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When you reveal an Event card, you must The Four Versions of

perform a particular action (see below).

the Camp Cards
As soon as you fail or succeed, the game
continues with the next player revealing a
card. Event cards stay in the middle.

End of the Game

Camp Cards If you lose your last Life Point, you are eli-
Camp cards represent other players’ Trea- minated from the game. You lose all Trea-
sure stashes. If a Camp card is accessible, sures and must distribute them as evenly
you can steal other players’ Treasure cards. as possible between the surviving players,
A Camp card works just like a Treasure card: who place them face-down under their
If it is accessible (right time of day, and respective Adventure decks.
not trapped), you must tap it first. If it is If only one player remains in the game, day
inaccessible and you tap it, you lose 1 Life this survivor wins. n ig h t
Point. Otherwise, the game ends when the music
However, the reward is different: The first stops and the sound of the oars plays. All
player to tap an accessible Camp card may players still in the game count up their
steal up to 2 Treasure cards from other Treasure cards.
players. You can steal one card each from But beware! You can only keep 3 Treasure
two different players, or two from the same cards per Life Point you have. You must
player. Place the two cards in your Treasure discard any beyond that number.
pile, face-up in front of you. If there are
fewer than 2 Treasures to steal, you only Example: If you have 4 Life Points, and
steal as many as you can. Camp cards stay you took 15 Treasure cards, you can
in the middle. keep only 12 of them.
The player who still has the most Trea- Day Trap N ig h t T r a p
Event Cards
sures is the winner.
Event cards are encounters
or adventures you have on If there is a tie for the most Treasures,
the island. For the most the winner is the tied player with the target with the Pistol. As soon as a player
part, these are dangers, most Life Points. If there is still a tie, misses the target, she is eliminated.
but a few can help you. the tied players take turns shooting at a



Editing: Josh Edwards and Jeff Quick Designer Thanks: A big “Thank you” Rd. Suite 320 Las Vegas, Nevada 89149 FOR USE BY PERSONS 3 YEARS OF AGE OR
Development, Design, and to Philippe Des Pallières, David Capon, USA YOUNGER. Made in China.
Packaging: ORIGAMES and François Bruel. Jeu en anglais. Importé au Canada par IELLO
Designer: Roberto Fraga USA LLC, 5550 Painted Mirage Rd., Suite
Coordination and Rules: Enormous thanks to all the games 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149, USA.
Art and Colors: Igor Polouchine, Guillaume Gille-Naves organizers of Corsaire Ludique IELLO - 9 Avenue des Érables
Andréa Femerstrand, and Alexey Art Director & Monster Graphics for their enthusiasm during the - Lot 341 - 54180 Heillecourt FRANCE
Yakolvlev Research: Igor Polouchine tournaments.
Music: Guillaume Julien A gigantic “Thank you” to Carole, ©2015 IELLO USA LLC. IELLO, PINGO PINGO, and
Series Directors: Cédric Barbé and FOLLOW US ON: Morgane, and Florence, the first to
their logos are trademarks of IELLO USA LLC.
Patrice Boulet have plunged into the adventure! ©2015 ORIGAMES. ORIGAMES and its logo
Project Manager: Gabriel Durnerin are trademarks of ORIGAMES.
Translation: Nathan Morse Warning: This product contains small parts
that can be swallowed and may not be sui-
table for use by children under 36 months.
Event Details 2-4
2-4 2

; Space Penguin Penguin Rampage 6+

The statue of these penguins’ deity comes A horde of relentless penguins charges right
to life and lunges toward you! You can at you. Gather your affairs and get out of
only fight it with a special weapon hidden there! 15 mn
15 mn 1
in the wreckage of The player who reveals
a pirate ship on the this card must take
island. all cards from the
The player who middle of the table
revealed this card and distribute them
must get up and go as evenly as possible
touch the Pirate Ship to all players (inclu-
base, then return to ding herself) before
her seat, take the hearing the next
pistol, and shoot the Cry. Players place
Space Penguin target these cards face-
with a dart before down under their respective Adven-
hearing the next Cry. You can take as ture decks.
many shots as you need. If a Cry sounds before you distribute all the
If a Cry sounds before you shoot the tar- cards, you fail and lose 1 Life Point, but
get, you fail and lose 1 Life Point. you must still finish distributing the cards.
; Bear Rider
A furious penguin mounted on a colossal ; Suspension Bridge ; Monkey Sorcerer
white bear attacks you! You reach a suspension bridge over a deep Lost in the jungle, you encounter a
The player who revealed this card must ravine. The ropes don’t look too sturdy, so mysterious monkey sorcerer, the only
take the pistol and shoot the Bear tar- you’d better hurry! friendly face on this island.
get with a dart The player who revealed this card must get When a player reveals
before the next up and go touch one of the Suspension this card, everyone
Cry. You can take Bridge bases, then tries to tap it. The
as many shots as the other, and first player to tap it
you need. return to his seat regains 1 Life Point
If a Cry sounds before hearing the (flip a Skull card back
before you shoot next Cry. to the Heart side).
the target, you If a Cry sounds But beware! If you
DED fail and lose 1 before you get tap it and have all
Life Point. back, you fail and of your Life Points,
ELLO lose 1 Life Point. the Monkey Sorcerer
punishes you. Lose 1
Life Point, instead!
Keep this Informations


