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Pa y m e n t S o l u t i o n s

3 September 2018
Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s
1 Abstract 3
2 Context 4
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Problems
3 The BCoin Vision 6
4 More than an Exchange 7
5 Features of the Platform 8
5.1 Superior Trade Engine
5.2 Financial Stability
5.3 Safe & Secure
5.4 User Focused
6 Unique Value Proposition 10
6.1 Trade
6.2 Store
6.3 Spend
7 Token Economics for Adoption 13
7.1 Token Features
7.2 A Value Driven Model
8 A Hybrid Token Distribution Model
8.1 Token Distribution
8.2 Use of Proceeds
9 Development & Roadmap 20
10 Meet the Team 21
10.1 Key Personnel
10.2 Panel of Advisors
11 Disclaimer 25 Whitepaper 2
Abstract 1
This whitepaper serves to provide comprehensive insight into the BCoin Project and its
Token Sale that runs through Q3 2018. Exact dates, KYC procedures, and participation
instructions will be provided on our website.

The vision of is to provide an all-encompassing cryptocurrency service platform

for the new tokenized economy. Having already built a cryptocurrency exchange
platform and established mining facilities (in Georgia, Houston, & Ontario), our
experienced team is committed to expand our range of services.
The current Exchange Platform comprise three main services,
Cryptocurrency Trading
Fiat-Crypto Trading
OTC Services

The BCoin Token (BCT) will be a utility token underpinned by blockchain technology,
built on the ERC20 Standard, with the most immediate use cases being,
Discounted Fees on the Exchange
Card & Spending Qualification
Tiered Membership Benefits
Community Activation (Listing & Polling)

Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all players, be it innovator, investor, or
user. The exchange platform has already launched more than 10 Major Cryptocurrencies,
and we are actively developing our platform to integrate more high-quality pairings.
Further to the Exchange Platform, by virtual extension of our services, we are building an
independent wallet for safe storage of your cryptocurrencies, married with an integrated
payment solution for enablement of day-to-day purchases. BCoin is an existing business –
heavily invested in education, incubation, and state-of-the-art facilities, our mantra is the
enablement of adoption and empowerment of the masses through cryptocurrencies and
distributed ledger technologies. Whitepaper 3
Context 2
As Bitcoin pioneered the dawn of digital The global cryptocurrency market is extremely
currencies, followed by Ethereum with DApps, fragmented and lacks the quality of a unified
Smart Contracts and the ICO wave, it is whole. This is not a surprise given the nature of
almost impossible denying the emergence of cryptocurrencies being borderless and difficult
cryptocurrencies as a legitimate asset class to regulate across each jurisdiction. Today,
second to national regulations, cryptocurrency
deserving a whole new definition for itself. exchanges serve as pseudo-gatekeepers and
With the recent onset of cryptocurrencies, unofficial regulators to the industry – for this
blockchain, and other distributed ledger reason cryptocurrencies are greatly affected by
technologies, conventional notions of the exchanges that they are listed on, unable to
traditional money are gradually being eroded find their use-cases most projects originally
by the idea of tokenized and P2P economies. intended for.

