the temple, monastery, and heritage zone fall into this
area. Most of the part of ward no 4, North East part of ward nos. 3, 4, and 12 and main
part of ward nos. 6, 7, and 11 fall into this historical city core.

b) Traditional Compact Settlement

Other dense compact settlements apart from core area come into this classification,
Panga, Nagaun, Itagole, Chovar are the main settlements of this kind. Beside dense
nature, there exists lots of open urban spaces in-between these settlement. Most of
these parts came on Southern part of ward nos 9,10, 11 & 18.

c) Scattered dense settlement

A compact settlement with less density and also having rural character come under this
category. Charghare, Bhutkhel, Taudaha are main part settlement of this nature. Most of
these settlement fall in ward nos 15 , 12 , 13, 14, 7and 8.

d) Rapid growing new settlement:

Tyanglaphat, Bhatkyapati are the rapid growing new settlement. The rate of
urbanization in these areas is very high. Most of the northern part of ward no 1 comes
under this category.

e) Scattered rural settlement :

Scattered settlement with rural character comes under this category. Tamang
Gaun,Sarki Gaun, Gamcha settlement have these type of nature. Most part of ward no
7,8 and 14 have these type of settlements. Some of southern part of ward no 15 has
also Scattered rural settlement.

Comparision of land use changes

Area in Hector
Land use
;g\ !((@ la= ; la=; la=;
+=!((^ +=@)) +=@))(
High Dense !=#@ !% @)=! #)
Medium $% &) !^$=& @!)=$
dense area
Low dense ^ !)) @^@ ##!=&
%=&* =@
Old #% #% #% #%
Commercial %=! (=& !)=# !$=#
Institutional !%% ! ! !
area %^=^ %^=^ ^@=^
Total #)&= #*^=$ ^$( &*$
lgdf{0f ljlxg If]q -/f]kgLdf_
s[lif If]q !)&) (() &@$= %*(=^
h+un #*) #*) #*# #*#
xl/ofnL $=@ $=@ $=@ $=@
hnfzo ^ $=( $=( $=(
;fj{hlgs !# !#=* !#=* !#=*
wfld{s !! !!=* !!=* !!=*
hDDff ! !$)% !! !))&=$
$*$=@ $@=$
>f]t M Municipal Level Poverty profile of Kirtipur Municipality 2008

Present situation of Urbanization

Add from page 12

Physical Infrastructure

Beside good road networking, most of roads of Kritipur Municipality are narrow in width.
The North south accessibility are better campare to the East West accecibility. There is
very high possibility of connecting Lalitpur District to Thankot via Kritipur. This could be
the alternative route of Kalanki Road. Kritipur Municipality has 6500 telephone lines and
500 more lines are adding near future. zAlmost all houses have electrical connection.
Thought 97 % of houses have municipal water supply connect due to the storage of
water source. People of kritipur are facing water problem.

In comparison to Kathmandu Metropolitan city air and sound pollution is Kritipur

municipality is less, 96% of house hold have sanitation facility. According to the
municipal level proverty profile 2008, 50% of waste generation are from water. 74 % of
waste generation are organic and 50% of generated waste are disposed in river.

Kritipur Municipality is reach in Heritage.Some of the monuments and site are falls in
World Heritage Zone. Kritipur is reached in natural also. Kritipur has around 59
temples, 59 patis, 64 nos of gumbas and 7 nos of Vihar.

Around 51 % of the population are engaged in trade and commerce whereas 15.83 % of
population are dependent in agricultural activities.
Beside being traditional and culturally riched town, Kritipur Municipality is not getting
sufficient advantage fron tourism activities. Probably kritipur is oldest settlement in the
Municipality source says that only 1000 tourist visit Kritipur in a year and tourists spend
very less time inside Kritipur.
53% of Total income of kritipur Municipality comes from its own resources and 62 % of
income comes from central government and grounds. Around 5% of income comes from
people’s participatory approach.

