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unit 1 Your interests

Start thinking
1 Where are manga comics from? Vocabulary
2 Where and when are the next Olympic
3 Who is 50 Cent? Free time

1 1.06Match the words with photos 1–12 on page 9.

Then listen and check.
Aims 1 photography
Vocabulary martial arts chatting on the internet sport
r Free time computer games music photography
r Interests: word groups watching TV animals cycling
Grammar meeting friends books art
t have got
r Prepositions: about, of, by Pronunciation: syllables Workbook page 100
r Interrogative pronouns
r Demonstrative pronouns
2 Copy and complete the table with the words from
Communication exercise 1. Add one more word to each list.
r Talk about your interests
r Talk about possessions I’m not very I’m interested I’m very
r Greet and meet people interested in … in … interested in …
r Write an email about you
martial arts

English plus Options

How to: talk about your interests

Extra listening KEY PHRASES

and speaking I like … I really like …
Identifying people I’m (not) into … I’m (not) interested in …
Page 94

3 Use the key phrases to talk about your interests.

I’m not into art. I really like music.
Curriculum extra
Visual arts: Colour 4 Do the questionnaire on page 9 with a partner. Is the
Page 100 key correct for you?

Do you prefer meeting friends I prefer …

or chatting on the internet?
Photo quiz
Page 110

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XdbejiZg\VbZh4 bjh^X4 lViX]^c\IK4

hedgi XnXa^c\ bZZi^c\[g^ZcYh

lViX]^c\IK4 Wdd`hVcYXdb^Xh4 X]Vii^c\dci]Z^ciZgcZi4

NdjVgZc´iVhedgin Ndj´gZ Ndj´gZVXi^kZVcY

eZghdc!Wjindja^`Z XgZVi^kZVcYXaZkZg# [g^ZcYan#
;jijgZ/XdbejiZgZmeZgi ;jijgZ/Vgi^hi!lg^iZg ;jijgZ/hedgihhiVg
IKVYY^Xi edehiVg IKhiVg

1 Your interests 9

01_EPlus SB1_U1.indd 9 30/9/09 10:35:39

1 1.09 Read and listen to the texts. Match objects 1–5 with Sarah or David.
1 David

I’m interested in sport, especially football. I’m a
Manchester City fan and I’ve got photos and posters
of the team.
My friend Lily and I like manga comics. Lily has got
books about manga, and she’s very good at art. One
of my interests is photography. I haven’t got a very
good camera, but my photos are really good.

I’m into skateboarding
and martial arts and
I’ve got a green belt
in taekwondo. We’ve
got a computer at
home, but I’m not 1 2 3
mad about computer
games. I prefer chatting
on the internet when
I’ve got time.
I like books, especially
books about animals.
I really like animals, but
we haven’t got a pet. 4 5

Build your vocabulary

I’m not mad about computer games. I’m a Manchester City fan.
I like books, especially books about animals. She’s very good at art.

2 Read the texts again and answer the questions. 3 ABOUT YOU Complete the sentences.
1 What are Sarah’s interests? 1 I like books about … .
2 What has Lily got? 2 One of my interests is … .
3 Is Sarah good at photography? 3 I’m not mad about … .
4 What are David’s interests? 4 I’m good at … .
5 Is he very interested in computer games? 5 I’m a … fan.
6 What books has David got?


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have got
1 Copy and complete the tables with have, has, 4 Write questions. Then write your answers.
’s, haven’t or hasn’t. 1 your teacher / a Ferrari?
Affirmative 2 your parents / a hobby?
I / You ’ve got a pet. 3 you / a pet?
He / She / It ’s got a game. 4 your school / a football team?
We / They ’ve got a book. 5 your friend / a camera?

I / You haven’t got a pet.
Prepositions: about, of, by
He / She / It (1) ... got a game. 5 Look at Marta’s possessions. What has
We / They (2) ... got a book. she got?

(3) ... I / you got a pet?
(4) ... he / she / it got a game?
Have we / they got a book?

Workbook page 82

2 Complete the sentences.

I’ve got ’s haven’t got ’ve hasn’t They She’s

Tony hasn’t got a pet.

1 We … got two dogs.
2 … a poster of Johnny Depp.
3 My mum … got two cars.
4 … got a Ferrari.
5 I … a camera.
6 …’ve got a computer. a DVD about animals
She hasn’t got
ot a DVD about animals
3 Look at the information. Write affirmative 1 a book about art
and negative sentences using have got. 2 a photo of London
Possessions Sarah Lily 3 a CD by 50 Cent
4 a poster of the Manchester City team
a camera  x
a pet x x Workbook page 82

a computer  
a book x  How to: talk about possessions
a DVD  x 6 Ask a partner about his / her possessions.
Sarah / a camera Sarah has got a camera. Change the blue words in exercise 5.
1 Lily / a camera 4 Sarah / a book
2 Sarah and Lily / a pet 5 Lily / a DVD Have you got a DVD No, I haven’t. What
3 Sarah and Lily / a computer 6 Sarah / a DVD about martial arts? about you?

