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16320 NW 2ndAvenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33 169

File Number: MM-109803

Task Number: 2960

Tape NumberICD #: R40a (part 1)

Audio File Name: D-22.1 .MM.FD.NR. 12-11-07.045 1PM.wav

Date Recorded: 1211 1107

Time Recorded: 4:51 PM

Language: Spanish

TranslatorITranscriber: LS lleana Laureano

QC ReviewerITypist
of Corrections: LA Veronika Eliakim



AA Alejandro Antonini MM Moises Maionica
NR Nicolas Rossini FD Franklin Duran


Italics Spoken in Foreign Languages
IA Inaudible
UI Unintelligible
[1 Background Conversation 1 Noise
SC Simultaneous conversation CASE
NO. 07-20999-Cr-Lenard
ov Overlapping voices
Recorded Message EXHIBIT
PC1 NO. l o TR
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 1)

[ruidos] [noise]

AA: Pick it up. That's my daughter. [Se riel. Pick it up. That's my daughter. [Laughs].

SA: This is Special Agent Mike Lasiewicki This is Special Agent Mike Lasiewicki with the
with the FBI Miami. The date is FBI Miami. The date is December I Ith, 2007.
December 11th, 2007. The time is The time is 4:jlPM. This begins a consensual
4:jlPM. This begins a consensual monitoring of Alejandro Antonini, Franklin
monitoring of Alejandro Antonini, Duran, Moises Maionica and others. [phone
Franklin Duran, Moises Maionica and ringing in the background] The recording begins
others. [Suena el telkfono en el fondo]. now.
The recording begins now.

[pausa, ruidos] [pause, noises]

AA: [UI] the car. [UI] the car.

SA: In the car. In the car.

[ruidos, porcidn UI, ruidos de trafico] [noise, UI portion, traffic noise]

[se escucha musica en el fond01 [music heard in the background]

AA: Hola. Hello.

[voces en el fondo fond01 [voices in the background]

AA: Hey ... Hey ...

MM: Alejandro. Alejandro.

AA: iC6m0 esta? [SC] iC6m0 estan? How are you? [SC] How are you guys?

MM: iC6m0 andamos? How are we doing?
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 1)

- FD: jCbmo esta la vaina? How is it going?

AA: Bien, jy tu? Fine, and you?

MM: Chevere. Good.

AA: jQu6 mas? What's new?

FD: jCbmo esta la vaina - y esa camisa How is it going - and what's with the flowery
floreada? shirt?

AA: [UI] comprando con mi, con - [UI:] buying with my, with -

MM: Tommy Bahama. Tommy Bahama.

FD: jTommy Bahama? Tommy Bahama?

NR: Tommy Bahama. Si quieres nos sentamos Tommy Bahama. If you want we'll sit in one, of,
uno, de la, de aquella. of those.

AA: No, esta bien, si no les molesta. No, that's fine, if it doesn't bother you.

MM: No, no. No, no.

AA: j[UI] ~ U C ~ O ? [UI:] a lot?

FD: No, vale, vamos pa' alla, [UI]. No, okay, let's go over there, [UI].

MM: Varnos pa' alla. Estamos mas comodos. Let's go over there. We'll be more comfortable.
[SC] EspQate. [SC] Wait.

AA: jSeguro? Sure?

FD: Seguro. For sure.

MM: [UI] va a explotar aqui - jcierto? [UI] it's going to blow up here - right?

NR: [SCI [UI] una silla ahi. [SC] [UI] a chair over there.

AA: 0 una redonda. Or a round one.

.- NR: Si, una redonda. Yes: a round one.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

- [voces en el fond01 [background voices]

AA: Bueno, pero - una, una redonda, mas Well, but - a, a round one, bigger [SC] bigger.
grande [SC] mas grande.

MM: Una redonda. A round one.

NR: Quitemos el pinito. Let's move the little pine.

AA: ~ s t amira.
, Look, this one.

[hablando con la mesera] [talking to the waitress]

AA: Hey, howyoudoin'? Hey, how you do inr?

[SC, hablando con la mesera] [SC, talking with the waitress]

W: Will you be having dinner or just - Will you be having dinner or just - [SCJ

AA: I, I don't know i f - I don't know. 4 I don't know i f - I don't know.

UM: Nosotros comimos. We ate.

AA: Uh, I would like [SCJ I would like, uh, Uh, I would like [SCJ I would like, uh,
sparkling water with some lime juice sparkling water with some lime juice [SCJ -

W: Sparkling water with lime? Sparkling water with lime?

AA: - or Club Soda. - or Club Soda.

W: Or Club Soda? Or Club Soda?

AA: With lime juice. With lime juice.

W: I have both, I have sparkling water in a I have both, I have sparkling water in a bottle.

AA: 0-okay. Excellent. 0-okay. Excellent.
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12111/07 4:5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

.- FD: May-may - Miss.. . May-may - Miss.. ..

AA: Excellent. Excellent.

FD: - may I have an espresso, please. -may I have an espresso, please.

AA: Ah - ~Comieronya - aqui? Oh - You guys already ate - here?

FD: Si. Llegamos, marico. Yes. We got here, dude.

MM: No, y almorzamos [UT], huevon. No, and we had lunch [UT], dude.

AA: Disculpame. Sony.

MM: No, no, no, sino que como dijimos. "Nos No, no, no, but since we said, "We're going to
vamos a ver a las cuatro - meet at four -

AA: Y cuando te llame antes yo te dije, "Si, si, And when I called you before I told you, "If, if
puedes [UI] llegado, yo me montaba en el you can [UT] arrive, I would have gotten in the car
can0 antes." before."
MM: Comernos, hacemos el plus cafe, la vaina, We eat, we do the after coffee, the thing, while
mientras calculamos per0 de alla pa' aca we figure it out but from over there to here there
no hub0 nada de cola. Llegamos aqui a was no traffic. We got here at three in the
las tres de la tarde. afternoon.

MM: Nada de cola. [Hablando por telefono] No traffic. [Talking on the phone] Hello, Jimmy?
Alo, Jimmy?

AA: Yo tampoco agarre nada de cola, nada. I didn't get any traffic either, nothing. How are
iC6m0 estas, chamo? you, dude?

FD: Bien, L[UI] y ese reloj? Fine. [UI] and that watch?

AA: LTe gusta? Do you like it?

FD: Esta arrechisimo. It's awesome.

MM: [Sigue en el telefono] Aja. [Still on the phone] Uh-huh.

AA: ~ C O - Cva~todo?
~ O Ho-how's everything going?
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

-- FD: Mejor - imposible. Ya te vas a dar Better - impossible. You'll realize it.

MM: [En el telkfono] Okey. [pausa] [On the phone] Okay. [pause] Relax, we're
Tranquilo, vamos a hacer algo. Ten-, going to do something. Hav-, once you open the
cuando tengas la cuenta abierta tu me account you let me know and I, I'll square
avisas y yo, y yo arreglo todo - joiste? everything away - did you hear me? But didn't
jPero no quedamos en que no lo ibamos we decide we were not going to do it on the
a hacer en el master phone [PHI, que lo master phone [PHI, that we were going to do it
ibamos hacer directamente en el broker? directly with the broker?

AA: jY ya no usas el I-Phone - no, verdad? And you're not using the I-Phone anymore, right?

FD: Coiio - Damn -

AA: ~QuCladilla! What a pain in the ass!

FD: - se me volvio a quedar y me, y le dije a - I left it again and I, and I told my wife -
la sefiora -

MM: [En el telkfono] Oye, Jimmy, yo termino [On the phone] Listen, Jimmy, I'll call you once
la reunion y te llamo - joiste? I'm done with this meeting - did you hear me?

FD: - porque el, el viaje no conseguia boleto, - because the, I couldn't get a ticket, I couldn't get
no conseguia boleto por Aruba tampoco, a ticket through Aruba either, so then I told my
entonces le dig0 a la seiiora que - wife that -

MM: [En el telkfono] Dale, un abrazo. [On the phone] Go ahead, a hug.

AA: j Y como - y tu te viniste c u b d o , hoy? And how - and you came when, today?

FD: No, vale, yo me vine ayer, huevon. No, dude, I came yesterday, dude.

AA: Ah, ah, okey. Uh, uh okay.

MM: No, per0 hubiera venido a-, el se vino No, but I would have come be-, he came
ayer pero estaba en otro lado. jDonde yesterday but he was somewhere else. Where
estabas, en Alabama? were you, in Alabama?

FD: Si, estaba en Alabama. Yes. I was in Alabama.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

- AA: i Y quC fue lo que te pas6 a ti con el And what happened to you with the airplane?

MM: Ya te voy a echar el cuento. Entonces le I'm going to tell you the story now. So then I told
dig0 a la seiiora, "Mira, consegui un my wife, "Listen, I got a ticket .... " That was
boleto ..." Eso fue el domingo, Sunday, "Prepare my suitcase because I'm leaving
"Prepkame la maleta que me voy para for Aruba." No? Early in the morning I get there
Aruba." NO? En la maiiana tempranito with Nicola, "Nicola, I got a, a ticket via Aruba,
llego con Nicola, "Nicola, consegui un, un two tickets via Aruba, let's go in - on a private." I
boleto por Aruba, dos boletos por called Jorge Gomez and Jorge Gomez, "Get me -
Aruba, viimonos en - en privado." Llamo " "Damn, the Cheyenne is over there. The
a Jorge Gomez, y Jorge Gomez, Citation is here - it's ...I hav ...have an Azteca." I
"Consigueme -" "Cofio, el Cheyenne esta tell him, "Get me on that shit."
alla. El Citation esta aqui - esta ten ...
tengo un Azteca." Le digo, "Montame en
esa mierda."

AA: i Y se le fue un motor? And you lost an engine?

MM: Y se le fue un motor. [se riel A mitad de And we lost an engine. [laughs] Halfway. And,
camino. Y se, per0 - cagado, Alejandro, but - shitting, Alejandro, shitting, shitting on my
cagado, cagado, caga-, en mi vida habia pants, shi-, never in my life have I had such a
pasado un susto asi. scare.

AA: Claro. Of course.

MM: Cuando empezo a fallar el motor el avion When the engine started to fail it did [makes a
hacia [hace ruidos], [se riel y yo, Nicola y noise], [laughs] and I, Nicola and I like this,
yo asi, agarrados de mano, uno apretado holding hands, one squeezing the other.
a1 otro.

AA: iY? And?

MM: Bueno, con solo un motor bajo de - Well, with only one engine it went down -

AA: No, nada, si eso - No, nothing, if that -

MM: -de 10,500 pies a - - from 10,500 feet to -

AA: - si eso [SC] ese, ese tiene dos paleticas, - if that [SC] that, it has two blades, can't -
no puede -
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDDVD Number: R40a (part 1)

MM: Si. Yes.

AA: [UI] por un lado. [UI] to one side.

FD: El - mira lo descarados que estiin 10s The - look at the kind of guys these assholes are -
carajos - esto es un ingeniero que trabaja this one is an engineer that works in PDVSA. As
dentro de PDVSA. De hecho nos manda a matter of fact, he sends us an e-mail with his
un e-mail con su correo de PDVSA PDVSA address offering his services for new
poniCndosenos a la orden para negocios deals with common interests because he is the
de intereses c o m h porque C1 es ingeniero engineer for new projects in PDVSA. There's no
de proyectos nuevos de PDVSA. No fear, dude, -
hay miedo, marico, -

MM: ~QuCarrecho! Unreal !

FD: - no hay miedo de ningun tipo. No hay - there's no fear at all. There's no fear. There's
miedo. No hay miedo, no hay pena. no fear, there's no shame. For business deals in
Para negocios en Cons-, el carajo, nos Cons-, the dude, we met with him about a year
reunimos con C1 hace como un afio y el ago and the dude asked us for 5,000 dollars for
carajo nos pidi6 una vaina asi como the ton and we told him, "What? Brother, go to
5,000 dolares la tonelada y le dijimos, fucking hell." So now the asshole has a higher
"~QuC?Hermano, vete a lavar ese culo." position and says, "Damn, bro, I'm still at your
Entonces ahora el bicho esta en el cargo service." Now, he gets the order and there's
mas arriba y dice, "Cofio, mano, todavia nothing he can do, he has to carry it out, he can't
estoy a la orden." Ahora, le llega la orden go against it.
y no puede hacer nada, tiene que hacerlo,
no puede oponerse.

AA: Thank you. Thank you.

W: You're welcome. You're welcome.

FD: DCjame ir a1 baiio, ya vengo. Let me go to the restroom, 1'11 be right back.

MM: Dale. Go ahead.

[pausa] [pause]

NR: O agua, eso es sparkling water -
~ E S es That's water, that's sparkling water - right?

AA: Si. Yes.

File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

- NR: [UI] Excuse ma'am, may I try another [UI] Excuse ma'am, may I try another one
one sparkling water? sparkling water?

W: Anothersparkling? Another sparkling?

NR: Do you have San Pellegrino? Do you have San Pellegrino?

W: No, just Club Soda. [SC] No, just Club Soda. [SC]

NR: Okay, that's okay. [UI] Yeah, okay. Okay, that's okay. [UI] Yeah, okay.

AA: iY, y entonces, Moises, que paso? Yo, And, and then, Moises, what happened? I'm like
estoy como - -

MM: Cofio, espkrate, mira, te voy a echar todo Shit, wait, I'm going to tell you the whole story.
el cuento.

NR: Aqui - Here -

MM: - nosotros llegamos - - we arrived -

AA: iSi? Yes?

MM: - nosotros llegamos alla y yo dije, - we got there and I said, "Rangel, we have to
"Rangel, tenemos que cuadrar la vaina del square away the thing with the receipt." And that
recibo." Y que - como yo te lo prometi. like I promised you. He told me, "Moises, I - the
Me dijo, "Moises, yo - la persona que se person who is going to ask him for it I already
lo va a pedir yo ya te lo dije es este - a told you is this one - Pedro, call Pedro, we had
Pedro, llama a Pedro, almorza-" Pedro se lun-" Pedro is going with -
va con -

AA: Con Frank. With Frank.

MM: - con Frank y almorzamos en la vaina de - with Frank and we had lunch in the DISIP thing
la DISlP - iComo vamos a resolver este - How are we going to take care of this mess?"
pe'o?" El Gordo tiene que justificar Gordo has to account for 800,000 dollars. Then
800,000 dolares. Entonces Frank se Frank turns and tells him, "Can you justify to me
voltea y le dice a el, " ~ T me
u puedes that you sold security equipment worth 800,000
justificar que yo te vendi 800,000 d6lares dollars?" He says, and Range1 tells him, "Yes."
en equipos de seguridad?" Le dice, y "Well, then, I have an order that went out to the
Range1 le dice, "Si." "Bueno, entonces, Cup, that I dispatched to the America's Cup,"
yo tengo un pedido que salio pa' la Copa, right at the time of Gordo's mess - right?
File Number: MM-I09803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 1)

que despache yo pa' la Copa America,"
justo en la epoca del pe'o del Gordo -

AA: Hm-mm. Hm-mm.

MM: iSi? Donde tengo las ordenes de Yes? Where I have the importation orders, the
importacion, 10s reci-, la vaina en aduana, recei-, the thing with customs, all my stuff, I'm
toda mi vaina, yo voy hacer que el Gordo going to have Gordo through one of his
a traves de una de sus empresas, a titulo companies, as a personal matter, depending on
personal, segun lo que tu decidas - what you decide -

AA: iHm-mm? Hm-mm?

MM: - le facture a la empresa de Frank que - to bill Frank's company indicating that he
importo 10s equipos para Copa America imported the equipment for America's Cup and at
y a su vez el le va a facturar al, a la DISIP the same time he's going to bill DISIP for the
la compra de - de, la venta de equipo de purchase of - the sale of the security equipment to
seguridad a la DISIP. Entonces 61 tiene DISIP. Then he has his justification -
su justificativo -

FD: Pasame ahi el maletin. Let me have the briefcase.

MM: - y tu tienes tu justificativo de los, de 10s - and you have your justification for the, for the
800,000 dolares. iAhi estan 10s papeles 800,000 dollars, are the papers for [UI] there - ?
de -

FD: Si, si, para refrescar la memoria. Yes, yes, to refresh our memory

AA: Bueno, porque si no lo hago, ah - All right, because if I don't do it, uh -

FD: Tu no puedes regenerar un recibo si no You can't generate a receipt if you don't have
tienes lo que mandaste, si no tienes la what you sent, if you don't have the customs
introducci6n en la aduana y si no tienes unclearance and if you don't have a real [UI], in
[UI] real, o sea, no puedes puede other words, you can't ...he can't issue you a
emitirte a ti un recibo - receipt -

AA: Claro. Of course.

FD: 0 sea, que... como mandaste? i Y de I mean, what ... how you sent it? And where did it
d6nde salio? depart from?
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

- MM: Si, te van a decir, "Eso es mentira, pues." Yes, they're going to tell you, "That's a lie." [SC]
[SC] Tiene que estar todo cuadradito. Everything has to fit in.

FD: Y tiene que ser antes de la fecha y And it has to be before the date and close to the
cerquita de la fecha. date.

AA: Umjum. U-huh.

FD: Entonces fijate. Yo tengo operaciones So look. I have operations with us - do you
con nosotros - ite acuerdas 10s Toyotas remember the Toyotas I bought? On 12/12 of
que yo compre? El 12112 del06. 06.

AA: Aja. Uh-huh.

FD: Llegaron a Venezuela el, en diciembre, en They arrived in Venezuela on, in December, in
enero - llegaron a Venezuela y ahi heron January - they amved in Venezuela and it was
2 12,000 dolares. Se facturaron ahi 212,000 dollars. Two hundred and twelve
2 12,000 de comision que tu podrias thousand dollars were billed for which you could
haber cobrado facilmente 5%, serian have easily gotten a 5% commission, which would
10,262, yo te deberia a ti 222,s 19. Eso be 10,262, I would owe you 222,s 19. That was
h e una exportacion que hizo Venuz an exportation done by Venuz [PHI Supplies.
[PHI Supplies.

AA: Hm-mm.. Hm-mm.

FD: Y la tienes registrada y no la has cobrado And you have it on record and you haven't been
- paid -

AA: Hm-mm. Hm-mm.

