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Chapter 7

Everything is Created in Pairs

This lesson will:

 Highlight the fundamental Principles of Peace: 1) the Dual Purpose Principle, and 2) the Pair
System Principle while explaining more fully the second one.
 Explain the important relationship between the two principles.
 Explain how human beings can complete or fulfill these principles within the family unit through
honoring parents, which we call “filial heart.”

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2. This presentation is called “Everything is Created in Pairs.” It is the

first of the three chapters dealing with Conjugal Love.

3. If you want to be an architect, an electrician, a civil engineer, or a

professional in any area, you first need to know the basic principles
operating in that given field. That is why you go to school, take
tests, and get a license.

Life too has principles. We need to know them and live by them in
order to realize the full meaning and purpose of life.

There are two Universal Principles of Peace. They are:

1) The “Dual Purpose” Principle.
This is the essence of goodness.
2) The “Pair System” Principle.
This is the essence of true love.
4. The first Principle of Peace is the mind-body principle. It is also
called the “Dual Purpose” Principle. There are two purposes within
each of us. The mind’s purpose is to live for others, and the body’s
purpose is to take care of oneself.

Both are necessary and good, and they work together seamlessly
when we keep them in the proper order by putting the mind’s
purpose first.

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5. The relationship between mind and body is vertical. The mind is
more public and the body more private. The mind is up and the
body is down. The vertical relationship of mind and body is the
essence of goodness since the right alignment is made when we
live for the sake of others more than for ourselves.

Children begin the road to maturity by honoring their parents. This

aligns the public-private or mind-body relationship correctly. Public
responsibilities are given priority over private concerns. On this
foundation virtues such as integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and trust
are created.
6. The second Principle of Peace is horizontal in nature. It is the
relationship between men and women. In this relationship men and
women have equal value.

How is it that men and women are actually equal?

7. In the conception of children that the father and mother are

mathematically equal. Every child has 23 chromosomes from each
parent, thus making a total of 46 chromosomes.

The origin of life begins with conjugal love. Our parents loved each
other before we were conceived. In this way, conjugal love
precedes existence. The love of our parents is the essence of and
origin of who we are. It is the root of our identity.
8. Man and woman are also equal in that they equally need each
other in order to find fulfillment and happiness in life. In the
conception of children and in the value of interpersonal relations,
men and women stand as equals.

After that they should be different, and they are. Typically, the
father’s love is stricter and the mother’s is more embracing.
Research verifies what common sense tells us: for children to grow
up properly they need both kinds of love. A healthy society and
nation reflects both masculine and feminine kinds of love.

The essence of True Love is the equal interaction between

masculine and feminine love. Conjugal love is the glue that binds a
husband and wife together making them one.
9. Using the building metaphor, we can say the first Universal
Principle, the mind-body relationship, is the “pillar.” The second
Universal Principle, the man-woman relationship, is the “beam.”

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10. There are two components essential to the structure of a building:
the pillars and beams. When they are combined together, vertical
and horizontal, then the basic framework is formed.

11. This framework is the unchanging, internal structure of a building.

The windows and doors can be put anywhere, but the pillars and
beams cannot change.

The building can have many purposes. It can be an office, a

shopping center, an apartment building, or a school, etc. But, to
repeat, the pillars and beams cannot change regardless of the
function of the building.
12. The mind-body principle means we live for others unselfishly.
The man-woman principle means we honor conjugal and marital

If pillars and beams are removed, the building collapses; it

implodes. This is also true for a sustainable social order. If the
pillars and beams are removed families collapse, societies and
nations fall and ultimately the world order breakdowns.
13. The relationship between men and women is a relationship of
equals and, therefore, is horizontal in nature. It is a partnership of
shared value.

14. Actually all things, from atoms to elephants, are created in pairs.

The pair system is taught in basic science. Particles have positive

and negative charges. Atoms have protons and electrons. And
molecules are cations or anions.

15. People always ask, “What about the neutron?” The neutron is a
subatomic particle with no net electric charge and a mass slightly
larger than that of a proton.1 In the neutron, the positive and
negative charges have been combined. Neutrons stabilize the
atomic structure and they are only found in the nucleus, the center
of atoms. We can say the proton and electron got married to form a
16. Next, in the plant world the pair system is called the stamen (the
male part) and pistil (the female part), respectively. Honey bees,
butterflies and birds are attracted by the color, fragrance or pattern
of a flower’s petals. When they come to get the nectar or pollen,
the flower is pollinated. This produces the seeds for the next
generation which allows the species to exist through reproduction.