Regardless of the price of Bitcoin and/or

Ethereum, new cryptocurrencies are TRADING FEES
introduced into the market everyday with
little signs of slowing down, and exchanges On average cryptocurrency exchanges today
around the world are seeing more than charge between 0.1 - 0.3% trading fees for both
makers and takers - this impacts traders’ profit
100,000 new users each day.
margins. In order for exchanges to remain
With advancements in blockchain technology, competitive and charge a lower trading fee,
people are becoming more open to a crypto- trading volume has to be significant - this is
based financial system, as the Cryptocurrency extremely difficult for smaller exchanges to
remain competitive given most trading activity
Market saw a peak at $800 billion in January of remain among the top 5 - 10 exchanges.
With about 500 exchanges worldwide, each
serving in their own niche (whether fiat-crypto SECURITY BREACHES
only, crypto-crypto, OTC only, or only high- There have been multiple occasions where
caps), the reality is that crypto-service exchanges have lost traders’ funds. Whether it
platforms are highly fragmented, requiring the be the infamous Mt Gox hack of 2014, or the
user to navigate through a myriad of service recent ones of BitGrail and Coincheck in
platforms to achieve each of their unique February of 2018, it is evident that exchanges
goals. Promoting liquidity and providing ease- need to be highly secure to retain traders’
of-access to the cryptocurrency world will be confidence. Uninformed or new investors may
not be aware that these hacks were not on the
key to improving the user’s experience and
cryptocurrency networks but really on the
public perception of this emerging industry, exchanges themselves: these misunderstandings
enabling the everyday individual to participate are extremely damaging to the wider ecosystem
in cryptocurrency related activities safely and of cryptocurrency markets.
securely. Whitepaper 4
Context 2
Unexpected influx of trading volume has seen Exchanges stand in the gap of innovation and
major exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase widespread adoption. Following a thorough
shut down unexpectedly in 2017. These analysis of the cryptocurrency industry,
exchanges were not adequately prepared for
the sudden increased traffic from eager
investors during the ‘crypto boom’— resulting we conclude that any successful exchange
in slowed service times and instances of ‘going
dark’ for hours, causing much panic amongst has to address the following:
the investors that were affected.
- High security standards
- Liquidity assurance
- Low fees to enable trader’s profitability
With most cryptocurrencies boasting their
permission-less nature and value-without- - Responsive & effective customer service
borders, exchanges too, need to cater for
these properties. Most cryptocurrency - Platform versatility
exchanges today deal with either fiat (usually
in the native currency or USD) or purely - Services to aid usability
cryptocurrencies. Serving in their own distinct
silos, these exchanges do not have the - Cryptocurrency solutions
features that are able to provide for a global
digital asset such as Bitcoin. Furthermore,
most platforms only support one language
whether it is on their user interface, or
customer service support.

It is without a doubt that understanding
cryptocurrency and its associated activities is
no easy feat. From unpacking the technical
complexities of private keys and hashing
algorithms, to the financial proficiency of how
the cryptocurrency market works, the
barriers to entry for the everyday individual
seems but a herculean task. Nonetheless,
exchanges being the gateway into the crypto-
world, have not adequately addressed this
issue of ease-of-use and proper user
onboarding. Whitepaper 5
The BCoin Vision 3
Currently, cryptocurrency trading activities remain amongst just a few elite platforms,
creating an oligopoly which is in direct contradiction to the philosophies of the
decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies - these serve as large honeypots of critical
points of failure. As with Decentralised Exchanges (DEX), the pain points, just to name a
few are high fees, high latency, poor incentive models to maintain a decentralised
network – DEXs are not yet ready for mainstream use. It remains for alternative
centralised exchanges to provide for the above solutions, not only to drive competition
and innovative solutions, but to also allow customer versatility and risk diversification.
Furthermore, from the user’s perspective, investing in this space comprise a myriad of
activities, including education and research, securing these digital assets, participating in
network activities (such as running a node/master-node, mining, etc.) and eventually using
these cryptocurrencies in day-to-day purchases of goods & services.
BCoin is committed to bringing cryptocurrencies into mainstream adoption through our
end-to-end Cryptocurrency Service Platform. Built for the masses, whether it is your
entry or exit point, our platform has got you covered.
Already trading your favourite cryptocurrencies, we understand that the reality is that
cryptocurrencies are being traded and speculated upon. Cryptocurrencies by their very
nature have not yet realised the envisioned use-cases as an alternative form of currency –
therefore they should be in turn, considered as some category of ‘cryptographically
secured digital assets’.
At our core is a multi-functional/versatile exchange platform, and around it, we are
building an ecosystem of complimenting services such as a project launchpad, an
educational platform, and a multicurrency wallet with integrated payment rails for
mainstream usage. Our goal is to bring together a whole suite of services to a
fragmented ecosystem in a synergistic manner that addresses the needs of the everyday
investors at all levels. This will aid maturity of this emergent space, and truly realize the
utility and fungibility that cryptocurrencies had sought to achieve.