Chovar Hetauda fast track road could be the base of the development of Kritipur
municipality. There is very high opportunity and scope of tourism development in
Kritipur. There are numerous man made heritage as well as natural heritage. Presence
of Tribhuvan University in the Kritipur Municipality is great achievement for that area.
Education sector and tourism sector have the high value in Town. So, these two
sectors were considered as the lead sector of kritipur municipality. Based on these two
lead sectors, 20 years vision were set in the workshop vision.

Following vision of Kritipur Municipality were accepted

a) Kritipur as an educational centre

b) Kritipur Heritage town as a Tourism destination

Kritipur would be developed as a education centre (University town) along with tourism

Some of the importang log frame are shown as follows.

Physical Development Part
Summary of programme Indicators Justifications Risk part
Sectoral objective  Stronge base for Physical
Well planned physical physical  Annul infrastructure
infrastructure to infrastructure Implementation.
support kirtipur development reort of the
municipality as Resources
educational and  Awareness to the municipality
heritage town. people regarding  Regular survey
future of the report
municipality.  Annul report of
 Citizen also be industry and
able to play strong commerce
role in the city

 Drastic development in  gu/sf]  sL=g=kf=sf  u'? of]hgf / cfrf/;+lxtf
physical development part. 9n ] k|lta]bg .  u'? of]hgf cg';f/ sfd g
 Drastic reduction in the gfnf, ;  gu/ ;dGjo  gu/af;Lx?sf] ;xeflutfs
complain of citizen
8sx?sf] ;ldltsf] k| x'g g;s]df .
 Planned development in
residential zone. ltj]bg .  g]kfn ;/sf/sf] cfjZos ;x
Summary of programme Indicators Justifications Risk part
 Services in different of]hgf  j8f / ;+oQm >f]t / ;fwg ckof{Kt eP
increases. tof/ 6f]n ;
ePsf] . +u7gsf] k|
 lgdf{0f ltj]bg .
sfo{sf  lhNnf ;8s
nflu sfof{nosf]
cfrf/; k|ltj]bg .
+lxtf  /fli6«o
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 cfjf;Lo
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 9n /
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 xl/t, hn /
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sf] lasf; /
Summary of programme Indicators Justifications Risk part
 kmf]xf]/
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 hg;
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 hg;
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lj:tf/ +/rgfdf tYofÍ  hg ;xeflutf kof{Kt gx
. lasf;  ;8s ljefusf]  s]Gb|Lo :t/af6} ;8s lje
eO{ ;8s tYofÍ pknAwtf gx'g'
oftfoftdf  hUuf clwu|x0f ;DaGw
;'udtf  gx/ 5]p ;8s lgdf{0f u
a9]sf] . +rfO{ cfof]hgfsf] ;xd

jf6 a9]/
Summary of programme Indicators Justifications Risk part
x'g]5 .
jf6 j9]/
gof+ u|
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x'g]5 .
lsld= ;
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tyf lj:tf/
x'g] 5 .
$= #=#&
ls= dL=
;8s dd{t
x'g]5 .
kf+uf / ;
Summary of programme Indicators Justifications Risk part
yfgdf u/L
ls= dL=
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x'g]5 .
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;8s b"w{6gfdf sdL hUufdf sfof{nosf]  6\|flkms sfof{no;+u
cfPsf] x'g]5 a; tYofÍ gx'g'
!= 6ld{gn
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@= @ j6f
Summary of programme Indicators Justifications Risk part
k'n / @
j6f shj]
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-TASK FORCE_ u7g ug]{ .
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Corporate Accounting  gkfsf] clen]v s
System nfu' ePsf] x'g]5 ePsf x'g]5 .  cfly{s k|ltj]bg j
.  n]vf computerize x'g]5 .  Accounting Manual A
 Accounting Manaul to o
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@=@ Resource Maping sf
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