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File Number: MM- 109803

Task Number: 3145

Tape Number #: R27a

Audio File Name: D- 15.6.MM. 11-15-07.0602PM.wav

Date Recorded: 11/15/07

Time Recorded: 6:02 PM

Language : Spanish

Translator/Transcriber: Patricia Dau


Participants: AA: Alejandro Antonini
MM: Moisks Maionica


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NO. 07-209990-Lenard

File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 11115/07
CD Number: R27a

[ruido] [se intermmpe la grabacibn] [noise] [recording interrupted]

AA: Listo, perfecto. Te habias ido. Alright, perfect. You were gone.

MM: Okey. Okay.

AA: Aja. Uh-huh.

MM: Eh, mira entonces, en cuanto a las Uh, listen, then, in reference to the amount of--
cantidades de--de dinero estuvieron de of money, they agreed on it, okay?
acuerdo, jokey?

AA: Ejem. Uh-hum.

MM: Eh ... lo que si me dijeron que 10s 375.000 Uh ... What they told me is that the 375,000 of
de la parte de 10s abogados de alla- the attorneys over there-

AA: Aja. Uh-huh.

MM: -eh, te 10s cobraras cuando saliera la -uh, you'll collect it once half of the money from
devolution de la mitad del dinero abajo. down there is returned.

AA: Okey. Pero, pero, per0 ... Okay. But, but, but ...

MM: [OV] [UJ] [Ovl [UI]

AA: ...pero leiste la prensa, jno? Dice, dicen ... ...but did you read the newspaper, right? It says,
yo estaba pues a punto de mand5rtel0, they say... I was ready to send it to you, they
dicen que, no se quC jueza va a-- se va a are saying that, I don't know what female judge
quedar con el cien por ciento- ah, la is going to keep one hundred percent- uh,
Argentina se va a quedar con el cien por Argentina is going to keep a hundred percent of
ciento del dinero. the money.

MM: Ah, bueno, eso, ya, ya lo veremos. Si se Oh, fine, that, we, we'll see about that. If she
queda habra ... eh, tendra que, que keeps it, we'll have to ... uh, we'll have to, to get
asumirlo de otra manera pues. it some other way then.

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: Pero inicialmente ellos tienen informacion But initially they have information from down
de alla abajo que lo van a devolver there that they will return it so that ... that you
entonces que ... que te quedes con eso. keep that.
~ i l Number:
e MM-109803
Date Recorded: 11115/07
CD Number: R27a

AA: Okey, per0 parece que, ahi dice, o sea, Okay, but it seems that, it says there, I mean, it
ahi dice... y bueno, como la prensa ha says there ... and well, since the press has said
hablado tanta huevonada tambien. Si, es so much bullshit too. Yes, it's true ... I'll let you
verdad ... Te dejo hablar, pues. Disculpa. speak, then. Sorry.

MM: Okey, no, igual me lo mandas pa'yo-- Okay, no, send it anyway so that I-

AA: Si. Yes.

MM: --para yo hacer presion de eso, jno? --so I can pressure them with that, right?

AA: Jum. Hm.

MM: Este, ellos dicen que en febrero el asunto Uh, they're saying that the matter down there
abajo esta listo. will be ready in February.

AA: En febrero. In February.

MM: jokey? Okay?

AA: Aja.

MM: En febrero ... eh, aprovechando una In February... uh, taking advantage of an
coyuntura que va a haber alla... eh, donde opportunity that will take place there ... uh,
el juez titular, sale para--para holidays y where the presiding judge will be away for--for
viene otro y ahi lo resuelven, jno? the holidays and another one will come in and
they'll resolve it, right?

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: De--despues yo tengo una reunion con Af--afterwards I'll have a meeting with someone
una persona del ... de ese altisimo of... of that high ranking authority down there,
autoridad de alla abajo aqui en Caracas here in Caracas so that-
para que-

AA: [OV] Si. [OV] Yes.

MM: -el me explique a mi y yo certifique eh, -he can explain it to me and I'll certify uh, uh,
eh, cual es la, la estrategia legal alla abajo, which is the, the legal strategy down there, right?