“Bitcoin has succeeded on the level of a new currency,

but the payment system is somewhat lacking, It’s very
hard to use, and that’s the big challenge”
- Peter Thiel, Founder of PayPal Whitepaper 6
M o re t h a n a n E x c h a n g e 4
T R A D E , S TO R E , & S P E N D S E C U R E LY
Discover an entirely different ecosystem for
th e n ew to ke n i ze d e c o n o my

Here at BCoin, we believe in the evolution of money and the F I AT T R A D I N G

necessity to steward new and innovative technologies into their
fruition through strategic, measured action. BCoin is more than
just another Exchange – we will enable widespread adoption
through empowerment of the everyday individual in a new era of C RY P TO T R A D I N G
cryptocurrencies and shared economies.
Already part of an international alliance with a global presence in
8 cities, as well as a community leader of tech enthusiasts and OT C S E R V I C E
futurists - technology and enterprise is in our blood. We are in
collaboration with education partners and professionals, building
an educational hub to enable onboarding of new entrants into the
industry. MOBILE


Singapore New York (TBC)
Malaysia Beijing
Seoul Chengdu
Tokyo Hong Kong
LAUNCHPAD Whitepaper 7
Fe a t u re s o f t h e P l a t fo r m 5



Our high-performance matching engine With multiple facilities fitted-out with the latest
ensures high transaction throughput with Antimers in Georgia, Houston and Ontario,
millisecond latency performance though a BCoin currently mines on average 50 BTC each
unique order management and intelligent day. As with the cryptocurrency market
matching algorithm which ensures secure constantly plagued by the issue of illiquidity,
settlement and best match metrics. Our exchanges backed by mining capabilities are
systems are planned for hardware acceleration central in providing for this need. Our group is
methods, and enhanced memory efficient continually developing mining hardware/facilities
matching software to suit the platform’s and market-making software to ensure liquidity
requirements as more cryptocurrency pairings in our markets. We are also exploring mining
are integrated. We are committed to Altcoins and running Masternodes where
providing optimised performance outcomes feasible, and take a keen interest in consensus
while understanding the constraints of security models (i.e. PoS) that serve as environmentally
standards to be met . sustainable alternatives. Whitepaper 8
Fe a t u re s o f t h e P l a t fo r m 5


Our security procedures are highly robust, on As with our multi-currency (fiat and crypto)
both an operational level and systems level. endeavours, BCoin intends to lower the barriers
With reference to the banking industry to entry by providing multi-language support.
standards, a stringent security protection Not just on the trading platform, but to effective
system has been established: banking-level customer service and community channels to
encryption, tripartite hosting, multilayer and each trading hub in their native language.
multi-cluster systems architecture to ensure Currently supporting English & Mandarin, we
platform reliability and financial security. have planned customer service support
Wallets on the platform have been built with languages in Filipino, Korean, and Bahasa.
multiple security levels of storage in line with
the scale of which each storage is purposed As we seek to bring cryptocurrency to the
for. The technical architecture of the wallet masses, fiat gateways are crucial in ensuring
documentation incorporates banking and inclusivity to all parties. Launching with USD,
industry standards and multi-layered BCoin has already expanded this service to
encryption storage systems, where cipher majority of our Asian Counterparts, such as
codes are preserved by key personnel and Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and the Philippines,
cycled through each time period. Through and eventually to other parts of the world.
internal control and security procedures, The second component is to further integrate
operation of any wallet documentation will be cryptocurrency pairings for users to trade in the
closely monitored, and access provided by Altcoin market. Launching with the only the
multiple key personnel. Furthermore, a large most established cryptocurrencies to begin with,
part of the exchange’s digital assets is held in we expect to have successfully listed at least 50
cold storage, with a further allocation of 20%
top tier cryptocurrencies by the end of 2018.
into a reserve pool. Access to cold storage
also requires each authorized party in their In the cryptocurrency world, the concept of
respective locations to gain access or execute community involvement is crucial to the success
changes over multiple geolocations with no of any project. We intend to foster community
single point of access. spirit through customer service efforts, guiding
new and seasoned investors alike. Any queries
or issues can be addressed almost immediately
on our social media channels. In the interim, our
integrated Chat bot and Telegram Channel will
be the main platform for all customer service
related queries 24/7. Our social media platforms
such as Twitter, Wechat, Weibo, Instagram,
Medium, Reddit, and Facebook will provide
updates on our development progress to ensure
our community is always up to date in this fast-
moving industry. Whitepaper 9
Unique Value Proposition 6



