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1 Thumbs 4 Grammar worksheet upy GENEID seosenes soot page 100 be: present simple (interrogative) be: present simple (affirmative and 4 First complete the questions. Use negative) Am, Are, or Is, Then match the short answers (a-d). 1 Write the words in the correct order. a) Yes itis’) “Yes, you are.” fourteen./1/’m not b)‘No,'mnot’ —d) ‘No, youaren't’ I'm not fourteen, os 1 Myname/James./is ‘Fire we good (a 7 ta 3 is/ Her birthday /in June. 4 intheteam./'m/I 5 Wednesday. /It/isn’t 2 Complete the sentences. Use ‘m, s, or re. ‘They're Spanish, 1 He____ the captain. 2 We___students. 3 1__wwelve. 4 You___agood player. 5 She____my friend. 3 Complete the sentences. Use ‘m not, aren't, or isn’t. She isn’t my sister. 1 They sent 2 He eeapan 3 You timer! 41 English. — ee als aon) 3 We inteteam a © Oxford University Press