1 Your interests 11

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Vocabulary and listening
Interests: word groups
1 Copy and complete the groups of words. 4 1.10Read the questionnaire. Then listen to
the conversation. What questions does Rob ask
reggae actor heavy metal email group Naomi?
player team DVD mouse film handball
Question 3
website hip hop programme

hip hop 4…
1… 5…
2… 6…


programme 10 …
7… 11 …
8… 12 …
Find-a-friend Questionnaire
About you:
1 Where are you from?
2 Think of people or things for 1–6. 2 How old are you?
3 When’s your birthday?
a hip hop artist
50 Cent is a hip hop artist. Your interests:
4 Who are your favourite actors?
1 an American actor
5 What’s your favourite film or TV programme?
2 a popular TV programme
6 Are you a rock, pop or hip hop fan?
3 a bad film
7 How many CDs have you got?
4 a boring pop group
8 Who’s your favourite sports star?
5 a good sports team
9 Are you interested in photography?
6 an interesting website
10 Have you got a pet?

5 1.10 Listen again and choose the correct

1 Naomi and Rob have got birthdays in
Study strategy: checking meaning October / October and November.
2 Naomi is / isn’t a Keira Knightley fan.
3 Put the words in alphabetical order. Find their 3 She’s into hip hop / hip hop and pop.
meanings and add them to the groups in 4 Her favourite sports star is a
exercise 1. football player / tennis player.
5 In Naomi’s opinion, rats are / aren’t nice.
cricket soap opera drummer printer referee
6 Rob has got / hasn’t got a rat.
horror match actress

6 Translate the blue words in the questionnaire.

Then do the questionnaire with a partner.


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Interrogative pronouns
1 Copy and complete the table with the words in 2 Write questions for the answers.
the box. When ’s lunch? It’s at 1.30.
How many Where ’s are What Who 1 … rats have you got? I’ve got two.
2 … ’s your friend? She’s fourteen.
Questions 3 … ’s your favourite colour? Blue.
4 … ’s your dad from? He’s from Granada.
What ’s your favourite TV programme?
5 … ’s the exam? It’s in December.
(1) … ’s your favourite sports star?
6 … ’s number one? Jennifer Lopez.
(2) … ’s your teacher from?
When (3) … your birthday?
3 1.11 DICTATION Listen and write four
How old (4) … you? questions. Then invent answers.
(5) … CDs have you got?
4 Complete the quiz questions and do
Workbook page 82 the quiz with a partner. Then listen and check.

1 Where ’s hip hop music from?
2 … ’s the singer and … has he got in his

TV and cinema
3 What are the letters ‘MTV’?
4 … ’s this actor and …’s the name of his
character in this film?

5 How many eyes has a spider got?
6 … ’s this animal and …’s it from?

7 ... and … are the next Olympic Games?
8 … ’s this and … ’s her sport?

Books and comics

9 …’s the name of the famous character
in J.K. Rowling’s books?
10 … ’s this and … city is he from?

11 … are the letters ‘www’?
12 … ’s the internet: 50 years or
100 years?

Fast finisher Write one more question about each topic. Then test your partner.

1 Your interests 13

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How to: greet and meet people

1 1.13 Listen to the dialogue. Where’s Tina from?

Jake Hi, Laura. How are things?

Laura Not bad. How are you, Jake? This is Tina.
She’s my cousin. She’s from America.
Jake Hello, Tina. Good to meet you.
Tina And you. Hey, that’s a cool T-shirt. Are you
into surfing?
Jake Yes, but I’m not very good. What part of
America are you from?
Tina I’m from Florida.
Jake That’s cool. See you
later then.
Tina Yeah. See you later.

2 Study the key phrases. Then practise the 5 Write sentences using demonstrative pronouns
dialogue. What are the responses to the key and add a question.
phrases in the dialogue? those / comics (manga?)
Those are cool comics. Are you into manga?
How are things? 1 these / books (animals?) 4 those / drawings (art?)
Good to meet you. 2 this / song (hip hop?) 5 this / DVD (martial arts?)
Are you into surfing? 3 that / camera (photography?) 6 that / shirt (football?)
What part of America are you from?
6 Use your sentences from exercise 5 and practise
with a partner.
3 Listen and repeat. Then practise the
key phrases and responses. Those are cool comics.
Are you into manga? Yes, I am.
No, I’m not.
Grammar: Demonstrative pronouns
4 Translate the sentences.
Demonstrative pronouns 7 Look again at the dialogue in exercise 1. Change
Singular Plural the blue words and practise your new dialogue
This is Tina. These are my friends. with a partner.
That’s a cool shirt. Those are good photos.