Having already built an Exchange Platform, on both web and mobile, we consider this the
first step towards mass consumer empowerment. It doesn’t stop there – we are
developing an entire suite of complimentary services to provide inclusivity to all market
players, be it innovator or investor. Some of the unique features of our platform includes
fiat-crypto trading, crypto-crypto trading, mobile functionality, and robust security
standards. Already trading your favourite cryptocurrencies, we are continually improving
and upgrading our systems for both business and operational scalability.
Our next phase is to introduce a token-model into our ecosystem (Refer to Section 8).
Not only will this provide enormous value to our ecosystem, but also to the end-user.
Try our platform today at Whitepaper 10
Unique Value Proposition 6



BCoin is building a Multi-Currency Digital Wallet independent of the exchange. The

BCoin Wallet will be the bridge to a number of services that can be accessed through a
single interface, including Token Sale participation, secure storage of cryptocurrencies,
access to the Exchange, and most importantly, provide an integrated payment
solution to our users. The goal is to bring a ‘private cryptocurrency banking experience’
to the everyday individual. Wrapping solid engineering within a beautiful pocket-sized
interface, BCoin understands the need to marry a user-friendly features with cutting edge
With mobile trading already available on the App Stores, we believe that it will not be
long before we achieve this next milestone. Download our Trading App today and
experience the difference. Whitepaper 11
Unique Value Proposition 6



Partnering with existing e-payment companies, we believe that we have already met half
our objective. Leveraging on traditional payment channels, BCoin is seeking to integrate
cryptocurrencies through an Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) provider such as MPay in
Malaysia. We are also working with an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) in the
Philippines to further advance our payment capabilities. As our everyday e-wallets
become increasingly sophisticated, incorporating multiple functionalities such as gift
cards, loyalty points, vouchers and so much more, cryptocurrencies and blockchain
based assets too, require a bridge to permeate the mainstream. One of the greatest pain
point of cryptocurrencies is to achieve its ‘currency-status’ and its fungibility in traditional
commerce – plastic money, is still highly relevant in today’s ‘cashless societies’, and
serves as an excellent segue into the tokenised economy.

Furthermore, the convenience of recharging your card directly from the

exchange, for immediate retail use, has yet to be explored - BCoin will be
the first of its kind. Whitepaper 12
To ke n E c o n o m i c s fo r 7



Built on the Ethereum ERC20 Standard, the BCT Token will be used as the fuel for our
ecosystem and to ensure longevity of the business model. Our native tokens will find
almost immediate utility upon issuance, on our Exchange platform. The issuance
of these tokens serve two main purposes:
1 – User acquisition through token distribution & mining
2 – User retention and adoption through token incentives & immediate utility Whitepaper 13
To ke n E c o n o m i c s fo r 7
When BCT Tokens are used to pay for BCT Tokens will be an indication of the demand
trading fees, the user is entitled a discount. and engagement of the community. During
This is by far, the most successful and Community Polling Events (when a new coin is
undisputed use-case of an Exchange Issued being listed, or integrated into the multi-
Token. There is a strong reason for users to currency wallet), each BCT Token represents a
both acquire AND use the token in order to voting weight of 1 per user.
maximise trading profitability.
However, members are deemed as vested users
The native BCT Token Discount Structure is of the platform and therefore their vote is
as follows: factored in accordance to their membership
- 30% Discount (1st year)
The voting weight is factored as follows:
- 20% Discount (2nd year onwards)
DIAMOND - Vote Weight x 4
RUBY - Vote Weight x 3
SAPPHIRE - Vote Weight x 2
Owners of BCT Tokens will receive additional
membership incentives – up to 30% discount
off trading fees, as well as qualification of our
SPEND features. The Membership Model is
tiered according to the user’s personal usage
and loyalty to the platform.
Hold 12,000 BCT Tokens on the Exchange to
quality for additional 30% trading fee discount
and qualification for the DIAMOND Card
(Founder’s Edition).
(2) RUBY
Hold 6,000 BCT Tokens on the Exchange to
qualify for additional 20% trading fee discount
and qualification for the RUBY Card.
Hold 3,000 BCT Tokens on the Exchange to
qualify for additional 10% trading fee discount
and qualification for the SAPPHIRE Card.
As long as the user maintains a ‘float’ of the
stipulated units of BCT Tokens, each trade
automatically qualifies for the discount. Whitepaper 14
To ke n E c o n o m i c s fo r 7
Built on the measure of the token’s utility, our tiered model provides an indication of user
engagement and matches that with rewards accordingly. The mechanisms of tokens-as-fees
(usage) coupled with holding benefits (periodically replenished) are incorporated to provide
optimum utility and use cases for the token in accordance to the user’s level of engagement.
Further to traditional lock-up periods or token burns, the membership conditions help to
maintain a lower token velocity to encourage sustainable price action.
We define this as a tiered Proof of Engagement on the Exchange & its related