AA: Okey. Okay.
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 1 1/15/07
CD Number: R27a

MM: No ... ah, yo estoy peleando con, con ... No ... oh, I'm fighting with, with ... with PDVSA
con PDVSA porque no quieren ahora because they don't want now to retain ... our
contratar a. .. a nuestro arnigo, eh, jc6mo friend, uh, what is his name?
se llama?

AA: El que tu me presentaste, el abogado The one you introduced me to, this attorney.

MM: Ah, si. A tu amigo que... al, a1 amigo que Oh, yes. To your friend ... the, the friend I
yo te presente- introduced.to you.

M : jPor que? Why?

h4M: -porque que eso ya lo tienen listo ellos a -because they already have that ready through I
traves de no sC quien y por eso quieren don't know who and that's why they want that ...
que ... que venga ese tipo aqui, que yo lo that guy to come here for me to certify him. I
certifique. Yo no ... y quise hacer de eso don't ... and I wanted to state my position-
un punto de honor-

M : Ejem.

MM: -porque si la solucion efectivamente esta -because if the solution indeed proposed and
planteada y me convencen, entonces yo they convince me, then I will tell you, "Listen,
te dire a ti, "mira, estoy convencido de la I'm convinced of the proposed solution," right?
solucion que me esthn planteando," jno?

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: Este ... Esa es la situation actual. Uh.. . That is the situation at present.

M : jY el, y el documento donde dice que yo And the, and the document where it states that I
saque la plata de Venezuela? took the money out from Venezuela?

MM: Ah, y el documento de donde ... que dice Oh, and the document from where ... that says
que no, no va a ser un documento de, de no, it's not going to be a document from, from
PDVSA sino de una contratista- PDVSA but from a contractor-

AA: Ejem.

MM: -que ellos van a conseguir eh ... van a -that they are going to find uh ... they will talk
hablar con ellos, me dijeron que muy with them, they told me, that it's possible that
probablemente le pidieran eso a, a tus they will request that to, to your dear friends
File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

queridos amigos de, de VENOCO. Este, from, fiom VENOCO. Uh, I told them that it
yo les dije que no me importaba quien lo didn't matter to me who did it, as long as you'd
hiciera, siempre y cuando tu lo tuvieras, have it.

AA: Bueno per0 a mi me dijeron que Well, but I was told that [clears throat] they,
[canaspea] ellos mismos y se 10s puede themselves, and you can say it to them, they told
decir a ellos, me dijeron que, que... que me that, that ... that they would help me,
me ayudaban, segun la persona que me according to the person they sent me so that you
mandaron para que no te dejes de ... tu don't let ... you know, right? Uh, that ... as long
sabes, jno? Este, que... que, con tal de as none of the three people, they gave me the
que ninguna de las tres personas, me three names, Carlos Kauffman, Franklin Duran
dieron 10s tres nombres de ellos, Carlos and Pedro Duran-
Kauffman, Franklin Duran y Pedro

MM: Ya. Right.

AA: -estuvieran involucrados. Y, yo le di mi -were involved. And, I gave the guy my word,
palabra a1 tipo, jno? Tu sabes... right? You know ...

MM: No, no, no, si, si es el mismo el que me NO, no, no, yes, yes, it is the same one he's
esta diciendo que le va a pedir el recibo, telling me that he was requesting the receipt,
no ... no que se lo vas a pedir tu ni nada. not ... not that you're going to request it or
~ 1no, , no ... E... ese ... lo que te quiero anything. He, no, no ... Th ... that ... what I want
decir, el re .... el ... la exigencia de recibo to tell you, the re ... the ... they will get the
la van a. .. a conseguir. Este, yo no tengo receipt. Uh, I don't have the details but Rafael
detalles per0 Rafael dice que no hay says that there is no contract of yours in, in
contrato tuyo en, en PDVSA. PDVSA.

AA: Si, ahi hay uno. Rafael, Rafael ... Yes, there is one there. Rafael, Rafael ...

MM: [OV] Bueno, [UI]. [OV] Well, [UI].

AA: jRafael Ramirez, no, dice, que no? Si, si Rafael Ramirez, right, he says there's not? Yes,
hay uno grande- there is a big one-

MM: Si. Yes.