FD: - porque ahi estamos esperando - because over there we're waiting for CADIVI.

AA: Okey. Okay.

FD: iOkey? Y despues hay otra venta que tu Okay? And then there was another sale that you
hiciste el 28-6, justamente el 28-6 que h e made on the 6/28, precisely 6/28 of security
equipos de seguridad Copa America - equipment for America's Cup - that was also
que tambien la hizo Venuz [PHI done by Venuz [PHI Supplies.

- AA: Hm-rnrn.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

FD: El costo heron 17,500 per0 se le facturo The cost was 17,500 the ...the government was
585,000 dolares al, a1 gobierno. Por ahi billed 585,000 dollars. There's a 5% commission
hay una comision del 5%, hay 614,000 around there, there's 614,000 dollars, if you add
dolares, si tu sumas esas dos cifras - these two figures -

AA: Sobrepasa. It goes over.

FD: Sobrepasa en 973,069 mas la comision, It exceeds 973,069 plus the commission. You
facilmente tu pudiste haber cobrado could have easily gotten paid 800,000 dollars or
800,000 dolares o 820,000 dolares y 820,000 dollars and you could have very easily
facilmente te pudiste haber llevado pocketed 800,000. Now, I need to have the
800,000. Ahora, yo necesito tener la counterpart of the value to see how I received
contraparte de valor para ver como yo those dollars from the government. It's going to
recibi esos dolares del gobierno. Eso me be given to me by -
lo va a dar -

AA: Pe-pe-per0 acuerdate que - Bu-bu-but remember that -

FD: [UI] [SC]

AA: - eh, yo te facture, fueron unos, unos - uh, I billed you, it was some, some vests -
chalecos -

FD: Tu me facturaste esto. You billed me this.

AA: No, doscien-, bueno, okey, tu, tu lo No, two hun-, well, okay, you, you put it -
pusiste -

MM: [SC] y si no [UI] [SC] and if not [UI]

AA: - per0 no h e el precio. - but it wasn't the price.

FD: Claro, esto h e lo que yo le facture a1 Of course, this is what I billed the government.

AA: Okey, per0 - Okay, but -

MM: Pero - But -

AA: - okey, per0 - - okay, but -

MM: - per0 eso se genera. - but that's generated.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a @art 1)

-- FD: Claro. Of course.

AA: Ah, se, se genera - [SC] Uh, it, it's generated - [SC]

MM: Esa es la idea, que - [SC] That's the idea, that - [SC]

AA: Correcto, te entendi, te entendi [SC] Right, I understood you, I understood you [SC]

FD: [UI.] [SC] que tu tengas - [UI.] [SC] that you have -

AA: Te entendi. I understood you.

FD: - tu tengas - "Si, vale, aqui estan mis - you have - "Yes, pal, here are my sales." "Uh,
ventas." "Ah, jaca estan las ventas?" "Si, the sales are here?" "Yes, here they are, look at
aqui esthn, miralas." "Exporte y exporte y them." "I exported and I exported and I paid
aqui pague con Venuz." "jY donde, here with Venuz." "And where, where have I
donde ha cobrado?" "Cobre con eso, me gotten paid?" "I got paid with that, they paid me
pagaron con eso." with that."
AA: Okey. Okay.

FD: "jY a quien le vendio esa gente?" "Ah, "And who did those people sell to?" "Uh, well,
bueno, preguntele usted a esa gente." you ask those people." And then later I can - by,
Entonces yo te puedo despues - por, por by your own ini-initiative, "Look, Frank, uh, as a
ini-iniciativa tuya, "Mira, Frank, eh, result of an IRS investigation, I need you to send
product0 de una investigation que tiene el me this, some support where you received ....."
IRS conrnigo necesito que me envies este, I'll send you in writing, "Alejandro, I received the
algun soporte de donde recibiste ....." Yo money ffom the Venezuelan State, from the
te mando por escrito, "Alejandro, yo el commission ... from the secret appropriation for
dinero lo recibi del estado venezolano, de Sales and Defense's Security, uh, here I'm sending
la comision ... de la Partida Secreta por you a copy for the receipt of what I sold them."
Venta y Seguridad de Defensa, eh, aqui
te mando copia del recibo de lo que yo le
vendi. "

AA: Okey, correcto. Okay, correct.

FD: Y el estado me va a dar eso a mi. And the State is going to give me that.

MM: 0 sea, el va a estar cubierto y tu vas a In other words, he's going to be covered and
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 1)

estar cubierto. ~1 no puede generar you're going to be covered. He can't generate
800,000 dolares que te pago a ti - 800,000 dollars that he paid you -

AA: Pero acuerda- But rememb-

MM: - sin estar cubierto - - without being covered -

AA: - per0 acuerdate como te estoy...pero, - but remember how I am ...but, remember that. I
acuerdense. Yo tengo que, yo tengo que have to, I have to do the, the, before -
hacer el, el, antes -

FD: Tu tienes que [UI] [SC] You have to [UI] [SC]

AA: - ahora. - now

FD: - falsificar esta factura. - forge this bill.

MM: Esa es la que tu tienes que cambiar. That's the one you have to change.

[voces de fond01 [background voices]

AA: i ~ s t la
a tengo que hacer por cuhto? How much do I have to make this one for?

FD: Por 585,000. For 585,000.

MM: Claro, claro, que [UI]. Of course, of course, what [UI].

AA: Yo tengo, yo tengo [UI] I have, I have [UI]

MM: No, no, deja, deja, el check blank este No, no, leave, leave, this blank check here. [he
aqui. [se riel laughs]

[se rien] [they laugh]

AA: iEs-esta por cuanto? Th-this one - for how much?

FD: 585,000. Y ksta esta hecha 585,000. And this one is done correctly.

MM: Y el concept0 que le vas a poner a esto - And in the memo field of the check you're going
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a @art 1)

[SC] que entonces tu tienes - to put on this - [SC] that then you have -

FD: Fijate que tu me pones a mi - "cuota Just look that on mine you write down -
expira el 12/4/2007." "installment expires on 12/4/2007."

AA: Claro. Okay.

FD: Claro, expiro y yo te pagu6, te vine, te Of course, it expired and I paid you, I came, I
vine a pagar con efectivo - came to pay you in cash -

AA: No, no, no, eso es el - eso es- No, no, no, that's the - that's-

FD: Este es la de, de las camionetas. This is the one for, for the pick-up trucks.

AA: No, per0 eso, eso es, eso es el, la No, but that, that's, that's the, the quote that -
cotizacion que se, se -

FD: Claro, per0 esto lo mandaste - Of course, but you did send this -

AA: - esto no tiene nada que ver, okey. - it has nothing to do with it, okay.

FD: - esto lo mandaste. - you did send this.

AA: Claro. Of course.

FD: So, aqui esta esto listo. So, this is ready.

MM: Y 61 - Y la justification de por qu6 es en And he - And his justification of why it's in cash is
efectivo es porque a 61 como es partida because since it's a secret appropriation he was
secreta le pagaron en efectivo y como 61 paid in cash and since he's going to have the
va a tener el recibo de la DISIP - receipt from the DISIP -

FD: Exacto. Exactly.

MM: - de ahi salio el efectivo, de la partida - that's where the cash came from, from his secret
secreta de 61 y 61 te pago a ti. Y esta appropriation and he paid you. And everything is
todo perfectamente legal. perfectly legal.

FD: Hm-mm. Hm-mm.

AA: [suspira] Bueno, okey. [sighs] Well, okay.

16320 NW 2"* Avenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33 169

File Number: MM- 109803

Task Number: 2960

Tape l\Jumber/CD #: R40a (part 2)

Audio File Name: D-22.1 .MM.FD.NR. 12-1 1-07.045 1PM.wav

Date Recorded: 1211 1/07

Time Recorded: 4 5 1 PM

Language: Spanish

Translator/Transcriber: LS Ileana Laureano



AA Alejandro Antonini NIM Moises Maionica
NR Nicolas Rossini FD Franklin Duran


Spoken in Foreign Languages
Background Conversation 1 Noise
Simultaneous conversation
Overlapping voices
Recorded Message
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

MM: jYa viste que se hizo el trabajo? Did you see that the job was done?

FD: No habia manera de sacarlo por otra via. There was no other way of pulling it off.

MM: Ahora, jest0 te lo podia decir yo por Now, could I have told you this over the phone? I
telefono? No podia. couldn't.

AA: No. No.

FD: Porque te van a partir el culo. Because they're going to screw you over.

MM: No podia decirtelo por telefono. I couldn't tell you this over the phone.

FD: Tu necesitas sac...generar una factura You need to take ou create a real invoice.

AA: Bueno, es que yo la hago ya. Yo, yo, yo Well, I'll do it right away. I, I, I thinking that you
pensando que tu habias dicho VENOCO had said VENOCO [PHI I made one here to, to,
[PHI yo hice una aqui pa1,pa1,pa' - y, y to - and, and modify it, pull it, then - this is not
modifica ,jala, entonces - per0 - esto no good for anything then.
sirve de nada pues.

MM: Pero ya viste como es el peo. But you already saw how this shit is.

AA: Si, ya vi, me las llevo. Yes, I saw, I'll take them.

MM: Okey. Okay

AA: ~ s t ye jme llevo cual otra? This one - what other one do I take?

FD: Eh ... Uh ....

AA: LO, o solo quieres que me lleve el Or, or do you just want me to take the number?

FD: No, no, solamente - no, no, llevate la No, no, only - no, no, take the invoice if you want
factura si quieres y genera la factura - and generate the invoice -

AA: Yo tengo, yo tengo, yo tengo record de I have, I have, I have a record of everything.
todas las cosas.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

FD: Bueno, ya sabes cual es tu record, tu Well, you already know which are your records,
record es este - parte de este, tu this is your record - part of this, you were paid
cobraste parte de este y parte de ese y for part of this and part of that and you got paid
cobraste 800,000 dolares, no cobraste 800,000 dollars, you didn't get paid in full, you
todo completo, cobraste, cobraste una got paid, you got a part payment. Take it. Take
parte. Toma. Llevate eso. that.

AA: Okey, ahora, jcuando tengo el recibo? Okay, now, when will I have the receipt? I, I do
Yo, yo hago - esto lo hago maiiana o - this I'll do tomorrow or now [SC] if not [UT]
ahora [SC] si no [UI]

MM: No. No.

FD: El recibo esta ahi. The receipt is there.

MM: No vas a necesitar recibo. Tu - ponte en You're not going to need a receipt. You - put
tu mente de comerciante, tu eres your businessman's hat, you're a businessman.
comerciante. Tu le facturaste a el - You billed him -

FD: Y yo te pague. And I paid you.

MM: Y el te pago. And he paid you.

FD: Tu lo que necesitas es decir - What you need is to say -

MM: El recibo lo tiene el - He has the receipt -

FD: - a quien le paga- - who you pai-

MM: El recibo le dices, "Yo - About the receipt, you say, "I -

FD: Aqui lo que necesitas es decirle a quien tu What you need here is to say who you made a
le pagaste. payment to.

MM: T u - YOU-

AA: Bueno, pero yo tengo que hacer mi Well, but I have to make my declaration now.
declaracion ahora.

MM: Claro. Of course.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 2)

FD: Perfecto, ya. Perfect, that's it.

MM: Bien hecha. Well made.

FD: "Cobre 800,000 dolares." "I got paid 800,000 dollars."


NR: Exacto. Exactly

MM: En base a esta factura que me pago el Based on this invoice, so and so paid me. [SC]
seiior tal. [SC] La empresa tal. Such and such company.

FD: Con, con res- [SC] Tu tienes - With, with resp- [SC] You have -

MM: Seguridad y Defensa. No, Tec- Security and Defense. No, Tec-

FD: Exacto. Right.

MM: Tecnologia y Defensa - ~ Q u i e nes? Technology and Defense. - Who is it?

.- FD: Esta y esta. Esta y esta. This one and this one. This one and this one.

MM: LA quien le facturaste - a Tecnologia y Who did you bill - Technology and Defense,
Defensa, como se llama - ? what's it called -?

FD: A Defensa y Tecnologia. Defense and Technology.

AA: Una, una importaciones y la otra One, one ...a thousand imports and the other [UI].

FD: Esas son las facturas que tu tienes que Those are the invoices you have to prepare.

AA: Entonces este seria mi recibo. So then this would be my receipt.

FD: Pero es, que claro - But it's that, of course -

MM: No, ese es tu soporte, el recibo cuando - 110, that's your backing, the receipt when -

FD: Tu soporte, Alejandro de 10s 800,000 Your backing, Alejandro for the 800,000 dollars.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

MM: Cuando tu pagas, cuando tu pagas - When you pay, when you pay -

AA: Te enten-, no, te entendi, ya va, Iogico, ya I under-, no, I understood you, that's it, makes
va. Ahora si te enten-, de bolas te sense, that's it. Now, I understo-, I understand
entendi. you for sure.

MM: Okey. Okay.

FD: i D e cual recibo tu estabas pidiendo? What receipt were you asking for?

AA: Ese, Frank - 10s 800. That one, Frank - for the 800.

MM: No, bueno, porque no sabia. No, well, because he didn't know

AA: Pero eh, eh, 16gic0, per0 es que - ese But uh, uh, makes sense, but it's that - that one
porque yo tengo que justificar, yo tengo, because I have to justify, I have, I have to come
yo tengo que hacer estimado antes de fin up with an estimate before the end of the year.

MM: Pero esto es mejor que cualquier recibo. But this is better than any receipt.

AA: Claro, porque entonces yo hago el Of course, because then I'll do the estimate -
estimado -

FD: Hm-mm. Hm-mm..

M: - hago el estimado, pago la diferencia - o - I do the estimate, I pay the difference - I mean,
sea, pago el impuesto del estimado - 1 pay the tax on the estimate -

FD: Claro. Of course.

AA: - del2007, que eso es el 30% de eso y - for 2007, which is 30% of that and that's it [UI]
ya me cobran [tartamudea] i M e [stutters] Do you understand me? [stutters] but I
entendiste? [tartamudea] per0 necesitaba needed something because no accountant is going
algo porque ningun contador me lo va a - to -

FD: Pero tu acabas de perder ... oyeme, per0 But you just lost ... Listen, but you just lost
tu acabas de perder 400,000 dolares 400,000 dollars down there and that's your own
abajo y eso es tu negocio particular, tu lo business, you can justify it that way.
puedes justificar por ahi.

AA: Bueno, Frank es que - Well, Frank, it's that -
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

FD: Porque tu vas a traer 400 - Because you're going to bring 400 -

MM: No, no, no puede, Frank No, no, he can't, Frank.

AA: No, por quC - ipor que? Eso es - No, why - why? That's -

MM: Porque no esta asociado de la renta, 61 Because it's not tied to the income, he can declare
puede declarar todas las pQdidas all losses tied to his income.
asociadas a su renta.

AA: Claro. Of course.

MM: Esa no es asociada a la renta. That one is not tied to his income. Do you
~Entiendes? understand?

FD: Esa es la plata del negocio. That's the business' money.

MM: Ah, bueno, si, era el negocio que iba a Alright, it was the business that was going to buy
comprar yo un inrnueble. a property.

FD: L Q U [UI]?
~ What [UI]?

MM: Y, y, terminamos de m a r eso por ahi si And, and if we piece it together like that you can
lo puedes meter como perdida. declare it as a loss.

NR: Claro. Of course.

AA; Bueno, okey, per0 no se si me lo acep-, Well, okay, but I don't know if they'll accep-,
[SC] si me lo aceptan aqui seria perfecto. [SC] it would be perfect if they accepted that

MM: Bueno, habla con tu abogado y - Well, talk to your attorney and -

FD: Pero la ventaja es que una vez [SC] But the advantage is that once [SC] listen to me, -
oyeme, -

MM: [SC] - si [UI] [SC] [SC] - if [UIII[SC]


AA: Si, pero, Yes, but-
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

FD: La ventaja que tiene eso - The advantage that has -

AA: -per0 escuchame [SC] - ya, deja - but listen to me [SC] - let me explain something
explicarte algo - to you -

FD: - es que 61 ahorita va busca 10s 400 y con - is that he'll go now, gets the 400 and with the
10s 400 cubre la, el 30% de esto. 400 he covers the 30% of this.

MM: Si. Yes.

FD: De 10s 800. Of the 800.

MM: Si. Yes.

FD: Tres, tres por ocho 24, son 240. ~1 Three, three times eight - 24, it's 240. He picks
recoge 400 y paga 240. up 400 and pays 240.

MM: Si. Yes.

FD: 0 sea, que igualito no te toca 10s bolsillos Which means, that the same way it does not cost
ni nada. you a cent or anything.

AA: No. [UT] Treinta y cuatro porciento. No. [UI] Thirty four percent.

FD: Bueno, disculpa, Alejandro. Well, excuse me, Alejandro.

AA: Bueno, per0 pa'que sepas. Well, but just so you know.

MM: Doscientos sesenta mil - [SC] vas a ir a Two hundred and sixty thousand - [SC] you're
buscar 400. going to go get 400.

AA: [se riel ~ V OaYbuscarlo? [laughs] I'm going to go get them?

MM: No, despuis de que se libere todo vas a No, after everything is cleared up you're going to
ir por todas partes del mundo tranquilo. go all over the world without any problems.

AA: Ah, okey. Oh, okay.

MM: Le das un poder a alguien y le dices, You give someone power of attorney and tell him,
"Retirame- "Withdraw for me -
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 2)

- AA: No, no, no, yo voy pero si eh, eh, el dia No, no, no, 1'11 go but if uh, uh, the day I don't
que no tenga nada, lo que me van a meter have anything, what's going to happen is that
preso [UI] [SC] como piensan hacer. they'll throw me in jail [UIlI [SC] The they way
[Ruido nasal]. they're thinking of doing it. [Nasal noise].

FD: Cuando a1 abogado le den 10s 400 que tu When they give the 400 to the lawyer and you
lo reclames, con eso vas a pagar el claim it, with that you'll pay the differential.

MM: Del impuesto. Of the tax.

