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Oral presentation rubric

Literatura Infantil (20%)

Name:______________________________ Total score: _____/ 32

Date: _______________________________ Grade: ______________

4 - Distinguished Student is able to demonstrate with accuracy and mastery all

the aspects required according to the criteria.
3 - Proficient Student is able to demonstrate the majority of the aspects
required according to the criteria.
2 - Apprentice Student is able to demonstrate some of the aspects required
according to the criteria.
1 - Novice The student is able to demonstrate few of the aspects required
according to the criteria
CRITERIA Distinguished Proficient Apprentice Novice TOTAL
4 3 2 1
The presentation contains the required information about
the genre (themes, form, stock characters, etc.) clearly
illustrating it with a sample. A brief history of the genre is
presented along with some notable authors and works (if
necessary). Listeners gain insights into the topic
presented and into the types of activities that can be done
with such genre.
Organization & Preparedness Presentation is
clear, logical and organized. Listener can follow line of
reasoning. It is evident that the students have rehearsed
all parts of the presentation. Collaboration is clear. Length
of presentation is approximately 25 minutes
Visuals + Handout:
Effective use of visuals; they enhance and reinforce
presentation. No spelling errors. No more than 10 slides
and one source slides in APA.
A hand-out with a summary of the presentation is
delivered to students and teacher.
The speaker delivers the message in a confident, poised,
enthusiastic fashion. Student establishes eye contact with
everyone in the room during the presentation and does
not read notes. Audience is engaged in the presentation.
Language Use:
Sentences are complete and grammatical, and they flow
together easily. Words are chosen for their precise
Pronunciation and intonation is clear, correct and
confident. Names and locations are clearly pronounced.
The volume and rate varies to add emphasis and interest.