AA: -y no, y- y deben plata y no estan -and no, and- and they owe money and they're
pagando, bueno ... Claro que si hay, not paying, well ... Of course there is one,
brother. brother.
File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 1 1115/07
CD Number: R27a

MM: Bueno eso es lo que tu me tienes que ... Fine, that is what you'll have to ...

AA: Te lo doy, jcuin- c u b - cuindo, cuindo I'll give it to you, when- when- when, when are
vienes tu? you coming?

MM: [OV] Y acuerdate que me ibas a dar 10s [OV] And remember that you were going to
datos y, y... give me the information and, and...

AA: Te 10s doy todos. Te 10s doy todos, [UI]. I'll give you everything. I'll give you everything,

MM: Pasarne el dato por, por mail. De todas Send me that information by, by mail. Anyway,
formas yo creo que hay que empezar a... I believe that we have to start to... to, to resolve.
a, a resolver.

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: La h i c a manera en que ellos ... eh, van a The only way that they ... uh, they will make the
hacer el pago. Es cash. payment. It's cash.

AA: Bueno. Fine.

h4M: jY yo que necesito? Yo necesito que tu And what do I need? I need you to authorize
autorices a alguien aqui que no sea yo, de someone here, other than me, that you trust, are
tu confianza, jestas ahi? you there?

AA: Estoy aqui, si. I'm here, yes.

MM: Que... de tu confianza- That ... that you trust-

AA: Ejem.

MM: -que, eh ... que, que sea de tu absoluta -that, uh ... that, that you completely trust, you
confianza, tienes que preparar una carta have to write a letter that reads, "I, so and so...
que diga, "yo, tal, tal ... eh, venezolano de uh, Venezuelan, identification card such- -"
cedula tal--"

AA: [carraspea] [clears throat]

MM: "--por medio de la pre ... por medio de la "--I here ... I hereby authorize this person to
presente autorizo a tal persona a que receive the amount of money agreed upon at the
reciba la cantidad de dinero acordada en meeting dated such and such." Okay? At the
File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 1 1115/07
CD Number: R2 7a

mi reunion de fecha tal," jokey? En la meeting that you had ... remember the date that-
reunion que tuviste ... acukrdate la fecha

AA: Ah, si. Oh, yes.

MM: -tuviste la reunion. -you had the meeting.

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: A esa carta les pones tus dos ... este, On this letter you put your two... uh, thumb
huellas pulgares y ya con eso este yo prints and already with that, I have them deliver
hago que, que la persona que tu designes it to the, the person designated by you.
se lo entreguen.

AA: Okey, per0 si yo hago eso... Okay, but if I do that ...

MM: Despuks que esa persona- After that person-

AA: [OV] Ah-- [OV] Uh --
MM: -lo reciba ... -gets it ...

AA: --aja. --uh-huh.

MM: Este, mi consejo es, vayanse ... que el se Uh, my advise is, go to ... let him go to any
vaya pa'cualquier casa de bolsa y te van money exchange business and they will charge
a cobrar, no sk, un porcentaje chiquitico you, I don't know, a small percentage and, and,
y, y, y te ... y te lo mandara la casa de and they ... and the exchange business will send
bolsa para una. .. para una cuenta tuya it to your ... your account outside. But I already
afiera pues. Pero yo ya he tenido con had similar situations here with clients, the
clientes mios aqui, situaciones similares, la exchange office, depending on ... on ... on the
casa de bolsa, dependiendo de ... del ... de amount of. .. and also how, tells you, "Listen,
la cantidad de ... y de la manera tambiCn, give me two percent, give me three percent--"
te dice, "mira, dame un dos por ciento, Sometimes they get gutsy and request four
dame un tres por ciento--" A veces se percent but no, I don't think that ...
ponen agalludos y piden un cuatro pero
no, no creo que...

AA: Bueno. Fine.

MM : ...Que ese se... que sea el caso. ...That will be ... will be the case.

File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

AA: [carraspea] Bueno, porque ese es el [clears throat] Well, because that's the problem,
problema, eh, a mi me hace falta aqui, uh, I need it here, right? You know, uh ...
&no? Tu sabes, este ...

MM: Yo lo se, yo lo sC, y, y... I know, I know, and, and ...