AA: No, no, si, pero yo hoy - it^ sabes? No, No, no, yes, but today I - you know? No, no,
no, no. No me entendiste. Y yo te lo no. You didn't understand me. And I showed it
enseAC a ti, te lo di [UT] papel del to you, I gave it to you [UI] paper of the tax, I do
impuesto. Yo hago mi estimado hoy, my estimate today, Frank, today - so I'm already
Frank, hoy - entonces ya yo estoy tarde late because it's every three months.
porque es cada tres meses.

MM: Hm-mrn. Hm-mm.
AA: Cada tres meses. Yo tengo que de-, o Every three months. I have to, I have to de-, I
sea, yo tengo, yo tengo que declarar, o mean, I, I have to declare, that is, since I'm not an
sea, como yo no soy empleado por nadie employee but I'm self-employed, I do my
sin0 soy self-employed, yo hago mi estimate, I send my money - Did you understand
estimado y mando mi dinero - iMe me? I have to pay, I have to pay, later I show -
entendiste? Ya yo tengo que pagar, yo then they, they'll refund me some but you have to
tengo que pagar, que despuCs yo pay in advance - [Nasal noise].
demuestre - entonces ellos, ellos me
devuelven pero tu pagas adelante -
[Ruido nasal].

FD: No, [UI] [SC] No7 [UIl [SCl

MM: Si, ya te entendi. Yeah, I understand you already.

AA: Y si yo no pago alante con, con todo lo And if I don't pay in advance with, with everything
que esth en la prensa, con todo como that's in the news, the way things are now, 1'11 be
estoy ahorita, yo estoy bien, pero bien in deep shit.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateJTime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

FD: Okey. Okay.

MM: No, bueno, per0 todo esto esta delante No, well, but all this is in Franklin's hands.
de Franklin. Franklin estaba presente eh, Franklin was present uh, the director of the DISIP
el director de la DISIP - -

FD: Hm-mm. Hm-mm. .

MM: La semana que viene tenemos el dinero, Next week we'll have the money, he's going to
lo va a recibir el - receive it -

FD: Yo lo llamo y te aviso cuando lo reciba. I'll call him and let you know when he gets it.

MM: Y cuando lo reciba te llama - And once he receives it he'll call you -

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: - y te avisa. - and he'll let you know.

FD: Y te mando un mensaje por aqui , te digo, And I'll send you a message through here, I'll tell
"Alejandro, lo reci bi." you, "Alejandro, I received it."

AA: Okey. ~ T leu diste a - o no, no vamos a Okay. Did you give - or not, are we going to
transferir o si? transfer or not?

FD: Eh, como tu quieras, chamo [UI] [SC] Uh, whatever you want, dude [UI] [SC]

AA: No, no, no, no - ~ T no
u se la diste a CI? No, no, no, no - You didn't give it to him?

MM: No, no se la di a nadie porque - No, I didn't give it to anyone because -

AA: iLa quieres o no? You want it or not?

FD: Si, si, claro. Yes, yes, of course.

AA: [Suspira]. [Sighs].

AA: Okey, ya va. i Y si mi abogado me dice Okay, hold on. And what if my attorney tells me
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

que esto no vuela - que mierda que - que that this won't fly - what a piece of shit that - that
no esta ...? is not ...?

FD: j Q ~ no
e vuela, de que no vuela? What won't fly, what do you mean - won't fly?

MM: N O - NO -

AA: Bueno nada, que me diga que - "Okey, Well nothing, if he tells me that - "Okay, Alejan-
Alejan- [SC] [scl

FD: Esto esta chequeado por contadores This has been checked by American
norteamericanos, joiste? accountants, you hear?

MM: Mira, si tu abogado te pide otra cosa - Look, if your attorney asks you for something else

FD: Eso no es inventado - que no 10s diga - This is not out of the blue - let us know -

AA: ~ T teu vas cuando? You're leaving when?

-. MM: Yo me voy [UI] [SC] I'm leaving [UI] [SC]

NR: Cuando tengarnos que imos. Whenever we have to leave.

MM: - si hace falta - yo me quedo. - if need be, I'll stay -

AA: No, no, yo, yo lo llame hoy - No, no, I, I called him today -

FD: [SC] [UI] todo eso yo lo chequie con [SC] [UI] I checked all that with accountants here
contadores de aqui y con abogados de and with attorneys here -
aqui -

MM: Yo lo se per0 es que eso es asi. Un I know but it's that that's the way it is. A receipt,
recibo - [SC] cuando, [SC] si tQ no has - [SC] when, [SC] if you haven't received [SC] a
recibido [SC] un recibo - receipt -

AA: No, yo te ent - yo te entendi, ya te No, I undert - I understood you, I already
entendi. understood you.

MM: Pero no te arreches, Alejandro. But don't get pissed off, Alejandro.

AA: Ya te entendi clarito. I understood you loud and clear
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

MM: No te arreches. Don't get pissed off.

AA: Ya te entendi clarito. I understood you loud and clear.

MM: Lo que te quiero decir - con esto - What I mean by this -

FD: jSa-sabes quk es jodido? You know what's a hcking problem?

MM: Ya esta cuadrado completo. It's completely squared away.

FD: No tener esto. Not having this.

MM: Aqui e s t h . Si, [SC] si a ti te piden el, las Here they are. If, [SC] if they ask you for, the
notas de despacho de esa mercancia, shipping documents for that merchandise, they do
existen - si te piden la, el bill oflading de exist - if they ask you for, uh, the bill of lading
cada mercancia de eso - existe. 0 sea, for each piece of merchandise - they do exist.
aqui esta [Ul] cada una de las cosas That is, every one of those things is here [UI] to
convencer a la DISIP pa' que dijeran, convince the [people from] DISIP took me two
"Yo le doy un recibo de pago de Partida and a half hours of fighting during lunch for them
Secreta," h e dos horas y media de, de to tell me, "I'll give up a payment receipt from the
pelea mia en un almuerzo. jVerdad o secret appropriation." True or not?

AA: Bueno, pero, 61 sabe todo - jno? 0 ya Well, but, he knows everything - right? Or we
no, no hace falta que co-comentemos don't need, don't need to co-comment about all
todas esas cosas - jno? del pasado. that stuff - right? about the past.

FD: ~Quiin? Who?

MM: jQuiin? Who?

FD: jQuiin dices tu - Rangel? Who do you mean - Rangel?

AA: Si. No, porque yo estaba como jsabes? Yes. No, because I was like, you know? I'm,
Yo estoy, hoy estoy respirando, hoy, hoy today I'm breathing, today, today I'm breathing
estoy respirando per0 coiio primer0 me but darnmit at the very beginning they were telling
decian, "No, tu no puedes tratar con me, "No, you can't deal with them." Now it's,
ellos." Ahora es "Trata con ellos." Eso "Deal with them." That's what I was told.
me dijeron.

FD: [SC] [UT] entiendes. [SC] [UI] you understand.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 2)

MM: [UI] [SC] - estaba ahi, te lo juro que [UI] [SC] - was there, I swear to you he was
estaba ahi. there.

AA: Okey. Rangel - Okay. Range1 -

FD: jQue no puedes tratar con ellos? That you can't deal with them?

AA: No, contigo. lVo, with you.

FD: Mira, chamo, yo he ido a todas las Listen, dude, I've gone to all the meetings with
reuniones con Rangel. Rangel.

AA: Bueno, chamo. Okay, dude.

MM: No importa, el, el, la felicidad es que It doesn't matter, the, the, the good thing is that
estamos terminando todo. we almost done everything.

AA: Si, si, por eso, yo no quiero - Yes, yes, that's why, I don't want -

FD: Claro. Of course.

AA: - per0 - entonces nadie me - o sea, jme - but - so then nobody - I mean, do you guys
entienden? 0 sea, yo, yo no estoy en mi understand me? I mean, I, I'm not in my house.

FD: jSabes quC? Ve, ve hablar con, con 10s You know what? Go, go talk to, to the attorneys.

AA: NO- NO -

FD: Diles, "Miren - Tell them, "Listen -

AA: - maiiana tempranito amanezco en su - I'll be at his office at the crack of dawn
oficina. tomorrow morning.

FD: -esto, esto pas6, esto es real - aqui estan - this, this happened, this is real - here are my
mis, mis permisos de exportaci6n, aqui exportation permits, here are the sales done. And
estan las ventas realizadas. Y ellos tienen at the same time they have a receipt in Venezuela
un recibo a su vez en Venezuela donde showing they received money from the secret
recibieron plata de la Partida Secreta." appropriation. "

MM: Que esta cuadrado. Un recibo hasta que That is squared away. A receipt that even says,
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

diga en el aire, totalmente insustentable. totally unsustainable.

AA: Bueno, Frank, okey, pero - Well, Frank, okay, but -

[Pausa]. [Pause].

MM: Le voy a escribir a Range1 ahorita un I'm going to send a message to Range1 now
mensajito. iOkey? Okay?

AA: Ya. Okay.

MM: Este es el telefono de Rangel. Asi, This is Rangel's phone number. Like this, "rangel,
"Rangel, eh, Alejandro necesita eh, uh, Alejandro needs uh, verification -" Do you
verificacion -" i T 6 quieres que, que want Range1 to, to verify for you that Franklin is
Range1 te verifique que Franklin esta aqui here [UI].

AA: No, no. No, no.

MM: Ah, okey. Oh, okay.
AA: No hace falta. No, no hace falta. Not needed. No, no need.

FD: Yo, yo lo haria. I, I would do it.

MM: No, no, no, si no, marico si el sabe que No, no, no, if not, dude he knows we're all
estamos todos juntos. together.

AA: Estamos, estamos - i t 6 sabes? We're, we're - you know?

NR: Estamos en confianza todo el mundo. We're amongst friends.

FD: Lo unico que falta es que tu regreses con The only thing we need is for you to go back to
tu abogado a ver si [UI] [SC] your attorney to see if [UI] [SC]

AA: Si, Frank si, yo lo se. Yo lo u-unico y te Yes, Frank yes, 1 know that. The on-only thing
lo dig0 a ti, yo he recibido este - no se, and I'm telling you, 1 have received uh - I don't
plata de - know, money from -

FD: Tu no has recibido plata de las You have not received money from the trucks
File Number: MM- 109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

camionetas porque las camionetas e s t h because the trucks are in CADIVI. And you paid
en CADIVI. Y tu la plata de las me the money for the trucks with, with some
camionetas me la pagaste de, de un money you had of mine - do you remember?
dinero que tu me tenias - Lte acuerdas? You told me, "Frank, I have your money here."
Me dijiste, "Frank, aqui tengo plata tuya."

AA: Okey. Oh, okey. Okay. Oh, okay

FD: 0 sea que esa plata es oscura. La plata In other words, that money is shady. The money
me la puedes sacar despues por, por otro you can get for me later from somewhere else. In
lado. De hecho, esa plata me la vas a fact, that money you're going to get to me later
sacar despuks por donde te de la gana. however the hell you want. You want to declare
Tu quieres declarar estos reales all this money to the Internal Revenue Service, I'll
completos en, ante el fisco yo te lo hago. do it for you. However you want, Gordo. You
Como tu quieras, Gordo. Tu quieres want to use this to take care of the accounts, to
utilizar esto para arreglar cuentas, square everything - however you want to do it.
pa'cuadrar todo - como tu lo quieras You already have clean money, which is the
hacer. Tu tienes ya plata limpia, que h e money you had transferred from the houses. You
la plata que mandaste a transferir de 10s have four million three hundred there that the, that
de las casas. Tienes ahi cuatro millones you disposed of. I mean -
trescientos que las, que dispusiste. 0 sea

AA: ~Cuatromillones? No, Frank, estas Four million? No, Frank, you're wrong.

FD: ~ C u a n t omandaste a transferir? How much did you transfer?

AA: Tu [tartamudea] tu estas equivocado. You [stutters] you're wrong. Two million, Frank,
Dos millones, Frank, estas equivocado. you're wrong.

FD: No, [UI] cuatro trescientos - No, [U1] four three hundred -

AA: No, Frank. No, Frank.

FD: Ellos me dijeron cuatro trescientos. They told me four three hundred.

AA: Frank, un, un millon y medio, te ... un Frank, a, a million and a half, ... a million and a
millon y medio se, se le pago a la gente - half was, was paid to the people - Not Gabriela.
Gabriela no. Aqui est$ Frank. It's right here, Frank.

' - MM: Me voy a fumar un cigarro. I'm going to smoke a cigarette.
File Number: hdM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDDVD Number: R40a (part 2)

NR: Te acompaiio pa' que ustedes - 1'11 go with you, so you guys -

AA: No, no, no, si aqui esta. No, no, no, it's here.

FD: jQuC es eso? What's that?

AA: Lo, lo que yo pague, saca la cuenta - What, what I paid, do the math - 34% of - how
34% de jcuanto es? jCuanto, cuanto te much? How much, how much is 34 of this
da 34 de este monto? amount?

FD: jQue es eso, Gordo? ~ E S hOe el aiio What's that, Gordo? Was that last year?

AA: Coiio,Frank. Damn it, Frank.

FD: Diciembre - December -

AA: El aiio pasado. Eso h e el afio pasado, Last year. That was last year, that was last year,
eso h e el aiio pasado, Frank. Frank.

FD: Bueno. Okay.

AA: Bueno, el aiio pasado. Well, last year.

FD: Pero eso es lo que esta - claro, que tu But that's what - of course, that you would have
hubieras declarado esto. declared this.

AA: Bueno, pero yo, yo no he, yo no he Well, but I, I haven't, I haven't made any, 1
sacado ningun, yo no, yo no he cobrado haven't, I haven't made a penny this year, nothing
un solo centavo este aiio, 2007 nada, un for 2007, not a penny.
solo centavo.

FD: No, vale, no seas, disculparne, Alejandro, No, dude, don't be, excuse me, Alejandro, the
10s uruguayos me dijeron a mi que tu le Uruguayans told me that you sent them -
mandaste -

AA: Frank-Frank- Frank - Frank -
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 2)

FD: - una transferencia a ellos - - a wire transfer -

AA: -no- - no -

FD: - de cuatro millones trescientos. - of four million three hundred.

M: Frank, Frank, no. Frank, asi no. Frank, Frank, no. Frank, not like that.

FD: Ellos no han mandado nada, es lo que me They haven't sent anything, that's what you're
estas diciendo. telling me.

AA: Nada, Frank, nada. Nothing, Frank, nothing.

FD: Okey. Bueno, tienes que decirle, "Mira, Okay. Well, you have to tell them, "Listen, send
mhndalos a este lado." Yo te dije, them over here." I told you, "Send this money to
"Manda esta plata a 10s uruguayos the Uruguayans, send it at once, to - get the
miindalos de una vez, pa1- sacales 10s money out once and for all."
reales de una vez."

AA: Okey, Frank pero - jque? Saco mis Okay, Frank, but - what? I take out my closed
cuentas cerradas aqui con todo, o sea, accounts here with everything, in other words, I,
yo, yo, con, con, con las promesas de I, with, with, with the promises for the last four
hace cuatro meses que me iban a resolver months that they were going to take care of the
el problema y no me resuelve nadie - problem for me and nobody is taking care of
anything -

FD: Gordo, pero jquien te incumplio la Gordo, but who did not keep their promise?

AA: Frank, coiio, bueno, si - no, todo el Frank, damn it, of course, yes - no, everybody,
mundo Frank. Todo el mundo, ah, hace Frank. Everybody, uh, for four months, I'm
cuatro meses Frank, ya yo estoy devastated - you know? I'm - you know, you
destrozado - jsabes? Yo soy, jsabes, know? But that's fine, if this - if this, if with this I
sabes? Pero esta bien, si esto - si esto, si can say, - and I sign today, that's the way I am -
con esto yo puedo decir, - y yo te firmo I, the power of attorney is the shit [stutters] call
hoy, asi soy yo - yo, el poder es el coiio them, if they want I'll sign it for them today, but
[tartamudea] llamalos, yo se 10s firmo hoy shit, dude, let it be loud and clear that I'm in your
si quieren, pero coiio, chamo, que quede hands.
claro que estoy entregado a ustedes.

FD: Yo no te tengo en ninguna jaula, [UI]. 1 don't have you caged, [UI]. I came clean, I'm
Yo vine limpio. Yo te estoy diciendo, "Eh,telling you, "Uh, I want to get you out of this
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 2)

yo quiero sacarte del peo, que tu estes mess, for you to be clean, for you -
limpio, que tu -

AA: Fran-Frank - Fran-Frank -

FD: - veas el mundo sin estar volteando pa' - to see the world without having to look back -
atras -

AA: Fran-Frank ya. Fran-Frank, okay.

FD: Dejame decirte el status donde estamos Let me give you the status where we're at right
ahorita. Nos mandaron a joder, una vaina now. We were sent to mess with you, it's one
es que me manden a joder y otra vaina es thing for them to tell me to do it and another thing
que lo puedan hacer - pa' que estes for me to actually do it - so you can take it easy
tranquil0 por ahi tampoco no ... Eh, and it won't be from there either ... Uh, with have
tenemos a la gente de la DlSIP the DISIP people assuming that you already
asumiendo que ya tu hablaste con 10s spoke with the Feds, we have everybody
federales, tenemos a todo el mundo assuming that you spoke with everybody, these
asumiendo que tu hablaste con todo el guys are still saying it's not so - that we're still
mundo, todavia estos sefiores estan negotiating with you and that we're talking.
diciendo que no es asi - que todavia Cristina already won in Argentina, in Argentina
estamos negociando contigo y que she's not going to lose the presidency, Chavez is
estamos hablando. Ya Cristina gano en going to remove everybody that had anything to
Argentina, ya no, ya no va a perder la, la do with this mess from their positions, in other
presidencia argentina, ya Chavez va a words, it doesn't matter anymore if you talk about
sacar a todo el mundo que tenga que ver Rafael or talk about so and so because Rafael is
con este pe'o del, de todos cargos, o sea, not going to be in that position anymore ....uh, let's
que ya no importa que hables de Rafael o take advantage of closing this shit and that you're
hables de fulano porque ya Rafael no va a able to go back without having anyone on your
estar en el cargo ...este, varnos a ass, that's all, Gordo. That's all 1 want to do, for
aprovecharnos de cerrar la mierda y de you to say, "Franklin, I don't have any problems
que tu puedas voltear pa'tras sin tener un anywhere in the world anymore." That's it, and
carajo persiguiendote, eso es todo, that the day someone comes and asks you, "Did
Gordo. Eso es todo lo que yo quiero you do this shit." "Yes, asshole, here's my receipt
hacer, que tu digas, "Franklin, no tengo and my shipments and my stuff taken out through
ningun peo ya por el mundo." Listo, y customs and my arrival in Venezuela, thank God
que el dia que alguien te venga a decir a ti we have those receipts, because we had them, we
"~Hicisteesta mierda? "Si, huevon, aqui had them from day one."
e s t h mis recibos y mis despachos y mi
vaina sacada por la aduana y me llegada a
Venezuela, gracias a Dios que tenemos
esos recibos, porque 10s teniamos, 10s
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 2)

teniamos el dia uno."

