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16320 NW 2ndAvenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33 169

File Number: MM-109803

Task Number: 3248

Tape NumberICD #: R3Oa

Audio File Number: D-16.5.MM. 11-17-07.1 250PM.wav

Date Recorded: 1111712007

Time Recorded: 12:50 PM

Language: Spanish

TranslatorITranscriber: Beatriz Zuleta-Correa


Participants: Moises Maionica = MM
Alejandro Antonini = AA


Italics Spoken in Foreign Languages
IA Inaudible
UI Unintelligible
PH Phonetic
[1 Background Conversation 1 Noise
SC Simultaneous conversation
ov Overlapping voices
[RCI Recorded Message

NO. 07-20999Cr-Lenard

, File Number: MM- 1 09803
DateITime Recorded: 1 111712007
TapeICDDVD Number: R30a

- MM: A16 Hello.

AA: A16 Hello.

[ruido] [noise]

MM: Mira, acabo de hablar con ...con el Look, I just finished ...talking to ...the [UI] the
que te [UI] el otro dia, otra vez. other day, again.

AA: Aja, con el general. Aha, wi-ththe general.

MM: Me di ..., aja. Me, me dijo que van a He to1...aha. He told me they will call tomorrow.
llamar maiiana.

AA: iEl me va a llamar? Is he going to call me?

MM: Que, que, Que, que el va a hacer que That, that ....y es. That, he is going to have the
el recibo lo hagan entre el lunes y martes receipt made by Monday or Tuesday the latest.
a mas tardar. Y que te va a prometer en And that he is going to promise to you during the
la conversacion telefonica que va a tener telephone conversation that he is going to have
contigo, que ... una vez entregado el with you, that ...once the money is delivered and
dinero y resuelto todo, me entregue a mi everything is resolved, he'll give me to turn over to
para que te devuelva el ...el ... la you, the ...the ...the original of the authorization.
autorizacion en original.

[conversacion de fond01 [background conversation]

AA: Okey [carraspea] Moises, pero ... Okay [clears throat] Moises, but ...perfect. But I
perfecto. Pero que me lo diga el. Moises, want him to be the one to tell me, Moises, what I
yo lo que quiero es preguntarle ... [OV] want is to ask him ...[OV]

MM: [OV] Por eso, y maiiana cuando hables What's why, and tomorrow when you talk to
con el.. .[OV] him ...[OV]

AA: [OV] $or que, por que quiere un [OV] Why? Why does he want a receipt? ... [UI]
recibo? ...[UI]

MM: [OVII[Ul]... no, con ...con un poco mas [OV] {UI], with ...with some more calm than
de calma de la que me hablaste a mi ... when you talk to me ...

AA: Hm-mm. Hm-mm.
File Number: MM- 109803
DateITime Recorded: 1 111712007
TapeICDlDVD Number: R30a

MM: ...dile - "Mira, creo que no es ...tell him - "Look, I...I don't think it's fair for you
justo que me esten regateando la vaina, to haggle over this thing, what I have asked for ..."
yo lo que he pedido son.."- eh ... dile, - eh...tell him - "Look, I invoiced in the past year,
"Mire, yo facture en el pasado en el aiio, during the year, eh ...the amount that I am asking
este... la cantidad que estoy pidiendo, o for, I mean I didn't ...I asked for a year of my
sea yo no ...yo pedi un aiio de mi sueldo salary for peace of mind of my family. because
para la tranquilidad de mi familia, porque well...."-

AA: Viejo, e...escuchame, e.. .escuchame Pops, ]...listen to me, ]...listen to me, Moises, I
MoisCs, pedi menos de lo que facture el asked for less than what I invoiced last year.
aiio pasado.

MM: Okey entonces le dices - "Pedi menos de Okay then tell him - "I asked for less than I
lo que facture el aiio pasado", y...[OV] invoiced last year", and...[OV]

AA: [OV] Y lo tengo corn0 demostrar, con [OV] And I can prove it with taxes, Moises [OV]
impuestos, MoisCs.[OV]

MM: [OVII[UI] iAh? [OV] [Ul] Huh?
AA; Y lo tengo como demostrar. And I can prove it.