AA: A... alla en Venezuela, coiio-- Th ... over there in Venezuela, shit --

MM: Yo lo se. I know.

AA: [OV] --te-te debe [UI]... [OV] --it-it should. [UI]...

MM: Ahora yo estoy ... ~ T tienes
u aqui gente Now I am ... Do you have someone here you
de confianza? trust?

AA: Coiio, no eh--eh, no, a esta altura no Shit, no uh--uh, no, at this point I don't have
tengo a nadie, si tengo, el-el ... No se anybody, yes, I have, the-the ... I don't know, I
pues, no lo he pensado. haven't given it a thought.

MM: [OV] i Y un carajo como, como el que ha [OV] And a guy like, like the one who talked
hablado con nosotros por telefono? with us on the phone?

AA: [OV] Si, el, el podria ser. [OV] Yes, he, he could be.

MM: Christian. Christian.

AA: El podria ser el. A el le tengo plena He could be. I trust him completely, uh ... I don't
confianza, este... no se si el, si el quiera o know if he, if he'll want to or well ... I think that
pues ... yo creo que el si o no se, este ... he would or I don't know it, uh...

MM: iCual es el--? Which is the--?

AA: [OV] Claro que si-- [OV] Of course--

MM: [OV] El-- [OV] He--

AA: --eh, el, el es de ... el es de confianza, el --uh, he, he can be ... he can be trusted, of
es de confianza, claro que si lo es. course he can be trusted.

MM: Si quieres, iel esta aqui o esta alla? No If you want, is he here or over there? You don't
sabes. know.
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

AA: ~1 me dijo que estaba alla y me dijo que, He told me that he was there and he told me
que iba a verte mafiana, algo asi. ~1 esta that, that he was going to see you tomorrow,
en Venezuela. something like that. He's in Venezuela.

MM: Si, yo ... Ah, pero no me ha confirmado si Yeah, I... Oh, but he didn't confirm if he was
viene o no. coming or not.

AA: Ah, bueno, el, el esta alla. ~1 esta en Oh, well, he, he's there. He's in Venezuela.

MM: Okey, entonces cuando yo lo vea le... se Okay, so, when I see him 1'11... I'll propose it to
lo planteo. him.

AA: Pero una pregunta Moises, un recibo de But Moises I have a question, a receipt of these
esta gente con el eschdalo en la prensa people with the scandal in the newspapers, that
eso lo...[tartamudea] Tu como abogado is... [stammers] You, as an attorney in
en Venezuela, jeso camina? ~ E S sOi n e ? Venezuela, does that fly? Does that work?

MM: iUn recibo de quien? A receipt from who?

AA: iDe--de Venoco? From-- from Venoco?

MM: Claro, porque acuerdate que tu problema Of course, because remember that you don't
no es aqui, tu problema es alla. have a problem here, your problem is over

AA: Ah, okey. Oh, okay

MM: Y, y no va a ser de Venoco, olvidate que And, and it's not going to be from Venoco,
no va a ser de Venoco, le decimos que forget that, it's not going to be from Venoco,
de Venoco no. we'll tell him not from Venoco.

AA: Bueno, yo ... a... a mi, a mi no me importa Fine, I... I... it doesn't matter to me if it's from
si es de Venoco-- Venoco--

MM: [OV] Que no sean ellos. Que no sean [OV] Not them. Not them.

AA: --ah, yo, yo ... Ah, escuchame... --oh, I, I... Oh, listen to me ...

MM: Que no Sean ellos. Lo que pasa que tu Not them. The thing is, you know how the
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

sabes como son 10s gringos, 10s gringos gringos are, the gringos don't ... My, my
no... mi, mi sugerencia es ... a los, a 10s suggestion is ... to, to the gringos--

AA: Ejem.

MM: --eh, con la, con la verdad por delante y --uh, with the, with the truth up front and what is
lo que si es verdad es que tu trabajaste really true is that you worked connected to that
vinculado a ese grupo, o sea ... esa vaina group, I mean.. . that is so easy to prove like ... I
es tan facil de demostrar como que ... No don't know ...
se. ..

