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North Miami Beach, Florida 33 1 69

File Number: MM-109803

Task Number: 2902

Tape NumberICD #: R25a

Audio File Number: D-14.2.MM. 11-06-07.0602PM.wav

Date Recorded: 11/6/07

Time Recorded: 6:02 PM

Language: Spanish

TranslatorITranscriber : LA Cindy Bowyer



Alejandro Antonini

Moises Maionica


Italics Spoken in Foreign Languages
IA Inaudible
UI Unintelligible
PH Phonetic
[1 Background Conversation / Noise
SC Simultaneous conversation
ov Overlapping voices
[RCI Recorded Message GOVERNMENT

NO. 07-20999-Cr-Lenard

File Number: MM-109803
Date/Time Recorded: 11/6/07
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R25a


MM: Ese es el hombre, ese mismo. ~ Q u te
e That's the man, the same one. What did he
dijo? tell you?

AA: Bueno, me dijo que-ue estaba Well, he told me that-that he was happy
contento de que eh, te hubiese escogido that uh, I had chosen you, that you're a very
a ti, que tu eras muy buena persona-- good person--

MM: [OV] Aja. [OV] Uh-huh.

[Una puerta chilla] [A door squeaks]
MM: Aja. Uh-huh.

AA: --eh.. . [Suspira] Bueno, nada, primer0 --uh.. . [Sighs] Well, nothing, first he told
me dijo el nombre, el que tu me dijiste, me the name you told me about, uh--

MM: Arvelo. Arvelo.

AA: --Awelo, este.. . Y.. . nada, que no me --Arvelo, uh.. . And.. .nothing, for me not to
preocupara, que ya estaba listo, eh, que worry, that it was ready, uh, that one of the
ya uno de 10s documentos estaba listo, documents was ready, that he-that he
que el se a-ue el se ocupaba contigo would get with you about the money
con la cosa de diner- [resopla] thing-[snorts]

MM: Aja.

AA: --que te iba a llamar, para que tu te --that he was going to call you, for you to
reunieras conmigo y me llamaras, eh. meet with me and call me, uh.. . The guy
Fue muy chevere el hombre. was really nice.

[Conversacibn de fond01 [Background conversation]

MM: No, vale, el e s - 6 1 es-- No, dude, he is-he is--

AA: NO--

MM: --es bien, bien afable. Y tiene voz asi --he's really, really pleasant. And he has
d e 4 e gochito. sort of an+f an Andean tone of voice.

AA: [OV] Yo lo-- [OV] I--

MM: ~l es un tipo bien, bien, bien simpatico. He's a really, really, really nice guy.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 11/6/07
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R25a

AA: Si, tiene voz de-tiene voz d e 4 e , si, Yes, he sounds-sounds-yes, Andean,
de gochito, si. Y-- yes. And--

MM: [OV] El es gocho, 61 es gocho. Le dicen [OV] He's Andean, he's Andean. They call
"El Gocho". him, "The Andean."

AA: Ah, jsi? Oh, yeah?

MM: Si. Yes.

AA: Y ese es-ese es este hombre eh-el-- And he's-this is this guy uh-the--

MM: Ese es el-ese es el jefe de "10s He's the-he's the "pollitos'" boss.

AA: jVerga! Fuck!

MM: De la inteligencia. Of intelligence.

AA: iVerga, [UI]! ~1 es-- Fuck, [UI]!. He is--

MM: [OV] Si. [OV] Yes.

AA: --el que piensa que-el que, e-- --whoever thinks that-whoever, wh--

MM: P I ] que hablaras direct0 con 61 pa' que [UI] for you to speak directly to him so he
te diera toda la tranquilidad del mundo-- could give you all the peace of mind in the

AA: Okey. Okey, chamo. Okay. Okay, buddy.

NlM: jokey? Okay?

AA: Y me-y me dijo que quien yo e-e-- yo And he-and he asked me who I
iba a escoger y, "Bueno, mira, cho-cho--I was going to choose and I
yo--yo-la unica persona que ye-yo said, "Well, look, I-I-The only person
confio en este punto es-es MoisCs that 1-1 trust at this point is-is Moises
y-y si 61 me jode-[se riel-bueno, de and-and if he screws me-[laughs]-well,
verdad que es como que usted me jodan it would really be like if you guys screwed
ustedes, porque ya tanta gente me ha me, because I've been betrayed by so many
traicionado que.. ." Entonces, me dice, people that.. ." So then, he tells me, he--
se a--

MM: [Se riel [Laughs]
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 11/6/07
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R25a

AA: --se-se-se ri6 asi un poco, y me dice-- --he-he--he laughed a little like that, and
told me--