AA: Claro, porque yo siempre he tenido las Of course, because I've always had my things
cosas bien, Frank, siempre te las he straight, Frank: I've always sent them to you the
mandado bien. right way.

FD: YO estoy insinuando que tenemos algo Am I saying we have something wrong? I've said
mal? Yo he dicho que tenemos, gracias a we have, thank God we have the receipts, that's
Dios que tenemos 10s recibos, listo. Y it. And thank God that's how we manage the
que gracias a Dios que nosotros accounts, you owe me 300, I owe you a 100 -
manejamos las cuentas asi, tu me debes pay me 80,1 owe you 40, I owe you 25, send me
300 y yo te deb0 100 - pagame 80, te - send me 30, thank God, Gordo. Because if not,
deb0 40, te deb0 25, miindame- how would you get out of this mess? What were
miindame 30, gracias a Dios, Gordo. you going to come up with - a lie? Perjury, you
Porque si no jc6mo salias de este peo? would end up in jail for perjury, you weren't going
~ Q u Cibas a genera - una mentira? to jail because of customs, but you were going to
Perjurio, ibas a ir preso por perjurio, no end up in jail for perj - in other words, somehow,
ibas a ir preso por aduana per0 ibas a ir someway you would fall - how do you fall here?
preso por perj - o sea, por algun lado te
ibas a caer - jc6m0 caes aqui?


16320 NW 2ndAvenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33 169

File Number: MM- 109803

Task Number: 2960

Tape NumberICD #: R40a (part 3)

Audio File Name: D-22.1 MM.FD.NR.12-I 1-07.0451PM.wav

Date Recorded: 12111107

Time Recorded: 4:51 PM

Language: Spanish

TranslatorlTranscriber: LS Ileana Laureano



AA Alejandro Antonini MM Moises Maionica
NR Nicolas Rossini FD Franklin Duran


Italics Spoken in Foreign Languages
IA Inaudible
UI Unintelligible
PH Phonetic
[1 Background Conversation / Noise
SC Simultaneous conversation
ov Overlapping voices
[RCI Recorded Message
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

AA: Bueno, Frank, este eh, eh - No, claro, Well, Frank, this uh, uh - No, of course, but
per0 hay, hay otra cosa, este, que me there's, there's something else, uh, that worries me
preocupa porque, o sea - Yo, yo declaro because - I mean - I, I declare an export.
una exportacion.

FD: No la has cobrado. You haven't been paid for it.

AA: Frank, si, per0 tu haces todo, tu haces tu Frank, yes, but you do, you do your declaration
declaracion cuando sales, yo he when you depart, I've declared what I've actually
declarado lo que te he vendido realmente. sold you.

FD: Si, si yo no estoy, yo no estoy simulando Yeah, yeah I'm not, I'm not faking the amount -
la cifra -

Si, Frank, pero, per0 tengo que hacer una Yes, Frank, but, but I have to make one that, one
que, una que heron ciento y pico mil - that was a hundred and some thousand -

FD: Doscientos doce mil - Two hundred and twelve thousand -

AA: No, una - que es esta, que heron ciento y No, one - which is this one, that was a hundred
pic0 mil, este, porque estas son siete nada and some thousand, uh, because these are only
mas, de estas hay - seven, of these there's -

Gordo, esas se fue por las correas. Todo Gordo, those were for the belts. All that went
eso se h e por las correas. j O se te through the belts. Or did you forget?

AA: No, no, jcomo lo s6 yo? No, no, how do I know?

FD: Tu [UT] la cola, Alejandro. Tu mandaste You [Ul'] the ride, Alejandro. You sent apickup,
unapickup, una van - jno te acuerdas? a van - don't you remember? When my dad,
Cuando vino mi papa, Raul y Pedro. Raul and Pedro came.

No, Frank, no, no, no. Yo no recibi - no, No, Frank, no, no, no. I didn't receive - no,
Frank, no, no - no, ya va, no, no - jah, Frank, no, no - no, the, no, no - uh, this was not
esto no se fue por exportaci6n? exported?

FD: No, Alejandro, se fue por las correas, No, Alejandro, it was sent as luggage, that's why
por eso te estoy diciendo que estamos I'm telling you that we're covered, the guys went
blindados, 10s carajos se quedaron locos, crazy they asked me, "How did you guys do
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

me dijeron, "Como hicieron ustedes this?" "Uh, retrieved them as luggage." "I did
esto?" "Ah, lo sacamos por las correas." that," I told them. [Pause]. You didn't remember
"Eso es peo mio" les dije. [Pausa]. jNo te that?
acordabas de eso?

AA: jPero como me voy a acordar de eso, But how am I going to remember that, Frank? I
Frank? 0 sea, explicame como me voy a mean, explain to me how I'm going to remember
acordar de eso - yo, yo compre, yo le that - I, I bought, I bought from these, these
comprk a, a esta gente de Occulux [PHI people at Occulux [PHI and, and I paid them -
y, y le, le pague - jverdad? los, 10s right? The, the, a hundred and some thousand
ciento cincuenta y pico mil dolares en, en dollars for, for bullet proof vests -
chalecos de seguridad -

FD: Ya, y 10s vendiste por 500 - jY? Vas a Okay, and you sold them for 500 - So? Your
pagar una utilidad de 300,000 dolares, de going to pay a profit of 300,000 dollars, of
400,000 dolares, el 34% que tu, tu pagas 400,000 dollars, the 34% that you, you pay 34
34 de lo que te ganas -no de todos 10s on your profit - not on all the income you receive.
ingresos que recibes.

AA: No, estamos claros, Frank. Yeah, we're clear on that, Frank.

FD: Tu vas a pagar 34 de 500,000 - You're going to pay 34 on 500,000 -

AA: Frank, si, si quieres que te diga la verdad Frank, if, if you want me to tell you the truth -
- eso no es lo que - jtu sabes? - a mi lo that's not what - you know? - what worries me,
que me preocupa, Frank, es que la vaina Frank, is that this thing works.

FD: Disculpa, muchacho, la mercancia de 10s Excuse me, dude, the merchandise of the vests
chalecos salio via, via correa de aqui, o was sent as luggage, as luggage, in other words,
sea, que el product0 es totalmente cierto. the product is completely true.

AA: No, se - lo que se, se lo llevo Rubilaza No, that - what's that, that Rubilaza [PHI took it.
[PHI -

FD: Y en Maiquetia nos habilito la aduana And Vielma Mora, as the boss, authorized the
Vielma Mora de boss habilito a la aduana Customs in Maiquetia for us and we took
y sacamos todo y no hicimos la everything and we didn't declare. And that hasn't
declaracion. Y todavia eso no se ha been closed yet, I mean, I can still cl-close it.
cerrado, o sea, que yo todavia lo puedo
ce-cerrar .
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)

MM: Claro. Of course

NR: Claro. Of course.

FD: Y pagar alla abajo en base a mil millones And pay down there based on a thousand
de bolivares en ingresos. iOkey? Pa' que bolivars in income. Okay? So just you know.
lo sepas.

AA: [Suspira] Bueno. [Sighs] Okay.

MM: iC6m0 te sientes? How do you feel?

AA: Mejor, si, coiio, mejor, que Iastima que Better, yes, shit, better, it's a pity we didn't meet
no nos vimos antes pa', pa' yo llamar a before so, so I would have called this fucking
este coiio de madre me hubiese dicho que bastard and he would have told me yes [SC]
si [SC] [UI] [UI]

MM: Bueno, marico, [UI] poder ... Well, pal, [UT] be able to ....

AA: Esta bien, esta bien. It's fine, it's fine.

MM; [Se riel. [Laughs].

AA: No, tu llegaste a las once, per0 es que - No, you got in at eleven, but it's that - right now, I
yo ahorita te estaba llamando ayer como was going crazy calling everywhere for you
loco por todos lados y, y no me atrevia a yesterday and, and I didn't dare come down or
bajar o no - not -

MM: Ayer, ayer de vaina - de vaina nos Yesterday, yesterday we - were almost killed.

AA: Si, yo se, yo sC. Yes, I know, I know.

[Porcion UI, SC] [UI portion, SC]

AA: Me conto, me conto. He told me, he told me.

MM: Y veniamos viendo el agua asi. And we were seeing the water like this.

NR: Yo estuve a punto de declararme que era I was about to declare myself a faggot. [laughs]
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)

marico. [se rien] Cuando se me [SC] When I was [SC] [UI] -
[UII -

MM: Ibamos, ibamos viendo el agua asi, We were, we were looking at the water like this,
imaginate de 10,500 - el motor, el avion imagine from 10,500 - the engine, the plane did
hizo [hace ruidos] y estamos en 5,000 [makes a noise] and we're like at 5,000 feet,
pies, volvi6 hacer [hace ruidos] y again it did [makes a noise] and we're at 2,000
estabamos a 2,000 pies, despues con un feet, after that with only one engine he went up to
solo motor - de 2,000 pies lo llevo a 3,000 feet and stayed there, didn't go any higher.
3,000 y ahi se mantuvo, no subio mas.

NR: - [UI:] aterrizar de lado. - [UI] land sidewyas.

FD: Esa vaina, chamo, es la peor sensacion That shit, dude, it's the worst feeling.
que hay.

[porcion UI] [UI portion]

NR: Verga, si - Damn, yes -

FD: De verdad. Really

NR: iQue desagradable! So unpleasant!

FD: Y la suerte que tuvieron es que no Lucky you didn't fly more than 15,20 minutes like
volaron mas de 15,20 minutos asi. that.

MM: No, volamos 35 minutos [SC] [UI] [Se No, we flew 35 minutes [SC] [UI] [Laughs].

NR: Lo que pasa es que - jsabes que pas6 The thing is - do you know what happened,
paso, Frank? Frank?

FD: Bueno, dejame decirte que ese motor Well, let me tell you that the engine needs to be
esta de cambiarlo. changed.

NR: No, tu sabes lo que nos dice este carajo, No, you know what this asshole is telling us me,
que es el, el filtro de gasolina porque el that it's, it's the gas filter because he passed the
pas6 10s tanques [UI] tanks [UI]

MM: Pero peor, marico, se te pudo haber But that's worse, dude, it could have switched to
cambiado a1 otro motor tambien - the other engine -
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a @art 3)

[porcion UI] [UI portion]

MM: Claro, se te pue-, el motor se, se Of course, could hav-, the other engine
sobrecarga. overloads.

NR: Claro, lo que pasa es que el tipo hizo el Of course, what happened was that the guy only
pa-, el pase solamente - did the, did the fly-by -

MM: Se te pudo haber apagado el otro motor. The other engine could have also failed.

NR: A 10s tanques int ...a 10s tanques [UI]. To the int ...tanks, to the tanks [UI]

AA: Te imaginas. Just imagine.

MM: No, te lo juro que yo dije, "Me voy a No, I swear that I said, "I'm going to get wet," I
mojar", yo si me voltee y dije -"Nice, nos turned and said, "Nico, we're going to get wet."
varnos a mojar."

[porcion UI] [UI portion]

FD: ~ T e n i ala costa, tenia la costa muy lejos? Was the coast, was the coast very far?

NR: No. IVo.

MM: No, no, estaba cerquita. NO, no, it was close.

NR: Estabamos a diez millas, 15 millas. We were ten miles, 15 miles away.

FD: i Y por quC, y por que el carajo no And why, and why didn't the asshole start flying
empezo a volar cerca de la costa con un close to the coast with only one engine?

NR: Yo no lo entendi tampoco, chamo. Dude, I didn't understand that either

MM: A la hora que se hubi-, si se iban a mojar, When it comes to getting wet, dude, it's not
chamo, no es lo mismo mojarse, huevon, the same to get wet a mile away than to get wet
a una milla que mojarse a cien metros, at a hundred meters away, asshole.

MM: No, no,pero,pero adonde No, no, but ... no, but where we were I think we
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)

estabamos yo creo quedamos a tres, ended up three, four -
cuatro -

NR: No, la pinga, huevon. Si [SC] [UI] No, bull shit, asshole. Yeah [SC] [UI]

AA: Una milla y una milla es - A mile and a mile is -

FD: Chamo, mojarse a 100 metros en, en Pal, if a Falcon is ditched 100 meters away, you
Falcon es salvarte porque hasta 200 are safe because you can walk up to 200 meters.
metros tu caminas.

NR: Si. Oh, claro. Yes. Oh, of course.

FD: Mojarse, huevon, a una milla o a 500 Getting wet, dude, a mile or 500 meters away is
metros es muerte, porque no nadas. death, because you don't swim.

MM: Y con esa, y con esa - And with that, and with that -

FD: Con ese coiiazo - qu6 vas a nadar, How are you going to swim after that whack?

NR: Sabes que yo me, yo me tranquilice You know that I, I calmed down when I saw the
cuando veo el istmo. Isthmus.

FD: Estas todo descoiiociado, todo - You're totally discombobulated, totally -

NR: Cuando veo el istmo de Paraguana. When I saw the Paraguana Isthmus.

MM: Cuando pasamos encima del istmo este When we went over the Isthmus this one told me
me dijo - -

NR: Cofio, yo dije, "Marico, - [SC] [UT] Damn, I said, "Dude - [SC] [UT]

MM: [UI] dije, "Cuidado que todavia hay [UI] I said, "Be careful, there are still cactus
espinas de cactus aqui nos podemos needles here, we can get pricked," I said.
puyar", le dije.


NR: [UI] no, porque lo tiras a la carretera. Esa [UI] no, because you land it on the road. That

File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)

carretera no pasa casi nadie. Ese bicho road is almost empty. That crap [UI] road that
[UI] carretera lo [UI]. Chamo, marico, [UI]. Dude, dude, we were taking care - [SC]
estabamos resolviendo -[SC]

MM: Y el piloto es el mismo, nos enteramos And we found out today that the pilot is the same
hoy - one -

FD: Del accidente de - Of the accident of -

MM: - del accidente de - - of the accident -

FD: - Paramillo.- de la rata. Paramillo.- of the rat.

MM: De Paramillo. Of Paramillo.

NR: Fijate tu que nos hubikramos cagado, Just imagine, we would have shitted in our pants,
pana. pal.

MM: [Se rie]. [Laughs].

NR: Que el carajo me lo dice cuando The asshole tells me when we landed, dude, I was
aterrizamos, chamo, estuve a punto de about to punch him, but don't tell me that shit.
meterle una mano, per0 tu no me dices
esa vaina.

AA: U-una pregunta, este, i y tu te, tu te vas A, a question, uh, and you, you leave today?
hoy ?

FD: Maiiana. Tomorrow.

AA: i Y ustedes se van? 0 sea, yo te llamo And you guys leave? That is, I'll call you
maiiana tempranito. tomorrow early in the morning

MM: Mira, a mi me gustaria - Listen, I would like -

AA: -0- - or -

MM: - absolutamente me gustaria aprovechar - I would definitely like to take advantage of the
la cola - Pero si tu quieres que yo me ride - But if you want me to stay -
quede -

AA: Ah, bueno. No, no, no, no, dale, dale. Oh, okay. No, no, no, no, go ahead, go ahead.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

Dale, pues. Go ahead, then.


FD: No, no. iPero como se va a ir sin la No, no. How is he going to leave without the
mierda firmada del poder? signed power of attorney?

AA : Ah, yo te lo firmo. Uh, 1'11 sign it for you.

MM: iSi? Yeah?

AA: Yo te lo firmo ya si quieres. 1'11 sign it right now if you want.

FD: [UI] abogado si lo firmo. [UI] an attorney if he signed it.

MM: No, maiiana - No, tomorrow -


MM: - llama a Mark Parsler [PHI. Lo firmas - call Mark Parsler [PHI. You can sign it up there
a116 arriba - eso es en West Palm Beach - - that's in West Palm Beach -

AA: Si, [murmura]. Yes, [mumbles].

NR: Ahi en West Palm Beach, en la oficina de In their office in West Palm Beach [UI] [SC]
ellos [UI:] [SC]

AA: Yo se lo firmo maiiana. I'll sign it tomorrow.

MM: i Y a fuiste a la oficina? You already went to the office?

AA: Si, si, yo se, yo se donde es. Es ahi Yes, yes, I know, I know where it is. It's right
mismo. there.

MM: Si, ahi mismo. Yes, it's right there.

hTR: Ahi, e s t h las oficinas de Mark Parsler There, where Mark Parsler [PHI'S offices are.

MM: Esta el mismo poder ... The same power [of attorney] is there ....

AA: Si, si, si tengo un problema aqui, Frank, If, if, if I have a problem here, Frank, shit, you'll
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

coiio, tu me lo resuelves - jno? take care of it for me - right?

MM: Todo lo que [Ul] [SC] Everything that [UI] [SC]

FD: problema as de que tipo? What type of problems?

AA: Coiio, que este recibo me digan, "Coiio, Damn, if they tell me that this receipt, "Damn,
charno, hace falta otra cosa ..." porque no dude, something else is needed ...: because I don't
si, coiio, no se. 0 sea - know, damn, I don't know. In other words -

MM: Chamo, no va a faltar nada. Dude, nothing is going to be needed.

FD: , duda tienes? No, no, per0 -
L Q u ~que What, what are you doubting? No, no, but - let
que, que aclare [SC] [UI] him clear up [SC] [UI]

M: No, no, no, no, nada [SC] no, no, no, no No, no, no, no, nothing [SC] I don't, don't, don't,
tengo - don't have -

- FD: Cien porciento [UI] - A hundred percent [UI] -

AA: - hoy, hoy dia no tengo duda. Ahorita no - today, today I don't have any doubts. Right
tengo duda. Con lo que me estas dando now, I don't have doubts. With what you're
no tengo duda, no, creo que no, no voy a giving me I don't have doubts, no, I don't think, I
tener un rollo. don't think I'm going to get in trouble.