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: Hicieron, hicieron diez mil vainas juntos You did, you did a thousand things together so
entonces no tiene nada de raro que ellos it's not strange at all for them to pay you
te hayan pagado 800.000 dolares, jo no? 800,000 dollars, right?

AA: [Suspira] Nu-nunca lo hicieron antes, tu [Sighs] They ne-never did it before, you know,
sabes, en efectivo nunca, dig0 ... verga, never in cash, I mean ... fuck, well, uh, Moises,
bueno, eh, MoisCs, bueno, no mas well, the best option is to do the transfer, you
efectivo, una transferencia, sabes ... know ...

MM: No importa. Eso lo pensamos- It doesn't matter. We'll think about that-

AA: [OV]Si,yo... [OV] Yes, I...

MM: -si no nos sirve- -if it's not good for us-

AA: [carraspea] [clears throat]

MM: -1e varnos a pedir con otra vaina. -we'll request him with something else.

AA: Okey, yo lo que estaba pensando es... e- Okay, what I was thinking is ... it- it is, it's
e- es, es simplemente ... No se, con todo simply ... I don't know, with everything in the
lo de la prensa, con todo ... o sea ... CoAo, newspaper, with everything ... I mean. .. Shit, the
10s bancos aqui estan-- o sea, es-es mas, banks here are-- I mean, what-what's more, to-
paf- pa' abrir la cuenta esta nueva que to open this new account I have to ... I mean, I
tengo que ... o sea tengo que pagarle a un have to pay an attorney, so I can have a trust
abogado, pa' tener un trust account, account, because it, I don't even have any
porque no, ni cuentas tengo, o sea ... accounts, I mean ... I, I, I have not done anything
Todavia no, no, no he hecho nada [UI:] yet [UI] not yet but everybody is talking about
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 11115107
CD Number: R27a

todavia per0 todo el mundo esta con, con the thing in the newspaper and the internet,
la cosa de prensa y en internet todo el everybody is like ... you know, very ... ve- ve-
mundo esti como ... tu sabes, muy pen ... very aware, right?
mu-u-u, muy pendiente pues, jno?

MM: i Y tus cuentas de alla te las congelaron? And they froze your accounts over there?

AA: No, no, yo no tengo ninguna cuenta No, no, I don't have a frozen account but I
congelada per0 yo no creo que quieran don't think that they want to reci ... they, they
resi ... me, me han dicho, si vas a mandar have told me, if you send some money from
a l g h dinero de Venezuela o Sur America Venezuela or South America we need to know
necesitamos saberlo y me pidieron que no about it and they asked me not to send it.
lo mandara.

MM: Okey. Okay.

AA: Entonces yo abri una cuenta per0 a So, I opened an account but in the name of an
nombre de un abogado, o sea un trust attorney, it's a trust account, thinking, you
account, pensando, tu sabes, pensando, know, thinking, you know, not in my name,
sabes, no el nombre mio, pensando ... thinking ... thinking about all these things that
pensando en todas estas cosas que could happen [clears throat] I opened it in West
podian suceder [carraspea] lo abri en Palm Beach, uh, with, with an attorney, you
West Palm Beach este con, con una know, uh, and it's a trust account, I mean, it's
abogada tu sabes, eh, y es un trust something that can not be seized and you know,
account, o sea, es algo tambien que es in the name of, of [UI] company, in the name of
inembargable y tu sabes, a nombre de, de my family, you know, something, something that
[CTI] compafiia, a nombre de mi familia, tu is not ... that, you know, perfect then, right?
sabes, algo, algo que no... que, tu sabes,
perfecto pues, jno?

MM: [OV] Si, si. Si. Yes, yes. Yes.

AA: Este, que ahi--ahi seria donde mandaria Uh, that--that is where the money could be sent
el dinero per0 ... bueno, okey, que rollo. but ... well, okay, what a mess.

MM: No, bueno-- No. well--

AA: [OV] Bueno, no, no, no, me, me parece [OV] Fine, no, no, no, I, I believe it's very
buenisimo. jy--y--y--y como es, good. And--and--and--and how it is, when,
cuando, y como suceden las cosas y--? and how things happen and--?

