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Tipul I - situatii reale

PP If clause

Future tense Present tense

e.g. The pain will go if you take some medicine (= Durerea va trece daca iei niste
Exception: 1. If = when/whenever , avem present tense si-n principala
e.g. If the machine stops you press this button.
= When/Whenever the machine stops you press this button.
2. verbul modal can il pot inlocui pe will in propozitia principala:
e.g. If the cases are too heavy, I can help you carry them.

Tipul II – situatii nereale/imaginare

PP If clause

would + verb at short infinitive Past tense (was → were)

e.g. If he knew the answer, he would tell you. (=Daca ar stii raspunsul ti l-ar spune)

- verbele modale la un timp trecut could si might il pot inlocui pe would.

e.g. If Mr. Lynch got the job, he could start next Monday.

Tipul III – situatii trecute nereale/imaginare

PP If clause

would + have + past participle (3rd form of Past Perfect tense

the verb)

e.g. If you had studied more, you would have gotten better marks. (=Daca ai fi studiat mai
mult ai fi obtinut note mai bune)
- verbele modale la un timp trecut could si might il pot inlocui pe would.
e.g. I could have made a cake for you if I had known it was you birthday.

Tipuri mixte
Evenimente trecute care au un rezultat care se continua in prezent:

PP If clause

would + vb at short inf (de la tipul 2) Past perfect (de la tipul 3)

e.g. If he had taken my advice he would be rich now. (=Daca mi-ar fi urmat sfatul, acum era

If se poate inlocui cu:

1. Unless = if not (daca nu)

e.g. Unless you leave now, I’ll call the police. (=Daca nu pleci acum voi chema politia)
= If you don’t leave now…..
2. Provided (that) = cu conditia ca
e.g. Provided (that) you leave now, you’ll catch the train.
3. imperativul
e.g. Get me some cigarettes, and I will pay you later.
4. should = if by any chance (daca cumva)
e.g. If you should see Ann, can you ask her to call me.
happen to = daca se intampla sa
e.g. If you happen to see Ann, can you ask her to call me.
5. were to = daca ar fi sa
e.g. If I were to ask you to marry me what would you say?
6. If only (=daca) se poate folosi la toate tipurile de conditional pentru a sublinia speranta,
dorinta sau regretul.
e.g. If only we had some money with us, we would take the cab. (=Daca am fi avut niste bani
la noi, am fi luat taxiul)
If only we had paid the bill earlier, we would not have been evicted. (=Daca am fi platit
nota de plata mai devreme nu am fi fost evacuate/dati afara)
7. even if = chiar daca
e.g. Even if it rains, we’ll still go for a picnic.
8. but for + substantiv
e.g. But for your help, we would have been in trouble. (Fara ajutorul tau, noi am fi dat de
= If you hadn’t helped us,……
9. as long as == atat timp cat, suppose/supposing that = presupune/presupunand ca
e.g. Supposing that you won the football game, what would you do? (=Presupunand ca ai
castiga meciul de fotbal, ce ai face?)
10. If it were not for + subs. / if it had not been for + subst.
e.g. If it weren’t for Jim, the company would be in a mess (=Daca nu ar fi Jim, compania ar fi
in incurcatura)
If it hadn’t been for their goalkeeper, United would have lost. (=Daca nu ar fi fost portarul
lor, United ar fi pierdut)
11. Otherwise = “or else” = altfel, daca nu
e.g. You must study, otherwise you will fail the exam. (= You must study, or else you will fail
the exam. = If you don’t study, you will fail the exam.)