FD: Arreglas tu vaina interna - You take care of your domestic matters -

AA: jCual cosa interna? What internal matters?

FD: [Ul] Tu factura .... tu factura de la [Ul] Your invoice ... your invoicebill for [UT] [SC]

AA: Bueno, te voy ... hacer una factura por Well, I ha- .... I have to do a bill for [stutters] yes
[tartamudea] si [UI] [UI]

FD: Por quinientos y pic0 y, y listo. Y dile, For five hundred and some and, and that's it.
"Mire, yo tengo esto y esto." And tell him, "Listen, I have this and this."

MM: iEsa factura interna aqui generara tax- Is that domestic invoice taxable here?
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

- FD: El Gordo. Gordo.

FD: No,exportacion. No, it's exportation.

AA: No, es de exportacion. No, it's an export invoice.

MM: Ah, bueno. Oh, okay.

NR: Mira, este, Alejandro quieres que - Listen, uh - Alejandro, do you want to -

FD: Y la vaina sali6 via las correas - i Y sabes And the crap was sent via luggage. And you
quk? know what?

NR: ~Quieresque vayamos maiiana contigo Do, do you want us to go with you tomorrow
donde Mark? over to see Mark?

FD: E s t h las pruebas. The proof is there.

MM: ~ Q u i e nenvia las correas? Explicame eso Who sends the luggage? Explain that to me.

NR: 0 sea, el otro abogado [SC] [Ul]. In other words, the other attorney [SC] [UI].

AA: Cuando quieran, si quieren. Whenever you want, if you want.

FD: [UI] [SC] equipaje. [UT] [SC] luggage.

NR: Nosotros te acompaiiamos. We'll go with you.

MM: Si, [se riel. iQuk de pinga! Yes, [laughs]. What bull shit!

FD: ~ T no
u tienes idea cuando se compraron Do you any idea of when the security equipment
10s equipos de seguridad para el pais? for the country was purchased?

MM: Diez dias antes de la Copa AmQica. Y Ten days before America's Cup. And they made
te llarnaron de emergencia, "Resuelveme an emergency call to you, "Take care of this shit
este peo." for me."
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

FD: Como, como en julio. Igualito. Like, like in July. Exactly the same.

MM: Y no te han pagado. And they haven't paid you.

FD: No, y 10s carajos llegaron asi mismo. con No. and the assholes arrived just like that, with an
un presupuesto y la vaina salia como a la estimate and the stuff was like at half. I said, "Uh,
mitad. Yo, "Ah,de pinga." "Y no, me lo bull shit." "And you have to sell it to me at this
tienes que vender a este precio porque si price otherwise I won't do business." "Well, don't
no, no hago negocio." "Bueno, do business." I told them, "You do it, you take
no hagas negocio," le dije, "hazlo tu, your shit." That was a month before. Ten days to
llCvate tu mierda." Eso h e un mes antes. go, "Dude, you have to do it, how much is it?" I
Faltando diez dias, "Chamo, lo tienes que told him, "This is how much, take it, you do it."
hacer tu, j c u h t o es que vale?" Le dije,
"Vale esto, tomalo, hazlo tu."

NR: Mira. Listen.

FD: Asi h e el pe'o, como son ellos, asi. Te That's how it went: like they are. They bring
traen una vaina - some stuff for you -

NR: Y Range1 [UI] [SC] And Rangel [UI:] [SC]

FD: - menos ma1 que [UI] se la entregue per0 - at least that [UI] deliver [UI:] "Uh, yes, that's a
dije, "Ah, si, per0 esa entrega es 90 dias, 90-day delivery, it's not the same thing delivering
no es lo mismo entregarte en 90 dias que to you in 90 days, coming by ship than bringing
viene por un barco a traerte la vaina por the shit by plane."

MM: Eh, la otra opcion - Uh, the other option -

AA: Si, yo, yo voy a revisar si hay otras cosas Yes, I, I'm going to check if there's other stuff or -
mas o - porque a mi lo que me da miedo because what I'm afraid of is increasing a bill from
subir - una factura de 17,000 a quinientos 17,000 to five hundred and eighty some thousand
ochenta y pic0 mil porque - because -

FD: jPor quC, Gordo? Why, Gordo?

AA: Bueno, coiio, Frank - Well, damn it, Frank -

UM: Pero - But -

AA: - como si yo no fuera tan alto, jtu sabes? - like if I weren't so high, you know? Like if I
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)

Como si yo no fuera una persona - alto wasn't a person with such a high profile right now.
perfil ahorita.

MM: Pero no la tienes registrada. But you don't have it on record.

FD: No la tienes registrada, Alejandro. Alejandro, you don't have it on record.

MM: La 17,000 no la, no la tiene nadie. No, no one has the one for 17,000.

AA: Bueno - Well -

FD: Es tu mismo. It's you yourself.

AA: - es de, es de - - is of, is of -

MM: No la tiene nadie. No one has it.

FD: No la tiene nadie, Alejandro, es de junio. No one has it, Alejandro, it's from June.

MM: Esa no la tiene nadie. IVo one has it.

AA: Okey. Okay.

FD: La tienes tu nada mas, Gordo. You're the only one that has it, Gordo.

NR: Le estoy diciendo, le estoy diciendo a I'm telling, I'm telling Alejandro -
Alejandro -

FD: [SC] [Ul] si la estuviera en, en, en junio [SC] [Ul] if it was being done in, in, in June of
del aiio que viene. next year.

NR: Mira, este, jmaiiana te acompaiiamos a la Listen, uh, tomorrow we'll go with you to sign?
firma ?

AA: Yo voy, si, claro. 1'11 go, yes, of course.

NR: Vas con nosotros. Ahi esta Mark Parsler You'll go with us. Mark Parsler [PHI is there, he'll
[PHI, nos va atender y tu firmas el poder take care of us and you sign the power of
a'lante de nosotros pa' que tu - attorney in front of us so that you -

MM: No, igual, yo tengo boleto para el - No, same thing, I have a ticket for - when do we
j c u h d o tenemos el boleto? para el have the ticket for? For Thursday?
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)


NR: Pa' el jueves. 0 sea - For Thursday. In other words -

MM: Yo tengo boleto pa' el jueves. I have a ticket for Thursday.

NR: - nosotros no tenemos ningun - with don't have any problem sitting with you,
inconveniente en sentarnos contigo, con with Mark to explain what's up, that you give the
Mark a explicar lo que tenemos enfrente, power of attorney [SC] [UI]
que tu das tu poder [SC] [UI]

FD: ~ P e r opreferirias que 61 vaya primero a su But would you prefer for him go to his attorney
abogado? first?

FD: Que el se aclare con su abogado. For him to get things squared away with his

MM: Esto primero. This first.
FD: Esto es primero. This is first.

AA: Chamo, ya yo estoy entregado, Frank, a Dude, I've given up, Frank, if I get screwed I'll go
mi si me joden y yo voy preso y perfecto. to jail, perfect.

FD: No, no vas a ir preso. No, you're not going to jail.

AA: Ni veo a mi familia, aqui - voy preso a1 I don't even see my family, here - I'll go to jail the
dia siguiente, Frank. Aqui yo no [UI] voy next day, Frank. Here, I don't [UI] I'll go to jail,
preso, Frank, asi como te lo estoy Frank, just like I'm telling you.

FD: No vas preso, Alejandro. iC6mo vas a You're not going to jail, Alejandro. How are you
ir preso? going to go to jail?

AA: Cofio, Frank, [tartamudea] j t sabes?
~ Damn, Frank, [stutters] you know? These last
Estos cuatro meses me han servido four months have been very useful for comi ..., I
mucho de comi ..., o sea - De todo lo que mean - The only good thing that has come out,
ha servido, de lo unico que me, me ha the only thing it's done for me is that this fucking
servido es que el lio que jode estaba mess and I was wondering until what time, of
preguntindome hasta que hora, claro que course because I'm doing something wrong,
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)

si porque yo estoy cometiendo una cosa Frank. But it makes sen-, if, it makes sense.
incorrecta, Frank. Pero lo-, si lo-, logico. With the receipt we're clear, we're clear, Frank.
Con el recibo estarnos claros, estarnos
claro, Frank.

FD: Los abogados lo que te van a preguntar What the attorneys are going to ask you
maiiana es - "iDe esto hay constancia tomorrow is - "Is there proof that this went
que sali6 por la aduana?" "De esto si." through customs?" "Of this, yes." "And of this
"Y de esto hay constancia que sali6 por there's proof it went as luggage." Because there's
las corneas." Porque de eso dejan un a record of that at the airport, that all the shit was
registro en el aeropuerto, que se llevaron taken in suitcases.
todo ese poco de mierda en, en maletas.

M : Bueno, no, yo, yo se lo vendi, yo se lo Well, no, I, I sold it, I sold it to hi ...I sent it to
vend ...yo te lo despachC a tu casa. your house.

FD: Exacto. Lo, lo despachaste - Right. You sent it-

M : Ah- Uh -

FD: - por exportacion y - - as export and -

M: - yo lo despa- - I sen-

FD: - sali6 del pais. - it left the country.

M : Si, no, no, yo, no, yo voy a poner ahi mi Yes, no, no, I, no, I'm going to put my address
direccion, yo lo despachC a, a North there, 1 sent it to, to North [UI] Drive.
[UI] Drive.

FD: Si, si. Yes, yes.

AA: - donde, donde llego. - where, where it arrived.

FD: Si, si, si. Yes, yes, yes.

AA: Eso si lo voy hacer. 0 sea, que ahi. I'm going to do that. I mean, over there. When it
Cuando lleg ...y ahi cuando llego de arriv ...and when it truly arrived there. It left from
verdad. De lVueva York salio y llego alli. New York and it arrived there.

FD: Pues, entonces si a ti te agarran preso, ten So, if they send you to jail, you can be sure I'll be
seguro que el segundo que van a agarrar the second one going to jail.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 3)

preso es a mi.

MM: [Se riel. [Laughs].

FD: Pa' que estes tranquilo. Si estas poniendo Just so you relax. If you're putting my address -
mi direccion -

h4M: [Se riel. [Laughs].

NR: [Se riel. [Laughs]

FD: - y yo te estoy diciendo que la pongas - - and I'm telling you to put it -

MM: No, vale, aqui no - No, dude, here there's no -

UM: No, aqui no va haber preso. No, there won't be an inmate here.

FD: Pero entiendan, o sea, pa' que este mas But understand, in other words, so you can be
tranquilo. Si tu vas a ir preso, yo voy more relaxed. If you go to jail, I'm going to jail
preso a1 lado tuyo. right next to you.
MM: La mortificacibn - y tu puedes ir aqui si tu The hassle - and here you can go to jail if you
evades impuestos a1 fisco per0 si tu vas a don't pay taxes to the IRS but if you're going to
pagar - Pay -

IVR: [UI] [UI]

MM: [UI] [SC] [UI.] [SC]

FD: Y este huevon pag6 el ~o pasado - And this asshole paid last year - How much did
iCuthto pagaste el ai3o pasado? you pay last year?

AA: Mas, mas de un millon de dolares, mucho More, over a million dollars, a lot more.

FD: [UI] . [UI.].

NR: Pero que - [SC] [UI] But what - [SCII [UI

FD: 0 sea, 61 venia de nada y de repente That is, he was coming from nothing and all of the
pago, eh - sudden he paid, uh -
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 3)
AA: De nada no, Frank - Not from nothing, Frank -

FD: - este, un millon. - uh, a million.

M: - de nada no, Frank. - not from nothing, Frank.

FD: Bueno, disculpa, de 500,000. Well, sorry, from 500,000.

AA: Bueno. Okay.

FD: jVenias de 400,000? You were coming from 400,000?

AA: Si, y de 300 y 400 y 500 - Yes, and from 300 and 400 and 500 -

FD: Aja, bueno, de eso brinco a un millon - Yeah, well, from that he jumped to a million -

AA: [Ruido nasal]. [Nasal noise].

FD: - a tres veces mas de lo que tenia antes. - three times what he had before.

AA: No, una vez, a una, a una vez mas, Frank. No, one, one time, Frank.

FD: LA una vez mas? Bueno, y de - jtu la One time? Well, and from - are you still
sigues haciendo consolidado con Jackie o consolidating with Jackie or on your own?

16320 N W 2"d Avenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33 169

Side-by-Side Translation/Transcription

File Number: MM- 109803

Task Number: 2960

Tape NumberICD #: R40a (part 4)

Audio File Name: D-22.1 .MM.FD.NR.12-1 I-07.0451PM.wav

Date Recorded: 12111/07

Time Recorded: 4:51 PM

Language: Spanish

TranslatorITranscriber: LS lleana Laureano



AA Alejandro Antonini MM Moises Maionica
NR Nicolas Rossini FD Franklin Duran


Italics Spoken in Foreign Languages
IA Inaudible
UI Unintelligible
PH Phonetic
[1 Background Conversation 1 Noise
SC Simultaneous conversation
ov Overlapping voices
[RCI Recorded Message
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 4)

AA: Consolidado. Consolidating.

FD: Ah, consolidado con Jack-, ah, bueno, de Uh, consolidating with Jack-, uh, well, from that
eso brinco - jY consolidado con Jackie he jumped - And consolidated with Jackie, did
te dio un millon o te dio mas de un millon'3hat give you a million or did it give you over a

AA: Me dio mas, Frank. It yielded more, Frank.

FD: jTe dio un millon y medio? A million and a half?

AA: No. Pero si un millon mil trescientos y No. But it did give me one million one thousand
Venuz pago trescientos y pico, three hundred and Venuz paid three hundred
cuatrocientos y pico. some, four hundred some.

FD: [UI], marico, ya, - de - facturaste, saliste [UI.] dude, that's it, - of - you billed, you ended
facturando. up billing.

AA: Si, okey, Frank, pero, per0 siempre he Yes, okay, Frank, but, but I've always billed -
venido facturando - j t sabes?
~ you know?

Y la prensa te pinto como super And the press portrayed you as a super
millonario. Estas hecho, marico, estas millionaire. You have it made, dude, you're
blindaisimo [PHI. La prensa en vez de shielded. The press instead of portraying you as a
pintarte como un malandro te pinto como scrounge it portrayed you as a wealthy dude.
un carajo prospero.

MM: Un carajo exitoso. A successful dude.

FD : iCoiio! Damn!

MM: Entre [SC] [UI] Between [SC] [UI]

NR: [UI] ten cuidado con 10s dos millones tres [Ul] be careful with the two million three seven
siete cinco que vas a recibir. five that you're going to receive.

MM: Que va a recibir. Eso. De como coiio That he's going to receive. That's it. How the hell
haces pa' que no te afecte - jno? you'll do it without affecting you - right?

... FD: Es que nosotros tenemos muchas cuentas We have a lot of accounts intermingled.
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)


MM: Bueno, okey. Eso es un ventaja entonces. Well, okay. That's an advantage then.

FD: Que las podemos arreglar. Y el puede That we can take care of. And he can take care
arreglar todo eso en su, en su of that in his, in his books -
contabilidad -

MM: En el recibo que me iban a dar, una vaina In a receipt they were going to give me, something
que se llama Vargo-Petrol [PHI, Var- called Vargo-Petrol [PHI, Var-, Vargas-Petrol
Vargas-Petrol [PHI. [PHI-

FD: Aja. Uh-huh.

MM: Que era la otra opcion distinta a ti y si yo That was the other option different from yours
te traia eso me ibas a sacar de aqui con and if I brought you that you would have kicked
una patada y esa f i e la unica soluci6n que me out of here and that was the only solution that
planteo PDVSA. Si Franklin no dice, PDVSA came up with. If Franklin doesn't say,
"No, pana, yo pongo mi compaiiia, yo si "No, dude, I'll put my company, I am in
estoy de acuerdo ..." - agreement.. ." -
FD: Pero ojo, no porque yo soy loco, es But take note, not because I'm crazy but because
porque tenemos c6mo hacerlo. Tenemos we have a way of doing it. We have enough
suficientes cosas ligadas - things tied -

AA: No, bueno, pero lo, los, 10s dos millones No, well, but the, the, the two million -

FD: Lo que hacia falta era - What was needed was -

AA: - es un trust, entonces no tengo - it's a trust, then I won't have tax problems
problemas de impuestos porque es un because it's a trust. It's a trust I opened for the
trust. Es un trust que le abri a las niiias. girls. It's a structure, I don't even appear there.
Es una estructura que ni aparezco por ahi. And it's an attorney that's close to your attorney.
Y es un abogado cerquita a, a tu

NR: ~Quienesson? Who are they?

AA: E-ellos son ah, la misma gen-, son de 10s T-they are uh, the same peop-, same people as,
mismo de, de Ruben McCloskey [PHI. as Ruben McCloskey [PHI.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 4)

NR: i Ah! Ruben Mc Closkey. Oh! Ruben Mc Closkey.

MM: Hm. Hm.

AA: Los mismos. The same ones.

FD: Alejandro, solamente para que lo sepas - Alejandro, only so you know - I don't know if
no sC si ustedes son de tributarios - you guys are tax attorneys -

MM: Si. Yes.

FD: De trust, yo sC un poquito, yo me la paso I know a little about trusts, I'm always doing this.
haciendo esto. Tu eres ciudadano You're an American citizen, the trusts that you
norteamericano, 10s trusts que tu estas have an oblig-, listen to me, you have an
obliga-, oyeme bien, tu estas obligado a obligation to declare them ,okay? Don't pay
declararlos, jokey? IVo pares bolas. attention.

AA: Frank, Frank, de verdad - Frank, Frank, really -

FD: No pares bola. Don't pay attention.

AA: Frank, es una compaiiia, es una compaiiia Frank. it's a company, it's a company - is, this is
- es-, esta es una compaiiia que me va a a company that is going to pay me, or is going to
pagar, o me va a emplear [UI] nunca. give me a job [UI] never. The worse thing that
Aqui lo peor que pase es que el bufete no can happen is for the firm not to pay me.
me pague.

FD: Bueno. Okay.