Workbook page 82


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How to: write an email about you

1 Read the model text and answer

the questions.
My name’s Beth. I’m thirteen years old and I’m a
1 Is this email formal or informal?
student at Liberty High School in Brighton.
2 Why have the blue words got capital
letters? I like sport, especially basketball and tennis.
3 What are Beth’s interests? My favourite tennis player is Rafael Nadal.
4 Which paragraph has got questions? My other interests are music and chatting on the
internet. I’m really into pop music but I haven’t
got a favourite group.
What about you? Have you got any hobbies or
interests? Please write, and send a photo if you’ve
got one.
Bye for now

Writing guide
A Task
Write an email to Laura about your interests.

B Think and plan

2 Study the key phrases. 1 What’s your name and age?
2 Where are you from and what’s your school?
KEY PHRASES 3 What are your interests?
I’m a student at … 4 What are your favourite sports, groups, books
I’m really into … or films?
What about you? 5 Have you got any pets?
Send a photo if you’ve got one. 6 What questions have you got for Laura?
Bye for now.
C Write
Paragraph 1: Introduction
My name’s …
Language point: and, or, but
Paragraph 2: Hobbies and interests
3 Complete the sentences. I’m really into …
Paragraph 3: Questions
1 I’m into tennis … basketball.
What about you?
2 I’m good at tennis … I’m not good at basketball.
3 Do you prefer dancing … photography? D Check
4 I’ve got a camera … I haven’t got a laptop.

4 Follow the steps in the writing guide.

1 Your interests 15

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Consolidation unit 1

1 Look at the photos and complete the phrases.

1 computer … 2 … on the internet 3 martial … 4 meeting …

5 a … player 6 a … match 7 a Hollywood … 8 a rock …

Grammar Error correction

2 Choose the correct words A, B or C. 3 Correct the sentences and questions.
1 … ’s your teacher from? 1 From where are you? 
2 Have you got a camera? Yes, I … . 2 What’s your favourite sports star? 
3 … old are you? 3 I no got long hair. 
4 … ’s your birthday? In May. 4 How old has got he? He’s thirteen. 
5 … your teacher got a pet? 5 They got a computer? 
6 … ’s the name of that singer? 6 How many pets have got you? 
7 No, I … got any comics.
8 …’s your best friend? Billy.
9 … haven’t got a dog.
10 How many DVDs … we got? 4 Translate the sentences and questions.
1 I’ve got a photo of my friend.
2 Who’s your favourite Spanish actor?
1 When Who Where
3 We haven’t got a cat or a dog.
2 ’ve have have got
4 Have you got a book about martial arts?
3 Who How How many
5 What’s your favourite colour?
4 How When Where
6 How many brothers and sisters have you got?
5 Is Has Have
6 Where What Who
7 haven’t hasn’t has not
8 What Who When
9 He She They
10 is have has


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Cumulative review starter–unit 1

5 Find the word that doesn’t match.
1 website book computer internet
2 desk shelf big chair
3 sport film cinema actor
4 interesting DVD difficult expensive
5 football tennis watching TV martial arts
6 between under next to easy
7 pop rock email hip hop
8 art photography team cycling

6 Complete the dialogue.
Jake (1) …’s that on the shelf?
Laura I’m not sure. (2) … it a dictionary?
Jake No, (3) …’s a camera!
Laura A camera?
Jake Yeah. (4) … has got a camera in the classroom?
Laura Josh has got a camera.
Jake Josh, is this (5) … camera?
Josh No, it (6) … . (7) … camera’s at home.
Laura Is it Lily’s camera? (8) …’s really into photography.
Jake Yeah, you’re right. It’s Lily’s!

7 Match expressions 1–8 with a–h.
1 This is my friend, Josh. a No, they aren’t. They’re exciting!
2 What’s this in English? b Hi, Josh.
3 How are things? c Yes, it is.
4 Are American films boring? d I’m really into tennis.
5 Good to meet you. e And you.
6 Have you got a book about pop music? f Not bad.
7 I’m not interested in sport. What about you? g No, I haven’t. What about you?
8 Is your shirt new? h It’s a laptop.
How to:
8 Write a response for each situation.

1 What part of Spain are 3 Do you prefer computer

you from? 2 What sports are you into? games or watching TV?

9 Work with a partner. Practise the situations from exercises 7 and 8.

Consolidation 17

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