MM: Okey, pero byeme. Le dices - Okay, but listen to me. Tell him - "Trying to
"Queriendo ser siempre honesto y un tipo always be honest and a man that, that does not
que, que no se deja aprovechar en una take advantage of a situation, damn but you are
situacion, coiio pero estin jugando playing games with me" - Tell him - "You are
conmigo" - Dile - "Estin jugando playing games with me, you are haggling and...
conmigo, estin regateando y...y eso yo and I don't know if you understand that, I don't
no sC si ustedes lo entienden, yo no sC en know how you live" - Tell him - "I don't know
que vive usted" - Dile - "Yo no sC de quC how you earn a living, and I don't know how
comen, y no se como per0 ... pero aqui no but ... but this is no game" - And what I just told
hay juego." Y lo que yo le acabo de decir him today is - "Look, this receipt is important
hoy es - "Mire, ese recibo es importante because unlike Venezuela" - I told him two
porque a diferencia de Venezuela"; le dije minutes ago....[OV]
yo hace dos minutos ....[OV]

AA: [OV] Aji. [OV] Aha.

MM: "En Esta ...en Estados Unidos, "In the Uni the United States, eh offenses
eh ...las...las faltas tributarias: si generan do result in jail time."
File Number: MM-109803
DatelTime Recorded: 11I 1712007
TapeICDDVD Number: R30a

- AA: Inmediatamente. Immediately.

MM: "Este...entonces.. .entonces, este... no "Eh...then ...then eh ...let's not play games. I told
juguemos con eso." Se lo dije ahorita, asi him just before, just like you told me." And when
como hi me lo dijiste. Y tu cuando 61 te he calls you tomorrow, tell him again.
llame maiiana, se lo vuelves a decir.

AA: Okey, al.. 61, i6l me va a llamar maiiana Okay, he ...he ...Will he call me tomorrow with a
con un codigo o algo? 0 jc6m0 ...como code or what? or how do I know?

[conversaci6n de fond01 [background conversation]

AA: iEl mismo de antes? The same as before?

MM: No, por eso le dije hoy - "coiio llamalo, That's why I told him today - "Damn, call him,
vale, dale tranquilidad, porque la h i c a okay, give him some peace of mind, because the
cara que le da el pais a ese carajo, soy only face that the man sees on behalf of the
yo, vale. Tu eres una autoridad, yo no country is me, okay. You are an authority, I am
soy nadie, yo ni empleado public0 soy" - nobody, not even a public servant" - Then he said
Entonces me dijo - "no, no yo, yo lo voy to me - "No, no I, no I will call him tomorrow,
a llamar maiiana. Yo voy a hablar we'll talk tomorrow; I want to square away the
maiiana; quiero cuadrar lo del ...lo del issue of the ...of the receipt to see who is going to
recibo para ver quien se lo va a dar y... y give it to him and...and tomorrow I'll call him to
maiiana lo llamo para darle tranquilidad", give him peace of mind", - "Okay" .
- "okey" -...

AA: Okey, perfecto. iEl recibo de 10s 800 Okay, perfect. The receipt for 800 thousand?
mil? Perfecto. Perfect.

MM: Si. si. Yes, yes.

AA; Coiio, Moi ... Moises, gracias. Damn, Moi ....Thank you Moises.

MM: Okey mi pana. Okay my pal.

AA: Gracias, yo espero la llamada. Voy a Thank you, I'll wait for the call. Listen, I am going
estar listisimo, oiste. Voy a cargar la to be as ready as I can be. I am going to charge
bateria del telefono, no vaya a ser, cofio, the battery for the phone, just in case, damn, I will
no me voy a mover de un sitio donde not move from an area with signal. I'll be waiting.
haya sefial. Voy a estar pendiente.
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1111712007
TapeICDlDVD Number: R30a

-- MM: [riel okey. [laughs] okay.

AA; jokey? Okay?

MM: Y le dices... te descargas como te And tell him ...unburden, just like you unburdened
descargaste conrnigo hoy, per0 con un with me today, but with a little bit more patience.
poquito mas de paciencia.

AA: Okey, seguro, seguro. Okay, sure, sure.

MM: Un abrazo, chamo. Hugs, man.

[fin de la Ilamada] [end of call]

CW: 12:50p.m.. November 17, 2007. This 12:50p.m.. November 17, 2007. This was a
was a call between Alejandro Antonini call between Alejandro Antonini and Moises
and Moises Maionica. This call, this Maionica. This call, this call was authorized
call was authorized by the FBI. by the FBI.

[ruido] [noise]
[fin de la grabacion] [end of recording]
File Number: MM-109803
DateITime Recorded: 1111712007
TapeICDDVD Number: R30a