MM: Eso si pasa mucho. That does happen a lot.

NR: Si. Yes.

FD: Eso si pasa mucho. That does happen a lot.

AA: Bueno, pero - Well, but -

FD: Cuando se trata de norteamericano. When it's an American -

AA: Pero, esto es - esto esta - o sea, tiene, o But, this, this is - this is - in other words, has, in
sea, son expertos. other words, they're experts.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 4)
FD: Bueno. Well.

AA: 0 sea, quien hizo es super experto. In other words, the person who prepared it is an

FD: Okey. Okay.

AA: [Suspira]. Cofio, verga. 0 sea, tengo esa [Sighs]. Damn, shit. I mean, I have that meeting
reunion alla arriba. up there.

MM: iAh? Huh?

AA: Na', que, que quiero terminar esto vale. No', that, that I want to be done with this.

MM: iYa estas listo? Are you ready?

NR: Si, per0 mafia-, ya estamos listos. Yes, but tomo-, we're ready.

MM: Y nos quedamos, no le pares bolas, nos And we'll stay, don't pay attention to him, we'll
quedarnos. stay.

NR: Nos quedamos. ~ T auqui hora te We'll stay. At what time can you meet with your
puedes reunir con tu abogado? attorney?

MM: Yo me quedo, te lo juro que me quedo. I'll stay, I swear to you I'll stay

AA: [Tartamudea] Lo voy a llama- 0 sea, 61 [Stutters] I'm going to cal- That is, he told me he
me dijo a mi que, que me llamaba hoy - would call me today - he left me a message, he
me dej6 un mensaje, estaba en una, en was in a, in a thing, in a hearing and he would call
una broma, en un hearing y me llama me later, at nine in the evening. Then -
ahorita a las nueve de la noche. Entonces

NR: Okey, habla tu con 61 y maiiana en Okay, you talk to him and at any time tomorrow -
cualquier momento del dia - nosotros nos we'll stay just to sit with Mark Parsler [PHI -
quedamos h i c a y exclusivamente para you're going to give him the power of attorney
sentarnos con Mark Parsler [PH:] - que tu and you sign it.
das el poder y se lo firmas.

W: Excuse me, do you gentlemen need Excuse me, do you gentlemen need anything?
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)

.- IVR: Actually, yeah - I will try a sparkling Actually, yeah - I will try a sparkling water. I
water. I don't know, what about you? don't know, what about you?

AA: No, no, I'mfine, I'mfine. No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine.

W: Four more waters? Four more waters?

NR: Two- Two -

MM: Two more - Two more -

NR: - actually two. iTu, Frank? - actually two. Frank, you?

FD: Dime. Tell me.

NR: i[UI] algo de beber? [UI] something to drink?

FD: No, agua. Yeah, water.

NR: Agua ...the same but uh...sparkling? Water ... tje same but uh ...sparkling?

MM: No, no... distilled for me. No, no...distilled for me.

W: Distilled? Okay. Distilled? Okay.

NR: No. [Sonrie]. No. [Chuckles].

AA: Well, [suspira] ah ...ahora, si se quieren ir Well, [sighs] uh, if you guys want to go with
con el - yo lo, yo firmo, o sea [UI] him, I'll, I'll sign it, I mean [UI]

FD: No,no,no,pero- No, no, no, but -

AA: Yo estoy ya - yo quiero salir de esto. I'm already - I just want to get out of this.

FD: Pero, igual, igual, vamos a - But, same, same, let's -

NR: No, vale, nosotros - te, te asistimos a ti - No, dude, we -1 we'll, we'll help you -

AA: Y,y,y - And, and, and -

MM: Yo se que tu estas mas tranquil0 si yo me I know you'll be more at ease if I stay, I'll stay.
quedo, yo me quedo.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)
- NR: Tranquilo. No, y vas a conocer a Mark, Relax. No, and you'll meet Mark, we'll even put
inclusive te ponemos su abogado, si es his attorney on, if possible [UI:] they're our
posible [Ul] son nuestros corresponsales correspondents over here in [UI] hell of a firm, if
aqui en [UI], tremenda firma, si es de it is for real -
verdad -

FD: Le estoy poniendo a mi hermano que le I'm having my brother tell Raul that you've
diga a Raul que aceptaste lo del cambio accepted changing the invoice so that he squares
de factura pa' que arregle la contabilidad away the internal accounting with us, to go
interno ahi con nosotros, para que tomorrow to SENIAT and pay the tax differential.
maiiana vayamos a1 SENIAT a pagar el
diferencial de impuesto.

AA: jY, y cuiindo le dan la pla-, a Frank la And, and when is the mon-, money going to be
plata? given to Frank?

FD: Yo maiiana voy para Barbados, Gor- I'm going to Barbados tomorrow, Gor-Gordo.

MM: La semana que viene. Next week.
AA: No, no, yo dig0 - j c u h d o te la dan a ti? No, no, I mean - when are they giving it to you?

MM: La semana que viene. Next week.

AA: Okey. Por eso es que la dan - Okay. So that's why they'll give it -

MM: Cuenta con eso. Count on that.

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: Yo me encargo de eso. 1'11 take care of that. .

AA: 0 sea, Range1 se la va a dar a Frank. In other words, Range1 is going to give it to

MM: Si, pana, de verdad, es mi palabra y tu no Yes, pal, really, it's my word and you don't - did
- j te sentiste alguna duda a1 respecto a you have any doubts regarding that?

FD: No. No.
File IVurnber: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)
MM: Ademas, este, yo - yo te prometo que yo On top of that. uh, I - I promise you that I'm not
no hago nada con el poder hasta que no going to do anything with the power attorney until
este la plata, te lo prometo. the money is there. I promise.

AA: No, e-es-escuchame - No, li-listen to me -

MM: Pe-per0 - Bu-but -

AA: - de verdad, o sea, de verdad. 0 sea, yo - really, that is, for real. In other words, I don't
no tengo otra opcion, eh, esa que tu me have any other option, uh, that one that you're
estas dando o agarro y llamo al, a1 giving me or 1'11 call the Argentinian that I wrote
argentino que puse en la tarjeta la vez down in the card the last time. Really, I'm already
pasada. De verdad, ya yo estoy - at -

FD: jCual es el argentino? What Argentinian?

AA: Eh, llego hasta mi casa, este, jcomo se Uh, who came to my house, uh, what's his name?
llama? Eh, el periodista, que me dijo que Uh, the journalist who told me that it was insane.
eso era una locura.

MM: Pero a1 argentino le vas a tener que pagar. But you'll have to pay the Argentinian. You won't
~ s t no
e lo vas a pagar. pay this one.

AA: No, jc6m0 se llama? Este, no vale, el, el, No, what's his name? Uh, no pal, the, the, [UI]
[UI] la tarjeta, Oppenheimer. 0 sea, yo the card, Oppenheimer. In other words, I'm, I'm
estoy, ya estoy - ya no doy mas, ya no already - at wits end, can't go any longer, dude.
doy mas, chamo.

MM: Yo - si, yo nunca - I - if, I never -

AA: 0 sea, me he pegado, yo soy una I mean, I've gotten close, I'm a person [stutters] I,
persona [tartamudea] me: me, me he I, I've missed, I've missed everything -
pelado, me he pelado todas -

MM: Yo nunca - I never -

AA: - todas las cosas de mis hijas. - all of my daughters' things.

MM: Alejandro, yo jamas en mi vida he Alejandro, I've never said anything about your
transmitido ninguna de esas advertencias threats, and I'm not going to do it -
tuyas, ni, ni las voy a transmitir -
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 4)

- AA: Yo se. Yo sC que no lo has hecho. I know. know you've never done it.

MM: 0 sea, eso, eso queda aqui con - I mean, that, that stays here with -

AA: Pero, pero, yo - But, but, I -

MM: Yo soy 61 [UI] de eso porque si yo le I'm the one [UI] of that because if I tell the
dig0 a1 director de la DISIP que tu me director of the DISIP that you threatened me with
amenazaste con Oppenheimer [se riel, Oppenheimer [laughs], we're all dead.
estamos muertos todos.

W: For you. For you.

NR: Thank you. Thank you.

MM: Aqui no dijo usted nada. You didn't say anything here.

AA: ~Muertoliteralmente? Literally dead?

MM: No, no, chico - muerto, muerto de que No, no, dude - dead, dead meaning that 1'11 be
yo me quedo sin casa, tu te quedas sin homeless and you'll be without a defense. [laughs]
defensa. [se riel

FD: A nosotros nos terminan de partir el culo. They'll finish us off.

MM : A estos les terminan de partir el culo alla They will be totally finished off down there.
abajo .

NR: ~Alo? Hello?

[Pausa breve]. [Brief pause].

AA: Bueno. Okay.

MM: Y ojo. Yo te he dicho muchas cosas que And watch out. I've told you a lot of things that
el tiempo te dira si yo lo que te he dicho time will tell whether what I've told you is true or
no es correct0 o no. Pero eso, a estas not. But that, at this stage, you don't do anything.
alturas, no haces nada. De corazon, I'm talking from my heart, I apologize if you guys
perdoname si les va a parecer que estoy think I'm playing poker but I'm truly telling you,
jugando poker per0 de coraz6n no haces you don't do anything.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)

[En el fondo se escucha conversacion con la [Background conversation with the waitress]

MM: Ya Cristina es presidente, ya no eres Cristina is already the president, you're not news
noticia. anymore.

[Pausa]. [Pause].

AA: Bueno - Alright -

MM: Mira, te voy a decir esto y no quiero, no Listen, I'm going to tell you this and I don't want, I
quiero que tenga repercusion porque me don't want any repercussion because I'll get upset
voy a molestar contigo per0 Danielito - with you but Danielito -

NR: A16 - Hello -

MM: - me llego un comentario que dijo que tu - I heard a comment that he said you either owed
le debias plata o que tu le tenias plata, him money or had some money for him, talk to
habla con el pa' que no ande diciendo him so that he's not saying stuff down there.
vainas alla abajo.

AA: Yo, yo no le, - I, I don't -

MM: Eso te perjudica. That affects you.

FD: ~ T leu debes, tu le debes plata de que? You owe him, you owe him money for what?

AA: No, de nada, a Daniel no le deb0 un No, no way, I don't owe Daniel a penny.
centavo. Nada, nada. Nada. Nothing, nothing. Nothing.

FD: i D e quC le debe plata a Daniel? i D e For what does he owe Daniel money? For what?

MM: No se, a mi no me dijo Daniel per0 I don't know, Daniel didn't tell me but Daniel ....I
Daniel me ... a mi me llego un comen-. heard a com-. First he tells me, "Damn, yes, we
Primero me dice el, "Coiio, si, hay que have to take care of him because Gordo has
resolver porque el Gordo me tiene una some money for me.'' And I stayed quiet, like if
plata." Y yo me quedC callado como si he hadn't said anything to me and later on a
no me lo hubiera dicho y despues en un comment among friends, and friends told me that
comentario, sabes, entre amigos, y Gordo has some money for Daniel. I told him,
amigos me dicen que el Gordo le tiene "No, dude, that's bullshit, that's not true."
una plata a Daniel. Le digo, "No, pana,
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 4)

eso es mojon, eso no existe."

AA: Yo, yo en el momento que t6 me dijiste a I, at the moment you told me - it's been a while
mi - ya hace tiempo que - that -

MM: Si, per0 hay que tener cuidado. Yes, but you have to be careful.

AA: No, vale, t l me llama, 61 me llama y yo lo No, pal he calls me, he calls me and I say hi,
saludo, mas nada. "iC6m0 esta la cosa?" that's it. "How are things?" "Fine." I don't say
"Bien." No le dig0 mas nada. anything else.

MM: Y no le vayas a reclamar esto. And don't tell him about this.

AA: No, vale. No, pal.

MM: Mi-, si - Lis-, if -

AA: Mira, mira, mira. Mira - Listen, listen, listen. Listen -

MM: oyeme, oyeme - Listen to me, listen to me -

AA: -no, no - -no, no -

MM: - si se lo vas a reclamar, dile, "Mira, me - if you're going to tell him anything, tell him,
llego por otra via." No le digas que soy "Listen, I heard this through the grapevine." Don't
YO. say it was me.

AA: No, vale, no, no, no, yo no - yo - No, vale, no, no, I won't - I -

MM: Pero te lo dig0 por tu proteccion. But I'm telling you for your own safety.

AA: Olvidate, no quiero saber nada de el ni de Forget it, I don't want anything to do with him or
su papa ni de - his father or -

MM: Te lo dig0 por tu proteccion. I'm telling you for your own protection.

FD: iPor qut - peleaste con ellos? Why - did you have a fight with them?

AA: No, qut voy a pelear con - [SCI [UI] No, why would I fight with - [SC] [UI]

FD: Ah, ipero por qut me dices que no Uh, but then why are you telling me that you want
quieres saber nada de ellos? nothing to do with them?
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)

AA: No quiero saber del viejo 61 ni nada, I don't want anything having to do with the old
no quiero. De verdad que no - de una man ...him ...nothing, I don't want to. I really don't
persona que monto a su hijo en ese avion, - from a person that put his own son and me on
en ese avion de mierda, me monto a mi that aircraft, on that fucking aircraft knowing that
sabiendo que esa plata ahi. that money was there.

FD: Aja. Uh-huh.

AA: - que, que se jubil6 y no le echo bola, que - that, that he retired and didn't try hard, who has
ha hecho todo lo que ha hecho, o sea, done everything he's done, I mean, my God, he
por Dios, no tiene ningun respeto de mi, doesn't have my respect, nothing.
no tiene.

FD: Ah, iDiego se jubilo? Uh, Diego retired?

MM: No fue la salida, eso, eso es el moj6n. ~1 No, it was he's way out, that's, that's bullshit. He -

FD: Diplomhtico, diplomaticamente. Diplomatically, diplomatically.

MM: Si. Le dijeron, "Jubilate." Yes. He was told, "Retire."

FD: Jubilate. Retire.

MM: 0 sea, pideme la jubilacion pa'que, In other words, tell me you want to retire so you
pa'que te vayas. Porque si no, igualito lo can go. Because if not, he was going to be let go
iban a - a renunciar de ahi. either way.

AA: Bueno. Okay.

MM: Su cabeza la pidieron y su cabeza rod6. They asked for his head and his head rolled.
NO vas a comer nada? Aren't you going to eat anything?

FD: Pero yo tengo la palabra de ese seiior de But I have that guy's word that, that once the
que, una vez que este firmado el poder y power of attorney and shit are signed, a week
la broma, una semana despues yo recibo after I'll receive the money. And once I receive
el dinero. Y una vez que reciba el dinero the money I'll send you a message, "Gordo, I
yo te mando un mensaje, "Gordo, recibi - received -

AA: i Y lo, lo de Argentina? And what about the Argentinian thing?

FD: - recibi 10s maletines." - received the briefcases."
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 4)
- MM: Lo de Argentina, marico, si me das el The Argentinian thing, dude, if you give me the
poder maiiana yo hago que antes de power of attorney tomorrow 1'11 make sure that's
vacaciones judiciales eso estt cerrado. closed before the court recess.

NR: Cerrado. Closed.

AA: i C u b d o , c u b d o es vacaciones When, when is the courts' recess?

MM: El 16 de diciembre. December 16th.

AA: Okey, o sea, que - bueno, per0 si hoy es Okay, in other words, that - well, but if today is -
- maiiana, maiiana es - diez - tomorrow, tomorrow is - the 10th -

NR: Eso si, firmame el poder maiiana. One thing though, sign the power of attorney for
me tomorrow.

MM: Aja, por eso. Uh-huh, that's why.

AA: Diez llega.. The 10th arrives.

MM: Tu me das el poder maiiana - If you give me the power of attorney tomorrow -

AA: Llega el 1 1 It arrives the 11th.

MM: Si, claro, per0 no llega apostillado, yo Yes, of course, but when it arrives it's not
voy a ver que se puede hacer sin la certified, I'm going to see what can be done
apostilla. Y aqui, por eso tu estas without the certification. And here, that's why
firmando dos ejemplares, porque uno se you're signing two of them, because one stays
queda aqui que me lo van apostillar y here, 1'11 have certified and when I get his, it's
cuando me llega el de el eso esta muerto. dead. I told you, and everybody - the guy who I
Yo te lo dije, y todo el mundo - el pana spoke on the phone with when I was here with
con que hable por telefono yo estando you - what's his name? The attorney. What's the
aqui contigo - jcomo se llama? El name of your post-graduate professor?
abogado. iC6m0 se llama tu profesor de

AA: ~n~el. Angel.

FD: [SC] [UI] [SCI [UIl

NR: Angel - Angel -
File Number: MM-109803
DatelTime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a @art 4)

AA: Angel Morales. Angel Morales.

NR: Juan Morales. Juan Morales.

FD: ~ Q u pas6
e con Angel? What happened with Angel?

MM: Que Angel esta, es el que esta cuadrando That Angel is, is the one who is squaring away
la parte de politica. the political part.

FD: Dile a Raul que El Gordo acepto el Tell Raul that El Gordo accepted the differential
diferencial de dinero, que cambie la of money, to change the invoice for the amount he
factura por el monto que el pus0 de 587. put of 587. That is the invoice you have there.
Esa es la factura que tienes ahi. Do you understand? Since that went through as
~Entiendes?Como eso se h e por las luggage the differential that'll go in the declaration
correas, el diferencial que va en la lull.
declaracion [UI].

AA: Bueno, pero, okey, Frank - le dijiste eso Well, but, okay, Frank - you told him that but I
per0 tengo que decir- have to say -

MM: Perdon. I'm sorry.

AA: - tengo que decirle, o sea, y ver el - I have to tell him, I mean, and to see the
diferencial, o sea, sentarme con la differential, I mean, it in front of the computer,
computadora, con el abogado, con el with the attorney, with the accountant and ask
contador y decirle, "Mira, jest0 se puede them, "Listen, can this be done?"

FD: Es que te dio mas dinero, te dio 925,000 Is that he gave you more money, he gave you
dolares. 925,000 dollars.

[Suena un telefono celular en el fondo]. [cell phone ringing in the background].

MM: Esta bien, per0 que lo - certifique. Okay, but he should certify it.