MM: Yo prefiero, yo prefiero ... Eso sucede en I prefer. I prefer ... That happens at the moment
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

el momento en que ... en que tenga, en that ... when I have, when I show them the
que yo le presente el recibo a ellos. Ellos receipt. What they want is to make sure I won't
lo que quieren es certificar es que no me keep the thing, you understand? So the--
voy a quedar yo con la vaina, jentiendes?

AA: Ah, okey. Oh, okay.

MM: Eh, por eso piden ... Uh, that's why they ask ...

AA: Pero yo se lo ... yo, yo ... per0 yo sC lo But I'll ... I, I... but I told him over the phone
dije a el por telCfono a... a1 jefe, a, a... a1 to ... to the boss, to, to ... to the General, I told
General se lo dije por telifono que eras him over the phone that it was you. [clears
tu. [carraspea] throat]

MM: Perfecto. Yo se. Perfect. I know.

AA: Bueno, okey, este, bueno si es asi, es asi, Fine, okay, uh, well, if it's like this, it's like this
y, y el ... y el ... ah, o... lo que me and, and the ... and the ... Oh, or ... what
preocupa, eso y el recibo, si tu dices que concerns me, that and the receipt, if you say that
el recibo este sirve y vuela, bueno, yo this receipt is good and flies, well, I trust you,
confio en ti pues, per0 ... Yo, lo que but ... What I'm thinking about is the press, in
pienso es en la prensa, o sea ... other words ...

MM: No, no, no, yo el, el, el recibo a 10s No, no, no, I, the, the receipt for the Americans,
efectos arnericanos tenemos que eval ... we have to eval ... evaluate it, okay? But there it
evaluarlo, jokey? Pero ahi no me doesn't matter to me, what they told me is, a
importa, lo que ellos me dijeron es, ni de receipt of PVDSA, no way, and they are. ..
vaina un recibo de PDVSA y ellos and we are [UT].
estAn...y estamos [UI].

AA: [OV] Ah, bueno, per0 es que nunca di ... [OV] Oh: fine, but I never gave ... I mean, I,
o sea, yo, por Dios, eh, je ... God, uh, ha ...

MM: Pues, por eso, ni de vaina un recibo Well, that's why, not even a receipt [UI]...

AA: [OV] Yo, acuerdate que yo, yo repeti lo [OV] I, remember that I, I repeated what you
que ustedes me ofrecieron, yo, yo ... yo le offered to me, I, I... I gave him [UI] for- for me,
di [UI.] a- a mi ese recibo de un ... del that receipt from a... from some slob off--off the
chichero de--de la esquina y es--y es street and it's--and it's legal, what is the
File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

legal, cual es el problems, jentendiste? problem, you know what I mean?

MM: Claro, claro, claro. Of course, of course, of course.

AA: 0 sea, yo--yo estoy que, je, [se riel I mean, I--I am so, ha, [laughs] Do you
jentiendes? N... tu sabes, la idea es understand? N... you know, the idea is of doing
hacerlo ... coiio, se espero tanto ...Ahora, it ... shit, they waited so long ... Now, you're
jtu dices que hasta febrero tengo que saying that I have to wait till February?

MM: No, para que haya una decisi6n. Mientras Right, to get a decision. In the meantime there
tanto va a haber abogado, defensa, line- are going to be attorneys, defense, line-up-

AA: [ruido nasal] [snorts]

MM: -va a haber todo- -there will be everything-

AA: Ejem. Uh-hum.

MM: -per0 para que se resuelva -but to have it finally resolved, February.
definitivamente, febrero.

AA: Okey. Okay

MM: Es la fecha en que ese seiior sale pues. It's the date when this man will be out.

AA: jEl, el juez? The, the judge?

MM: Si. Yes.

AA: Okey, okey. [suspira] Bueno, entonces, Okay, okay. [sighs] Well, so, m-whi-- tell me,
m-cu-- dime, jquC, que deb0 hacer? what, what am I supposed to do?

MM: Bueno el pr6ximo paso es hacer la-- un Well, the next step is to do the-- a receipt-

AA: Ejem. Uh-hum.

MM: -donde designas con nombre y numero -where you designate the person with name and
de cedula a la persona- ID number-
File Number: MM-109803
Date Recorded: 11115/07
CD Number: R27a

AA: Ejem. Uh-hum.

