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DAVAO-BUKIDNON ROAD MINTAL 5182-1700-0252-0120
CREDIT LIMIT P 15,000.00

As of 14 JUL 18
Previous Rewards Pts. Total 0 The Rewards Points Summary reflects the combined points for
Rewards Pts. Earned this Cut-off* 0 Peso (PHP) and US Dollar (USD) transactions of all your
Security Bank credit card/s. Please be advised that this
Bonus Pts. Earned this Cut-off* 0
summary is updated two (2) days before your statement cut-off.
Less: Rewards Pts. Redeemed / Adjustment 0
Total Rewards Pts. Available* 0

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Previous Balance 0.00 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE P 1,267.50

Less: Payments/Credits 0.00 MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE P 500.00
Plus: Purchase/Advances 1,267.50
Interest 0.00
Late Payment Fee 0.00
Card No.: 5182-1700-0252-0120
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Card No.: 5182-1700-0252-0120
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Please read the following reminders and definitions pertinent to your Security Bank Mastercard which should be paid in full. Interest and Penalties. Should you fail to pay the total amount due or minimum amount due
("Card") carefully. Note that Security Bank, reserves the right to amend, update or revise the as reflected on your monthly statement of account on or before Payment Due Date, you shall be
contents as it may deem fit from the time to time. You can pay for your Card through any of the following payment centers: charged a late payment fee of 6% per month based on the overdue amount or P600, whichever is
a) Security Bank Branches (Over-the-Counter or ATMs) higher. However, when the revolving facility is canceled, the late payment fee will be applied on
Change of Name, Address & Contact Details. Please accomplish the form below when b) Security Bank Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA). If you are a depositor, you may the total balance. Furthermore, an additional interest charge of 3.5% per month (or 42% per
updating your name, address & contact details. You may also call our 24-Hour Customer Contact enroll in an ADA, which authorizes Security Bank to debit in your current or savings annum) for Mastercard Classic and Gold, 3.25% per month (or 39% per annum) for Mastercard
Center at (02) 88-791-88 for Mastercard Classic and Mastercard Gold, (02) 88-791-99 for account. Enrollment in ADA must be done at the Security Bank branch where your Platinum, 2.5% per month (or 30% per annum) for Mastercard World, will be imposed on the total
Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard World. deposit is located. amount due, based on your average daily balance and your account will be aged accordingly.
c) Security Bank Online via (by enrollment) Security Bank reserves the right to change said fees from time to time without further notice.
Lost or stolen Card. For lost or stolen cards, please notify us by calling the 24-Hour d) Security Bank Mobile Banker (by enrollment)
Customer Contact Center at (02) 88-791-88. All unauthorized charges made against your lost or e) Security Bank Telebanker (by enrollment) Additional Charges. By signing at the back and/or use of the Card, you hereby authorize SB
stolen card effective from the time the incident is reported to us will be covered by our insurance f) Union Bank of the Philippines (Internet banking ATMs) Card to charge additional service fees as may be deemed necessary in order to maintain its
plan. This will take effect provided that we received your written notice of loss within 24 hours g) Metrobank Branches (Over-the-Counter, ATMs or Internet banking) services. For check payments, a Returned Check Fee of P1,000/P500 for Peso (for Mastercard
after your verbal report was made. h) Philippine National Bank branches (Over-the-Counter, ATMs or Internet banking) Classic, Gold, Platinum/Mastercard World) and USD20/USD10 for Dollar (for Mastercard Classic,
i) SM Payment Centers Gold, Platinum/Mastercard World) per check shall apply. To request for sales invoice/s, a retrieval
Billing Cut-off Date. Your cut-off date is the same as your statement date. j) BancNet ATM centers nationwide fee of P400 per sales invoice shall be charged to your Card. Security Bank reserves the right to
change the fees from time to time without further notice.
Payment Options. You can settle your card purchases through the following options: Please note that if the last day of payment falls on a weekend or a holiday, payment is due on the
(a) Pay the total outstanding balance in full; next working day. However, for local check payments or for payments coursed through other Erroneous Charges. Please examine the charges in your statement of account and advise
(b) Pay the minimum amount due which is 4% (for Mastercard Classic, Gold and Platinum) banks and payment centres, payments should be made at least three (3) banking days before our 24-Hour Customer Contact Center of any discrepancy within 30 days from statement date,
and 5% (for Mastercard World) of your total revolvable transactions, total non- payment due date. For regional check payments, payments should be made at least eight (8) otherwise the statement shall be deemed conclusive and binding upon you.
revolvable transactions, overdue and overlimit amounts (if any), or P500, whichever is banking days before payment due date. Check payment is posted only when checks are cleared
higher, or such other minimum amount due that may be set by Security Bank from time and payment is already credited to Security Bank' account. Furthermore, for Dual Currency Use of the Card. Use of the Card is subject to the Terms and Conditions stated in the Credit
to time. accounts, Security Bank reserves, in the absence of any specific instruction from the Cardholder, Card Pack, as amended, that came with your Card. In case of conflict between these remainders
(c) Pay any amount in between the total amount due (a) and the minimum amount due (b). the right to apportion payments from the Peso to the Dollar Account and vice-versa, without need and said Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail. It is understood that you are liable for any
of further instructions from the Cardholder. and all charges pursuant to the Card's Terms and Conditions upon signing at the back and/or use
If you choose option (b) or (c) above, a finance charge will be imposed on a per transaction basis, of the Card even without a signed Application Form. The outstanding balance should always be
using the average daily balance method. This will be reflected in your billing statement on the ChargeLight Installment Plan Monthly Amortization Computation. The computation maintained in current status and within the approved credit limit. Accounts with balances over
succeeding month. Failure to pay any two succeeding minimum amount dues shall suspend the of the Interest and the Principal components of the Monthly Installment Due from ChargeLight such limits or with returned checks or past due may automatically be suspended and/or
Cardholder's revolving facility, constitute default, and shall result in total unpaid balance to Installment transactions shall be on a diminishing balance basis and the Interest and Principal cancelled, without any prior notice to you.
become due and demandable. Please be advised that ChargeLight Installment Plan interest, portions of the Monthly Installment Due will not be equal from month to month. Refer to the
purchases of merchandising items and purchases from promotional tie-ups, annual & processing cover page on how to compute.
fees, other service fees, revolving interest and penalty charges, overlimit & overdue amounts
are considered non-revolvable transactions and form part of the minimum payment option

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Card No.: 5182-1700-0252-0120
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Document Date Posting Date Reference Number Particulars Amount

CARD NO. 5182-1700-0252-0120 ALLAN GENESIS ROMBLON

07/11/18 07/13/18 100513098354 STARBUCKS SM LANANG 200.00
07/12/18 07/14/18 100513317398 SM DEPT STORE DAVAO 829.50
07/12/18 07/14/18 100513327220 YELLOW CAB PIZZA CO 238.00
TOTAL 1,267.50

l We highly encourage you to examine this statement to ensure that all charges are valid. This will be considered accurate if no
error is reported to us within 30 calendar days from the statement date. Should there be unknown transactions, please give us a
call at 88-791-88 immediately.
l Kindly pay on or before your payment due date to avoid charges.
l Please present this statement when paying. This serves as your official receipt when machine validated / stamped and signed by
the teller.
l The computation of the monthly amortization for your ChargeLight installment transaction is based on diminishing balance.
l For inquiries and comments, please call our 24-Hour Customer Service hotline at +632 88-791-88 or email us at Security Bank Corporation is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (+632 708-7087 |