AA: [UI]. [Hablando por telefono] Ya - ya, un [UI] [Talking on the phone] Okay - okay, a se-,
se- , un segundo. iUh? Ya, ya, no, [se one second. Uh? Okay, okay, no, [laughs]. Yes.
riel. Yes. No, they don't want tho-, they No, they don't want rhos-, they don't want
don't want those. Okay. [suspira] those. Okay. [sighs]
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a @art 4)

[Pausa] . [Pause].

NR: [UI] salido. [UI] come out.

FD: ~ Q u Cte pasa? What's wrong?

AA No, nada, nada. Ya, mi casa. No, nothing, nothing. Yeah, my house.

MM: Domestico. Domestic.

FD: ~ C u a n d osalen de vacaciones las nenas? When do the girls start vacation?

AA: No sC, la, Csta semana que viene. I don't know, the, this coming week.

FD: iLa semana que viene ya? i Y tu, huevon, Next week already? And you, you're never going
no vas a adelgazar mas nunca? Si con to lose weight, dude? With this mess you didn't
este pe'o no adelgazaste ni un kilo, lose one kilo, dude.

AA: A-adelgacC pero despuCs vol-volvi a I lost weight but I gai-gained it again.

FD: Coiio, [UI] "AdelgacC cuando no me Damn, [UI] "I lost weight when you didn't see me
viste y engordC cuando me estas viendo." and I gained it back when you're looking at me."

[se rien] [they laugh]

NR: [UI]

AA: [suspira] [sighs]

FD: ~QuC,quC te pasa? What, what's wrong?

AA: No, no, nada, nada, cosas en mi casa. No, no, nothing, nothing, home matters.

NR: NO quieres comer nada, chico, te lo You don't want to eat anything, dude, I'll order it?

AA: No, te lo juro que no quiero. No, I swear I don't want.

NR: ~Seguro? You sure?
File Number: MM- 1 09803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 4)

AA: Tengo el estomago asi chiquitico. My stomach is this small.

FD: ~ S a b e lo
s que deberias aprovechar You know what you should take advantage of
ahorita, Gordo? Revisar con eso, una vez now, Gordo? Review with that, once everything
que lo tengas cuadrado todo y despuCs - is squared away and then later on - next week
la semana que viene te dedicas - trata de you get into - try to get into before - of having all
que te dediques antes de que - de tener the operations we have to use - listen to me -
todas las operaciones que tenemos que
usar - oyeme -

AA: Yo no tengo la cul -, Frank, no - de I t's not my faul -t, Frank, no - really, I mean,
verdad, o sea, no hay nada , Frank. La there's nothing, Frank. The only one there is - the
unica que exi- la unica - only one -

FD: Parame. Ahora, si. Tienes que llamar - Pay attention. Now for sure. You have to call -

AA: - pendiente - - pending -

FD: - Vladimir, pirame, tienes que llamar a - Vladimir, dude, you have to call Vladimir. You
Vladimir. Lo mandaste a cancelar Tex- asked him to pay Tex-Mil [PHI in full. You have
Mil [PHI. Tienes eh - to, uh -

AA: Aja, LY por quC tengo que llamarlo yo? Yeah, and why do I have to call him?

FD: Tex-Mil, Inc. Bueno, Tex-mil, Inc - Tex-Mil, Inc. Well, Tex-mil, Inc -

AA: ~1 no quiere ni siquiera hablar conrnigo, He doesn't even want to talk with me, Frank.

FD: - es dueiia de dos apartamentos en - is the owner of two apartments in Hollywood.

AA: ~ L o que
s tu compraste? The ones you bought?

FD: Si. Y 61 lo que me dice que tu le diste la Yes. And what he's telling me is that you
instruccion de que cancelara esa instructed him to cancel that company.

AA: Frank, yo no, yo no hablo con Vladimir - Frank, I haven't, I haven't talked to Vladimir -

FD: A lo mejor, a lo mejor se lo dijiste en Maybe, maybe you told him on that occasion -
aquella oportunidad -

16320 NW 2"* Avenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33 169

File Number: MM-I09803

Task Number: 2960

Tape NurnberICD #: R40a (part 5)

Audio File Name: D-22.1 .MM.FD.NR. 12-1 1-07.0451PM.wav

Date Recorded: 12111/07

Time Recorded: 4 5 1 PM

Language: Spanish

TranslatorlTranscriber: LS Ileana Laureano



AA Alejandro Antonini MM Moises Maionica
NR Nicolas Rossini FD Franklin Duran


Italics Spoken in Foreign Languages
IA Inaudible
UI Unintelligible
PH Phonetic
[1 Background Conversation / Noise
SC Simultaneous conversation
ov Overlapping voices
PC1 Recorded Message
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

AA: Frank, Frank, yo no hablo con - puede Frank, Frank, I haven't spoke with - can be -
ser -

NR: [UI] vamos a [UI] [UI] let's go to [UI]

AA: No, no, vale, no, no, tranquil0 no, no - No, no, pal, no, no, cool it, no, no -

MM: [Se riel. [Laughs].

[Segmento ininteligible]. [Unintelligible segment].

AA: No, no, quedate, quedate, quedate, nada. No, no, stay, stay, stay, nothing. [SC] my God,
[SC] por Dios, quidense, quedense. stay, stay.

FD: A lo mejor se lo dijiste con el stress y la Maybe you told him under stress and with the
huevonada, porque fue el 22 de agosto, shit, because it was on August 22nd, you were in
estabas caliente, marico. Yo te dije, "Tu hot water, dude. I told you, "You're doing too
estas haciendo mucha vaina y ni sabias lo much stuff and you didn't even know what you
que estabas haciendo." Le mandaste a were doing." You had him cancel that shit and we
cancelar la mierda, resulta que ahora now have one million six hundred thousand dollars
tenemos un millon seiscientos mil dolares given to some assholes, and it is not even in my
dados a unos carajos que no esta ni name.
siquiera a mi nombre.

AA: Pero eso no es problema. Lo puedes But that's not a problem. You can put it - Uh,
poner - Eh, eso lo compraste tu, Frank Frank, you bought that with your -
con tu -

FD: Coiio - Damn -

AA: - plata. - money.

FD: - no puedo aparecer yo firmando todos - I can't appear as signing all the apartment. I
10s apartarnentos. Tengo que reactivar have to reactivate Tex-mil [PHI, either reinstate
Tex-mil [PHI, o reactivar Tex-mil [PHI - Tex-mil [PHI- because it doesn't matter, when it's
porque no importa, a la hora del cierre, time for the closing, I'm not going to put any
yo no voy a poner ninguna compaiiia, yo company, I'm going to pay for all of them but I
lo voy a pagar todo per0 necesito que need you to call Vladimir and tall him, "Vladimir,
llames a Vladimir y le digas, "Vladimir, this instruction from August 22nd to cancel Tex-
esta orden del22 de agosto que mil [PHI - reinstate it. Because I need to reinstate
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1211 1/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

cancelaras Tex-mi I [PHI - reactivala. it." He owns two apartments. I didn't remember
Porque la necesito reactivar." Es duefio he owned two apartments, Gordo. I found out -
de dos apartamentos. Yo no me
acordaba que era duefio de apartamento,
Gordo. Yo me vine a enterar -

AA: Bueno, pues abre una cuen-, una nueva, a Well, open an acco-, a new one in the name of
nombre de Tex-mil, Frank. No tienes ni Tex-mil, Frank. You don't even have to call
que llamar ni a Vladimir. Vladimir.

FD: Porque Vladimir fue el que lo firm6, Because Vladimir was the one who signed, he
inclusive firm6 el mio. Vladimir firm6 even signed mine, Vladimir signed for all the
todos 10s apartamentos - jtu sabias eso? apartments - you know that?

AA: jA, a quiCn se 10s firmo, Frank? Eso es Who, who did he sign them for, Frank? That's
imposible. impossible.

FD: Gordo, yo tambien decia lo mismo y me Gordo, I was also saying the same thing and I
lo ensefiaron 10s papeles. Estan firmados was shown the papers. They're all signed by
todos por Vladimir. jPor que te arrechas Vladimir. Why do you get upset if they're all
si estan firmados todos por Vladimir? signed by Vladimir?

AA: Yeah. Me, me extrafia que, que digas Yeah. I'm, I'm surprised you're saying that
eso porque no, no me parece. because I don't believe it is like that.

FD: Los firm6 todos el. He signed all of them.

AA: Si 10s finnaste tu, Frank. Frank, you signed them.

FD: No, mi Gordo, no lo firme yo. Cofio, yo No, Gordo, I didn't sign it. Damn, I saw the
vi la finna. Y yo decia, "jQuiCn coiio es signature. And I said, "Who's signature is this and
esta firma y quien coiio..." buscando, who the hell ..." looking, looking, looking, looking,
buscando, buscando, buscando, Vladimir Vladimir Abbad [PHI.
Abbad [PHI.

AA: EI, C1,Cl a mi no me agarra el telefono ni He, he, he doesn't even pick up the phone when I
mucho menos, jsabes? call or anything like that, you know?

FD: jY eso? Why?

AA: Un dia me dijo que no lo llamara mas One day he told me to never call him again and I
nunca y no lo llamo. Que no lo llamara won't. Not to call him because I caused him too
File Number: MM- 109803
Date/Time Recorded: 1211 1/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 5)

porque le cause muchos problemas. many problems. "Fine, then, sorry."
"Perfecto, pues, disculpame."

FD: iSi? iVerga! iPor que ese carajito esta Really? Bull shit! Why is that asshole talking shit
hablando huevonadas de ti, que tu que le about you owing him money?
debes plata?

AA: No se, Frank. Yo, yo no he hablado con I don't know, Frank. I, I haven't spoken with him
61 desde hace mucho tiempo. No tengo for a long time. I don't have a clue. You know?
la menor idea. i T 6 sabes? De un dia que From the day they told me they were coming to
me dijeron que ya venian ellos a resolver take care of the mess, that he and his dad called
el enredo, que me hablo el y su papa y me and I said, "Listen, dude, you're still the same
dije, "Mira, chamo, ustedes siguen siendo liars since day one." You know what?
10s mismos mentirosos desde el dia uno. "
iSabes quC?

FD: iQuien piensas tu que son 10s Who do you think are the liars?

AA: ~ 1 , 6yl su papa pues ahi, tu sabes, Him, he and his dad, you know, dude, we'll, we'll
chamo, ya, ya veremos como vamos a see how we're going to resolve this problem,
resolver este problema, no te preocupes. don't worry. So he would call me to say hi, in
Entonces el me llamaba pa'saludarme de other words, he's never told me that I owe him
lo mejor, o sea, a mi nunca me ha dicho money because I don't owe him money or
que le deb0 plata porque yo no le deb0 anything. Uh, uh, so nothing.
plata ni nada, a el de nada. Este, eh,
nada pues.

FD: Tengo la camioneta, la Porsche a nombre I have the truck, the Porsche in your name, we
tuyo, tenemos que cambiar ese nombre. have to change that name.

AA: Bueno, cuando tu me digas, cuando tu Well, whenever you tell me, whenever you want.

FD: Salimos del pe'o. Tienes un mes mas We get out of this mess, You have one more
despuks de salir del peo pa' que aclares month after getting out of this mess to clear - I'll
con - yo te transfiero tu mierda aqui, a tu transfer your shit over here, to your [UI] that shit,
[UI] esa vaina, cuando tu tengas tu vaina, when you get your shit, your transfer and your
tu transferencia y tu vaina te digo, shit, I'll tell you, "Gordo, let's sit down and square
"Gordo, vamos a sentarnos a arreglar all this away." Even if it's, "Damn, Frank, I have
todo." Asi sea, "Cofio, Frank, en esto no nothing to do with this, this is so and so's" like you
tengo nada que ver yo, esta vaina es told me a little while ago, "Frank, this is not me,
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

fulano de tal," como ahorita me dijiste, this is Vladimir's." And I told you, "Damn,
"Frank, esto no soy yo, esto es Vladimir." Vladimir had the thing cancel supposedly
Y yo te dije, "Coiio, Vladimir mando a following your instructions."
cancelar la vaina supuestamente por
instrucciones tuyas."

AA: No, Frank, yo no le mandC nunca - No, Frank, I never told him to -

FD: Supuestamente, yo no estoy diciendo que Supposedly, I'm not saying it was like that,
haya sido asi, Alejandro. Pero todo Alejandro. But everything coincides, the date of
coincide, la fecha 22 de agosto, Vladimir August 22nd, Vladimir canceling all the
cancelando todos 10s apartamentos que apartments that tie me to you, in other words, it
me unen contigo, o sea, me pareci6 seemed odd." I didn't give him that order -
extraiio. Yo no le di esa orden -

AA: ~ Q u apartamentos
e son ....? Ya, un What apartments are those ....? Okay, one
momentico, Frank - 10s apartamentos - moment, Frank - the apartments -

FD: Los de Hollywood. The ones in Hollywood.

- M: No, tu, tu se 10s compraste - 10s No, you, you bought them - for the apartments in
apartamentos de Hollywood tu diste un Hollywood you gave a name to a company, and
nombre a una compaiiia, y tu diste un you gave a name. You bought those with your
nombre. Esos 10s compraste tu con tu money.

FD: Alejandro. Alejandro.

AA: Frank, 61 no tiene nada que ver con esas Frank, he has nothing to do with those
compaiiias. companies.

FD: Ahi no - There's no -

AA: Ni firm6 nunca. He never signed anything.

FD: Tiene que ver, tiene que ver. He has to do, he has to do.

AA: No, Frank. Bueno, ojala lo tuviera pues, No, Frank. Well, I wish he did, because of that
porque hasta por eso tuvo el rollo, ojala the mess came about, I wish could see them - and
10s viera - y yo 10s vi, yo 10s vi, no firm6 I saw them, I saw them, he didn't sign.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 5)

FD: Bueno, ojala, ojala yo lo que yo haya Well, I wish, I wish that what I had seen [SC]
visto [SC] [UT] [UT]

AA: No 10s firmo 61, a-aparte, es muy facil. He didn't sign them, bes-besides, it's very easy.
~ Q u i e n10s pago? Who paid for them?

FD: Los pague yo. I paid for them.

AA: Okey. ~Entonces? Okay. So?

FD: Pero yo se 10s pague a un bufete de But I paid them through a law office. To Chicago,
abogados. A Chicago, no s i que vaina I don't what, trust. Yes, Gordo.
trust. Si, mi Gordo.

AA Chicago Title Insurance, Frank. Chicago Title Insurance, Frank.

FD: Aja. Uh-huh.

AA: Lo pagaste tu, Frank. iDe quien son? You paid for them , Frank? Whose are they?
[Suspira] . [Sighs].

FD: Es facilito, chamo - It's very easy, dude -

AA: Frank, [UI] [SC] Frank, [UI] [SC]

FD: Si Vladimir Abbad fue el que 10s firmo y If Vladimir Abbad was the one who signed, and it
aparece que lo firmo en la compaiiia. appears as if he signed in the company.

AA: Eso no es asi aqui, eso no es aqui asi. Tu It's not like that here, over here it's not like that.
no puedes decir misa aqui. Es muy facil. You can't say whatever you want here. It's very

FD: Pero parame bola. Te lo voy a poner a ti But listen to me. I'm going to put it even easier for
mas facil. you.

AA: Es el cheque - el cheque - ~ Q u i i nlo It's the check - the check - Who paid it, who
pago, quien lo hizo? wrote it?

FD: Te lo voy a poner mas facil. ~ Q u i e nes mi I'm going to make it easier. Who's my broker?

AA: Claro, Jackie, perfecto, per0 asi es. Of course, Jackie, perfect, but that's the way it is.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)
- FD: Yo prefiero - I rather -

AA: Ya eso se arreglb. That's squared away already.

FD: - pkame bola. - listen to me.

AA: Eso se arreglb, esos estin todos a That's already squared away, they're all in
nombre de Franklin Durh... cofio. Franklin Duran's name.. ..damn.

FD: Pero no me terquCes que no esta a Don't get stubborn with me, it's not in Franklin
nombre de Franklin Duran - jpor qu6 Duran's name - why are we going to fight over
vamos a pelear por eso? iPor qu6 that? Why are we going to fight?
vamos a pelear?

AA: No, esta bien, esta bien. No, that's fine, that's fine.

FD: jPor quC te vas a exasperar por eso? Why are you going to get worked up because of

AA: No me exaspero, Frank, porque jsabes I'm not getting worked up, Frank, because
qu6? Porque a mi me arrecha, porque mi you know what?, because it bothers me, because
problema es este, sin este problema yo - this is my problem, without this problem I - the
lo demas o nada - yo no tengo ninguno - rest or nothing - I don't have any -

FD: Yo estoy dando este problema por I'm taking for granted that this problem is settled.

AA: No, no puedo, porque no puedo vivir - No, I can't, because I can't live - until Argentina -
hasta que la Argentina -

FD: Yo estoy dando este problema por I'm taking for granted that this problem is settled -
resuelto -

AA: - no me quite el problema en, en, en - does not square away my problem with Interpol
Interpol, yo no puedo viajar. I can't travel.

FD: jC6m0 te lo quitan si no te has defendido How are they going to lift it if you haven't
en Argentina, mi Gordo? defended yourself in Argentina, Gordo?

AA: Pero, [tartamudea] 0 sea, eh, eh, yo But, [stutters] That is, uh, uh, now I want to see,
quiero ver ahora, yo quiero ver ahora I want to see how they're going to say - what
como ellos van a decir - que van a probar they're going to prove in Argentina to come, as
File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 5)

ellos en Argentina pa'venir, como ellos they say they have everything squared away, that
dicen que tienen todo cuadrado, que me they're going to vanish me off the face of the earth
van a desaparecer de la faz de la tierra over there. Then, how are they to do it? Uh,
all& Entonces, jc6mo van a hacer? Ah, they paid and the guy, and the guy didn't come
pagaron y el hombre, y el hombre no vino over here.
para aca.

FD: Alejandro, Alejandro - Alejandro, Alejandro -

AA: Pue-, voy a firmar el poder, per0 tu Wel-, I'm going to sign the power of attorney, but
veras, van, van a querer decir, "No, hay you'll see, they're going to want to say, "No,
un problemita, ahora queremos que te there's a small problem now and we want you to
montes en un avion y te vengas para aca." get on a plane and come over here."