MM: [Continua riendose] [Continues laughing]

AA: --"No te preocupes, no te preocupes, --"Don't worry, don't worry, because
que Moises es un buen muchacho. Yo Moises is a good guy. I'm really happy to
me alegro mucho que tu me hayas dicho hear that you want him, I mean, that you
que tu lo quieres a el, o sea, que tu want him to represen-for him to be the
quieres que 61 te represen--que el sea la person in charge of-of all this issue-"
persona encargada d e 4 e todo el

MM: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
AA: "-y.. ." Bueno, mas nada, cofio, este.. . -and..."
Well, that's it, shit, uh ... Uh, I
Eh, o sea, muy positivo, o sea tan, tan mean, very positive, I mean so, so positive
positivo que yo le empece a dar las that then I started thanking him like a
gracias despues como un pendejo, moron, I e~en-~~[UI.] to thank you-"
hasta- ''[NIIdarle las gracias-"

MM: [Se riel [Laughs]
AA: -porque-porque, cofio, o sea -o sea, --because-because, shit, I mean-I mean,
en vez-[tartadumea] +n vez--en-en instead-[stutters] -instead -in- instead
vez de yo ser, o sea, exigir, ponerme of me being, I mean, demanding, being
rata, o sea, lo que estaba dando gracias rude, you know, what I was doing was
y gracias y gracias yo. thanking and thanking and thanking.

MM: [Continua riendose] [Continues laughing]

AA: ~Entiendes,este--? You understand, uh--?

MM: [OV] Esta bien, esta bien, no, no, per0 [OV] That's fine, that's fine, no, no, but
eso solo habla bien de ti. No, no te what you did only speaks highly of you. No,
sientas ma1 por haber actuado asi, que don't feel bad about having acted like that,
eso solo habla bien de ti y-y de tu because it only speaks highly of you
proceder. and-and your actions.

AA: Entiendes, enton-entonces, bueno Understand, so-so then, well, nothing,
nada, este-Si le dije, "Coiio, jefe, no uh-I did tell him, "Shit, chief, don't you all
esperen tanto, porque yo lo que estoy wait so long, because what I'm scared about
asustado que esta vaina se complique.. . is for this thing to get complicated.. .
Usted la-usted sabe las cosas politicas, You-you know the political things, I
o sea, no, n e U s t e d sabe sus tiempos, mean, no, no-You know your timing, but
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 11/6/07
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R25a

per0 yo soy 61 que me asusto porque I'm the one that gets scared because shit, I
coiio, yo tengo un abogado aqui." have an attorney here." So then, he says to
Entonces, me dice, "Bueno, tu sabes me, "Well, you know how all attorneys are,
como son todos 10s abogados, te they complicate things so they can get more
complican la vaina pa' sacarte mas money out of you."

MM: Si. [Se riel Yeah. [Laughs]

AA: Asi mismo me dijo, jno? "Bueno, He told me just like that, right? "Well,
y e y e y o le entiendo, jefe, per0 1-1-1 understand you, chief, but shit, 1-1
coiio, y e y o me preocupo porque o worry because I mean.. ." So then he tells
sea.. ." Entonces me dice, "No, no, no me, "No, no, don't worry." "Uh, shit, the
se preocupe." "Eh, coiio, el abogado attorney, damn with this problem and stuff,
coho con este pe'o y la vaina, que mira, that look, that I don't know what, that-
que no se que, que- Y-y despues 10s And- and then the gossip in Venezuela
chismes en Venezuela y-y la vaina and-and the political stuff and I get scared.
politica y yo me asusto. Me vienen a They come knocking on my door, and what
tocar la puerta, jy que voy a decir, jefe?" am I going to say, chief?"

MM: [CS] No, que tu-- [SC] No, because you--

AA: Entonces me dice, "No te-no se So then he tells me, " D o n ' t 4 o n ' t worry,"
preocupe," me dice, "Eso+so esta he tells me, "That-that has already been
arreglado." Entonces coiio-Chevere, arranged." So shit-Great, then. You
pues. Tu sabes, jno? know, right?

MM: Me alegra mucho, negro. That makes me very happy, buddy.

AA: Coiio, gracias, joiste, Moises? De Damn, thanks, you hear, Moises? For real,
verdad, gracias, brother. thanks, brother.

MM: Tranquilo, mi pana. Take it easy, buddy.