Maintain 12,000 BCT
30% Additional Trading Discount
Diamond Card
Voting Weight x 4

Maintain 6,000 BCT
20% Additional Trading Discount
Ruby Card
Voting Weight x 3

Maintain 3,000 BCT
10% Additional Trading Discount
Sapphire Card
Voting Weight x 2 Whitepaper 15
To ke n E c o n o m i c s fo r 7
John, a Diamond Member, qualifies for 60% trading fee discount when he maintains 12,000 BCT
Tokens in his exchange wallet AND uses BCT Tokens for each trade. As he goes about his daily
trading activities and his BCT Inventory decreases, nearing 12,000 BCTs, he will need to replenish
his inventory in order to maintain his Membership benefits. In addition to this, during periodic
polling events, each token he uses as a polling right is factored 4x that of an ordinary user – this is
indicative of his vested interest in the ecosystem.


BCoin may, from time-to-time, request to accept BCT Tokens as Listing Fees from potential
projects, or any other services where applicable. BCT Tokens may also be issued to our
‘incubatees’ as our contribution to them. As our ecosystem grows, and with greater network
effects, we envision further use cases for our token to emerge. Whitepaper 16
To ke n E c o n o m i c s fo r 7
The advantage of exchange issued native tokens is that it finds immediate utility and
subscribership on its platform where services are rendered. The distribution process not
only increases exposure and user acquisition to build a greater userbase, but also enables
conversation of token holder support and loyalty through incentive models. In the case
of BCoin, we have designed a three-pronged incentive model – first of its kind in the
space. This brings unprecedented value to both the health of the Exchange Business, but
for the token holders as well.
Historically, Exchange Tokens have performed generally well, with value appreciation
almost instantly on its issuance. Refer to below weighted returns according to the largest
Exchanges (by Daily Average Volume) from token issuance to date (August 2018).



Weighted Returns on Exchange Tokens



14 X
7.5 X

0 1 2 3 4 5
Starting Months Whitepaper 17
A H y b r i d To ke n 8
Distribution Model
We will issue the BCoin Token (BCT), with a 5% Trade Mining as a secondary
fixed supply of 300,000,000 BCTs created. The distribution initiative
Token Sale will be held in ETH. In addition to a
conventional token offering, BCoin will allocate
5% the total supply (15 million) to Trade
Mining. This will be derived from either,
(1) Unsold tokens from the Public Sale (if more
than 5% of the total are not sold, the
difference will be burned.
25% Public Sale
(2) From our Development Allocation 75 Million
40% Development
120 Million
Pre-Sale: 6 Months (20% after 3 months) 20% Pre-Sale
60 Million
Public: None
15% Team
Team: 2 Years (50% after 12 months) & Advisors
Advisors: 20% release per quarter 45 Million


Total Supply 300,000,000

Pre-Sale 60,000,000 Pre-Sale 40% Discount
Public Sale 75,000,000

Token Price $0.50 USD Phase 1 20% Discount

Phase 2 10% Discount
Phase 3 No Discount
Softcap $10,000,000 USD
Hardcap $45,000,000 USD Whitepaper 18
A H y b r i d To ke n 8
Distribution Model
During the initial launch of the BCT Tokens, 120% of all trading fees collected will be
returned to the users in BCT Tokens. A daily limit of 1 million tokens will be applied to
ensure the distribution is just and fair, providing a richer trading experience to all users.
Trade mining is an effective way to further dilute (or decentralise) ownership to
individuals that were not able to participate in the token sale. It also provides an
opportunity for active traders to accumulate BCTs during this season through the
platform engagement (see Proof of Engagement – Section 7).