FD: No te lo van a decir. No te lo van a decir. They're not going to tell you that. They're not
going to tell you that.

AA: Te voy a firmar el poder porque eres tu, I'm going to sign the power of attorney because
Frank. it's you, Frank.

FD: Alejandro, no te lo van a decir. No te lo Alejandro, they're not going to tell you that.
van a decir. They're not going to tell you that.

AA: Porque fijate, ya, ya aqui tu, tu dices, "No Because listen, okay, okay, over here you're
te pongas nervioso." Yo me pongo telling me, "Don't be nervous." I get anxious, how
nervioso como soy yo - tu tienes razon I am - you were right when you told me one day -
cuando me dijiste un dia, "Molesto o "Bothered or what?" I...I did everything perfect
quC?" Yo ...y o que hacia todas la vainas and they were all screwed up - but that's the
perfectas me salieron jodidas - per0 ese problem, that I do everything right. When I see a
es el problema, que yo hago todas las bill for 17 - and I'm going to fake it for five
cosas bien. Cuando yo veo una factura hundred seventy - to me, I shit in my pants - for
de 17 - la voy a brincar pa' quinientos sure, I'll shit in my pants. Because, because I'm
setenta - a mi, yo me cago - de bolas, making a "fishy" invoice. But if that's -
que me cago. Por, porque estoy
haciendo una factura balurda, pues. Pero
si eso -

FD: Pero habia el detalle que la mierda no But there's this thing that the shit did not pass go
salio por la aduana, pues. Salio por la through customs. It went through as
correa, si no yo no te traigo esa factura, luggageotherwise I would not have brought you
Gordo. that invoice, Gordo.
File Number: MM- 109803
DatelTime Recorded: 12111/07 4 5 1 PM
TapeICDDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

AA: [Ruido nasal]. Pero eso es en Venezuela, [Nasal noise]. But that's in Venezuela, that's not
eso no es aqui. here.

FD: Buenisimo, aqui puedes decir lo que te dC That's great, here you can say whatever the hell
la gana. jQuiCn es el h i c o que te puede you want. Who's the only one that can say you're
desmentir a ti? Yo. lying? Me.

AA: Tu. You.

FD: jQuiCn es el que puede ir preso si tu vas Who is the one who could end up going to jail
preso y le quitan la visa a 10s Estados and losing the United States visa, who is almost
Unidos que e s t h a punto de que se la ready for them to take it away?

AA: jPor quC te la van a quitar? Why would they take it away from you?

FD: Alejandro, jsabes como aparecemos en Alejandro, do you know how we appear in
la aduana? Be careful, warning, customs? Be careful, warning, transporter of
transporter of money. First, Alejandro money. First, Alejandro Antonini, second,
Antonini, second, Franklin Duran. Franklin Duran. Third Carlos Kaufmann,
Third, Carlos Kauffmann, fourth, fourth, Pedro Duran, sixth, uh, Dora
Pedro Duran, sixth, eh, Dora Femandez. I swear to you, in green and they'll
Femandez. Te lo juro, en verde y nos stick us in the small room three hours. [UI]
meten en el cuartito tres horas. [UI]

AA: Bueno. Okay.

MM: Y cuando llegamos a Valencia nos And when we arrive in Valencia we get searched,
revisan, una - la ultima vez me dieron la a - the last time they also gave me a ride, the last
cola tambiCn, la ultima vez que vine con time I came with them - right? They gave me a
ellos - jno? Me dieron la cola y en ride and in Valencia, two and a half hours for -
Valencia, dos horas y media por -

AA: jEn Venezuela? In Venezuela?

MM: - todo el equipaje. - all my luggage.

AA: jEn Venezuela? In Venezuela?

MM: La Guardia Nacional. Pero eso fue culpa The National Guard. But that was my fault
mia porque le aterrizamos a1 lado con el because we landed next to the DISIP helicopter.
helicopter0 de la DISIP. [se riel [laughs]
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

FD: Si. Yes.

MM: Si. Yes.

FD: Y se bajaron con una maleta. And they came down with one suitcase.

[se rien] [they laugh]

NR: No, vale. Si, ahi nos revisaron hasta la No way, man. Yeah, over there they searched us
[UII up to [UI]

MM: [Se riel. [Laughs].

NR: Yo me estaba bajando del helicoptero y I was getting off the helicopter and I was walking
estaba caminando - -

FD: Y aunque tu no lo creas este pe'o en Even if you don't believe it not a lot of people in
Venezuela no lo maneja mucha gente. Venezuela can handle that.

NR: [Carraspea]. A, a nosotros nos vieron [Clears throat]. They, they saw us going in to [UI]
entrando en [UI] [SC] [scl

MM: Y Range1 no va a llamar a la Guardia a And Range1 is not going to call the National
decir, "Mira, ese que se bajo del Guard, "Listen, the guy that got off the helicopter
helicoptero con la maleta es gente mia. with the suitcase is my friend. [UI]"

NR: No, nosotros nos bajamos en el auxiliar y No, we got off in the auxiliary airport and
basicamente toda la Guardia Nacional, basically the entire National Guard, "The
"La maleta." [UI] suitcase." [UI]

AA: Dale, voy, voy a ver si llego un Go ahead, I'm, I'm going down there, wait just a
momentico hasta alla abajo, un segundo - second - did you hear me?

FD: &Pa'donde te vas? Where are you going?

AA: Pa', pa'ver si yo puedo ir pa' alla abajo un To, to see if I can go down there for a minute.

FD: &Pa'10s abogados? To the attorneys?
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)
- AA: No, no, pa' ver si yo - si Jackie si va No, no, to see if I - if Jackie, if Jackie goes there
Jackie un momentico - a moment -

FD: LA vas pa' Key Biscayne? Oh, you're going to Key Biscayne?

AA: Si. Yes.

[pausa larga, se monta en el carro, ruidos de [long pause, gets in the car, traffic noises]

AA: [Suspira] Mike. [ruidos, pausa] Hey, [Sighs] Mike. [noise, pause] Hey, Mike, hey, uh
Mike, hey, uh - he, they were not - he, they were not saying anymore and, and
saying anymore and, and he gave me he gave me two invoices that he wants me to
two invoices that he wants me to make make them - things that I shipped but one is
them - things that I shipped but one is for1 7,000 dollars, he wants me to make it now
for 17,000 dollars, he wants me to for 585,000 dollars and that's, that's going to
make it now for 585,000 dollars and be my, my pro0f that, that they, he paid me
that's, that's going to my, my proof 100,000 dollars in cash. [Pause]. Okay. 0 -
that, that they, he paid me 100,000 okay, Iwill. [pause]
dollars in cash. [Pausa]. Okay. 0 -
okay, I will. [pausa]


[se baja del carro] [gets off the car]

UM: Alex. Alex.

AA: Huh? Huh?

UM: Alex, here, talk to Mike. Alex, here, talk to Mike.

AA: Hey, Mike. [Pausa]. Yeah, everything is Hey, Mike. [Pause]. Yeah, everything isfine. I
fine. I have the receipt, I have - well, I have the receipt, I have - well, I have the two
have the two invoices they gave me. invoices they gave me. Okay? No, no, he
Okay? No, no, he gave me two gave me two invoices of Venuz [PHI Supply
invoices of Venuz [PHI Supply and he and he wants me to make themfake, for a, a
wants me to make them fake, for a, a larger amount of things that I already sold to
larger amount, of things that I already him. [Pause]. He gave me two photocopies,
sold to him. [Pausa]. He gave me two two photocopies, three pieces ofpaper, two
photocopies, two photocopies, three photocopies of; of; of invoice of Venuz Supply
pieces ofpaper, two photocopies of;of; and he's saying - 'Yfyou make those for eight
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 5)

of invoice of Venuz Supply and he's hund-, in, in apiece ofpaper explaining how
saying - "Ifyou make those for eight eh, that, that would be nine hundred and
hund-, in, in a piece ofpaper seven-, nine hund-" He, he says that I have
explaining how, eh, that, that would be two invoices that i f 1 can - one is for 17,000
nine hundred and seven-, nine hund-" dollars and the other one is for, uh, uh,
He, he says that I have two invoices 212,000 dollars. He says if the one of; uh,
that i f 1 can - one is for 17,000 dollars 17,000 dollars, i f 1 make it for 500 - I have my
and the other one is for, uh, uh, proof there. [Pause]. Yeah, they're from Venuz
212,000 dollars. He says ifthe one of; Supply, two, two - [UI] Duran, sold in, uh,
uh, 17,000 dollars, i f 1 make it for 500 - June 28, 200-. [SC] [UI] no, no, but they're
I have my proof there. [Pausa] . Yeah, photocopies of him, he gave them back to me.
they're @om Venuz Supply, two, two - Yes. [Pause]. The [UI] we meet for, 1 7,000
[UI] Duran, sold in, uh, June 28, 200-. dollars, he wants me to make that one for
[SC] [UI] no, no but they're 585,000, because he's going to fix that in the
photocopies of him, he gave them back in-, he's going to fix that in customs in
to me. Yes. [Pausa]. The [UI] we meet Venezuela. [Pause]. Okay.
for, for 1 7,000 dollars, he wants me, he
wants me to make that one for
585,000, because he's going to fix that
in the in-, he's going fix that in customs
in Venezuela. [Pausa]. Okay.

UM: How did it go? How did it go?

M: Good. I just could not stand him Good. I just could not stand him anymore. He,
anymore. He, you know, he wants me you know, he wants me to do mo-
to do mo-

UM: Just Moises and Franklin? Just Moises and Franklin?

AA: Moises, Franklin and uh - Moises, Franklin and uh -

UM: Nicolas. Nicolas.

AA: Nicolas. Nicolas.

UM: Okay. Okay

AA: Uh, the, the - I said, you know whar? Uh, the, the - I said, you know what? At rhe
At the end -you know? When they end -you know? When they started ralking
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

started talking about different things, I about different things I say, "You know what,
say, "You know what, uh, okay, I'm uh, okay, I'm going to sign you the power of
going to sign you the power of attorney. " "Okay, we 're going to stay then. "
attorney." "Okay, we're going to stay Because they were going to leave with him
then. " Because they were going to tonight to Venezuela and we're gonna take it
leave with him tonight to Venezuela to -
and we're gonna take it to -

UM: Does he know that? Does he know that?

M : Who? Who?

UM: Mike doesn't know that. Mike doesn't know that.

AA: No, they're not leaving, they're staying. No, they're not leaving, they're staying.

UM: They- they're not leaving tonight? They - they're not leaving tonight?

M : Wel1,Franklinis. Well, Franklin is.

UM: Okay. Okay.

UM: Alright, go ahead. Alright, go ahead.

AA: Well, then, he, he -you know? He Well, then, he, he -you know? He doesn't
doesn't want to be in, in any receipt. want to be in, in any receipt. He gave me this,
He gave me this, he says that, that - he says that, that -[SC]

UM: "Take the existing receipts and "Take the existing receipts and increase
increase them. " them. "

AA: Yeah. Yeah.

UM: Okay. Okay.

AA: Which is, uh, I say, "Franklin, I need to Which is, uh, I say, "Franklin, I need to take
take these to my lawyer, how am I these to my lawyer, how am I gonna - I mean,
gonna - I mean, I already was paid for I already was paid this. " "No, no, no -
this." "No, no, no - because we have because we have accounts, we, we, you and
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
TapeICDlDVD Number: R40a (part 5)

accounts, we, we, you and my, you my, you receive money9om me and then you
receive money from me and then you pay me this way around. " I say, "Franklin, I, I
pay me this way around. " I say, don't do that. You know?" "Yes." You know, I
"Franklin, I, I don 't do that. You was just getting so -you know? He wants to
know? " "Yes." You know, I was just do a shady thing, I say, "Franklin, that's an
getting so -you know? He wants to do invoice9om June for 70,000 dollars, now you
a shady thing, I said, "Franklin, that's want me to make that same [UI] for 500 -"
an invoicefrom June for 70,000 "Well, that's, you can how much profit, you
dollars, now you want me to make that know?" I said, "Franklin, please, I mean -
same [UI] for 500 -" "Well, that's,
you can make how muchprofit, you
know?" I said, "Franklin, please, I
mean -

UM: Okay. Okay.

AA: -Imean, you know, you're not helping - I mean, you know, you're not helping me, you
me, you know? It's cash money and - know? It's cash money and -

LJM: Yeah. Alright. What else? What did Yeah. Alright. What else? What did Moisks
Moisks have to say? have to say

AA: Well, they say they work with Range1 Well, they say they work with Range1 and, and
and, and Range1 is going to give them Range1 is going to give them the two - two
the two - two million three hundred million three hundred sevenv five thousand
s e v e n ~ f i v ethousand dollars - is in his dollars - is in his office waiting for him, for
office waiting for him, for him to, to - him to, to - how do you call that? To pick it
how do you call that? To, to pick it up, up, uh, he, he was gonna write mo-, uh, uh, I
uh, he, he was gonna write mo-, uh, said, I said, "You know, why, I mean, first -
digo, I said, "You know, why, I mean, now we are in a circle, circle of trust but
first - now we are in a circle, circle of before that you guys, DISIP, Moises, you guys
trust but before that, you guys, DISIP, told me not to deal with uh, not, not to... not to
Moises, you guys told me not to deal deal with, with Franklin Durcin. " And
with uh, not, not to... not to deal with, Franklin wanted to sound surprised but I
with Franklin Durcin. " And Franklin think, you know?
wanted to sound surprised but I think,
you know?

UM: Okay. Okay.

AA: He knew, uh, I don't know - [Ruido He knew, uh, I don't know - masal noise].
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 5)

- UM: And what Moises say? And what Moises say?

M: Well, in, he says, uh, no - he kinda, uh, Well, in, he says, uh, no - he kinda, uh, he
he didn't like it, he, he sh-, he - like why didn't like it, he, he sh-, he - like why -

UM: He's embarrased? He's embarrased?

AA: Yeah. You didn't need to say that. And Yeah. You didn't need to say that. And then,
then, uh, well, uh, they were saying uh, well, uh, they were saying that, well
that, well Franklin was bullshitting, Franklin was bullshitting, he's -personal m-m,
he's -personal m-m, bu-business, now I bu-business, now I gotfiom PDVSA, look, I
gotfiom PDVSA, look, I got a got a contract, look, the guys are now on the
contract, look, the guys are now on the open, you give them 5,000 dollars, they give
open, you give them 5,000 dollars, they you - I don't know how many tons oJ uh, of
give you - I don't know how many tons crude oil. 'Xook, -you know? He just sent
oJ uh, of crude oil. "Look, -you me an e-mail, look - " in his Blackberry,
know? He just sent me an e-mail, look showing to Moises, look like he's buying
- " in his Blackberry, showing to Moises, making Moises come to his business
Moises, look like he's buying Moises, they only know him.
making Moises come to his business
they only know him.

UM: Right. Right.

AA: You know, he 's, he's - [UI] Moises. You know, he 's, he 's - [UI] Moises.

UM: Okay. Okay.

AA: And uh, and I say, "Well, the... "you And uh, and I say, "Well, the... "you know?
know? He, he - I, I say, "Franklin, but He, he - I, I say, "Franklin, but this is not, -
this is not, -you know?" And then he's you know?" And then he's lying to the
lying to the lawyers, to, to Moises and lawyers, to, to Moises and I, him, which I can
I, him, which I can care less but he's care less but he's saying, "Oh, we're... " you
saying, "Oh, we're... " you know? know? Alex and I, we do a lot of business
Alex and I, we do a lot of business deals and he receives money from this side but
deals and he receives moneyfiom this then he pays me on the other side, in this side
side but then he pays me on the other and backside, " which my - you know? That's
side, in this side and backside," which not the way it works -you know?
my -you know? That's not the way it
works -you know?
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 12/11/07 4 5 1 PM
Tape/CD/DVDNumber: R40a @art 5)

U M : Right. Right.

AA: Uh, this year I have paid like those two Uh, this year I have paid like those two
checks that I showed -you - he asked checks that I showed -you - he asked me
me "Want to [UI] for 10,000, one for, "Want to [UI] for 10,000, one for, 20for this
20for this girl and.... " that's it but - girl and.... " that's it but - you know? But he -
you know? But he -you know? He you know? He keeps on that, in that, in that,
keeps on that, in that, in that, in that, in that, you know? [UI] oflies and -
you know? [UI] oflies and -

UM: Right. Right.

AA: - and he forgets -you know? Who he's - and he forgets -you? Who he's talking to
talking to and I say, at the end - and I say, at the end -

UM: How was it left? How was it lejl?

AA: Eve-, you know? He, he seems like Eve-, you know? He, he seems like nothing
nothing happened between us and to happened between us and to me he's lying, he 's
me he's lying, he's -you know? Oh, he - you know? Oh, he said, "You know what?
said, "You know what? The only way The only way they can catch you here and take
they can catch you here and take you you to jail iflike one day, tomorrow I would
to jail iflike one day, tomorrow I say that 800,000 that he made in that invoice,
would say that 800,000 that he made in that'sfake. Because we only received this
that invoice, that'sfake. Because we much. " He goes, "I'm. I'm gonna be part of
only received this much. " He goes, your crime but I'm the only one who knows
"I'm. I'm gonna be part ofyour crime the, the truth about it." And he said it there.
but I'm the only one who knows the, And, obey - This is on - is that okay?
the truth about it." And he said it
there. And, obey - This is on - is that

U M : Yeah. Yeah.

AA: No, I mean, the recording is on. Ijust No, I mean, the recording is on. Ijustforgot.

AA: Mike, they took the wire transfer Mike, they took the wire transfer receipt, he
receipt, he took it. took it.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 12111/07 4:51 PM
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R40a (part 5)

- [pausa, ruidos] [pause, noise]

[conversacion en el fond01 [background conversation]

UM: Alright, hang on just a sec-, uh - (UI] Alright, hang on just a sec-, uh - (UI] Did they
Did they mention (UI]? mention (UI]?

AA: Yeah. Yeah.

UM: Alright. Alright.

UM: Alright (UI], we'll do it that way. Alright (UI], we'll do it that way.

UM: Okay, you can shut that off Okay, you can shut that ofl

[se termina la grabacion] [end of recording]

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