AA: Entonces, este.. . Bueno, no se cual es el So then, uh.. . Well, I don't know which is
pase[tartamudea] -N-n-no, me the step[stutters] -N-n-no, I would like to
gustaria saber, no, este-- [se riel -que va know, no, uh-[laughs] -what's going to
a pasar, de que, o sea, de maiiana a happen, from, I mean, between tomorrow
pasado, a-- and the next day, a--

MM: Pero yo, fijate, maiiana tengo un But I, look, I have a trip tomorrow-He-he
v i a j e - ~ 1 4 1 me llamo despues para called me afterwards to request a meeting--

AA: Mm-hmm.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 11/6/07
Tape/CD/DVD Number: R25a

MM: --yo maiiana-- de verdad, de verdad, me --tomorrow I-in reality, in reality, he
cito para maiiana, per0 yo maiiana voy a requested a meeting with me for tomorrow,
estar fuera. Voy para una reunion en but I'm going to be out tomorrow. I'm
Bogota y despuks-- going to a meeting in Bogota and

AA: Mm-hrnrn.

MM: --eh, llego maiiana en la noche y pasado --uh, I arrive tomorrow night and the day
maiiana, a las tres de la tarde, voy a estar after, I'll be with him at three in the
con el. afternoon.

AA: Okey, chamo. Buenisimo. Okay, buddy. That's awesome.

MM: Okey, veo como va a ser la Okay, I'll see how things are going to be
instrumentation, me imagino que habra orchestrated, I imagine that there will be
dos o tres reuniones mas-- two or three additional meetings--

AA: [OV] No, no, P I ] - - [OV] No, no, [UII--

MM: --es con la division de vaina, y yo te --regarding splitting the stuff up and I'll be
-. estoy avisando, pues. letting you know, then.

AA: Mo-Mo-Moises, no es tanto eso, Mo-Mo-Moises, it's not just that, but
sin0 que coiio, que la bola empiece a rather that shit, that the ball gets rolling, you
rodar, jentendiste? Que-ue-- understand? That-that--

MM: [OV] Si, si, si. [OV] Yes, yes, yes.

AA: - - P I ] que-ue las vainas ya van a --[UI] that-that the stuff is going to be
caminar, que no se va a olvidar, moving along, that it's not going to be
jentiendes? [resopla] forgotten, you understand? [snorts]

MM: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

AA: Hoy estaba tan arrecho que, tu sa--sabes, I was so pissed off today, yo-you know, I
yo me cargue de valor pa' decirle, had the nerve to tell him, "Buddy, I can't
"Chamo, ya no doy mas." Yo le voy a take it anymore." I'm going to tell my
decir a1 abogado mio, "Mira, yo no pago attorney, "Look, I'm not paying anymore.
mas. Este, yo voy a hacer una Uh, I'm going to give the press a statement,
declaracion en la prensa, me volvi loco, I went crazy, you know.. ."
o sea.. .> >

[Conversacion de fondo] [Background conversation]
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 11/6/07
TapeICDDVD Number: R25a

AA: [Se riel Eh, si, eh, estaba-- [Laughs] Uh, yeah, uh, I was--

MM: [OV] Bueno, per0 ya, ni siquiera hables [OV] Alright, that's it, don't even talk about
de eso que primer0 que.. .primero, no lo that because first of all, first, you didn't do it
hiciste y segundo, no hizo falta que lo and second, there was no need for you to do
hicieras, P I ] . Para nada. it, [UI]. Not at all.

AA: No, yo se, per0 tu sabes-- No, I don't know, but you know--

MM: [OV] Aja. [OV] Uh-huh.

AA: --estaba tan desesperado, que yo decia, --I was so desperate, that I was saying to
"Bueno, pero, jy que yo deb0 hacer, myself, "Well, but, what should I do,
coiio.. .?" jEn-entiendes? Y bueno, shit.. .?" You understand? And well, go on,
dale, no-- no--
MM: Claro. Of course.

AA: --n-no le pares. Tu sabes, te lo comento --d-don't pay it any mind. You know, I tell
-- you--

MM: Si. Yes.

AA: --de--de pana, pues, jno? --as-as a friend, then, right?

MM: Si, si, si, si. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

AA: jokey? Okay?

MM: Un abrazo, hermanito. A hug, brother.

AA: Gracias. Gracias, Moises. Thanks. Thanks, Moises.

MM: Chao. Bye.

[Breve pausa] [Brief pause]

AA: November 6, 2007, 6.02p.m. This was November 6, 2007, 6:02p.m. This was a
a call between Alejandro Antonini and call between Alejandro Antonini and
Moisis Maionica, the lawyer from Moisis Maionica, the lawyer from PDVSA
PDVSA and DISIP. This call was and DISIP. This call was authorized by the
authorized by the FBI. FBI.

[Concluye la grabacion] [The recording ends]
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 11/6/07
TapeICDlDVD Number: R25a

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