BCoin adopts comprehensive KYC/AML processes—we aim to support a network of
businesses and governments where both partners and users will be able to seamlessly
integrate themselves into the BCoin ecosystem while securely validating personal data.
We will work closely with regulators and abide with any compliance requirements to
adopt zero-tolerance towards illicit activities and will seek to ensure that this does not
become a vehicle for money-laundering and terrorism-financing activities.


20% Business Development

20% Product Development

30% Sales & Marketing

15% Operations

5% Legal

10% Reserve Whitepaper 19
D eve l o p m e n t & R o a d m ap 9
Q4 2017
Project Initiation
Platform Development

Q1 2018
Platform Soft Launch
V1 Whitepaper

Q2 2018
Platform Upgrade
Mobile Trading

Q3 2018
Mobile Trading Launch

Q4 2018
Wallet Development
Exchange Integration

Q1 2019
Wallet Testing
Payment Gateway

Q2 2019
Wallet Launch
Payment Trials

Q3 2019
Wallet Upgrade
Card Distribution

Q4 2019
Product Scaling
New Roadmap Whitepaper 20
M e e t t h e Te a m 10

Davy Goh, Founder & CEO

DBS Bank, CS First Boston, Citibank N.A., ABN AMRO Bank, UCF Group

As the founder of BCoin and an outspoken blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist,

Davy is responsible for its overall success. Motivated leader & serial entrepreneur, Davy
has a proven management track record and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in
corporate financial strategies and management. His core strength lies in working with
Fintech related businesses to expand their geographic reach and strategic alliance with a
strong focus on customer acquisition and financial performance.

Dr Ting Shang Ping, CTO

DSTA, Nyenburgh, Snap Innovations, Snapbots

Dr Ting, a proven Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Global Fintech Leader with years of
experience in sustaining the financial goals of many multinational companies in different
market sectors. Having worn many hats in his career, Dr Ting is driven to progress in his
areas of interest—Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence & Financial Trading. Leading a
team of technical experts at Snap Innovations Pte Ltd since 2011. Dr Ting is a much
sought-after expert in the space.

Sophia Chen, COO

Aron Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Sophia is a highly motivated and established individual in the fintech space. She is well
versed in the areas of Corporate Finance, Investment, Operations, and Fintech related
businesses. As the CFO and co-founder of a robo-advisory based fintech start-up, Sophia
is seasoned in providing robust financial and operational strategies for new entrants. Prior
to that, she was the managing director at Aron Capital, focusing on structured financing
and equity investment.

Wendy Lim, CMO

Zeta Global, Premier Farnell, DBS Bank

Wendy heads the marketing & outreach team at BCoin. She partners the core team to
ensure the overall success through effective marketing communications. Her strength lies
in understanding digital capabilities and the ever-evolving communication channels that
connect customers across their lifecycle. Wendy has spent more than ten years, focusing
on both traditional and digital marketing to guarantee overall effectiveness and profitability
of organisations.

Ivan Lae, CCO

Woori Investment & Securities, Nord/LB, BOTM, Tat Lee Securities, State Bank of India

Ivan has more than 20 years’ experience in finance, investment and risk advisory. Ivan was
previously the Compliance Head at SBICAP (Singapore) Ltd—as part of the pioneering
team, they set up the investment banking arm of The State Bank of India. He was mainly
responsible for the compliance, risk and regulatory activities of the bank. In his earlier
career, he had held various executive positions in corporate finance and equity capital
markets. Whitepaper 21
M e e t t h e Te a m 10

Sara Chen Winnie Yang Zac Tow Kenneth Hu

Projects Operations Product Developer

Kim Kan Shayne Tan Liu Mi

Marketing Investor Relations Business Development


Established in early 2017, a geographical

extension of our team in Cheng Du is home
to more than 200 of our technology
Further to the current Exchange Services,
we have buried ourselves deep into the
disruptive capabilities of distributed ledger
technologies, researching and building on
their unique non-tamperable, time stamping,
traceability, and smart contract properties. Whitepaper 22
M e e t t h e Te a m 10

Dato’ Chew Chee Seng, Strategic Advisor

MPay Group, Dataprep Holdings, Schlumberger Limited

Dato’ Chew Chee Seng is the Group Managing Director of ManagePay Systems Berhad
(‘MPay’ Group). He is the founder of MPay Group, and responsible for the formulation and
implementation of the overall business strategies and policies of MPay Group. Dato’ Chew
expertise in Computer Science and Business Management makes him an ideal candidate for
the cryptocurrency space. Chee Seng plays a crucial role in providing guidance and forming
strategic alliances in our payment solution endevours.