a game by
6+ roberto Fra

In the middle of the Caribbean, a
mysterious island holds countless Goal of the ;
1 rule booklet
1 pirate pistol
; 2 Suspension Bridge
treasures. One stands out—the
Golden Pineapple, the dream of every Game ; 1 CD ; 1 Pirate Ship base
; 35 Life Point cards
; 10 darts for the pistol
treasure hunter. ; 82 Adventure cards
Survive your expedition to the Isle of the ; 1 Space Penguin target
You have discovered this fabulous Penguins, and bring back as many trea- ; 1 Bear target
island! But your quest will be sures as you can grab in 15 minutes. The
dangerous. Fearsome penguin player with the most Treasure cards wins.
warriors have lived here for centuries, ; Stand the 2 targets (Space Penguin and
protecting their treasures. Bear), the 2 Suspension Bridge bases
Dodge their
attacks, avoid
Setup and the Pirate Ship base in assorted
locations 6 to 10 feet from where the
the traps, and ; Each player receives 7 Life Point cards. game is set up, visible to all players.
face the terrible Line them up in front of you, Heart- Note: We recommend that you place
guardians of the side-up. a weight in the bases and targets,
Golden Pineapple!
; Shuffle the Adventure cards. Deal them or assemble them with the tabs on
Then steal
out fairly evenly to all the players, face- bottom permanently attached (glued
everything in your
down. (It’s OK if some players have one or taped).
path and get back
to the boat, safe more card than others.) ; Insert the CD into a CD player, or pre-
and sound! ; Place your Adventure cards in a face- pare the MP3 file. Do not start the music
down deck in front of you, without loo- (track 2 on the CD) until all players are
king at them! ready to begin.
; Place the pistol and darts on the table,
in easy reach of all players.

6 to 10
10 fe

6 to

0 fee
6 to 1
The Music how to play
The music is indispensable to Pingo Pingo. Start Track 2 of the CD. As soon as the
It determines the length of the game and sound of the oars and footsteps stop, you
guides play. The music has two different hear the music and the game is on!
moods: Day and Night. Starting with the oldest player, take turns
Some actions are only available during Day revealing Adventure cards from your decks.
music and others during Night music. In On your turn, reveal the top card from your
addition, you will regularly hear (about deck, and place it face-up in the middle of Treasure Cards
every 30 seconds) a Cry of “Pingo Pingo!”. the table. This card triggers one action. As A Treasure card represents a treasure on the
This Cry resolves certain specific actions. soon as this action is resolved, the next island. These are why you came! Whoever
The CD contains two soundtracks, both player to the left reveals a card, and so on. has the most Treasure cards at the end of
downloadable from the games page on the Reveal cards as quickly as possible, without the game wins!
IELLO website. pausing between players’ turns. But beware! Some Treasure cards are trap-
Track 1 provides an explanation of the rules The game ends when the music stops, and ped, and can make you lose Life Points. If
and identifies the sounds. Sounds play in you once again hear the sound of the oars. you run out of Life Points, you lose.
this order: a Cry, Day music, a Cry, Night When a Treasure card is revealed, check
music, and a final Cry. This way, everyone how to Reveal Your Cards whether it is accessible.
knows what to expect. Flip your card over A Treasure is accessible when the time of
Track 2 lasts 15 minutes, and is played toward the center of the day shown on the card matches the music
during the game. It starts with the sound table (not toward your- (day while Day music is playing, or night
of the oars of a boat at sea. As soon as the self) so that all players while Night music is playing) and no trap
Day music starts, the game starts. When see it at the same time. appears on the card.
the music ends, and you hear the sound of Do it quickly so no one If the Treasure is accessible (right time of
oars again, the game is over. gets the jump on you! day, and not trapped), be the first one to tap
the card with your finger. Whoever taps first
takes the Treasure card and places it face-up
the cards in front of herself to form a Treasure pile.
If the Treasure is not accessible (wrong
Adventure cards can time of day, or trapped), DO NOT tap the
be one of three types: card. If you do anyway, the card stays in
Treasure, Camp, or the middle and you lose 1 Life Point (turn
Event. Treasure and one of your Life Point cards from the Heart
Camp cards have a side to the Skull side).
white border. Event
cards have an orange
Each card requires a
specific action when
it is revealed.

Note: If no one taps an inaccessible card,

the next player must reveal a card without
waiting too long. Leave the inaccessible
card on the table. When the music
changes, it might become accessible!
The Four Versions of Each Treasure Card

N ig h t
Day Trap N ig h t T r a p

N ig h t
Day Trap N ig h t T r a p

N ig h t
Day Trap N ig h t T r a p

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