Neutron. (2017, September 15). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved September 17, 2017.

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17. Examining a flower casually we notice five external differences:
color, shape, size, texture, and fragrance. Each flower is unique in
this way. But flowers also have two things in common: they have a
stamen and pistil. Most plants generally have both the stamen and
pistil together in each flower. Some, however, have them separated
either as two flowers on the same plant or two separate plants.
18. Moving up in complexity, the pair system in animals consists of
male and female.

19. The lion and the lioness (lions).

The buck and the doe (deer).
The cow and the bull (cattle).
Orangutan, meerkats, rabbits, raccoons, sea lions, penguins,
herons, ducks, parrots, puffins, damselflies, horse flies, lady
20. Human beings are also created according to this principle.

21. Human beings are composed of men and women.

22. This masculine-feminine polarity, of complementary pairs, is

universal. What does this tell us?

23. First, it tells us that the existence itself requires polarity—plus and
minus, male and female.

Secondly, since all things in creation have a dual nature, it tells us

that the Origin of the universe also has a masculine and feminine

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24. [Click] In the molecular world, the purpose of the pair system is
existence. The atom exists based on the interaction of protons and
electrons. They need each other to exist. Molecules are the same.
The attraction between the cations (+) and anions (-) brings the
particles together and creates an ionic compound, such as sodium
chloride (NaCl), or salt.

[Click] In the plant world, the purpose of the pair system includes
existence and is carried out though reproduction. When the pollen
from the stamen (male part) fertilizes the pistil (female part) then
the seeds for the next generation are produced. “The biological
function of a flower is to effect reproduction…”2

[Click] Animals have offspring based on the mating of the male and
female in a species. Offspring are conceived through sexual

[Click] Then what is the purpose of the pair system in human

beings? It will include existence, reproduction and having offspring
found in lower orders. Importantly though, the man-woman pair in
human beings will build on this and add something more. There
should be a unique purpose for human sexuality that is more than
having children, reproducing and existing.
25. Father and Mother Moon teach a noble and exalted view of sex.
Mother Moon put it this way,

We marry in order to resemble God. God exists as a being

of dual characteristics. Thus, husband and wife… together
are a reflection of His original image…

The universal pair system means that a man and a woman need
each other to exist and to be complete. A man cannot be fully man
without a woman. He cannot be a husband without a wife, and he
cannot be a father without a mother. Similarly, a woman cannot be
a wife without a husband, and she cannot be a mother without a
father. Each needs the other to resemble our Creator and be
26. The union of man and woman is not just for the purpose of the
existence of the human species by reproducing offspring, though it
accomplishes that. It is to perfect ourselves through true love so
that man and woman together can reflect the nature of the

Flower. (2017, August 28). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved September 17, 2017 , from

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27. To review, there are two universal Principles of Peace.

[Click] The principle of mind-body is to live for the others. This is

the essence of goodness. Setting the right order of public and
private priorities is our first responsibility.

The purpose of the man-woman pair is to create true love. When

husband and wife each live for the sake of the other true love is
created. Marriage is the sacred bond of this love that is unique and
unchanging. This is our second responsibility.
28. When the principle of living for the sake others is applied to the
man-woman relationship, it becomes, loving for the sake of others.

[Click] This is why the institution of the family is so essential. Both

fundamental Principles of Peace are experienced and learned
here. When good character and true love that are learned in the
family are integrated in society, we will have sustainable peace and
co-prosperous social development.
29. Thank you.

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30. Questions:
 How can man and woman be equal?
Answer: It is in conceiving children that the father and
mother are equal. Children have 23 chromosomes from
each parent, thus making a total of 46 chromosomes. Men
and women stand as equal partners in the creation of a new
life. They also stand as equal partners in creating true love.

 Which is more fundamental, the “Dual Purpose” Principle or

the “Pair System” Principle? Why?
Answer: Both are necessary and good. But, the “Dual
Purpose” Principle is more fundamental. Here are some
1) When the mind and body are aligned correctly, it
creates good character.
2) Love can be either moral (good) or immoral (bad). Since
the “Dual Purpose” Principle sets the standard of
goodness, it is more essential. Love for the sake of
others is good. Love for the sake of myself is bad.
3) Being good is something each one of us must do,
regardless of whether we are a man or woman. In other
words, gender is of secondary importance to good
4) In construction the pillars are first and the beams are
second. And the weight of the building rests on the
pillars, not the beams. Also in nature, the trunk (pillar) is
bigger than the branch (beam).

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