Stephen Lee, Technical Advisor

Gluu Life, Starhub, Motorola Mobility

Stephen holds more than 16 years of experience in the Technology industry and product
development. Currently the founder of Gluu which is a P2P mobile data sharing platform.
He was previously Head of StarHub’s Innovation, Investment and Incubation arm focusing
on innovation and disruptive technology. A seasoned veteran in the space, Stephen is a
much sought-after professional that works closely with our innovation partners and
technology experts.

Leonard Tan, Blockchain Advisor

ConsenSys, Visa

Leonard is currently a full stack software engineer with ConsenSys, a venture production
studio for decentralized apps. He has built a secure mobile cryptowallet for CoinHako as
well as full-stack Ethereum dapps, and has been a technical advisor for multiple ICOs. A
member of Ethereum Foundation working on ENS, he has been invited to present at
blockchain events across the world in the US (ETHDenver), Singapore, UAE (ICANN60),
as well as Ghana (Ghana Blockchain Conference).

Professor Paul Griffin, Academic Advisor

Singapore Management University, Eastspring Investments, HSBC

As an Associate Professor at SMU & Director of Financial Technology & Analytics,

Professor Paul teaches postgraduate and undergraduate students in IT and FinTech. He
gained a PhD at Imperial College London in 1997 on Quantum Well Solar Cells and
Thermophotovoltaics and has been researching Disruptive Technologies applications and
their impacts since 2014. Paul has also been advising companies on various DLT
applications, teaching blockchain & smart contract courses, judging hackathons and
moderating panel discussions in the FinTech sphere

Chun Heng Yuen, Strategic Advisor

Ark Solutions, SembCorp Industries, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Chun is a high-level thinker and excellent strategist - holding multiple leadership

appointments and advisory roles amongst MNCs, Chun and is a much sought after
business partner in the corporate world. Chun is a graduate of the University of Liverpool,
UK, with a first-class honours degree in Engineering & Management. He also holds a
Chartered Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Chun is a
Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors. Whitepaper 23
M e e t t h e Te a m 10

Albert Lam, Strategic Advisor

IPP Financial Advisors

As the head of the Investment Division in IPP Financial Advisers Private Limited, Albert
helms what is quite easily the most comprehensive analysis team in the financial planning
industry. He is also the chairman of IPP’s Investment Committee and takes a leading role
in the oversight of economic and investment research. Albert is a much sought-after
speaker and adviser on financial issues. His ability to identify opportunities through
complex business relationships makes him a formidable strategist in the space.

Ong Jun Hao, Community Advisor


Founder of BlockConnectors, a leading ICO Advisory for blockchain and cryptocurrency

firms in Singapore. Consulted for more than 30 Initial Token Offerings and built a total
community of more than 200,000 across multiple token sale projects. Raised more than
$300 Million for all projects collectively. Passionate about Cryptocurrency and the
underlying technology, blockchain. Jun Hao is well regarded for his deep understanding of
the cryptocurrency market, and has amassed over 16,000 followers on Telegram.

Janos Reyes, Regional Advisor (PH)

JD Capital Holdings, Dornier Technology Inc., Welton Energy, PhiLNG Pte Ltd

Janos is a serial entrepreneur and avid tech enthusiast – with a many years in the Energy
and Airline Industry Janos is a “big-picture” professional who has always excelled in
competitive environments. Janos is also a strong believer of establishing robust processes
and seeing to it personally that critical issues are resolved with tact and speed. Janos
provides an all-rounded approach to bridge between, Technical, Commercial, Financial,
Corporate Planning and Legal Management.

Chris Cho, Regional Advisor (KR)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Apple, Fuji Xerox

With a strong background in Engineering, Chris is a highly technical individual experienced

in several areas of Database Management, Cloud Computing, and Electronics. Combined
with many years in business development and marketing, Chris thrives in Tech-related
businesses. In recent years, Chris has served on the board of director of a major Korean
Crypto Exchange and has supported several start-up companies together with various
Southeast Asian and Korean organizations. Whitepaper 24
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