MM: -eh, yo voy a... lo voy a llamar ahorita -uh, I'm going to ... I'm going to call him right
mismo pa' ver si se viene ahorita para la now to see if he's going to come now to the
oficina- office-

AA: Okey. Okay.

MM: -hablo con 61, si el dice que si, le haces la -1'11 talk to him, if he says yes, you give him the
autorizaci6n a 61 y este, en las... mete esa authorization and he, in the ... put that letter in
carta en un DHL- DHL-

AA: Ejem. Uh-hum.

NIM: -es importante que sea... tu, tu has votado -it's important to be ... you, you have voted here,
aqui, jverdad? jO no? right? Or not?

AA: [OV] iEn Venezuela? Este ... no, creo [OV] In Venezuela? Uh ... No, I don't think so.
que no. No, nunca ... NO, never ...

MM: [OV] [UI] cuando estabas en Miami. [OV] [UI] when you were in Miami.

AA: No, tarnpoco per0 tengo, per0 tengo No, neither, but I have, but I have an ID and,
cedula y, y no ... and no ...

MM: Okey, nada, yo, las huellas que tu pongas Okay, nothing, I, the prints that you'll put on, on
en, en la carta la van a comparar con el ... the letter, they will compare them with the ... with
con la ficha tuya de ... your record of. ..

AA: De la cedula de identidad, jno? Of the ID, right?

MM: De ... si, de alla de la ONIDEX- Of. .. yes, over there at ONIDEX-

AA: Ejem. Uh-hum.

MM: -para verificar que eres tu efectivamente -to verify that it's in effect you the one that ... the
el que ... el que manda la carta- one that is sending the letter-

AA: Claro. Of course.

NlM: -y, y con eso, este, le ... eh, yo, hago que -and, and with that, uh, I... uh, I, I have them
le entreguen el dinero a este carajo. give this guy the money.
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 11/15/07
CD Number: R27a

AA: jQue--quk debe decir la carta? No me How--how should the letter read? Wouldn't
quieres- you want-

h4M: [OV] [UI]

AA: -no me quieres hacer una.. . no me quieres -wouldn't you want to write one for me ...
hacer ... wouldn't you want ...

MM: Si, pana, yo te la hago y te la mando por Yes, buddy, I'll write one for you and I'll send
correo, cuenta con eso. in by mail, you can count on that.

AA: Okey, o sea, o sea dime... una ... o sea, y Okay, that is, that is, tell me ... one ... I mean, and
autorizar... como tu quieres que diga y authorize ... The way you want it to read and
como les gusta a ellos, o sea... yo la how they like it, I mean. .. I can do it but ... you,
puedo hacer per0 ... tu, tu me dices si ... si you tell me if. .. if you can send it to me, better,
me puedes mandar mejor, joiste? did you hear?

MM: Eh, yo te la mando, cuenta con eso Uh, I'll send it to you, count on that, Alejandro.
Alej andro.

AA: Dale pues. Entonces el siguiente paso, Alright then. So, the next step, [UI], the money
[UI], el dinero y despuks el recibo- and then the receipt-

MM: Aja. [voces de fond01 El ... Y des ... Ya Uh-huh. [voices in the background] The ... And
va, dame un segundito. Te, te llamo en, en the ... Hang on, give me a second. I, I'll call you
10 minutos, Alex. in, in 10 minutes, Alex.

AA: Dale, pues. Alright, then.

MM: Que me llegaron con un regalo a la They came here to the office with a present. 1'11
oficina. Te llamo en 10 minutos. call you in 10 minutes.

AA: Ah, feliz cumpleaiios de-- de [UT]. Oh, happy birthday from-- from [UI].

MM: [OV] Gracias. [OV] Thanks.

AA: Dale, pu-pues. Alright, th-then.

MM: Chao. Bye.

[ruido] [noise]
File Number: MM- 109803
Date Recorded: 11115/07
CD Number: R27a

-. AA: 6:02p.m., November 15, 2007. This 6:02 p.m., November 15, 2007. This was a
was a call between Alejandro Antonini call between Alejandro Antonini and Moises
and Moisb Maionica. This call was Maionica. This call was authorized by the
authorized by the FBI. FBI.